Dharmatma das - Heavy Women Abuser

account of women abuse in New Vrindaban

Dharmatma das - Dennis Gorrick, women abuser
Dharmatma das - Dennis Gorrick
Sharon Wilson was back home in New Vrindaban after five weeks on the road. She was exhausted from working fourteen- and fifteen-hour days and crisscrossing the country at night to get to ball games and concerts. She walked up the stairs in Dharmatma's house and knocked on his bedroom door.

"Go away, I'm busy," Dharmatma shouted.

Sharon knew what that meant. He was in there with a woman.

Who is it this time? she wondered as she walked back down the stairs.
One of his sankirtan bimbos, maybe? Or one of his other wives?

Dharmatma had three wives, including Sharon. He controlled everything they did, whether they were at home or on the road. If a woman needed new underwear, she had to call Dharmatma to ask for permission to buy it. One time, Sharon's clothes were so worn out, they were literally falling off her back. She asked Dharmatma for some money. He gave her a stolen credit card and told her to buy a few things, but only what she really needed. Another time, he told her to shoplift. She was nailed liberating a blouse in Toronto, Canada, and spent a weekend in jail. When she telephoned Dharmatma to tell him what had happened, he called her a fool for getting caught.

A young, heavy set women Sharon had never seen before came down the stairs and walked out of the house without looking at Sharon. Sharon went back upstairs and knocked on the door.

"I suppose you want some?" Dharmatma asked when she walked in. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked except for his underpants.

Sharon smiled. "I missed you."

"I'll bet you did," Dharmatma snapped.

Sharon walked over and sat down next to Dharmatma. She kissed his shoulder and began licking his neck. Dharmatma pushed her away and jumped to his feet.

"Did you see that pig who was in here?" he asked.

"Who is she?" Sharon asked. "A new girl," Dharmatma said. "She joined the team a couple of weeks ago. I just fucked her. I had to, to keep her going. It was awful. I can still smell her. This whole room reeks of pussy. How can you stand it?"

"I stand it because you're here," Sharon said, walking over to him.

She slipped her hand into his pants and began fondling him.

"I'm still your favorite, aren't I?" she asked. "Come on, let's go over to the bed and I'll remind you why I'm your favorite."

She took him by the hand and led him back to bed. She peeled down his underpants. It took her a long time to get him hard.

Sex with Dharmatma was always the same. Sharon always had to seduce him; he was completely passive. When it was over, she had to tell him how great it was, how nobody had ever fucked her like he did. She did it because long ago she had discovered that the better actress she was in bed, the easier life was out of bed.

Dharmatma came, rolled out of bed immediately, and put on his briefs.

"You really are a whore, aren't you?" he said. "You've really got to have it, don't you?"

Sharon's heart sank. It was going to be this way again. Dharmatma was going to abuse her. She had been hoping that this time it would be different, that maybe, just maybe, he'd be too tired. "Did you hear what I said, slut?" Dharmatma said. "I just missed you," Sharon said, getting out of the other side of the bed. "That was all."

"You gotta have it all the time, don't you?" Dharmatma repeated, walking around the bed toward her. "I'll bet you get it a lot on the road. I'll bet you fuck truck drivers. I bet you go into truck stops and get yourself some Peterbilt hog."

"Why are you like this?" Sharon whimpered, stepping back. "Why do you say such terrible things?"

Dharmatma hit her across the face with his open hand. Then he hit her again with the back of his hand.

"Don't you dare ask why, bitch!" Dharmatma screamed. "You know why! 'Cause you're such a filthy pig. Now get dressed and get your ass outta here. I want every bathroom in this house cleaned before lunch. You got that?"

Sharon nodded.

"I wouldn't have to hit you if you didn't have an attitude," Dharmatma said in a calmer voice. "I only do it 'cause I think it'll help."

"I know," Sharon hurried to agree. "I must have done something in a previous life to deserve it."

"Could be," Dharmatma said, losing interest. "Now get out of here and get the bathrooms cleaned."

Sharon scrambled into her clothes and went downstairs wondering what was worse, being on the road or being home. She hated living in a van with two or three other women and spending all day begging money from strangers. But on the road, she could at least tell herself she was doing something for Krishna.

Sharon had had three children with Dharmatma. But she'd never been allowed to spend much time with them. Like all New Vrindaban youngsters, they'd been put in the guru kula when they were five. When they were eight, the commune's children were sent to India to study.

For the last eight years, Sharon had been on the road almost continuously. Even births did not keep her off sankirtan for long. She'd worked the streets until the day she went into labor with her second child. Two months after childbirth, she was back out working "the pick," as sankirtan was called.

