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Babru Prabhu,

Badrinarayana dasI just read your e-mail concerning Srutadeva now being allowed to attend the temple functions, and possibly led kirtans there in San Diego. You know that myself and Yudhistira prabhu fought very hard to have him removed from the temple. When Srutideva was first arrested for molesting his own child, we confronted Bhadrinarya prabhu with the news. He agreed that this kind of behavior could not be tolerated and that our temple children should be protected from such a criminal. I was told later, that right after Bhadrinaryan prabhu spoke with us, he personally had Srutideva bailed out of jail for his heinous crime. I have not confirmed this to be true or not, ( to do so would only take a check of the bail record at the jail ) however I do know that Bhadrinaryan did gave him a job as his personal account for his tee-shirt business, housed the man with the Bhaktivedanta Institute devotees, and allowed him to come and go at the temple as he pleased. Needless to say, we were outraged.

When confronting Bhadrinaryana again about Srutideva's attending the temple,leading kirtans, giving class, and the safety of the children, we were told to take action our selfs. Consequently we did. We circulated a petition amongst the devotee community in San Diego, stating that they did not feel there children were safe in the presence of a pedophile, who had been legally convicted of molesting his own daughter from the ages of 9 to 12. ( the molestation was stooped, only because the perpetrator was caught ) We collected more than 2/3 of the community's householders signatures.

This petition was sent to the GBC. However the clincher was when Bhadrinaryana was informed that we intended to tell the Indian community Badrinarayana dasabout his support of this pedophile. At this point Srutdeva was barred from coming. If you are interested in protecting the devotees there in New Govardana, from this type of criminal, I would suggest that you follow the same procedure.

For some one who may questions the GBC's understanding of how Srila Prabhupada wanted initiations to go on after his departure, they are called a heretic, kicked out, and ban from coming to the temple. But for someone who has molested his own child from the ages 9 to 12, he is given aid and allowed to carry on as if he had been arrested for book distribution, or street sankirtan. These are Saintly leaders?

Your servant,
Visvamitra dasa

Badri is well known to not only support molesters, but also to physically attack and assault other devotees by himself. Badri was mistreating & physically abusive to his ex-wife Navasi. Badrinarayana's ex-wife Navasi, who was separated from Badri at that time, has revealed this story.

Navasi complained that Badrinarayana was physically abusive to her. One instance she related that when she was 9 months pregnant, he forcefully pushed her out of the car, onto an icy road in front of the hospital.

Badrinarayan Das, a bogus, criminal GBC men

Why did one of these bogus, criminal GBC men, Badrinarayan Dasa (a.k.a. Robert Morrill), order my wife and I to not run a gurukula ashram?

Badrinarayana das[He said that it was because our oldest son, who was living with us at the time, had been sexually molested in the Vrindavan gurukula, and had not received proper counseling. The fact is that he had gotten excellent, confidential counseling at our own expense, but the counseling that Badrinarayan Dasa then proceeded to arrange was completely incompetent and bungled at almost every step.

Badrinarayan Dasa harassed and abused us to the point where my wife had to threaten to take all of the ISKCON child abuse records, which were in our possession at the time, to the media, if he didn't leave us alone! She even told him that; "If you don't resign as head of the ISKCON International Board of Education then I am going to resign as a member of the International Board." The result of all of this is that he no longer has anything to do with ISKCON education, but before he resigned, he managed to get the GBC body to take away my wife's service of being in charge of counseling victims of ISKCON child abuse worldwide, and to give this service to Muralivadaka Dasa.

He also got the GBC body to order that all of the child abuse records be transferred to Muralivadaka's care. When I recently reminded my wife of this she said, "Isn't that ridiculous?" This all took place in early 1995, I believe, which is well after Muralivadaka himself began sexually abusing some of the boys who had been placed in his care by well meaning parents. Is this what the parents, with their hard-earned tuition dollars, were paying him to do?]

[Another one of this same GBC man's (Badrinarayan Dasa) great exploits, besides his ongoing sick, perverted habit of being a pathological liar and slandering many of Prabhupada's disciples whom he considers to be one of his or the GBC's political enemies, is that he, as the GBC in charge of restaurants, demanded that an independent grhastha, who had started a restaurant, stop using the name "Govinda's" because he (Badri) didn't like what the restaurant was serving.

