Gunagrahi (non-swami)'s activities
Gunagrahi - George levington

Description of Gunagrahi (non-swami)'s activities

I would like to make all the devotees aware of the activities of Gunagrahi Swami. This is a true account and not exaggerated in any way. It happened in the Ramesvara era in Los Angeles.

Gunagrahi Non-Swami

Badrinarayana's ex-wife Navasi, who was separated from Badri at that time, has revealed this story to a very reliable devotee and I am repeating this for the protection of the aspiring bhaktins, and others, who are trusting Gunagrahi Swami as a spiritual leader.

Navasi has revealed that Gunagrahi Swami (GGS) at first was attracted to her by watching her breastfeed her baby through a glass door. She was hoping to marry him, but in the end he only exploited her for his sexual fancies. She mentioned that he made her stand on two chairs over him and urinate into his mouth. He would masturbate while she did this. He would also make her crawl around on all four's naked while he watched and masturbated, putting a broomstick in his anus and then gave it to her to use it one herself (to masturbate with). How gross! They never had intercourse, nor did he even touched her. It appears he was trying to sexually satisfy himself without "breaking the principles."

Most of you are already aware of the infamous Ratha Yatra parking lot motorhome porno movie viewing activities of GGS, so please beware of him, posing in the dress of a sannyasi.

Gunagrahi Swami has also been leading on other women in the San Diego area, even parking his motorhome and living in the driveway of an aspiring bhaktin that wanted to marry him, although she had already gotten married to someone else. It was reported that she wanted to be his disciple and / or marry him, but he would not. There were also several more Polish bhaktins recently in the San Diego area that were very eager to accept initiation from him, saying, "He is so merciful." It is obvious he should not be canvassing for disciples. I hope that is not the case.

As a side note, Navasi also complained that Badrinarayana was physically abusive to her. One instance she related is that when she was 9 months pregnant, he forcefully pushed her out of the car, onto an icy road in front of the hospital.

I apologise to anyone this may have offended but I feel that it is my duty to alert the Vaishnavas of these behaviours. I really do pity Gunagrahi Maharaj (GGM) and hope he can come clean some day and give up the dress of a sannyasi. He has already reportedly denied the story, and labelled the messenger, 'out to get him.' This is absolutely not the case. What a pervert liar that Gunagrahi is! I hope he will be honest with himself and others about his true status.

Your servant,
(name withheld on request)
April 6, 1999

From webmaster: the above report was sent to us by an anonymous person, therefore we can not verify the accuracy of this story.

Dear webmaster,
while surfing the internet, I found the above article about my self, which was never send by me, nor is it accurate. Please delete this article.
"This is not my report of anything. The information contained in this "so-called report" is erroneous. Defamation of character is illegal. It's a good idea to consider that when posting reports of what "someone said someone else said, that someone said."

Thank you,
Navasi devi dasi

December, 2008




29 Apr 2008

Gunagrahi and Guru Prasad

Apparently Gunagrahi is helping Guru Prasad in the Costa Rica takeover:

"Please do not give out my name to your friends as the source of this information.

George Levington is Gunagrahi Swami. He used to go around in a bus with a few devotees and was preaching like that. Generally he used to travel between Texas and LA/San Diego. It is said one time he [...etc.]".

[PADA: Well it is said that Gunagrahi was caught watching porn videos on the bus. Then again there are allegations he was having weird sex with a lady, like she was urniating on him and so on. Yep, just the guy for the job of acting as "the pure devotee Guru Prasad's spokesman." They are really at the bottom of the barrel for personel. thanks pd]

Guru Prasad Swami :

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!