Bhakti Tirtha Swami
- dead, died June 27, 2005 at 3:35pm -

BTS aka. John Favours, Ghanasyama, Swami Krsnapada, Iskcon Sannyasi GBC and Guru for Africa
Sinnyasi accused of murdering his god sister Hladini devi - finally departured to the kingdom of death

Bhaktitirtha Swami
departured to the Kingdom of death
Bhakti Tirtha Swami
BT-Swami died June 27, 2005 at 3:35pm

From the oficial Iskcon Homepage: "His Holiness Bhakti-tirtha Swami, a guru and Governing Body Commissioner of the worldwide Hare Krishna movement, passed away following complications from melanoma cancer on June 27, 2005, (3:35pm) at Gita Nagari, the Krishna community in Pennsylvania. He was 55 years old. Born as John E. Favors to an evangelical Baptist family in Cleveland, Ohio on 25 February 1950

From the oficial Homepage of BT Swami: "His Holiness Bhakti-tirhta Swami passed away from this world at 3:35pm this afternoon (June 27, 2005). Gurudeva's passing was so graceful and peaceful, as if he slipped out by the gentle hands his helpers to board his chariot. Gurudeva's expression was so sublime, like he was in divine rapture – in awe, in gratitude, in love." -- ???? WHAT ??? --

"The processional through Gurudeva's room continued for ten minutes, and then concluded leading out into the living room. From there the departure ceremony continued with Vrakesvara Pandit leading the devotees in Sankirtana, circumambulating around Gurudeva's room and the Institute House. Inside Gurudeva's room everyone except a small group assembled to assist Brahma-muhurta and Radhanatha Swami in the Samadhi Samskara process, which is currently going on."

Please Note: Vrakesvara Pandit and Radhanatha Swami are both worst criminals!
Radhanath ordered and paid for the murder of Sulocana
Vrakesvara Pandit is a convicted child abuser.

"Gurudeva had expressed such a heartfelt desire that Vrakesvara pandit Prabhu be here to provide the kirtana seva that was so dear to Srila Prabhupada. Recently Gurudeva disclosed to Vrakevara Pandit his strong desire to have him present throughout his departure, requesting multiple times to stay and "chant for me to go back to Godhead" he said "your kirtana helps me to remember Srila Prabhupada and Krsna".

Please Note: Child abusers and murderers are invited to Iskcon Temples to lead Kirtan

Quoted from PADA-Newsletter Sept. 04, 2005:

"Leslie and I checked up on the facts (of Vakresvara), partly because I'm an elected community board member and she's on the child protection team. We found out that he was found guilty in 2002 of having a year-long sexual relationship about 9 years earlier with a 13 year old girl, what the jurisdictional state law would classify as multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a minor.

Vakresvara was assigned a rectification plan, of which the first two parts were to write a letter of apology and to pay $3000 to the girl, with a consequence of being banned from Iskcon if he would not do these things. restrictions from leadership for two more years. Apparently he still doesn't have to apologize or pay restitution.)

I wanted to know how BT Swami felt about Vakresvara's child molestation case, and why he felt it was ok to honor a child molester like that, but I couldn't ask him, and his disciples weren't giving me any answers.

For his visit to Gita-nagari, two GBC members got approval from the CPO to officially lift the restrictions so that he could lead kirtan for BT Swami's departure. The CPO authorized it, but the local authorities allowed him to lead kirtan for a few months (not just during the day of his departure) and to give classes. Leslie and I were stressed to see a child molester given these honors, and felt that it undermined the goal of child protection in Iskcon, but we could say nothing because of the official sanction. Then the decision on Vakresvara's appeal was decided, and the appeal panel found that he was guilty but decided that he'd already served enough punishment. (Recently the appeal panel reconvened, partially in response to my complaints, said that they didn't know he'd failed to follow his rectification plan, and extended his."

