Bhakti Tirtha Swami - soon to die on cancer

aka. John Favours, Ghanasyama, Swami Krsnapada, Iskcon Sannyasi GBC and Guru for Africa
Sinnyasi accused of murdering his god sister Hladini devi


Bhakti Tirtha Swami, bogus guru and Sannyasi
Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Bhaktitirtha Swami
BTS - Swami
expert in lying, cheating, dishonesty, exploitation, politics and killing
arranged for the murder of his god sister Hladini devi
a pretender, striving for wealth, name and fame
Mahavegavati devi dasi
Mahavegavati dasi
disciple of Prabhupada
Godsister of BTSwami

owns private money, houses and land
has a perverted (sick) consciousness
had illicit relationship to his god sister
fell down from his Sannyasa vows
embazzlement of devotees private letters
stealing money from his god-sister

expert in character assassination
exploiting his servants
denies medical help to his servants
destroys life of devotees

Mahavegavati: As far as I am concerned, you are a SICK man, NOT just with cancer, but psychologically, (including things that YOU DIRECTLY TOLD me), and your sickness is VERY DEEP rooted!!!

(Dare I ask over and over WHERE? - since you tell devotees and other people - you "are a king?" In Africa? You KNOW you can NOT be "made" king, but that it's an INHERITED position.
And dare we go into HOW you "got" your chieftiancy? Dare I go on and on about your other garbage?
Do you remember your calling me to your room in the Lagos temple and telling me about your "astrological chart?," how YOU TOLD me it "said" you "were as great as Srila Prabhupada" and that you "would accomplish MORE than what Srila Prabhupada had accomplished"? Do you ALSO remember on a DIFFERENT occasion (in Warri), YOUR TELLING me that YOU "are to be THE 'next acarya' of ISKCON"? And do you remember your ALSO TELLING ME (on ANOTHER occasion) that "Lord Caitanya 'had COMMISSIONED' YOU, "to be 'the COMMANDER IN CHIEF' of the 33 million demigods" - YOU SAID "33 million" but you did NOT realize there are actually 330 million. Your EXACT words were, "Lord Caitanya has commissioned me to be the commander in chief of the 33 million demigods, to organize them for His sankirtan movement." (Remember you TOLD ME THIS IN WARRI? And I was so simple - stupid? - that whatever you told me, there were NO "alarm bells" that "went off." I simply just "took it all in," since that was (and still is) simply a part of my nature to be THAT simple/stupid.)

There is no need for me to lengthen this email by going over the specifics of what you did to me all the years I served under you with your dishonesty, lies, deceitfulness, politics, manipulations, controlling over techniques, thievery, etc. - we both know it (only too) well, and besides, it would FILL a whole book - and what you did afterwards in your endeavors to keep me away from the devotees in your fear I might tell them about your improprieties including what happened between you and Hladini, and her subsequent murder.

Although you're SO EXPERT at hiding your REAL mentality and character from (and fool) others, Krsna KNOWS the facts, including the fact that you're still possessed of the same mentality. You've always been, and still are so expert at pretending to be rightous, your evil so disguised that it APPEARS to be "good," and with your cleverness and deceitful tactics, you make people THINK you to be "saintly," but you're wicked at heart and Krsna sees the truth. You may fool most of the devotees, but Krsna KNOWS the facts, and He can NOT be fooled.

All these years you've been feeling such a sense of fear of me, which is your reason for pushing me out of ISKCON, because you know how well I know you, as well as what you're hiding.

Besides what you directly did to me the so many years I served under you, (my ALWAYS tolerating, forgiving your ATROCITIES - some of which ALMOST got me killed - my being FULLY surrendered to you, and continuing SUBMISSIVELY in my service under you - what a HUGE MISTAKE that was I made ALL those years), your greatest fear was that I might POSSIBLY tell someone about what happened between you and Hladini prabhu, the reason you sent her to Liberia and why she ended up getting murdered.

Thus, because of this, you pushed me out of ISKCON, and have been doing to me all these years what you've been doing since I made it out of Africa. (Don't you think it's about time you CLEAR my name of YOUR LIES? and free me from their effects?) It was YOUR INSISTANCE I continue traveling with both you and Hladini, DESPITE my asking you SO MANY times to be released from your order that I remain traveling with the two of you. Because of YOUR ORDER that I REMAIN with the two of you, I was FORCED into being subjected to what was going on between the two of you. I was FORCED into having to deal with BOTH of you separately coming to me and confiding in me, each of you putting the blame on the other person as being the cause of the problem, my being forced to have to try to deal with the INsanity of it all, - as if I had "wanted" such a situation to have to be a "part" of - and my being put into the position of having to TRY to figure out what was really going on, (meaning, WHO it was who was the cause of the problem, who was lying and who was telling me the truth).