He immediately told the Govinda's owner that he was going to sue, that "it was an open and shut case", that he'd better change the name "or else", etc. The Govinda's owner got completely turned off by this "hot-head" GBC man's attitude and told him to "Go to hell!" Then Badri found out that he had no legal basis to sue, because there was no legal protection for the name "Govinda's". After weeks of the GBC man's harassment and abuse, Badri finally agreed to pay the restaurant owner $2000 if he would "please, pretty please", just change the name from "Govinda's" to "G avinda's"!!!

Thus Badrinarayan Dasa, after coming in like a "ton of bricks", simply went away like a dog with his tail between his legs, thus becoming the laughing stock of that entire community of about 100 devotees. This man is one of the "poison bait" swallowers that I mentioned previously.]


Badrinarayana's bogus GBC committee

Report from the parallel lines of authority GBC committee By Badrinarayan dasa

1. What is the goal of your committee?:

Our committee deals with the situation we often find in ISKCON where there are two lines of authority in ISKCON: the initiating spiritual masters and GBC body/ GBC member/ Temple President system created by Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says: "The spiritual master is the external manifestation of Krishna (hence) the spiritual master speaks as Krishna dictates." Now all of a sudden, Krishna has been erased from the equation and the guru is guided instead by -- a "committee" headed by Badrinarayana to "manage" "the spiritual master." Which previous acharyas (i.e. Vaishnava spiritual masters) were under "Badrinarayna's committee's authority" or "parallel line" (jurisdiction). Which previous gurus submitted to any "Governing Body, period"? (None did)! How is it that Krishna and His gurus are suddenly "managed by committee"? A disciple of Gaura Govinda gave PADA the same convoluted process, "Gaura Govinda swami is a guru -- and part of the Governing Body -- which manages gurus." We at PADA forgot to go to college and take "Managing the Guru in ten easy lessons" taught by BR Sridhara Maharaja and Rocana. Yes, you too can 'manage' the sum total of the demigods, the assistant of the gopis, you too can be the master of the spiritual master, what, only ten bucks for the class!

No, Srila Prabhupada says that the guru is transcendental to a Governing Body. Isn't it that Sridhara/ Narayana/ Gaura Govinda swamis et al. ... and now Badrinarayana, are trying to establish a sort of Catholic Church, there is "The College of Cardinals" and they "manage" the Pope by a system of votes. And where does Srila Prabhupada discuss Badri's idea: that "the guru" is subordinate to the votes from "the committee"? Ooops! Srila Prabhupada says the opposite "mundane votes have no jurisdiction over the acharyas." Krishna says "acharyam mam vijnaniyam," "the acharya is as good as My very self," but Badrinarayan says Krishna's idea is bogus. All of a sudden, Krishna no longer has any authority to "dictate to the guru" (as He has done for the past seven billion ga-zillion kalpas). Rather, Krishna needs to quit being God and He has to accept His new baby-sitter, the "parallel authority committee" of the bogus GBC.

This is getting really bad folks!: God and Badri are now parallel equals! Essentially, Badri has ordered God has to shut up, quit giving the guru "direction and dictation" and the guru must now listen instead to Badrinarayana. The bogus GBC has officially declared that they have the power to overthrow the authority of God and remove Him from the post of "dictating to guru." At best, Badri is God's equal authority since God is dictating to the guru -- and so is Badi -- "parallel." Yet Badri does not even mention Krishna's "instructions to guru" as the "chaitya guru"? Krishna is no longer needed as any part of the guru process since apparently -- only -- Badrinarayna's committee has the authority to "dictate" to Krishna's gurus. Krishna is not even parallel now, He is subordinate to Badri! In Rocana's system he is superior to God, he says God is "not in the tradition" if God does not endorse Rocana's pedophile guru line, and Badri is clearly God's uber-meister as well; "God cannot dictate around here, just Mr. Badri"!

