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Poisoned to death
by a coterie of his leading secretaries, plotting to take over the movement for the exploitation of societies members and assets. »more«

Srila Prabhupada says there may be an attempt to kill him or his movement.
"So there may be attempt like that. And Lord Jesus Christ was killed. So they may kill me also. So it will be there; it is already there" "Someone says that I've been poisoned. It is possible." (S.P.Room Convers. May 3, 1976, Honolulu and Nov. 9, 1977, Vrindavana)

Srila Prabhupada was poisoned to death, because some of His leading secretaries needed Him out of their way, they wanted to usurp His seat, control His assets, properties, money and disciples. As the new successor gurus of Iskcon, they would enjoy absolute power, position, name, fame, distinction and adoration. »more«

Amar Puri --  Vedic Astrologer and Practitioner of  the Systems
Approach to Vedic Astrology, Member: SATVA, IIPA, SIHA and SAMVA

Horoscope of Tamala Krishna Gosvami

Tamal Krishna Goswami
Tamal Krishna Goswami
Tamal Krishna Goswami
Tamal Krishna Goswami



Birth particulars of H.H. Tamal Krishna Gowsvami aka. Thomas Herzig, born June 18, 1946 at 6 ; 07pm. approximately in New York, NY. Long.74w00, Lati 40n43, Time zone 5.00, DST.1.00.

The predictions are based merely on the strength of the Astrological point of views according to the birth details if, indeed, the birth information is correct for Thomas Herzig.

The birth time of the native is established between 5.57 p.m. to 6.13 p.m. During this time the placement of planets and thus the configuration of planets stay the same except the rising degree of the Ascendant does change a little. This assures and reflects very close to the accuracy in reading the horoscope when erecting the birth time at 6.07 p.m.

Planetary Info at birth of the native ; As.05:21 SC., Su 03:57 Ga., Mo 20:14 Cp., Ma. 06:06 Le., Me. 23:27 Ge., Ju 24:23 Vi., Ve. 7:46 Cn., Sa 01:14 Cn., Ra.27:39 Ta., Ke. 27:39 Sc.

Jun 18,1946 18:07 +4:00
New York, NY. 74W00 40N43

The native died on March 15, 2002 Friday 7am. Phuliya, near Mayapur, India. Long.88e08, Lati.22n27. Time zone 5.30.

Planetary Info at death of the native : Ke 28:15 Sc., Me.10:55 Aq., Su 0:25 Pi, Mo 11:01 Pi.,Ve 14:50 Pi., Ma 15:36 Ar., Ra 28:15 Ta., Sa 15:17 Ta., Ju 12:02 Ge.

HH.TKG. (Transit Chart at Death
erected at 7.00 a.m. approximate time.)
Mar 15,2002 07:00 -5:30
Near Mayapur, India 88E08 22N27

As per System's Approach to the Vedic Astrology, the sign Scorpio was rising in the Ascendant at 5.21 degrees on the birth of the native.

Some personality traits of the native are passionate, energetic, vindictive, intense. His positive qualities are: strong willed, resourceful, full of self-confidence and magnetism, subtle and diplomatic, courageous, shrewd and masterful. Of course, there are negative qualities also which are : possessive, jealous and cunning, sarcastic, ruthless and proud, violent.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. This is the negative sign of Mars. Scorpions generally possess a well-proportioned body and slightly long hands. Their bodily stature is above average and commanding appearance. Scorpio is a fixed sign. As a result Scorpions are particularly determined individuals. They prefer to crush obstacles, to move forward and fight to the end even in a losing battle. The watery nature of this sign gives them a fertile imagination and a sharp intelligence.

Scorpion people have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury as benefic planets and Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Venus as malefic planets

The native was born and brought up in a well to do family. Spiritualism and occult science had an inherent appeal to the native. On the other hand, despite amazing persistence and willpower there are some very definite self-destructive influences in the native's life.

