German devotees expose

Personal letter to Hansadutta about German Devotees and the Ritvik-System

Alanath das aka
Paramadvaiti Swami
reinitiated by Sridhara
bogus gaudiamath guru
Prithu das
bogus ex-guru
dangerous snake
nazi führer
Vedavyasa das
Christian Jansen
bogus devotee
Suchandra das aka
Bhaktibhusana Swami
aka Stefan Kess
reinitiated by Harikesha

Bogus German Devotees


German devotees expose
Personal letter to Hansadutta about German Devotees and the Ritvik-System

Original letter, April 4, 1995, PART I (historic account)

Dear Hansadutta , PAMHO AGTSP.
Regarding the German devotees you seem to have forgotten their natures and characters. Please let me remind you about your own statement. You used to say: "Only a German devotee who lives outside of Germany is a good devotee, those who never get out of Germany are all useless". This is your own statement, which I can confirm only, and this has always been true, not only in the past but now ever than before.

Here in Germany there is unfortunately no devotee, except my own self, who is half ways normal to the understanding of the ritvik-system and Srila Prabhupada as the Sampradaya-Acharya. If the others would understand, that means they would have to give up their false ego as well as their artificially adopted role of playing "devotee-sannyasi-guru-go-round". They would have to return all the stolen disciples to the Lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and accept him as the sole guru, but this they will never do. They would rather worship a living demon like Hurrycash (Harikesha Swami), than to surrender to the "dead" guru Prabhupada who is no longer a current link (as Bhakti Charu Swami says).

You should also know that the majority of German devotees are either over-sentimental or fanatic. Most are fanatics, The rest are idiots. They act artificially and are easily bewildered by so called "authorities" who are expert in talking them under. They are brainless (zombi-like) and can not think for themselves, or as you used to call them, they are plain knuckleheads. They can see only in one direction, like horses who have side-blinkers before their eyes. And if they get any position in the temple, the play out the Hitler-Syndrome, trying to be little "Fuehrers" (like Prithu). The other sentimentalists are like sheep following the herd-leader.

Harikesha ex-swami

Another problem here in Germany is the Harikesh-Cult. At the moment he is still in power and position, supported by all those foolish devotees who can not understand that Harikeks is responsible for perverting Srila Prabhupada's movement, by introducing and keeping alive a bogus initiation system, and by calling himself a Prabhupada appointed successor guru, cheating all devotees. He was one of the main Iskcon gurus who have hijacked Prabhupadas movement and kicked out his god brothers.

I was there when he took over Germany. It was not because of his devotion, but he was just kicked out by Srila Prabhupada from Vrindaban and send to Germany as a punishment. At that time he was Prabhupadas personal secretary in Vrindaban, but he did something very heavy against Prabhupada for which he banished him and exiled him to Germany. This is known to many devotees and this incident I also have personally witnessed in Vrindaban at that time.

Dear Hansadutta, since you seem to have difficulties in understanding some of the German devotees, I will share with you my personal experience and realisation about those four German devotees who plotted against you, to have you kicked out of Germany. Their names are: Alanath alias Paramatvaiti swami, Prithu das, Vedavyasa das and Suchandra alias Bhaktibhusana Swami. They started politics against you way back even before Harikesh took over your Zone. Here is my character assessment of those four devotees:

Alanath aka Paramatvaiti Swami

1) The worst is Alanath aka Paramatvaiti Swami. An ex-Iskcon cum Sridhara re-initiated bogus sannyas-guru. He said that you have put your picture on Prabhupadas Vyasasan to be the next successor acarya, but it was actually him who did this, wrongly framing and blaming you. I have some remembrance from the Sweden temple which you dont know.

It was Alanath who in the beginning was full of fanatism for you and who put your picture on the footsteps of Srila Prabhupadas Vyasasana, preaching to all of us young devotees that you would be the new successor-acarya after Prabhupadas dismiss. It was him who did all this. Later on he twisted everything around and went against you. Alanath turned around 180 degrees and plotted with the other three German devotees against you. They even went to India just to tell Prabhupada that you wanted to take his seat.

They started this whole conspiracy against you, just to become gurus and sannyasis themselves. Since Alanath later on could not get an Iskcon certification of guru-ship, he went to the Gaudia Math, canvassing there for Sannyas and Guru. I personally witnessed his whole slimy entrance into the Sridhara camp. He used Sridhara Maharaj as an advertising billboard to become guru. To recall all of this makes me sick. Ambitious to become a rubber stamped guru, he sold himself out like a prostitute and joined the other camp. My personal feeling: Alanath is a prostitute and "rubber-band-acarya" who belittles Prabhupadas books and who stretches his philosophy in anyway that suits him best. For me his association is repulsive, sickening and disgusting.

Prithu das

Pritu's last incarnation

2) The next devotee is Prithu das, who is as dangerous as Alanath. Prithu is full of diplomacy and politics and likes to be the "Führer". He started an open revolt against you while you where in India, preaching openly to all devotees to reject you. He is expert in plotting, scheming and conspiracies the nazi style way and threatens anyone who gets in his way. Whatever he says is ambiguous and calculated. He can never be trusted. He never does anything without getting some sort of profit out of it. He deals with devotees the same way, trying to get infos, service or money out of them. He lives for name, fame, distinction and adoration only, the same as Alanath. After Prithus successful coup against you he did not stop there.

After Harikesha took over he continued to politicing against him also, so that HurryCash (Harikesha) quickly threw him out of "HIS" zone. In England on the Inisrath Island he did the same politics to protect his new guru-ship, that is Prithu - the perfect politician, fun of conspiracies, always up to something. No scruples. Confronted he smiles in your face, but if you are not careful and turn around he will bite you in the back. Perhaps in his last life he was a snake, because his character seems to be similar.

If you cannot avoid meeting a snake you at least should be very careful so that you might not be bitten by to close association, meaning you should avoid any personal contact with Prithu. If you get bitten by a poisonous snake you can not hold her responsible, because it is in here nature to bite. It is your responsibility to see that you dont come to close. So if it is unavoidable to meet a snake, than take a stick or kick her with your heavy boots.

Vedavyasa das alias Christian Jansen

3) The next is Vedavyasa das alias Christian Jansen. He is the third who plotted heavily against you (my goodness what have you done?). He wanted Bhagavan from France (the kingpin who has golden pissuars) to take over Germany and conspired with him to have you kicked out. He impeded our Sankirtan-party and tried to stop the buses which where authorised by Srila Prabhupada to go to India. He also made false accusations against you in his book "Prabhupada and his disciples in Germany". When we started the "Hansadutta - World - Traveling - Sankirtan - Party" to drive our big buses to India, Vedavyasa suddenly seized our car number plates, took a big axe and hacked them to little pieces, so that we might not be able to leave for India.