Sharon had played so many roles working the pick that she felt like an actress traveling from town to town with a second-string repertory company. Sometimes she was a concerned mother, collecting money for the Nandegram School for underprivileged Appalachian children. Other times, she was the widow of a Vietnam veteran, collecting to help troubled Vietnam vets. She also posed as a representative of NORML, the National Organization for the Repeal of Marijuana Laws. She worked Hansadutta's record scam. At fairs where she had to wear a name tag, Sharon told people that ISKCON stood for "Interstate Kids Concern."

For a while a new wrinkle introduced by New Vrindaban—and quickly copied by other temples—had made things more interesting.

"Excuse me," Sharon would say to a person walking across the street. "But I'm going to have to make a citizen's arrest. You were speeding through that intersection."

During the holidays, it had been a goof to approach people and arrest them for being "under the influence of Santa Claus." At ball-games, she'd arrest people for being "intoxicated with football." People were so relieved to find it was all a joke, they gladly gave her a few dollars.

But after a while, the citation line became as dull and as routine as all the other scams. And she was tired of getting arrested. It had happened so often recently—twice for theft by deception in Indianapolis; three times for soliciting without a permit in Norfolk, Virginia; and who could remember how many times in Austin, Texas, or Orlando, Florida?

Sharon got a brush and a box of Comet out of a downstairs closet and went into the bathroom. As she scrubbed the toilet, she thought about how sankirtan had changed over the years.

At first, devotees worked the crowds at sporting events, particularly football games, where spectators arrived early to tailgate. The pickings were always good because fans were drinking heavily and in a fine mood. Digging into their pockets to come up with five or ten dollars to buy some poor kid a turkey dinner or help an orphan in Appalachia only added a warm glow of altruism to their beery high spirits.

Then it occurred to Dharmatma that the money his teams collected was only a fraction of what people spent on sports paraphernalia. Why not cash in on these fans' obsession? Why not sell pennants and buttons in parking lots? The sankirtan parties would make a fortune.

New Vrindaban soon began buying hats, pennants, bumper stickers, and buttons bearing the insignia of major college and pro teams from Taiwanese manufacturers. Ignoring copyright and trademark laws, the Krishnas sold the souvenirs at games. After the sports paraphernalia operation really got rolling, the Krishnas bought a four-color printing press in Iowa for $i 10,000 and began turning out their own posters and bumper stickers.

Sharon thought of all the bumper stickers she had pushed: Snoopy holding a beer mug with slogans like Let's Party! Life's a Beach, and Party Till You Puke. But her favorite was Are We Having Fun Yet?

"Are we having fun yet?" she asked herself as she scrubbed around the bathroom sink.

She finished up quickly and hurried over to the nursery to pick up her three-year-old son. Seeing her children was the best thing about being home. Still, it hurt to see them. They always reminded her of her failures as a mother. She felt so guilty about spending so little time with the children. Sometimes when she looked at her little boys she would get all teary-eyed.

She took her son home, put him in a high chair in the kitchen, and started making lunch for him. She was waiting for a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup to cool when Dharmatma walked in.

"I thought I told you to clean the bathrooms," he said menacingly.

"I did," Sharon said.

"I said all the bathrooms. That means the one upstairs, too."

"I forgot," Sharon said. "I'll get to it right after lunch."

Dharmatma walked up to her.

"This is for being disobedient," he said and slapped her across the face.

"You hit Mommy!" the three-year-old shrieked. "Daddy! Don't hit Mommy!"

Sharon raced to the high chair.

"It's all right," she said. "Don't cry. See, Mommy isn't crying."

"Get away from him," Dharmatma ordered. "You're fuming him into a wimp."

Sharon had her back turned and was stroking her son's hair. Dharmatma ran over, grabbed her by the long thick braid that tumbled down her neck, and dragged her out into the garage. He took a thick rubber hose off a workbench. He drew it back and hit Sharon across the back of the neck as hard as he could.

A white light flashed in front of her eyes. Her arms shot out, numb and rigid. She hit the garage floor, face first.

Letter from Dharmatma concerning above article

Subject: Black list! Date: 03.10.05
From: DGorrick@aol.com To: Gbc1008@aol.com

Dear prabhu:

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing you again with another appeal to remove the sensationalistic excerpt from, Monkey on a Stick, regarding myself. The so called Sharon was a devotee ex-wife of mine who was saying and doing anything to try to get custody of our three children who were given to me in a custody battle. Even the writers of that book said in their Time magazine review, that they sensationalized and look liberal license with the facts.