Vakresvara 2005
Vakresvara Pandit das
June 2005

Vakresvara 2005
Vakresvara Pandit das
June 2005

left to right: Brahma Muhurta prabhu, Vakresvara, and Radhanatha Swami:

[PADA: According to a report, it was a public knowledge that Vakresvara had been told not to visit ISKCON properties. Certainly, "leaders" like Bhakti Tirtha would have beeen aware of this ... because notice was given especially to the leaders. So it would seem that ISKCON leaders have been, and still are, inviting molesters on to ISKCON properties. And they are doing so knowingly, and worse ... they have been doing that all along or at least since 1978. In short, the GBC tells the ex-gurukulis, the rank and file, even the media, that they are "cleaning things up," but as as soon as they get the opportunity, they invite molesters? Not only do they invite molesters, the GBC gives prominent posts to the very people who turned ISKCON into "molester webs and nests" like they have with Bhavananda. So it seems like a pattern, first they poisoned Prabhupada himself, and by their vociferous and relentless molester-izing of ISKCON, they are poisoning and bankrupting his mission. That seems to be their plan. In short, it seems like they are begging for more lawsuits against ISKCON.

What amazes us at PADA is, why would an ISKCON leader want such a molester to "lead the kirtan" for his departure, considering all the trouble we have had with molesters? This will unfortunately give the molesters all the more access to ISKCON properties. Worse, this gives the message the the chanting of molesters is some divine wondrous thing you'd want to have at your death bed. We saw a couple of nice Catholic nuns handing out food to the homeless at Rathayatra, and it would seem to PADA that the sincere prayers of these nuns would more effective than the prayers of child molesters? What kind of message is the GBC giving? OK: molesters are or were links in the parampara, molesters deserve prominence, and the prayers of molesters takes one to vaikuntha, etc.. Again. This is like "a secret skulls society," except that to gain membership you need to compromise with molesters.]

Dhanurdhara Swami
Dhanurdhara Swami - 2005
Dhanurdara is a known child abuser / beater. So, why is he still a guru in ISKCON?
from left to right, is Radhanatha Swami, Dhanurdhara Swami, and Candramauli Swami
from left to right, is Radhanatha Swami, Dhanurdhara Swami, and Candramauli Swami

[PADA: Right, Bhakti Tirtha's GBC's pattern is: harassing, character assassinating, shunning, and when that does not work then, banning, beating and murdering. "Whatever it takes" to keep children worshipping molesters and/or keeping molesters on ISKCON properties and so on. This is why we call them: "The enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles regime." They "enforce" the worship of pedophiles -- with violence. And guys like Bhakti Tirtha have been the violent thug enforcers of the pedophile worship. Of course, he does not beat up people himself, rather he incites his disciples to ban, beat, threaten and so on. This is what Hitler said as well, but I never killed anyone. Well yes, but you incited others to kill on your behalf.]

Qoted from the Blog of Pandu das:

"This brings my analysis to consideration of Bhakti Tirtha Swami's welcoming Vakresvara to Gita-nagari. I have been repeatedly told by BT Swami's disciples that he did this to give mercy to Vakresvara, and this position was even echoed to me by my guru maharaj Bhaktimarga Swami. I consider it a fatally flawed argument because of the fact that Vakresvara Pandit das does not even have enough care for ISKCON to apologize for raping a girl, even when his apology is offically stated as a criteria for him to have any contact with ISKCON. If a rapist is not even sorry, if he is such a lowlife that he won't even apologize to a girl he raped when he's told that his participation in ISKCON depends upon it, then there can be no mercy given to him by anyone. Or, the effect of such mercy would change his heart so that he would apologize.

Why doesn't ISKCON care about showing mercy to the girl he raped? If Bhakti Tirtha Swami had so much mercy to give, why didn't he give some to Vakresvara's victim? What about justice? When there is lawlessness, Krishna comes as punishment. Why does ISKCON repeatedly side with sexual predators and negelect the victims?

I've been picking on Bhakti-Tirtha Swami because he's been widely portrayed by his disciples and others, including himself, as a pure devotee. One of the qualities of a pure devotee of Sri Krishna is that no one can find fault with him. His disciples have been so desperate for him to be a pure devotee that they've been willing to condemn or even threaten me for simply asking a question about something that I saw as problematic.