I was completely stunned and personally watched the whole scene in amazement. Than he called up for Bhagavans goons and they started a whole plot to sabotage the Buses and have them taken away from us. Bhagavan wanted to take them over. Fortunately Atmavidya Prabhu had a second pair of number plates and we fled in the middle of the night, trying to fulfill Srila Prabhupadas desire to bring the bus-party to India. When we finally arrived in Mayapur Prabhupada was very very happy and personally blessed all of us, but Vedavyasa tried to tell Prabhupada that you have stolen the buses - what a fanatic idiot. Vedavyasas character is very questionable. I have heard lots of stories about him when he stayed in Spain.

Suchandra das aka Bhaktibhusana Swami aka Stefan Kess

4) So, the last one but not the least, is Suchandra das aka Bhaktibhusana Swami aka Stefan Kess, a re-initiated sannyas guro from Heavykesha (Harikesha Swami). He also plotted and conspired against you. He is of the same stature like his other three German brethren, but a bit more of a brainless zombee. He is completely artificial, cold, calculating, deceiving, devoid of any genuine feelings in his heart. His character (if he has any) is loose and comes and goes with the wind. If the wind comes from the right, than Suchandras standpoint in on the right. If the wind blows from the left, than Suchandra changes to the left side. Changing to his new name, given to him by his Sanyas-Guru Harikeks Swami, he is enjoying his new role as Bhakti Bhhuu s aha, playing guru go round. Suchandra has thrown me out of the German temple for my offence of hearing an audio-tape with Krishna Kirtans lead by Hansadutta.

Srila Prabhuipada (left) and Hansadutta (right)  

He explained to me that Hansadutta-Tapes have become contaminated and are banned. After my refusal of handing over my tapes, he threw me out of the temple and banned me from the German castle "Schloss Rettershof". Needless to say that it took me many many years to heal the scars left in my heart and to get over my shock of being thrown out of my fathers house.

Suchandra is such a nonsense idiot, suffering from serious philosophical misconceptions. He thinks that the Mahamantra can become contaminated, when it is chanted by Hansadutta. He does not know that the Mahamantra is non different from Krishna and purifies everything, it can never become contaminated by its chanter, but the chanter will be purified.

How can Suchandra think that Krishnas Name can become contaminated when it is sung in a kirtan by a person he does not like. The Sun never become contaminated but even purifies such places where there is urine and stool. So is Krishnas Name: it purifies the chanter and cleanses the listeners. Idiyoots (like Harikesha) (Suchandras Sannyas-Guro) who destroy other devotees lives.

The character of those above mentioned four German devotees is very questionable. They are dubious, calculative, unscrupulous, and take advantages. Their association, under all circumstances, should be avoided, because it is very harmful for new innocent and inexperienced devotees, whom they try to brainwash, control, manipulate and exploit, for their own selfish reasons.

Your German godbrother
in the service of Srila Prabhupada
(name withheld)
Prithu's True Colors Finally Revealed

Alanath, alias Paramatvaiti Swami, was born as Ulrich Harlan on October 12, 1953 in the German village of Osterkappeln (Osnabrueck), his parents being a teacher couple.

Prithu - Die missbräuchliche Natur eines Guru Schwindlers (German / English Article)

Prithus True Colors Finally Revealed - he rejects Srila Prabhupada and his Ritvik-system


German Veda Vyasa Prabhu (ACBSP)

>> Veda Vyasa's character is far from amicable, sweet and people minded. He is known among his own godbrothers (e.g., ask Bhakti Caru Swami) as a fierce, cold-hearted fanatic, incapable of developing normal relationships with anyone. Except for his own family, he actually counseled his daughter to take initiation from Puri Maharaja, and she and her husband (Puri Maharaj disciples, too) are taking care of the day-to-day farm operation now. He is known also to despise ISKCON gurus and GBC, typical of a tamo guna devotee, thinking that he alone is very advanced. >>


What's Going On in Spain?


Oct 30, CANARY ISLANDS (SUN) — All of a sudden and after almost 20 years living his own life apart, Veda Vyasa Prabhu (ACBSP) came to "rescue" Málaga temple. The situation is even worse than before after a year, and just ask the regular people why they stop going there. And a few months later, he volunteered to "help" New Vrajamandala farm, going there for a few months. After barely 3 months of "helping out", he sends a report to the European GBC with a specific plan for the sale of the farm (a 5? million property at this moment, according to some devotees' calculations), without consulting any of the residents of the farm or grassroots Spanish devotees? not even the Swami in charge of the farm, Kadamba Kanana Swami.

The deal with the European GBC's is to sell for half the price (see worldwide economic crisis), and half of that goes for his own project in another part of Spain. Yes, you read well, Temple President for Malaga, for the farm, and now wanting to use half of the money to buy land for his newly added project. Neat.

Now it looks like he has done a good deal to partition the booty with the National Spanish Council (laxsmi is always needed, after all) and probably has a deal with the European GBC's to boost European projects, too.

Such spoliation is done by a person who has serious character flaws and problems with money management. During more than 10 years, he controlled exclusively all the millions that were pouring over from the Sankirtan parties in the early eighties. We have the raw figures, but the expenses, documents, and details were burned by Veda Vyasa himself, when confronted by us. At that time the Sankirtan leaders wanted some explanation on the accounts, after Bhagavan and the local swami fell down. We got no explanation and this fact led many devotees to stop Sankirtan and collecting Laxmi altogether.

Veda Vyasa's character is far from amicable, sweet and people minded. He is known among his own godbrothers (e.g., ask Bhakti Caru Swami) as a fierce, cold-hearted fanatic, incapable of developing normal relationships with anyone. Except for his own family, he actually counseled his daughter to take initiation from Puri Maharaja, and she and her husband (Puri Maharaj disciples, too) are taking care of the day-to-day farm operation now. He is known also to despise ISKCON gurus and GBC, typical of a tamo guna devotee, thinking that he alone is very advanced.

And the cherry on top is that he is going to be proposed as GBC for Spain. Sounds familiar? A Prabhupada "man" with a power trip?

A few days ago, an Internet group was opened in haste by concerned devotees to inform Spanish devotees about the rascal silent operation. All is going very fast. In a few days, 3, 4 and 5 of next month Euro GBC's are coming to the farm to cement the deal. They say they'll come to consult the residents, but we know by now how these things go: pre-meetings, emails and telephone calls among a few elite authorities, suffice to close the deal.

And having said all this, we, Spanish devotees deserve it by all these years of silence, individualism and impersonalism. There you see, you have what you deserve after all. Alea jacta est.