And, while we're at it, it did NOT disturb me that you were having such problems in your sannyas, although out of CONCERN for ANY of my Godsiblings, especially on in the sannyas order, I would feel a LOVING CONCERN if he was having problems in his maintenance of his sannyas vows. (So by the word "disturb," I do NOT mean it in terms of feeling any sense of criticicism since I realize that Maya is so strong, and She can affect even advanced devotees, what to speak of small people like you, me, and others. Thus, if some devotee is having a problem in their sannyas, I will NOT condemn them for it. I feel it's between them, Guru and Krsna, and (of course) if someone is coming to me asking for my assistance, certainly I will try my best to help them.) So there was never any need for you to have such a fear of my knowing. and that I MIGHT "tell" someone. The ONLY reason I ended up ever saying anything was because of what you were doing/did to me when I got back to US, and the effects I was being FORCED to suffer from them.

Getting back to you and Hladini prabhu: BOTH of you were (according to what you both were telling me) VERY DISGUSTED with one another. Both of you were coming to me separately, neither of you knowing the other person was coming to me as well. Hladini told me that she wanted "to get away" from you, "as far as possible." According to her, you were TERRORIZING her! She felt COMPLETELY TERRORIZED by you and wanted to get away from you. Although at that time the whole thing was so confusing (for lack of a better word, besides INsane), and I wasn't able to discern who it was creating the problem, (since both of you had your story, and were putting the blame on the other person), I now believe Hladini's story more than what you were telling me, since you've PROVED yourself MANY times over and over again and again to be an inveterate liar, politician, etc., right up to this very day.

How can I forget when you called both Hladini prabhu and me into your room telling us you were sending us to Liberia, your knowing fully well the details of the HORRIFIC coup going on there, (knowing that neither of us knew anything about it), as well as your knowing HOW LIKELY - VERY SURE chances - we (as white women) could (and WOULD) get killed in such a situation (ESPECIALLY with YOUR hand being behind such an arrangement). How "convenient" (for YOU) that BOTH of us should get killed in such a situation, the knowers of YOUR falldown gone, (killed) and a coup to "blame" our deaths on; thus, who would ever tie in any responsibility to you for our deaths? (I also remember very well the letter you wrote to Hladini's parents, your sending a copy of it to all of the ISKCON temples, (conveniently) absolving yourself from any and all responsibility for her death there.)

When I refused to go to Liberia, you TRIED to have me killed in Nigeria. You took my passport and laksmi (money) and left me in the (illegal) immigration situation you did, but by Krsna's - I believe it was Srila Prabhupada's - mercy, I was (finally) able to get out and make it back to the US. It was here in the US you tried to (and successfully did) "kill" me in another way; character assassination, your telling devotees I "was crazy due to the head injuries she sustained in Africa," along with the other lies you tack on.

You wrote in Yamuna's book, "Legacy of Love," "Hladini Devi Dasi is one of the biggest secrets in ISKCON." Your words are so true. They have more meaning than most devotees will ever know/find out, because it is YOU who have PURPOSELY made things secret. It is YOU who has PURPOSELY HIDDEN the truth. It is YOU who MADE SURE that NO ONE should find out the (real) reasons, the whys/hows, etc., for her death, and what led up to YOUR PURPOSEFUL THOUGHT OUT/WELL PLANNED decision to send her and her being sent to Liberia, when you KNEW there was a TERRIBLE coup going on there.) So yes, this SECRET (of YOURS) will NOT be known. Even you KNOW that some of the details Yamuna wrote in her book, (both before Hladini's going to Liberia, and afterwards, including the details concerning Hladini's death), are WRONG, but since it helps to keep the truth covered up and serves to provide "evidence" to keep covered those secrets you do not want known, this is to your advantage so you've allowed for these wrong details to be written in despite your knowing the real details to be somewhat different, because they serve YOUR objective in helping to keep the truth covered up as to why Hladini was PURPOSELY sent to Liberia to go to her death there.