It seems that my predominant spiritual mood has graduated from sadness to despair. I remain unable to comprehend the mercy of The Uttama Super-Duper Grandiose Ultra-Wonderful Eternal Cosmic Guru Om Sri Sri Om Sri Sri Sri Bhakti Tirtha Swami Om Krishnapada. Due to His Perfect Super-Divine Gracefulness, I have gone, in about four months, from being totally enthusiastic in pursuit of Krishna consciousness to feeling almost dead.

I could not understand how a spiritual man could give preference to an unrepentant predatory child molester over his victim, and I was foolish enough to ask his disciples for help. I should have known not to question the Super-Perfect Ultra-Wonderful Guru of Unlimited Mercy. I should have known; but as an ordinary, mundane, spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb, ignorant and unsurrendered sinful fool, I could not figure out the causeless mercy that elevates an unrepentant predatory child molester to the level of a Krishna-conscious sannyasi without the molester even being sorry about his crimes. I could not figure out how forgiving and honoring unrepentant child molesters would increase the glory of Srila Prabhupada's movement, and so now I suffer for my insubordination. I'm stuck in a deep, dark pit of ignorance, buried under tons of Vashnava guru-aparadha, with no hope in sight. Yesterday one of my goats ate most of the counting beads on my japa bag. It is truly incredible, the mercy of the Om Sri Sri Om Sri Sri Sri Ultra-Guru of the Cosmos. The predatory sickos rise, and the wanna-be righteous fall. "You're being so offensive, prabhu," his disciples tell me. Well I just can't help it.

I feel quite clear that I am dealing with a power cult. I maintain my faith in Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, but I feel that those transcendental personalities could get no direct pleasure from the dirty politics that are going on on this corner of ISKCON, [Aug 28 update: and that these behaviors of Bhakti Tirtha Swami's disciples are not being done to please Srila Prabhupada or Sri Krishna, but only to advance these so-called devotees' personal agendas.] Under their influence, even my guru (Bhaktimarga Swami) tried to deceive me, and apparently lied to me too.

Qoted from the Blog of Rocana dasa

It is a well-known fact that Bhakti Tirtha Swami was a long-time supporter of -- what to speak of an active participant in -- Kirtanananda Swami’s New Vrindabin, a shadow ISKCON organization that existed during the eighties and early nineties. Kirtanananda’s empire included west Africa, where he was the official initiating guru. Kirtanananda’s zone also included Bhakti Tirtha’s preaching activities in America, primarily Washington D.C. Bhakti Tirtha was Kirtanananda’s lieutenant, and avidly supported Kirtanananda whenever there were disagreements with the GBC.

Apparently it doesn’t occur to any of the GBC, sannyasis, and opinion writers we find on that HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami’s long-time association with and support of Kirtanananda had detrimentally impacted his spiritual life. This is particularly clear with regard to the issues outlined in the email debates. Aside from his un-bona fide support for homosexuality, there were all the nonsense habits and activities he displayed which mirrored Kirtanananda, such as his pastimes of donning bizarre outfits, writing about extraterrestrial life, trying to “relate” to other cultures and religions by adopting many of their traditions into our pure culture and philosophy. All the aforementioned undisputable historical facts, and the far greater untold content, gives us the true story.

We never hear the question asked, why was Bhakti Tirtha Swami suddenly struck down by debilitating cancer? What divine forces might have contributed to his departure? Could it possibly be due to his past activities, offenses or perhaps his attempts to change the siddhanta? No one within ISKCON’s power structure dares to pose these obvious questions. Un-sentimentally applying our philosophy to real life scenarios is our business and tradition, but when that might cause ISKCON’s rosy re-written history to be blemished, the practice is abandoned.

In the distant past and in the early eighties, when I was the Regional Secretary for East Africa, I had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with Bhakti Tirtha Swami. As such, I am aware of many untold stories of his Africa adventures, which I won’t get into here. These details are known and hidden by the GBC. Who do they think they are protecting? The truth will always eventually be made public, and they will be left looking like cover-up conspirators. Their credibility will further deteriorate. That is the inescapable result.



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