During Rahu's main period, starting Oct.16. 1955 until the end of Sept. 1972, the native's quest was to aspire for and acquire higher knowledge both on the academic and spiritual level. It is also indicated in his birth chart that during the sub period of Venus in the main period of Rahu, during year 1967 - 68, the native would search for a Spiritual group and that is when he joined the mission of his Spiritual Master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabupada whom he served very diligently.
His strong desire, sharp intelligence and will power would enable him to acquire management skills and Vedic knowledge which helped increase his involvement in the movement and made it easy for him to rise to administrative and leadership positions. His positions included becoming the personal secretary to his spiritual master. His spiritual master was His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the founder and acarya of the revolutionary spiritual movement called Iskcon which in a short time of its founding became commonly known worldwide as the Hare Krishna movement.

The main period of Jupiter, the planet of divine grace, started Oct. 15. 1973 and ended Oct. 14,1989. During this time period the native demonstrated leadership at every level of his involvement in the worldwide Iskcon organization, culminating in his administering at the top level of a prominent Guru until his death March 15, 2002. The native was running in the weak main period of Saturn and the weak sub period of Moon when he died at the age of round about 56 years old in a tragic car accident while he was traveling on his preaching mission.

The native's horoscope reads that the Sun, the lord of the 10th house (profession in spiritualism, administration, interest in politics etc.) is in association with Mercury, the lord of the 11th house (income through friends and associates). They are both occupying the 8th house of Gemini (easy gain through the source of profession and associates). The Sun is weak due to its placement in the 8th house of the occult while aspecting the 2nd house of wealth and status which is ruled by Jupiter. This means that the native had a strong desire to become a leader in the field of spiritualism so that he could fulfill his personal aspirations for name, fame, wealth and status.

The Moon, the royal planet and lord of the 9th house (interest in learning and understanding Dharma) occupies the 3rd house of karma (initiative and inclination in spirituality etc.). Jupiter casts an aspect at the Moon from its location. This indicates that the native was highly inclined to learn and understand knowledge in spiritual science and interested in teaching people all over the world.

Jupiter, the lord of the 2nd house (Artha....profession/occupation) though weakly disposed, occupies the 11th house of Virgo which somewhat guarantees that through command in his profession, by hook or by crook, the native would enjoy name, fame, status etc through his friends and associates . By the same token he could blemish his reputation and humiliate himself via corrupt practices in his spiritual profession as a self-aggrandizing Leader through dishonesty, lies and cheating. This is also indicated by the placement of the Sun and Mercury in the 8th house (easy gains, interest in mystical sciences, occult, vulnerability, etc) .

Rahu, the legendary deceptive planet, in the 7th house of moral conduct, afflicts the weakly disposed lord of the 2nd house, Jupiter who is occupying the 11th house of Virgo. This leads to controversy in fulfilling his own personal agenda through deceptive moral conduct in pursuance of his profession.

To further prove this point, Mars the malefic lord of the 6th house (difference of opinion, dispute, conflicts etc) is weakly disposed, occupying the 10th house of a weak Sun. Mars conjuncts the 10th house, and afflicts very closely the 1st house, the 4th house and the 5th house at most effective point of the Ascendant. This means health problems (possibly cancer), controversy and disputes, differences of opinion, all sorts of conflicts. His professional conduct with regard to practicing the rules and regulations set forth by the head of the organization (the spiritual master) was to suit his personal motivation to maintain and sustain name, fame, wealth and status etc.

For example: There is controversy among the native's associates concerning the poisoning of the native's Spiritual Master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the Founder and Acarya of ISKCON and the native's involvement in this poisoning. This confirms how cunningly the native was able to manipulate himself through allegations and disputes. His own conflicting statements made at different times on this issue indeed prove the manipulative abilities of the native as described above in his horoscope chart

Saturn, the lord of the afflicted 4th house ( spiritual life, domestic and mental peace, growth, comfort, luxuries, vehicles and conveyances, property etc.) is weakly disposed and in infancy occupying the 9th house of Dharma. Venus the lord of the 12th house (losses, transcendence, enlightenment, etc) is malefic, and weakly disposed conjuncting in 9th house. This clearly indicates that the native would not transcend in his quest for spiritualism or monastic work. In other words, during his life the native would lose any true spiritual growth because he would continue to practice with corrupted spiritual principles.