Again, notice! that Badrinarayana does not even mention Krishna's name -- AT ALL -- in his "committee" process above! Krishna has been totally erased >from the entire process of "dictation to the guru" and He has been replaced with "the committee." The first problem, as we all know, is that the bogus GBC's "diksha gurus" usually behave very badly. If these gurus are "operating under the authority and dictation" of the bogus GBC's "expert supervision and oversight committee" (and their "rasika" advisors like Sridhara and Narayana Maharaja) -- by their own admission, why is Badri's GBC dictating to their gurus to be "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." That means the bogus GBC have not been doing a very swell job of "acting as the guiding super soul of the guru" and "managing" their gurus. As for Rocana, Krishna cannot dictate to his gurus very well, neither Rocana can dictate to his gurus very well, apparently in his system it is full on renegade gurus. Who is dictating to Rocana's gurus? Rasputin?

In short, assuming that Badrinarayana's bogus GBC committee has the power to replace the super soul in the heart, why are they then "dictating to the guru" to have illicit sex, take drugs and so on and so forth? Sounds like the replaced Krishna to "dictate to the guru by committee," and yet they are dictating nonsense to their gurus. Why has Sridhara/ Narayana/ Gaura Govinda/ Tripurari swamis/ -- and -- Badrinarayan been saying that the guru only speaks as -- Badrinarayana's bogus GBC committee dictates? When did Srila Prabhupada say "when the guru speaks, he is only able to speak what the 'parallel line committee' (supporters of the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles regime) like Badrinarayana, tells the guru what to say"? There you have it, the person who is receiving dictation from Krishna is over-ruled by -- Badrinarayana's "committee." The GBC has just declared that Badrinaranaya's committee is the overlord of God, because they alone dictate to God and Guru.

Well this is just swell pilgrims! Badrinarayana is the new boss of God, and His spiritual master gurus, and people like Jesus, the mahajanas, saints, prophets, and so on, hence the diksha gurus are all now going to get their dictation from -- Badri! Of course Rocana has said something along the lines of the same idea. Rocana recently stated "When the guru speaks, the guru has to say what Rocana says, or else he is 'not precedented'." For example, when Srila Prabhupada says "I will live from my books," Rocana says this is totally bogus, Rocana argues with Krishna's dictation, "This is all bogus, how come my guru is not listening to -- me, Mr. Rocana, the boss of Krishna, there is -- no precedent -- for gurus to say they will live on -- because I, Mr. Rocana, say -- gurus are not immortal they are -- posthumous and post-mortem"! Good question, why doesn't Krishna ever listen to -- these pin heads? Maybe because Krishna does not think worship of his gurus is postmortem like the bogus GBC and their clones like Rocana?]

[** BD: Our goal is help craft a shared, supportive, and shastrically sound system for guiding devotees in ISKCON.]

[PADA: OK now this is getting interesting. We cannot find any actual scriptural evidence where "the guru is getting dictation direct from Krishna -- and Krishna is over-ruled by Badrinarayana." So the bogus GBC has to "craft" (concoct) such a process. Again we can go back to many similar bogus statements, for example the 1986 "Guru Reform" effort of the "gurus" (and Rocana) as well, "The guru is getting direct dictation from God, but we are going to 'reform' what God says"! Q: "OK, and who made you the boss of God"? A: "Oh, I found a plastic badge in the bottom of my corn flakes, 'Boss Of God.'"]

[** BD: Rather than sometimes working at cross purposes, the aim is to have a system that respects, guides, and nurtures the devotees in general, as well as all those senior devotees who give siksha and diksa in ISKCON. One of the elements in this formula is having open and transparent standards for all of our leaders and a clear system of accountability and assessment.]

[PADA: Here we go again! The ISKCON gurus are opposed to one another in "cross purposes." OK, they are always arguing and operating at sometimes diametrically opposed "cross purposes" with one another, just as Badri says. Agreed. Yet these gurus are also "getting direct dictation from God" -- i.e. God is fighting and arguing with Himself -- through the gurus He dictates to? Yikes! And how do we hold Krishna "accountable" when he mis-dictates to the guru (which Krishna is doing -- according to Badri)? Krishna is accountable to -- Badrinarayan dasa for His mis-dictating? Krishna has to "answer to and be assessed" by the bogus GBC? How does this make sense? God is dictating to the guru, His dictations are bogus, so the committee will correct the bad dictation of God? God and guru are subordinated to the ISKCON Governing Body, and God's dictations are going to be "assessed and corrected" by the committee.