Alanath das alias Paramadvaiti likes to embrace young girls

Alanath alias Paramadvaiti Swami


Prithu's True Colors Finally Revealed

Prithu das to reject Srila Prabhupada


November 30, 1998   VNN2581 Editorial   VNN
Prithu's True Colors Finally Revealed


Prithu das
to reject Srila

EDITORIAL, Nov 30 (VNN) — Prthu das confessed that he is ready to reject Srila Prabhupada, if the final order is true. What we learn from this revelation, is this:

1. They are finally beginning to admit that Srila Prabhupada may have ordered a ritvik system after departure. This possible fact is finally becoming manifest in their consciousness. And now he and possibly others are ready to reject Srila Prabhupada as a last ditch resort to continue their bogus gurusystem.

2. He is admitting his readiness to reject Srila Prabhupada as vedic authority, therefore he is ready to leave Iskcon. Surely he does not propose that Srila Prabhupada leave Iskcon, neither should he propose that sincere disciples of Srila Prabhupada should leave (although many are forced to do so). It is becoming clear that he and others who continue to defy SrilaPrabhupada's authority, are now ready to leave Iskcon and start their own ashram. This is good. Iskcon is only for those who follow Srila Prabhupada and have faith in him. Others with mentality as above are not for Iskcon, especially those who are in control of Iskcon as leaders. They should go elsewhere. This is putting it politely. We do not even want to see the face of such a person.

3. Prithu and other gurus continue to scream about the "vedic authority of sastra" as if they are the true and only knowers of sastra, and now they know even more than Srila Prabhupada about sastra.

a. Yet he and other gurus have yet to produce any vedic evidence that forbids a ritvik system after departure. They have yet to produce vedic evidence for the theory that a diksa guru must be physically present, when so many direct quotes are given by reform devotees that establishes the very opposite conclusion.

b. They have yet to produce vedic evidence to clarify their "eternal principles of parampara." Which incidentally, we are becoming aware that all these arguments are coming from the Gaudiya Math, when they went to "higher authorities" in 77, and they never give Srila Prabhupada's arguments on Gurutattva even today, only Gaudiya Math's arguments. This is quite peculiar.

c. They have yet to produce vedic evidence to support their bogus fallen-guru-siddhanta.

d. They have yet to produce sastra to support how a bona fide guru can be voted in by a body who has no authority to authorize such a guru.

e. They have yet to produce firm evidence from sastra to establish their bogusre-initiation system.

4. They continue to espouse the "vedic authority" as if they are the sole knowers of sastric conclusion, yet they continue to ignore constant remindersof how they blantantly defy the sastra on guru tattva.

a. They continue to ignore Cc quotes that tell us that only the predecessor guru can authorize a diksa guru. They claim to be diksa guru, but are yet to come up with any evidence that Srila Prabhupada has authorized any of them to be diksa guru.

b. They defy sastric evidence, and Srila Prabhupada's statements that a diksa guru must have very high qualifications to be a diksa guru. (Although according to them now, we cannot accept Srila Prabhupada as supreme authority any more, because we are not really sure if he is representing the vedic conclusions, which is solely known by bogus gurus of Iskcon. By the way, Srila Prabhupada does not teach Vedic conclusions, rather he teaches Krishna Consciousness, there is a difference. We are not Vedic, rather we are trying to be Krishna Consciousness, which means obeying the acharya.)

c. They continue to ignore the Cc verse that says, "only a mahabhagavata can be worshipped as good as Lord Hari." Like, how can they claim to be a diksa guru, with this mandate clearly stated? When history has shown that many such "maha bhagavatas" have proven themselves to be less than the vedic standard of a human being, ie, following 4 regulative principles. Yet they think that they know more than Srila Prabhupada on the Vedic conclusion? Such rascaldom! Yes, this is very good that they are finally showing their true colors, that they are ready to admit the extent of how they are prepared to defy SrilaPrabhupada's final authority, and now they are ready to reject Srila Prabhupada and leave Iskcon for good. Good! When they are finally gone, then the true followers of Srila Prabhupada's authority will finally take over and Srila Prabhupada's Iskcon will finally get back on track. Hare Krishna!

Begging to remain,
your simple servant

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Prithu das

Crook / Cheater Guru / Nazi

Prithu Prabhu Resigns
Forwarded by the GBC EC
Posted October 19, 2004

Dear devotees,

Please accept our most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are informing you, as the below posted letter indicates, that HG Prithu Prabhu wishes to resign from his services, both as member of the Governing Body of ISKCON and as an initiating spiritual master. Therefore the GBC are making arrangements to help all those affected by his resignation, and we thank him for all his service and look forward to his continuing to serve in whatever capacity he can in the future. We also wish him the best regarding his health and welfare.

Hoping this meets you in the best of health.

Your servants,
the GBC EC

AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami, Bir Krishna Dasa Goswami, Devamrita Swami, Praghosa Dasa, Radha Krishna Dasa

Prithu Prabhu's Letter of Resignation

Dear devotees in the ISKCON family and outside,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I wish to inform you of my present situation.


Prithu das, Betrüger und Guruschwindler

Prithu das

Crook / Cheater Guru / Nazi

I have been suffering from some very serious health problems for the last few months. I have been going through a period of massive depressions, and my experience has been, and at times still is, a nightmare of intense unhappiness, utter hopelessness, coupled with feelings of abandonment and helplessness.

These difficulties may have possibly been exaggerated by both my hepatitis C condition as well as a recent severe fasting regime.

Yet there is an underlying spiritual cause to all of this, and I owe it to you to disclose it: I have been failing to follow our spiritual principles for a good while. The present intense bout of depressions are actually the deserved reaction for not practicing what I have been preaching, keeping the other very dark side of myself to myself and locked away from my family, my dear disciples, and the rest of the world.

For me to get to a better place it is clear that I need first of all to be honest with myself and with all of you. Further, I need to resign from my service of initiating guru and discontinue guiding my disciples in that capacity. Last, but not least, I wish to resign from my position as member of the Governing Body of ISKCON.

As for the future:

There is no question in my mind as to my ongoing dedication to Srila Prabhupada and his movement. What exact form that service might take is not clear to me as yet, and I would appreciate your feedback.

I am sorry and apologize to you for being a disappointment. Let me ask for forgiveness for offences I have committed over the years to many of you.

I pray that you be kind to this poor soul, pray for me, and give me your support at this trying time.

My heart goes out to my beloved disciples, who have been wonderful friends to me all these years, a great source of happiness and support, especially in the last very trying days. May Sri Krishna bless them more and more and be able to drag me home, back to Godhead.

Thank you for listening to my story— the story of one who went out to save the world while being on the inside a deeply troubled, helpless, and unhappy soul.