So many HORRIFIC things you've personally done to me ALL the years I was serving under you in Africa. (We BOTH know the times that while serving under you, I almost ended up getting killed, sometimes due to your (stupid) MISmanagement mistakes, and at other times your out and out VICIOUSNESS and/or INsanity.) You spiritually "RAPED" me then, and since I got back to the US, I'm STILL being made to sustain the results of YOUR improprieties, lies, etc., because you can't be humble enough to be honest, including with yourself, to admit to your frailties. Because of YOUR FEAR that I MIGHT have exposed what had happened in Africa, ESPECIALLY what you were doing to Hladini, and why she got sent to her death, (and possibly you may have also had some fear I might tell devotees what you did to me all of the years I served under you);

YOUR FEAR and concern that the devotees would not continue to see you as the "supersaint" "pure devotee" and "superguru" that YOU WANTED them to see you as, you've FORCED me to live the RESULTS of YOUR LIES, INCLUDING those you directly told about me to devotees. You are SO EGOCENTRIC, NARCISSISTIC, DELUDED, besides the other terms I want to say, but can't think of them due to aphasia (resultant from the head injuries I sustained from that physical attack in Kenya. And I might add here, that although you came only a FEW days after that attack, DESPITE the physical injuries (including broken bones) sustained, ALONG WITH THE VERY OBVIOUS effects of brain damage WHICH YOU COULD SEE SINCE I WAS NOT ABLE TO SPEAK PROPERLY, AND HAD LOST SOME OF MY VISION AND HEARING - WHICH I WAS ABLE TO COMMUNICATE TO YOU - and DESPITE my already having given you THOUSANDS of dollars for the preaching programs in Africa, (ALONG WITH your TAKING (STEALING) the $1,500 you had taken from me in Zambia, just a few months prior to that attack), you did NOT send me to ANY doctor.

You are SO possessed of such consciousness that it borders on psychological SICKNESS (if it is not out and out psychological sickness. You are VERY EVIL!, but what is really the SAD part, is that part of your sickness is that you are so easily able to FOOL MOST people into thinking you are what you PRETEND to be and WANT them to THINK you "are".

You yourself directly told me in 1996 your reason(s) for not wanting anyone to know, (that I in your exact words), "should not tell anyone what happened,") was because of your concern about your IMAGE. You said, "I have to KEEP UP AN IMAGE" (your EXACT words), "for the devotees." (And you went on to say, "They are all looking to me to hold this ISKCON movement together." (As IF you're Krsna, God.) Hey brother, WAKE UP!!! Your desire for image is NOT for the devotees; it's for YOU and YOUR (false) ego! And it's ONLY for THAT reason that I am STILL being made to suffer between you LIES about me, and the OTHER things you're keeping hidden to KEEP your "image" "intact!" You were a pretender back then with the devotees, and to this day you are the same, (but WORSE!). You my brother are a SICK man; not only with the cancer, but your cancer of the heart.

Even if you don't want to wake up before either of us leaves the body, I WANT to wake up. (It's about time!) By Srila Prabhupada's mercy, I'm making a GOOD start now, and I HOPE to go a LOT further. I've already suffered LONG enough from your direct abuses; those from when I served under you in Africa, and those from what you've done to me since I got out. I'm sick of the suffering itself, sick of the fact that I've already suffered (SO LONG) and am being made to continue to suffer for YOUR abominations, and sick of what you've done and have been doing to me (including your lies about me to devotees) all these years in your desires to keep YOUR ATROCITIES covered up.

Even if nothing changes, at least I've FINALLY been able to come to this point of telling you what I'm saying here. I've FINALLY become "freed" from the "prison" you've tried to (and did successfully) create, besides other things of this "prison," your making me think that it is "my 'karma,'" "my 'due'" to have to suffer for YOUR ABOMINABLE actions. Although I had so much love for you for so long, due to my own personal inherent nature and the (FOOLISH) womanly sentimentality that I got some "extra dose" of), I've FINALLY WOKEN UP!!! - thank Krsna - and becuase of this, I've been able to write this letter as I have to you.

Mahavegavati: Sadly, my Godbrother, I believe your cancer may be a resultant reaction to the tantra you were having done on me since March 6 2004. It's explained that the nature of tantra is such, that it MUST act; that when it doesn't have the "desired" effect upon the person to whom it is sent to harm, because it HAS to act, it will then return and act upon its sender. Is it possible THIS could be the reason for your present condition?

Comment by Aruna das: That you have become fully an invalid and that you have to be wheelchaired into the bathroom, is Krishnas mercy on you. Karma works so nicely. Since your godsister Mahavagavati was crippled under your care, you are getting back your own reactions and be crippled too. And since you even tried to arrange for mother Mahavegavati to be killed, Krishna is killing you too, with cancer, because you are evil. You only can be forgiven, if you publicly fall at Mahavegavati's feet and ask for forgiveness. If you don't do this, Krishna will not forgive you either. You live in a great hallucination, suffering from self-deceit. The Yamaduttas will be happy to receive you in their court.

dead King BT-Swami

Bhaktitirtha Swami
died June 27, 2005 at 3:35pm

NOTE: Just three month after Mahavegavati's expose, the "glorious" King, departured to the Kingdom of death.
Bhaktitirtha Swami died June 27, 2005 at 3:35pm in Pennsylvania Perhaps the tantra he has done on Mahavegavati has finally returned to him?

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