Despite the fact that the native was highly motivated to acquire and understand spiritual knowledge he was not able to transform himself during the short span of his life because of Jupiter being afflicted by Rahu and because the Sun, the lord of the 10th house (significator of self-realization..soul) was in infancy and rendered weak due to its placement in the 8th house. Jupiter (the guru) being afflicted by Rahu from the 7th house (resorts to corrupt practices in cultivating spiritual profession) did not allow the native to serve his profession of teaching and preaching spiritualism without corrupted practices. In other words the native did not live or lead a clean spiritual life.

Further more, as indicated above, the malefic planet Mars Lord of the 6th house controlling health, difference of opinion, dispute, conflicts etc. is weakly disposed occupying the 10th house of weak Sun. Mars conjuncts the 10th house, and afflicts very closely the 1st house, the 4th house and the 5th house at most effective point of the Ascendant strongly indicate problems in spiritual transformation (self-realization) and a death due to an accident.

The readers may take note that, Manarishi Prasara, the author of the BPHS, states that for a human being to achieve liberation of the soul or complete self-realization such as Paramatma realization and realization of ones eternal relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead at the end of ones life, at the time of birth the 9th house, the 4th house and its respective lord and significator as well as the Sun planet and Jupiter must be strong, well-placed, free from any type of afflictions from outer forces such as malefics including Rahu and Ketu.

I will sight such an example from the horoscope of Srila Prabupada, the Divine Spiritual Master and the Founder Acaraya of the Iskcon. At the date and time of His Divine Grace Srila Prabupada's birth place, the configuration of the planetary arrangement was very auspicious. The Sun, the planetary king, was in his own sign of Leo in 9th house of Dharma and in association with Jupiter, Planet of Grace, and Ketu, the Planet of Spiritual knowledge. Mercury was exalted in her own sign of Virgo in 10th house of profession. Lord of the 3rd house Saturn was exalted in 11th house as well as Moon was exalted and so on. That is why Srila Prabupada is a Self - Realized Soul and is accepted world wide as a true Authority in the Science of Self Realization. In other words, he is a Nitya Siddha personality, empowered by the creator, Sri Krishna.

(Note ; Srila Prabupada's birth particulars are ; dob. Sept. 1,1896, tob. 3.24 pm. pob. Calcutta. Interested readers are welcome to write to me for any comments on the birth Chart of Srila Prabupada.)

But in this case of the native, both the Sun and Jupiter are weak due to the placement and afflictions as well as the 9th house and 4th house are afflicted by the malefic Venus and Mars respectively at their location in the native's chart. Therefore, as soon as the native's past life credit of good karmas known as Pralabda Karmas were exhausted, the native met with a fatal car accident and left his body on March 15,2002 at 7 a.m. near Mayapur, India. The native was then running in the main period of Saturn in the sub period of Moon.

The analysis of the planetary configuration of the day on which he met his death in a car accident are as follows ;

a.) Transit Rahu impacted the 8th house of death by conjunction and afflicting the 12th house (losses, end of life, hospitalization) owned by most malefic Venus.

b.)Malefic, Venus, owner/ruler of the 12th house was transiting in the 5th house of Pisces in conjunction with a weak Moon (combusted) during its'sub period and a weak Sun (due to infancy). Both significators (karka) of longevity were weak which took the life of the native. In addition, Saturn another significator (karka) of longevity was also transiting in association of Rahu in the 7th house of Taurus owned by Venus.

c.) The malefic natal Mars significator (karka ) of accident occupying the 10th house afflicted transit Mercury in 4th house (vehicle and conveyance ) which brought about the accident. At the same time afflicted Jupiter (Guru) Lord of the 2nd house (Artha… Profession/occupation… he represented himself as a Self Styled Guru) was transiting the 8th house of Gemini (karka of travel) .

In other words on that day, the native , occupying the position of a teacher ( self-styled guru in the Iskcon organization) was traveling in a car when he met with an accident. The driver of the car in which the native was riding lost control of the car and hit a tree. The native lost his life.