Your servant,
Prithu das

© October 19, 2004

Letter from Rambhoru to GBC about Prithu


Prithu das, Betrüger und Guruschwindler
Prithu das
Crook / Cheater Guru / Nazi / Masturbation-Acarya
likes to be massaged by half-naked young boys

by Rambhoru d.d.

Posted November 25, 2004

Dear GBC members, Godbrothers and Godsisters,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

It is not my desire to challenge my good husband, yet in light of the recent events surrounding him, I would like for you to please hear my story. There are many devotees who are still present in this movement who can verify my claims as truthful.

Typical of the way many ISKCON marriages were arranged in the 70's without couples ever having spoken with one another, Prithu prabhu's and my marriage (1976) was made following an instruction from our local GBC representative. As was also typical of ISKCON members during that era, we followed diligently all instructions coming down to us through the parampara system, via our local authorities.

For the duration of our marriage of 30 years, I never shared any kind of private living or sleeping facility with my husband, as he expressed his inability to preach Krishna Consciousness and participate in family life at the same time. Endeavoring to be a faithful wife I followed him in his lifestyle of choice, although admittedly, it was often, difficult to do so.

Before we had children, I lived in the brahmacarini ashram, engaging in temple worship while my husband distributed Srila Prabhupada's books full time. I saw him briefly every week or two on weekends, and then only to pick up his dirty laundry and deliver it a day later, washed and pressed. We never engaged in friendly conversation with each other as my husband viewed it to be a frivolous time-wasting exercise.

When my husband decided "I" needed to have a child, he insisted I continue to live in the temple rather than secure a home where together we could prepare to welcome our first child into the world. Hence, although we performed the garbhadhana samskara by chanting 50 rounds, the fact that he never provided a home for our child sent a clear message to me that he viewed him as "unwanted."

Once our first child, Madan Mohan, was conceived, our lives virtually continued as before. I lived in the brahmacarini ashram; my husband continued distributing books. I remember how painfully insecure, helpless and humiliated I felt, living among temple residents, many of whom found householderlife repulsive. For example, in order to prevent my crawling son from going into any room but his own, devotees put 2-foot high boards in the thresholds of their doors. When he found a way to crawl over it, several devotees lifted him up, holding his entire body-weight by the fist-full of cloth they could grab at the back of his neck, and literally throw him out of the room. Instead of being joyful over my pregnancy, I felt I was being shunned although I had followed Srila Prabhupada's instructions. Meanwhile, instead of supporting me, my husband avoided being seen with me together due to his embarrassment over our being married. By this time, my rational mind began seriously questioning how it could be pleasing to Krishna that a husband continued to perform sankirtan while his family was left uncared for. My husband rationalized in response to my request to move outside, "What is the use of enjoying mundane family life, if it meant not going back to Godhead at the end of our lives?" I wanted to leave the temple to find peace for my child, but I had no means to go. Had I been able to, the fact that my husband always kept my American passport in his possession meant I could never leave German without his permission.

After giving birth to my eldest son, I returned to a life of isolation in the temple's small attic room; far enough away so no one could see me or hear the cries of my child; except when I descended to attend temple programs. This was in 1977.

In 1979, I began preaching with my husband in Ireland. When I say "preaching" I mean, I did all the temple cooking, cleaning, shopping and organizing for the community, meanwhile having the added responsibility of minding my child, now crawling around at my feet or sleeping on the bhoga in the kitchen pantry. For this reason, I rarely attended lectures or other temple programs. I was taught that the Vedic way of salvation for a woman was by assisting her husband in his preaching. In good faith, I did my duty.

My husband was always the temple leader wherever we went, so I remained his shadow "cleaning lady" often finding myself unsupported and alone in the kitchen washing pots and floors while he slept or relaxed with a group of "select" devotees. For the next 10 years, our lives continued in much the same way. Eventually, we found ourselves on opposite ends of the preaching front; my husband, now enjoying life in the "Bell Tower" of ISKCON's leadership while I continued my scramble for survival among the grassroots.

By 1986, I had a second child, Nila Madhava, who was conceived the same way as Madan Mohan. My husband and I still maintained separate living facilities within the temple. Now, I lived together with both my children; one 9 years old, the other still an infant in a 15' X 15' foot room next to the brahmacarini ashram, sharing a bathroom with 12 other women. Meanwhile, my husband lived on the opposite side of the Inish Rath Manor in a room 4 times its size with an attached bathroom and office he never had to share. When I expressed my need to have more facility to raise my children in, my husband insisted that it would make the other devotees envious should he provide his wife with any comfort in their midst. He repeatedly used his "preaching profile" as an alibi for his neglect of his family. I continued to follow for several reasons:

  1. I was living on an island in the middle of the North Sea with an infant;
  2. I had grown to doubt my own intelligence because I genuinely thought I was anyway just a stupid woman, whose only business was to disturb her husband's service to Krishna;
  3. I wanted to associate with devotees and knew if I caused too much commotion, I would be labeled " Maya Devi" and shunned by Prithu's followers;
  4. the thought of becoming a single parent with 2 children was horrifying and I didn't think I could cope, having been trained only in temple living;
  5. I had no marketable skills, nor any knowledge of how to live in the "material" world.

My only solace was knowing that everything was Krishna's mercy and that He knew how much I suffered and how much I tried to please.

By now, as well as being responsible for the deity and devotee cooking, I was instructed to go on the altar and dress the temple's 3 sets of deities, mind my 2 month old son (still in diapers) and educate my 9 year old son, materially and spiritually. My husband took no part in helping me do this. Instead, he often interrupted my attempts by instructing me to go whimsically in the kitchen and cook pancakes for "his guys" while our children were left unattended. One time while I was thus cooking, my youngest son who was 2 years old, fell from a steep staircase onto the concrete floor below, cracking his head and causing him to be hospitalized for a week. Naturally, my children would run freely around the temple as they saw it as their home as well as the other devotees. This was often annoying to the celibate students who, on several occasions physically or verbally abused them.

When my oldest son became old enough to realize he had a father, he often appeared at his door. Immediately, my husband would look at his watch and scuttle him away, saying he was taking precious time away from his preaching. Madan Mohan, yearned to have the companionship of his father, and often begged him for some private, personal time. However, my husband never allowed him any entry into his life as a parent. In due course of time, my children and I became absorbed into the temple structure; only allowed to take Prithu's "darshan" in public places.