I have six children who don't need to read such lewd details. Suffice it to say that, yes, I wasn't a perfect devotee and I did make mistakes and did physically abuse some devotees in my care. I've apologized to as many as I could and have led an exemplary devotee life since I left New Vrndavana in 1988.

My wife of 26 years and I live in Alachua and have devotee kids doing service all over the world.

So I'm humbly asking that you remove at least the most lewd part of your profile regarding me. I've seen that you've removed Kuladri's name from you list.

Yours in Srila Prabhupada's service.

Dharmatma das


Date: 08.10.2005
Haribol Dharmatma

Hare Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Sorry for your predicament concerning the sensationalistic excerpt from, Monkey on a Stick, regarding yourself.


This book "Monkey on a Stick" is freely available on the public market, for everyone to see. We just quoted from the book. We did not add anything or concocted anything and it is NOT our profile about you. We just plainly quoted from the books of the public media. This profile of yours, is given to you by the public media, not by us.

It is unfortunate, that your six children might be exposed to such lewd details. But this book is published by the public media and is part of Iskcons dark history and Kirtananandas murdering cult. We can not change Iskcons dark history, nor can we change the public opinion. You could tell your children about this book, so they are forewarned and not so much shocked. You also could see it positively. It might act as a warning to your children not to follow their crazy father into worshiping homosexuals and other bogus Iskcon gurus.

Devotees have complained about you Dharmatma and it is a well known fact, that you have been Kirtananandas right hand man, abusing devotees under your care. Whether you have apologised to the abused devotees, we can not say, because we did not find any public apology from you, neither on VNN nor on Chakra. Please state the internet address where we can find your public apology.

Sorry Dharmatma, at this time we can not remove your profile, given to you by public media, but we are willing to put your public apology underneath, so you can justify yourself. (This is fair enough)

We also don't think, that you are writing in Srila Prabhupadas service, because you have been Kirtananandas man. You always where a devotee of Kirtanananda, not of Prabhupada.

Did you also apologised to your ex-wife Sharon, whom you have abused? If she will testify for you, we might reconsider your case. Please let us know the email address of your ex-wife Sharon, so we might ask her personally whether the sensationalistic excerpt from, Monkey on a Stick, regarding yourself, is true or not?

Please also let us know what happened to Taru das. Since you where one of the main players of New Vrindavan, you surely know the truth, what has happened to him? Is he another "dead corpse" buried on the grounds of New Vrindaven, yet to be discovered or did he drowned in India as Kirtanananda claims?

Yours in Srila Prabhupada's service.

Aruna Das,
PADA, Austria


Dear Dharamatma dasa,

Thanks for your concerns regarding your name being cited on PADA, however be it known that your name was printed in numerous documents and letters including Sulochana's for years together and was part of an expose that was sent to the Los Angeles Times by disgruntled devotees in the 1980s etc., etc..

I am sorry to say that the women's party abuses were reported to Sulochana and me by Kanka dasi and others a long time ago and some other women literally screamed at me for not kicking your types of people down the street in 1970s and 1980s, nevermind I am only a bookeeper and not a big kshatriya. They think I have been WAY too tolerant with you guys.

My first concern is that for the victims, they are never going to get any money etc. from this so the only satisfaction they get is to see their story has been put out and they get some indirect justice that their story was heard. Thus many victims cheer on the PADA web site for that reason alone. Be it known also that Prabhupada often gave the names of people in the history of the Gaudiya Matha, good or bad, this is history.

My next concern was that the beating and exploiting of women for sex then lead to the atmosphere that children were beaten and exploited for sex. It produced a whole culture of abuse.

I recall going to New Vrindavana in 1980 and seeing Kirtanananda driving with a little boy on his lap and still cannot figure out why you and five other guys didn't haul him off that jeep and beat the crap out of him and tell him to stay away from the boys there? And he was covered with the hands of boys on his vyasa seat and everyone saw that.

Then I had to help finance, buy food and clothes for Sulochana, since none of you big financiers of the GBC gave us one rotten potato even when we protested the molesting regime?

And Jadurani was beaten and so on and you were a supporter of that regime. So, it is not one issue, the whole issue is that you never helped us, and you only contact us later when you want something, not to offer help at any stage.

So I regret to say that history records us all in different ways. I will be recorded as the guy who came out in 1997 in front of 45 GBCs at Rathayatra and said, "You killed Prabhupada." So i am glad you have had a change of heart here, but did we forget to mention: your former mentors killed our guru?

Thanks pd



Quoted from PADA Newsletter June 01, 2000

Dear Puranjana prabhu,
Hare Krsna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. PAMFO I hope all is well.
Just on the side: With relation to your statement concerning the so-called "gurus" encouraging illicit sex: Dharmatma prabhu HIMSELF told me in 1986, "I never ever laid a hand on a woman before I came to Kirtanananda. Kirtanananda told me that women are for beating and f---ing, and he told me to beat the women."