The native chose, through his free will, to enjoy his good karma for his own personal glory instead of utilizing his past good karma in the service of, and complete surrender to, the mission of his spiritual master. Whatever service the native rendered to his Guru Maharaja in the beginning was nullified by his choosing to become guru by hook or by crook. This was due to Rahu afflicting Jupiter and also due to the weak placement of the Sun and Mercury besides the affliction of malefic Mars as explained above. He lost the opportunity to completely transform his life and died miserably according to his destined Karma.

More over, the native, having a strong desire for being guru, stated in his 'living will' that after his death he wanted his body to be buried in the Holy Dhama of Mayapur where he would be worshipped and glorified amongst other saintly personalities. This means that the native wanted his own prophecy to be fulfilled. He had such a magnetic personality that his followers and associates followed him blindly. This is indicated by the position of Rahu afflicting Jupiter and by the placement of the planet Sun and Mercury in his chart.

The native had the opportunity to rise above the laws of karma but due to the various afflictions in his chart, he was unable to transcend his pre-destined karma. This was because of his chosen desire. He chose by his free will to become guru and to gratify himself by accepting glorification. Thus he wanted to enjoy name, fame and status for himself instead of serving and surrendering to the purpose of his Guru Maharaja. The native served his own purpose to glorify himself on the same level of his Guru Maharaja. That is called Guru Aparadha as per Jyotir Veda.

His offences to his own guru (maha aparadha) are indicated in his chart by Jupiter being afflicted by Rahu and also by Mars, the lord of conflicts,dispute etc afflicting the natives' own sign of Scorpio. Ketu ( the planet of spiritual knowledge) occupies the afflicted ascendant. This translates into practicing a corrupt form of spiritualism motivated by the desire for personal glorification, culminating in accepting the position of a so called bonafide guru within Iskcon. This clearly explains why he would master mind a plan to declare himself guru. Thus he could have his desire for personal glorification fulfilled by accepting thousands of disciples and have access to easy money. This is indicated in his chart. The Sun who is the lord of the 10th house of profession is occupying the 8th house (easy gain) the house of Gemini at a most effective point, and is aspecting the 2nd house of Jupiter (status and wealth) which is afflicted by Rahu. In addition to that Jupiter from the 11th house aspects at distance his own 5th house of Pisces (students and disciples) which means that he would have thousands of his disciples following him blindly and faithfully.

By the way, in the birth chart of Lord Shri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu, an unafflicted Ketu was in the Ascendant which was perfect for spiritualism, no doubt. But in this case, Ketu is also in the Ascendant but unfortunately it is afflicted by the malefic Mars which means that the native would practice corrupted spiritualism, and he did.

A corrupted practice of spiritualism for personal name and fame does not help the practitioner. Rather, the practitioner is severely punished by the laws of karma. It is said that any human being dies due to accident takes the body of a Ghost (Bhuta) to suffer the sins.

To support my above statement from point of view of the Vedic injunction, I would like to quote from the Canto 6 vol 2 Ch7 text 22 ;

Translation: Because of your misbehavior toward Brhaspati, you have been defeated by the demons. My dear demigods, since the demons were weak, having been defeated by you several times, how else could you, who were so advanced in opulence, be defeated by them?

Purport: The devas are celebrated for fighting with the asuras perpetually. In such fights the asuras were always defeated, but this time the demigods were defeated. Why? The reason, as stated here, was that they had offended their spiritual master. Their impudent disrespect of their spiritual master was the cause of their defeat by the demons. As stated in the sastras, when one disrespects a respectable superior, one loses his longevity and the results of his pious activities, and in this way one is degraded.