You will remember, I'm sure, the "revolution" in Ireland that went on in Ireland in the late 1980's, when Prithu prabhu was asked to leave and take his disciples with him. During that time, I was left in Ireland alone with my 2 children, with no money or place to go, while "rebel" leaders and my husband hashed things over in India during the Mayapur GBC meetings. Several devotees who remained on the island took this opportunity to unleash their hatred for my husband by verbally abusing and beating both of my children; my youngest, then under 2 years old. In the aftermath of this controversy when only my husbands' 10 disciples remained, I was left alone with my children to do a full-scale Radha-Krishna worship and manage the temple, while they all were sent out on book distribution. While offering my obeisances after putting Their Lordships to rest at 9:30pm, I often would fall asleep in that position and wake up a couple of hours later to find it was now midnight. I started to resent having to do all the deity worship along with my other duties and realized there must be something seriously wrong with the way I performed "devotional service." If devotional service was joyfully performed, why was I feeling so much hatred? I was profoundly overworked. I approached Prithu prabhu on this issue several times, and he always said there was no one else to do it. Later, I witness him personally pacifying some disciples who no longer wanted to do their services as they had to go on sankirtan, say, "Don't worry, my wife will do it for you." When I complained that I was being exploited, he laughed in my face saying I was doing a PR job on him so I wouldn't have to surrender.

By 1990 we had relocated to Vrindavan where the GBC suggested Prithu resettle with his disciples in order to figure out what Krishna wanted them to do next. Again, Prithu chose to live strictly with his disciples in the temple's bramacari ashram, while I had to live in various non-ISKCON facilities. Many of these places were not only unsafe to sleep in but a dangerous walk away from the ISKCON temple, especially with small children. This meant I generally was unable to attend morning programs before sunrise or after sundown. On numerous occasions, my youngest son, now 4, and I were stalked and attacked by local Brijbasis, while we traveled alone without the protection of a husband. My husband knew this, but he never attempted to protect us from these dangers by staying with us. He remained comfortably living in the temple compound.


Prithu das, Betrüger und Guruschwindler

Prithu das

Crook / Cheater Guru / Nazi

Eventually, Prithu's disciples decided to collect money to buy an ashram facility near Krishna Balaram where I was "allowed" to stay while they traveled and preached in India. Being in India, more-than-ever, I felt pressured to cut the much romanticized profile of being the self-sacrificing Vedic Woman, happily scurrying around taking care of the needs of everyone except her own. Any Vaishnava Indian woman will tell you that their lives are not how it appears to be from the western male's perspective. She cooks. She minds her children. She cares for the family's elders. Even the poorest woman hires someone to wash dishes and laundry. She works closely with her husband sharing responsibility for the family business, which in our case was spreading the sankirtan mission. Somehow, my husband had the notion that his "real" family members were those he brought to the movement, instead of the ones he brought into the world. He often told me that he was married to ISKCON, and not to me. All of his energy went into his "spiritual sons" instead of his children.

I was taught it was unnatural for a woman to preach herself but that she should rather assist her husband's preaching by being his menial servant. On several occasions my husband expressed his desire for me to fan him with a peacock fan and offer him arotik like a "real" Vedic woman should. When I refused to do this, he would become insulted.

I dropped out of college in 1976 because I recognized Lord Chaitanya's message as the perfection of Christianity. I feel cheated that I was not given more encouragement to follow my hearts inclination to preach Krishna Consciousness directly and rather instructed to fulfill some Hindu dharma. That is not to say that I do not feel blessed to have given birth to 2 very special children. It is just to make a statement on behalf of the need for the young mothers in our movement to be given the facility and encouragement to cultivate their philosophical sense along with their mothering. Many women who are attracted to our philosophy find it inconsistent that we offer lip service in regards to being spirit souls who are off the bodily platform, yet, many of our male members continue to exhibit averse and disrespectful attitudes and behavior towards women. This sends any intelligent woman away disappointed, meanwhile still hankering for the true religion.

When my youngest son entered the Vrindavan Gurukula (1991), I began assisting some of the teachers there as I saw much there to improve in order to make the school pleasing to Srila Prabhupada. My husband was very unhappy for me to spend time there and discouraged me from doing anything unrelated to his preaching. Even though he and his "boys" were absent for months at a time, while I stayed alone in the Ashram, he still did not want me using my energy anywhere else. As women were not allowed to go on the altar or cook for the deities in the Krishna-Balaram Mandir, there was virtually no service I could offer directly to Srila Prabhupada's mission in Vrindavan. I felt useless, discarded and unwanted. Praying at the feet of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, I asked if, in spite of the fact that I was unwanted by my husband, there still might be something more I could do to serve the sankirtan mission. After petitioning the deities in this way, I had a dream that clearly revealed Prabhupada calling me to take care of his personal body in the form of ISKCON by assisting Lord Nityananda in caring for the householder community. Very soon, I was invited by some of Niranjana Swami's disciples to travel and preach in the Former Soviet Union, which I began to do for 2-3 months out of each year. My main service was counseling confused and disheartened grihasthas trying like me to figure out how to participate in Lord Chaitanya's movement and meanwhile remain sensitive and responsible parents and spouses.

When it came to my attention that my youngest son, now 10 years old, was repeatedly running away from the Vrindavan Gurukula, and that his ashram teacher had run away and gotten killed (killed himself by a drug overdose?) in Thailand, I realized the hypocrisy of my preaching to other householders to be responsible and take care of their children, when my own children were in trouble. I returned to Vrindavan to discover my son, Nila, living in the so-called care of my husband's disciples who had been instructed to beat and lock him in a room, should he not comply with their instructions. They did this several times. Before Nila ran away from the gurukula for the last time, Prithu had personally beaten him and sent him back to school, feeling betrayed and unloved by his father.

The previous year, my eldest son, aged 17, had been given permission by Prithu prabhu to travel to Rajasthan with a crazy brahmacari to go treasure-hunting, when they got arrested by Indian police and put in jail for 3 days. As a result, Madan Mohan had to flee India because the bramacari failed to show for their trial, leaving Madan Mohan and another gurukuli to fend for themselves against the Indian government. To this day, Madan Mohan still risks being locked up by the Indian police should he ever enter India. He has taken shelter in the New Dvarka community ever since.

I stopped traveling and preaching in Russia and remained in the Prabhupada Vani Ashram with my youngest son, while he attended the Porter Burchard Methodist School in Vrindavan. After an incident where he, Nila Madhava , was beaten to unconsciousness by some of his classmates with bricks, I organized for both of us to move to Mayapur where he could attend the Gurukula there. We did not have the money to live in the grhastha sector of Mayapur Dham and attend their day school, so I put him in the boys ashram and became a teacher for the school which offered me a room and a salary of RS 1500 (now aprox. $35.00) per month.