God's dictation is: accountable to a committee? So God can only "dictate" when the committee approves of His orders? This is really getting absurd. God is giving contrary orders to His gurus, so they are always arguing and operating at "cross purposes" (says Badri). Whereas Srila Prabhupada says "guru means one" (in agreement). How do we fit "cross purpose" into oneness? Leave it to Badri to place words in Krishna's mouth, that He never said. Yet Krishna does say that the Veda Vada Rata (Badri) change and distort His words and thus they go to the darkest regions of the universe.

This is another question which Sridhara/ Narayana/ Tripurari/ Gaura Govinda swamis/ and Rocana et al. have never answered either, "How can a Governing Body dictate to the guru, when the guru is receiving DIRECT dictation from the higher source"? Suppose we tell the citizens that they now have to receive orders from the street sweeper, and not the king, and moreover the street sweeper now over-rides the king? Evidently these are things that these fellows never took into consideration from the beginning of their deviation. Even Hansadutta admitted this, "The idea that the guru needs 'dictation' from a body of fools who are constantly making mistakes, if not engaging in illicit sex and drugs, is idiocy."]

2. What successes are you hoping for?: Well, how successful we are only time will tell. These are sensitive issues that have torn apart other institutions.

[PADA: Good point. After 1936 Sridhara maharaja's deviant Gaudiya Matha faction tore apart the mission because, just like Badrinarana, he made homosexuals and deviants into "God's living spokesmen on earth."]

[** BD: One success is the fact that we are talking about it at all. Srila Prabhupada started something revolutionary; a multi-guru system all serving under a governing body. How that all works out so that the disciples, the gurus, temple presidents, sannyasis, and congregation are protected and enlivened, while keeping Srila Prabhupada central as our founder-acharya, for generations to come, is no easy task.]

[PADA: Oh boy, here we go: "Srila Prabhupada started something revolutionary, Krishna is no longer going to dictate to the guru, rather Badrinarayana is going to overlord and over-step Krishna's dictation to the guru." When did Srila Prabhupada say that was going to be his process? Also, where is this "multi-guru" system ordered by Srila Prabhupada? Where does he say that some of his multi-disciples are now getting dictation from Krishna? Who are those multi-disciples? And where does he say that when the guru gets dictation from Krishna, the orders of Krishna are tossed out and we follow instead -- Badrinarayana's orders -- and not Krishna's? And if all these gurus are all getting "dictation from Krishna," how come they are always infighting, day in and day out, all the time, over money, siddhanta, temples, disciples, did we forget the money, and indeed we have heard some of these "gurus" calling each other ill names like "pieces of sh*t" and so on. Why is Krishna giving all this convoluted dictation? And why is Krishna dictating that we need to call other pure devotees "pieces of sh*t"? Why is Krishna "dictating" words found in the common street bum?]

[** BD: 3. What are the challenges facing your committee: Let's take just one of the questions on the table for example: "Who delivers the jiva?" It is not just the diksha guru and everyone else is chopped cabbage. Whoever is giving genuine siksha is essential to the process. There is the mercy of the holy name, the Deities, sadhusanga in general-there are so many factors. How to develop a mature society that reflects all these dynamics?]

[PADA: Neither Badri nor Rocana's gurus can deliver themselves, we constantly find them in the gutter, often stealing manpower, money and women from ISKCON. This is the bona fide guru process? No, it is a scam to exploit ISKCON.]

[** BD: 5. How can devotees participate and contribute in this? Give us some time, your prayers, and suggestions. We are working on training manuals, guide books, philosophical support papers, retreats, and seminars. I believe that the goal is eventually to have a website set up with the work of all the GBC's strategic planning committees work posted there but in the mean time devotees can contact our committee chair, Prahladananda Maharaja at Thank you for asking and Hare Krishna.]

[PADA: Great stuff, after being gurus for the past 30 years, we are going to make a committee to find out, what is a guru. Sheesh! ys pd]


Badri's Frog and Well Philosophy

Gauridasa assaulted by GBC-Thug Badrinarayan

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