This is EXACTLY what Dharmatma prabhu told me then when I was out doing scamkirtan in the NYC subways.

Your servant, Mahavegavati Dasi
Hare Krsna


Conversation with Mother Mahara, Sept. 1984

Mother Mahara was the largest collector at New Vrindaban for many years. She must have donated over half a million dollars in that time and so naturally she was dearly loved and respected by all-until she discovered what follows.

Mother Mahara: I was bewildered a long time about New Vrindaban. When I left it I had a hard tune not going back. I wanted to go back, but the devotees would preach to me. And I'm glad I didn't go back, because I'm so much more sane now than I as before.

Sulocana dasa: I heard you'd made a statement that they don't let you learn anything there-just out on the pick.

MM: All you do...all I did was went out on the pick. No sadhana hardly at all.
SD: Is that true Dharmatma has sex with most of the women?
MM: Yep, a lot of them. He told one little girl to have an abortion that he had sex with.
SD: Really?
MM: Yep.
SD: Do you know that for a fact?
MM: I know it for a fact.
SD: Wow!
MM: Bhaktipada was right there.
SD: He approved it?
MM: Yeah. That's why I went to the GBC.
SD: What has the GBC done-anything?

MM: Yeah, well, they're separating the women now from Dharmatma. But I don't think all the women know even, about that. I don't care anymore. You know. I just feel that Prabhupada protected me and I feel I'm luckier than them because now I know. Srila Ramesvara is into book distribution but there is not much book distribution going on at New Vmdavana. But there's a lot of great devotees there-l love Kutila-she's great. I learned a lot from what I did, I performed a lot of austerities and Krsna's rewarding me now with all this nectar. I know more now about what Krsna consciousness is all about. I go on book distribution and preaching.


Kirtanananda Iskcon guru orders to abuse women
Dharmatma followed his gurus order and beat up women in New Vrindavan


From the book "Monkey On A Stick"
page 248-249 / 258-259 / 261

When a man came to him (Kirtanananda) and told him he was having problems
with his wife, the guru's advice usually boiled down to two words: "Hit her."

"Three things are better when you beat them: your drum, your dog, and your
," he liked to say. That is exactly what many men at New Vrindaban did.

When Kirtanananda ordered them to get married, Taru and Mahara barely knew
each other. They hadn't talked much since their marriage and didn't know each
other much better now. Mahara had no idea why her husband had ordered her to
follow him.

When they arrived behind the barn, Taru turned and hit her hard across the face.

Taru das - Thomas Meyers
Taru das - Thomas Meyers
mysteriously disappeared

Mahara screamed. Taru hit her again.
"Why are you doing this?" she cried.
"Kirtanananda told me to," Taru said.
"But why?' screamed Mahara.
"You're not submissive enough."
"But how can I be more submissive?" wailed Mahara,
one of the best sankirtan collectors in ISKCON.
"I've given Kirtanananda my life.
I've worked day and night doing sankirtan.
I've raised millions of dollars for him."
"You're not submissive enough," Taru repeated and hit Mahara again.
She fell to the ground. Taru jumped on top of her and again hit her in the face.
He got up and stood over her, clenching and unclenching his fist.
Mahara was curled up with her hands over her face, whimpering.
Taru was crying, too. "I'm sorry!" he sobbed. "I'm sorry!"
He looked down at Mahara one last time and then ran away.

Taru disappeared during the winter of 1980. New Vrindaban did not report his absence. Devotees were told not to mention his name. But that didn't still the rumors.

Sergeant Westfall heard the gossip and quietly began making inquiries. The story Westfall heard over and over was that Taru was in India. He checked with Immigration and the State Department; neither had a record of Taru leaving the country. Westfall slipped questions about the vanished devotee into all his conversations with members of the commune and grilled his informants. But he couldn't get a solid lead about what had happened to Taru.

"I have had a revelation," Kirtanananda announced one day. "I dreamed Taru has gone to India and jumped into the confluence of the three holy rivers. He has drowned."

Taru has never been seen or heard from again.


Criminal mugshot of Dharmatma Das Dennis Gorrick Criminal mugshot of Dharmatma Das Dennis Gorrick

Criminal mugshot of Dharmatma Das (Dennis Gorrick), former New Vrindavan big shot leader. In 1994 he wrote a letter saying he knew for a fact that Radhanatha Swami was involved in the Sulochan murder. Will he attone for his sins by revealing the secrets he knows?



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