During the 2 years I taught there, I lived alone in a neighboring apartment while my son lived in the ashram. I only saw my husband for 5 days out of every year, and then only because he anyway had to come to the yearly GBC meetings in Mayapur. Every so often, he would call to say he would be sending some money. On every phone call, I expressed that my son and I were very unhappy in this situation and that were he to continue to neglect our family, we were going to stop waiting for him and situate ourselves in a more secure and healthy environment. He blamed me for my lack of surrender saying that my children would simply adopt whatever attitude I took, and so if I would just happily do my service, they would not feel any lack in their lives.

In response to my requests that he spend some time with my youngest son, he promised to take us on a trip to Jaganath Puri for a week without having to be lumped together with his disciples. By the time we left for the trip from Mayapur, he had invited 20 disciples to accompany him on this trip. He decided to share a room with us for the first time in our lives, but as the room only had one large double bed which he did not want to share, my son and I slept (slept?) on the floor next to the bed on a single dirty saree. When all the devotees shared their meals from the Jaganath temple, neither my son nor myself were allowed by Prithu to speak to him nor his disciples while we were in their company. As soon as I would open my mouth, he would wave for me to be silent. This insulted me to the core.

The more I examined my situation, studied Prabhupada's books and prayed to Lord Chaitanya, the more I began to understand that I could no longer follow my husband's instructions. My duty to my husband as the mother of his children was to take care of their health and education, first and foremost. Somehow, Prithu never understood that, and rather wanted me to serve him and his mission and neglect his children. I knew I had to make a change towards recovering my children's and my own life, but I had no money or means to do it.

As a teacher at the Mayapur Gurukula, I could see that none of the children were receiving an education that would equip them for living in the world in the 20th Century and realized that if my son was going to live and work in the west, in all fairness to him, he would have to be educated in the west, not India.

In June of 1999, I took a trip to the USA to renew my visa, deciding that if I could find an ISKCON community where I could give my son appropriate education, I would not return to India. Although the Hillsborough Community would not accommodate me, Urmila Dasi agreed to give Nila Madhava room and board in exchange for payment during the week while he attended her school. I would take him on the week end. Having no money and no place to stay myself, I lived in a borrowed car for a couple of weeks, parked alongside Hillsborough country roads until my father suggested I return to Guilford College where I began my Bachelor's degree in Religion (1974) and see if I could finish it while Nila was at Urmila's gurukula. Guilford is located 45 minutes from the Hillsborough community. Happily, all my professors, who had worked with me in the 70's were still there. One professor, in whose home I had rented a room as a student 25 years earlier, offered me a place to stay and found me a job washing dishes in the back of a Vegan restaurant near the campus. I lived there during the week and picked Nila Madhava up on the weekends, bringing him back to my room, still no larger than the one I had had in ISKCON; 15' X 15' feet. I shared a bathroom and kitchen with the rest of the family. On many weekends, due to cold, rainy or snowy weather, Nila and I sat in that room for the entire 2 days waiting to return to Urmila's school. We had no money to go anywhere else. Urmila found that my son, although an 8th grader, only had learned to read in our Indian gurukula's to 5th grade level. By the time we left her school in 2001, Urmila had increased his reading capacity to that of a 9th grader, which prepared him to enter the public school system. While at her school, however, my son received serious emotional abuse from Urmila's son-in-law who criticized his family members, tortured him about his weight problem and forbid him to speak during meals while he dominated the conversation. Meanwhile, my son and 3 other live-in students personally witnessed him giving his 2-year old daughter freezing cold showers as punishment for her not submitting to his demands.

I probably never would have returned to college, had I not have seen it as a means of bringing my family back together. It provided me a way to fund ourselves through scholarships and loans; biding us time until we could learn some marketable skills.

During the course of my stay in Greensboro, North Carolina, I began to reconnect with my eldest son, Madan Mohan by weekly phone calls which revealed the deep unhappiness each of us felt over having not shared with each other more of our lives. Madan Mohan had been living in Los Angeles since 1994 while Nila and I were living in India. Neither of my sons knew their brothers. When I graduated from Guilford, we decided that we should reunite what was left of our family. Hence, I applied to and was accepted into the Claremont Theological Seminary in California. In this way, I could continue to cultivate my interest in preaching and also be a concerned and responsible parent. Prithu had always told me it was not possible to preach and have a family at the same time. I was so determined to refute this notion of his that I did my senior thesis project researching married preachers who had made major contributions establishing religious movements while remaining faithful and responsible to their spouses and children. I found zillions of examples in history of men and women who preached strongly the path of love for God while doing their householder duties.

By this time, Madan Mohan had completed writing his Burnt Laddhu theater production and began showing it in various ISKCON temples around the world. If you have seen this production, it will give you a window into some of the pain he has experienced growing up as a "Preachers' Kid".

In spite of all the austerities my family and I have undergone, the one redeeming thought that has kept us alive throughout all of these years is that Prithu prabhu was out there spreading Lord Chaitanya's mission and that we were somehow getting some spiritual benefit from all our sacrifices. Now, however, to learn that all along he has been breaking the regulative principles has shattered our lives. Not because he has so-called "fallen down". In Kali Yuga, even the most saintly persons take their falls. None of us are perfect. However, knowing that as his family, we have been left entirely out of the equation, not only from Prithu prabhu's point of view, but from the viewpoint of his disciples and the GBC body, has disappointed me deeply. In all these years of service, I have never once been asked by GBC members my opinion regarding Prithu's behavior on any issue, or if I needed help; even in this one. Many senior devotees who knew well our lifestyle encouraged me to file for a divorce so at least I would qualify for financial aid from the government. But, I never did this due to the respect I had for his position and for Srila Prabhupada. I did not want to jeopardize Prithu's service by shedding bad light on his family life.

It is very hurtful that, even in this current crisis that GBC leaders were first and foremost concerned with Prithu's disciples and Prithu himself, meanwhile, no one was considerate enough even to email us or call us on the telephone. Do we ever count as having any significance in Prithu's life? Does the pain and suffering we have endured amount to anything at within the Vaishnava community?

Although it is certainly honorable and commendable Prithu has "come out of the closet" even if so late in life, it certainly does not free my memory of the pain I have suffered over the past 30 years. Nor does it repay all the financial debts I have incurred trying to put our family's life in order after years of taking out college loans and borrowing money to survive.

For years, we have been unsupported by ISKCON while my husband has gotten virtually a free ride. His disciples have paid his air fare to places around the globe. He has slept in the best of facilities; eaten his choice of foodstuffs; spent months and months in some of the best vacation spots around the world recuperating from diseases, spending over $10,000 getting his teeth fixed or hiding out somewhere writing a book that mysteriously since 12 years never gets finished. Once I asked Prithu to please give me his rough draft so I could help him put it into some legible form. He said that there was nothing coherent that he could give me.