We can humbly learn from the Humility of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada by reading from the Purport of SB 4.12.33:

"This incident proves that the siksa- or diksa-guru who has a disciple who strongly executes devotional service like Dhruva Maharaja can be carried by the disciple even though the instructor is not as advanced. Although Suniti was an instructor to Dhruva Maharaja, she could not go to the forest because she was a woman, nor could she execute austerities and penances as Dhruva Maharaja did. Still, Dhruva Maharaja was able to take his mother with him. Similarly, Prahlada Maharaja also delivered his atheistic father, Hiranyakasipu. The conclusion is that a disciple or an offspring who is a very strong devotee can carry with him to Vaikunthaloka either his father, mother or siksa- or diksa-guru. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura used to say, "If I could perfectly deliver even one soul back home, back to Godhead, I would think my mission - propagating Krishna consciousness - to be successful." The Krishna consciousness movement is spreading now all over the world, and sometimes I think that even though I am crippled in many ways, if one of my disciples becomes as strong as Dhruva Maharaja, then he will be able to carry me with him to Vaikunthaloka."

From the purport of Srimad-Bhagavatam canto 4, chapter 12, verse 33: "Dhruva Maharaja goes back to Godhead."

The readers are kindly invited to send comments directly via email ;




Dear Readers,

Hare Krishna. AGTSP.

Today I needed to quote a Verse from Bhagavatagita As It Is from the Ch.8 text 5 in connection with TKG horoscope in response to some body who wrote to me that since TKG. died in the Mayapur Dham, therefore, he got liberated. Actually TKG died on his way to Calcutta.

Dear Readers, please read 8.5 verse from the original Bhag. as it is ;


In this verse the importance of Krsna consciousness is stressed. Anyone who quits his body in Krsna consciousness is at once transferred to the transcendental abode of the Supreme Lord. The word smaran ("remembering") is important. Remembrance of Krsna is not possible for the impure soul who has not practiced Krsna consciousness in devotional service. To remember Krsna one should chant the maha-mantra, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, incessantly, following in the footsteps of Lord Caitanya, being more tolerant than a tree, humbler than the grass and offering all respect to others without requiring respect in return. In such a way one will be able to depart from the body successfully remembering Krsna and so attain the supreme goal.

Read the changed and edited verson of 8.5. Bhag. as it is ;


In this verse the importance of Krsna consciousness is stressed. Anyone who quits his body in Krsna consciousness is at once transferred to the transcendental nature of the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord is the purest of the pure. Therefore anyone who is constantly Krsna conscious is also the purest of the pure. The word smaran ("remembering") is important. Remembrance of Krsna is not possible for the impure soul who has not practiced Krsna consciousness in devotional service. Therefore one should practice Krsna consciousness from the very beginning of life. If one wants to achieve success at the end of his life, the process of remembering Krsna is essential. Therefore one should constantly, incessantly chant the maha-mantra—Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. Lord Caitanya has advised that one be as tolerant as a tree (taror iva sahisnuna). There may be so many impediments for a person who is chanting Hare Krsna. Nonetheless, tolerating all these impediments, one should continue to chant Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, so that at the end of one’s life one can have the full benefit of Krsna consciousness.

Did TKG has the qualification as per the original Bhag. 8.5 purport by SP.? The answer is NO.

Did TKG has the qualification as per the revised and edited Bhag.8.5 purport by JAS ? The answer is YES.

How these people the editor JAS at BBTI changed and deleted completely to best suit their agenda, Guru System. It is really a shame.

That is why we have to educate the innocent people out there with the right message of Srila Prabhupada gave us all. That is the duty of all of us.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya.

Hari BOL..... YS..... Amar Puri.

Tamal Krishna: (aka Thomas Herzig) (+1946-2002) - dead -
died on March 15, 2002 in a freak car crash on the road to Calcutta, his head smashing through the windshield of his Taxi.

Sulocana das

Murdered by fanatic cult members of the Hare Krishna sect May 22nd, 1986, 1:00 a.m., Los Angeles, two days after publishing his book: "The Guru Business" exposing the false ISKCON successer gurus. »more«

Sulocana Das was assassinated in cold blood by his own sect members, trying to prevent him from exposing the bogus Iskcon gurus of The Hare Krischna Society

Sulocana's murderer, Tirtha das (Thomas Drescher), testified he carried out the assassination at the wish of his spiritual leader, Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada aka Keith Ham.

Sulocana's Book
THE GURU BUSINESS describes how the Leaders of the Hare Krishna movement deviated from the pure path as taught and exemplified by its founder, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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