Is a mere apology really enough to compensate for the lives that have been hurt? At the very least, Prithu prabhu needs now, more than ever, to take an active role in offering concrete support to his family by clearing them of all of their financial debts so they can at least have the time-freedom to recover their spiritual equilibrium. It is not appropriate for ISKCON to simply nod their head like the Catholic Church does and say, "your sins are forgiven".

Prithu and I both desire to settle our karmic accounts with each other so that we may both sit down peacefully, chant Hare Krishna and leave our bodies. My worry is that, if Prithu does not undergo some kind of practical atonement for his offenses, he is going to have to take birth againÉnext time in the body of a woman, married to a man who neglects him the same way that he has neglected his family. This is the price we all have to pay for not being respectful or compassionate to people we offend. I, on the other hand, may have to take birth as a manÉmaybe his husband, to personally mete out his punishment as the neglectful husband who has not been respectful or compassionate to their wife. This is what happens if one is unable to reconcile their resentment for someone who has offended them in this life. Neither of us wishes to repeat this scenario. Never.

Having consulted counseling professionals regarding the unstable psychological condition Prithus prabhu exhibits, I found the general opinion to be that such persons must lead a stable and regulated life performing some kind of practical work. We all know that doing something on a regular basis is the power behind devotional service. I personally feel that, more than ever, Prithu prabhu needs to do some kind of practical work that will raise him out of his depression and stabilize his consciousness. I also feel that I will never be able to reconcile the suffering I have undergone in his service unless he can, at least make an attempt to practically support his family financially. Even if he can only do some simple work for an hourly wage and send it to his family, that would be greatly appreciated. By this I do not mean begging from his disciples for the money. I mean precisely performing some kind of honest labor by his own hands and getting paid for it with the specific intention of sending it to his family as symbolic retribution.

Furthermore, after laboring at college for, going on 6 years, I finally have connected with scholars who are strategically linked to important theological circles. They are open to understanding the path of Bhakti as presented by Srila Prabhupada and are happy to hear it from one of their doctoral students. However, it is almost impossible for me to continue to preach scholastically in such circles, while having to work at a juvenile prison 40 hours per week, which is currently how I make money. I seriously feel that having been neglected all these years, thinking I was supporting my husband's preaching while he was sexually abusing himself, warrants him now to switch roles with me and support my preaching financially. In this way, before leaving his body, he will have the opportunity to clear his debt to me, and allow me the satisfaction of, in this way, letting go of the deep resentment I feel towards him, and thus truly be able to forgive him. Thank you for listening to my story.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Rambhoru Devi Dasi



Bhakti-bhusana no tiene criterio

por Radha Krishna das

En una nota reciente, "Sigue la Conga en Buenos Aires", pudimos conocer a algunos de los asociados cercanos de Bhakti-bhusana Swami en Argentina. Estas personas parecen tener sus bemoles en cuanto a integridad y aptitudes. Lo anterior no habla bien de la capacidad de Bhakti-bhusana para organizar proyectos y allegarse de gente competente y con suficiente carácter devocional.

Además creemos que Bhakti-bhusana no tiene criterio, pues exhorta a los devotos a seguir a gente como Carudesna das, quien ha sido descrito una y otra vez como un rufián sin escrúpulos, indigno de ser vicepresidente de un yatra tan importante como Buenos Aires.

Es importante aclarar que Bhakti-bhusana no es el GBC de Argentina, sino Virabahu en mancuerna con Gunagrahi --un GBC interino. (Lo anterior corresponde a los nombramientos de marzo de 2009.) Sin embargo, Bhakti-bhusana tiene una larga carrera allá, desde que se llamaba Sucandra y trabajaba para Harikesa. Veamos cómo ha sido el esquema de liderazgo en Argentina a través de los años y el rol de Bhakti-bhusana como líder.

-- En 1974 Hridayananda fue nombrado GBC de Argentina.
-- En 1979 Hridayananda siguió siendo GBC, pero entró Jagajivan --entonces Goswami-- como su asistente.
-- En 1980 Jagajivan fue nombrado GBC ¡único! de Argentina, quizá por méritos que no entendemos.
-- En 1981 Harikesa fue nombrado co-GBC.
-- En 1982 Harikesa quedó como GBC único de Argentina, y Jagajivan fue removido. Ese mismo año la GBC autoriza el sannyasa de Sucandra --luego Bhakti-bhusana.
-- En 1987 Bhakti-bhusana queda como GBC interino y único de Argentina. Ese año se dieron cambios drásticos en la GBC después de las caídas de varios líderes importantes. Quince nuevos GBCs fueron nombrados, entre ellos él.
-- En 1989 Bhaktibhusana deja de ser GBC interino para convertirse en GBC oficial.
-- En 1991 se le incluyó como miembro de la Comisión de Educación.
-- En 1992 fue hecho co-GBC de Colombia y del sur de Florida.
-- En 1994 fue removido de Colombia y Sur de Florida.
-- En 1995 deja el comité de Educación. Sin embargo, se convierte co-GBC del sur y centro de Brasil.
-- En 1996 Bhakti-bhusana desaparece de repente de la escena oficial de Iskcon. Su nombre no es mencionado en absoluto en las resoluciones de ese año. No es removido, ni tiene dispensa por motivos de salud, ni se le otorga un sabático. Nada. Es como si hubiera sufrido una abducción por parte de extraterrestres y desaparece. Virabahu queda como GBC de Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay. Otros toman las responsabilidades que él tenía en Brasil.
-- En 1998 Harikesa es nombrado presidente de la GBC en marzo. Sin embargo, se le ordena que presente un informe sobre los tratamientos que estaba recibiendo de su terapeuta, Mónica. Meses después se declara Krishna y nombra Radharani a Mónica.
-- En 2003 Bhakti-bhusana reaparece como GBC, en esta ocasion con la cartera de Paraguay.
-- En 2004 se vuelve co-GBC de Venezuela, Colombia y toda Centroamérica.
-- En 2009 Bhakti-bhusana continúa como GBC de Paraguay y co-GBC de Venezuela, Colombia y toda Centroamérica.

Hay varias cosas muy importantes que considerar en el historial anterior.

Bhakti-bhusana se encuentra trabajando en Sudamérica desde finales de los 1970s. ¡Eso significa que lleva en la región 30 años! Lo anterior debería traducirse en muchos logros en proyectos por todo el continente. Sin embargo no ocurre así. Él es GBC de Paraguay, un país menor donde ni siquiera puede mostrar logros razonables después de 7 años como GBC.

De su trabajo de 6 años en Colombia, Venezuela y Centroamérica vemos puros fracasos y mediocridad. En Venezuela dicen que hay más GBCs que devotos, en Colombia prácticamente no hay nada, y en Centroamérica se involucró en el crimen de poner la finca a su nombre para tratar de venderla. En el juicio resultante fue desenmascarado como un mentiroso.

Bhakti-bhusana se volvió GBC de Argentina en 1987 y siguió en ese puesto hasta 1996, o sea 9 años. La influencia de Bhaktibhusana en Argentina es grande por todos los años que pasó allí. Sin embargo, en la actualidad lo único que hace por ese país es promover a gente malosa como Carudesna, y gente mediocre como el presidente del templo Maha Hari.

Durante los 4 años que Bhakti-bhusana fue miembro del Comité de Educación, de 1991 a 1994, parece que no hizo mucho ni dejó ninguna huella positiva. Esos fueron años en los que continuaban muchos abusos en contra de los gurukulis, quienes años después presentaron una demanda millonaria en contra de Iskcon. ¿Qué hizo Bhakti-bhusana durante esos 4 años para mejorar el sistema educativo de Iskcon?

Bhakti-bhusana se convirtió en co-GBC de Colombia y del sur de Florida de 1992 a 1994, pero parece que pasó por allí de noche porque nadie recuerda las contribuciones que hizo en pro de esas áreas. Sabemos que en Colombia no hizo nada bueno y el programa ha experimentado un continuo deterioro.

Durante 1995 Bhakti-bhusana sufrió una crisis de salud y sicológica que lo alejaron en forma total del mundo de la GBC durante 7 años. Según fuimos informados, tuvo que ser sometido a tratamientos por problemas sicológicos y sus concomitantes complicaciones gástricas. Estuvo postrado durante mucho tiempo, y yendo de médico en médico. Parece que al final unos médicos homeópatas alemanes lo sacaron adelante. Su mal es irreversible y tiene que andar tomando medicamentos continuamente, aparte de que necesita una dieta especial para el resto de su vida. Se nos ha informado además que cada año debe ir de tratamiento especial durante cierto tiempo para evitar sufrir una aparatosa recaída.

Nos preguntamos si la crisis sicológica y de salud de Bhakti-bhusana ocurrió por tanto trabajo. Lo malo es que los resultados de su esfuerzo no se ven por ninguna parte. Argentina tuvo momentos de mucha gloria en los ochentas y noventas. Sin embargo, no se le pueden atribuir a él, sino al esfuerzo de todos los devotos anónimos que colaboraban en el yatra. Muchos de estos devotos terminaron quemados, al igual que todos los que trabajaron años después con Gunagrahi y también quedaron quemados.

Cuando Bhakti-bhusana reapareció en la escena oficial 7 años después, recibió un puesto casi simbólico: ser GBC de Paraguay. Como ya había conseguido una patente de GBC y no la había perdido, pudo rehacer su carrera institucional via fast-track y reclamar todos los privilegios que poseía con anterioridad. Es guru, es GBC, es sannyasi, está inmune a toda crítica dentro del Movimiento, y puede pasarse el resto de su vida hundido en la mediocridad y las truculencias sin que nadie pueda hacer nada al respecto.

Durante la ausencia de 7 años de Bhakti-bhusana, Harikesa enloqueció y se alejó de Iskcon acompañado de su terapetua personal. Muchos devotos de Argentina se habían iniciado con Harikesa bajo los auspicios de Bhakti-bhusana, quien lo presentaba como una alma autorrealizada. Pero ahora los devotos se quedaron solos, ¿y tuvo Bhakti-bhusana la capacidad para darles una buena explicación sobre lo que ocurrió?

Había muchos indicios de los excentricismos de Harikesa, e incluso el año que fue nombrado presidente de la GBC ya habían muchos rumores sobre sus terapias intimas con Radha-Mónica. Pero nos han dicho que Bhakti-bhusana fue un fiel escudero de Harikesa hasta el último momento y, como había mamado de él, no podía expresarles la verdad a aquellos que habían tenido confianza en la institución de Iskcon.

Este historial deslucido y mediocre de Bhakti-bhusana no augura nada bueno a futuro. Él es uno de tantos que decidió coronarse guru y opacar a Srila Prabhupada, uno de tantos que aceptó ser GBC de por vida a expensas del futuro de los países donde pone pie, uno de tantos que creen que las instrucciones de Srila Prabhupada no son importantes y por lo tanto no tuvo empacho en tratar de robarse y vender la finca de Costa Rica. ¿Qué podemos esperar de él en adelante?

Se está volviendo cada vez más evidente la verdadera pesonalidad de Bhakti-bhusana. Por tal motivo no nos extrañan los comentarios sobre él que aparecen frecuentemente en El Tambor Rugiente. Un comentario reciente de "Jagannatha Misra Dasa" resume la triste historia de Bhaktibhusana:

"Y, ¿qué se puede esperar de alguien tan ciego y torpe material y espiritualmente que por tanto tiempo reclutó candidatos sinceros para la conciencia de Krishna como si fueran soldados (alemanes) con el proposito de ponerlos a los pies de un loquito como Harikesh (Hitler)? Durante los 20 años que estuvo cerca de él, Bhaktibhusana no se dio cuenta que Robert, como le gusta ser llamado ahora, no solamente no era avanzado espiritualmente, sino que además estaba mal de la cabeza O Bhaktibhusana piensa que Robert era un uttama adhikari (porque así lo trataba y hacía que lo trataran), y que de repente por estar demasiado sobrecargado de servicio devocional al pobrecito se le cruzaron los cables y creyó que era una encarnación de Krishna y la mujer con la que quería fornicar era Radharani.

"Esos son hechos historicos reconocidos por todos los que estuvieron cerca en esos momentos. No me los estoy imaginando. Además están los 5 millones de dólares que Harikesa se llevó amenazando a sus ex compinches los GBC. Bhaktibhusana nunca tuvo la visión espiritual para ver la realidad de Harikesh. Ni tampoco la tiene ahora para ver la situación que ha creado al poner y mantener a los degenerados que tiene como líderes en Buenos Aires. Mientras que al llegar ahí haya un grupo de idiotas (o vivos, dependiendo del caso) que le hagan gurupuja y le cocinen rico. él va a seguir diciendo que ahí está todo bien y que quien se queje es un ofensivo.

"Ya las va a pagar todas juntas. Lamentablemente mientras siga fungiendo de líder continuará arruinando la prédica en donde sea que se desempeñe, y con esto a la mision de Srila Prabhupada a quien dice estar sirviendo. Si se va unos cuantos años a Vrindavan o Mayapur a cantar Hare Krishna y a purificarse estará sirviendo mucho mejor a su guru, porque la caridad empieza en casa, y en su caso debe buscar su propia purificación".

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