Death Threats from Guru Prasad Swami (cow killer)
says that those criticizing him should be laid to rest forever

VNN May 15, 1999   VNN3871  
Tantrums And Death Threats From A Nice Amigo?


MEXICO, May 15 (VNN) — What is it these days about managing in ISKCON that draws out the worst in people? One would expect spiritual leadership to engender devotional qualities, but it seems instead to induce otherwise sane and gentle people to act in reprehensible ways. Murders, embezzlement, fraud, child abuse, and malfeasance abound at the hands of so many of the individuals who have taken up administrative duties on Srila Prabhupada's behalf. In this regard, please allow me to relate a recent personal experience involving HH Guru Prasad Swami, a person many would consider a mild-mannered vaisnava, incapable of hurting even an ant.

Guru Prasad SwamiA couple of months back a group of devotees in Mexico, including myself, requested the GBC Body to investigate Guru Prasad Swami's managerial shortcomings. These failings include his general incompetence, his mismanagement of Srila Prabhupada's assets, his toleration of immoral acts by local leaders (such as adulteries and abortions), and his direct participation in criminal acts. The GBC Body took up the matter responsibly, and appreciated our taking the issue to them rather than turning him in to the police or immigration authorities (he is in violation of his visa status). Although that would have been simpler for us, we decided better to make it a GBC "case study" now that there is widespread interest in reform.

Unfortunately, but predictably, Guru Prasad Swami's reaction to the investigation has consisted of denial, manipulation, threats, fear, etc., as demonstrated in an internal message sent to his followers on April 13:

Guru Prasad Swami"Honestly, I DO NOT believe that you can treat him (Radha Krsna dasa) as a gentleman, simply through conversations. Let me know what you think. In my opinion you should tell him what he really is, an expert and dirty politician. But if you don't accept this it will be better that I resign in complete disbelief of how gullible you are. I think that we should find who are behind all this and lay them to rest forever."

If we analyze this response, we first observe his attitude of denial. The appropriate GBC procedures were followed in presenting this case in hopes of finding an internal solution that spares the local Society from outside legal entanglements. Nonetheless he dismisses the issue as a dirty manipulation by a single individual (me) without acknowledging that this is a group action presenting clear evidence of illicit acts and incompetence.

Second, we see the obvious attempt to manipulate. He tells his subordinates that he wants their opinions, but at the same time threatens to resign if they don't agree with him. We would suggest they go ahead and trust their own judgment, since he requested it, even if this means disagreeing with Guru Prasad Swami. We can then see if he goes forward with his resignation or if it is just a bullying tactic.

Guru Prasad SwamiThird, he clearly states (in Spanish): "Hay que ver bien quienes estan traz de todo esto y poner a descansar por siempre." This translates as those criticizing him should be laid to rest forever. This instruction distributed among a selected group of "faithful" disciples ready to do anything for Gurudeva could potentially produce the desired effect. No wonder ten people who read this all agree it sounds more like Al Capone than a Vaishnava sadhu. Haven't we seen this already in ISKCON? Ask Sulocana Prabhu.

In point of fact, we are not really worried about our safety. This note is being presented mainly to show what kind of people currently constitute the GBC and guru lineage in ISKCON. All too often, behind the mask of purity and sainthood lurks a darker face. For those of us who were the "target" of this note, we little expected a nice amigo, particularly one who has been worshipped for years as a liberated Gurudeva, to compose such irresponsible messages.

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Guru Prasada and his cow-killing false disciplic succession (naraka-vasis)

Enviado Martes, 11 de Noviembre de 2003 - 01:37 am:
Estimados Maharajas, Prabhus y Matajis:

Nos vemos obligados a mostrarles a ustedes las tragicas fotos tomadas el 5/Nov/2003 de las vacas de México, las fotos hablas por sí mismas:

Guru Prasad Swami
letting the cows to die

Radesh dasa dejó el cuerpo el 5/Nov/2003 por inanición.

Después de ayunar 2 días Gaurangi dd
no puede esperar a recibir su ración diaria.

Lalita dd y Lilavati dd (al frente)

Lo sentimos mucho Syamasundara dasa y Moksa dasa pero las vacas tienen preferencia en la comida.

Kamika dasa dejó el cuerpo la semana pasada.

Tumbas nuevas de Octubre-Noviembre/2003.


Uddharana Prabhu (a la derecha) hace su mejor esfuerzo
para mantener a las vacas poniendo en riesgo su salud y su vida

Si desean ayudarnos a proteger estas vacas y toros siguiendo los deseos de Srila Prabhupada favor de realizar una o más de las siguientes acciones:

1. De una donación directa (con tarjeta de crédito) visitando el link correspondiente al donativo deseado:


Si ud desea donar una cantidad diferente de forma mensual, por favor contáctenos al email
para realizar los arreglos necesarios para esto (también a traves de paypal y tarjeta de crédito)

O envíe una transferencia bancaria a la siguiente cuenta:
Desde fuera de México:
Transferencia al Bank of America, Concord, California USA a la cuenta 6290692210
ABA 121000358 Favor de especificar claramente la siguiente información:
Banco: Bancomer
Cuenta #: 012 85501 1124050401-9
Sucursal: Córdova, Veracruz
A nombre de: Hari Herrera Pérez

Desde México:
Banco: Bancomer
Cuenta #: 012 85501 1124050401-9
Plaza: Córdova, Veracruz
A nombre de: Hari Herrera Pérez

2. Hable con el presidente del Templo ó GBC local para recibir en su comunidad a las vacas (desde una está bien).

Ud puede contactar a Uddharana Prabhu y Revati dd a través de las siguiente s formas:
Contacto: Uddharana P / Revati dd
e-mail: o
Teléfono disponible de 7:00 a 15:00 Hora central de EU:
(012717) 144825 (desde México)
(+52-2717) 144825 (desde fuera de México)

3. hable con su GBC local para hacer los arreglos necesarios para detener la muerte de las vacas de algún modo.

4. Manténgase informado con su autoridad locar hasta que esta situación se resuelva satisfactoriamente y para evitar otra partida.

ys, Harinama dasa -- Narendra dasa










Raghunatha Bhatta: Well prabhu I just copied and pasted this information. I don't live in Mexico. All this happened in 2003.

Guru Prasada initially gave some donation for the cows but after that he refused to give anymore despite the continuous requests from Udharana prabhu.

What I read is that Guru Prasada SOLD the farm in Mexico and then the cows were sent to three different places.

What we learn from this is that the so-called gurus are plunderers and have become so greedy and spiritually blind that they mistreat and neglect the welfare of the cows even to the point of allowing them to die from starvation.

So what's the destination of these false acaryas?
So much money for their guru business, no money for the cows.

So Gaura Kesava prabhu, hmmmm, why do you want us to accept false acaryas that are cow-killers? What's the destination of cow-killers and their supporters and all the rest of false acaryas that remain silent and don't protest?

What kind of diksa can these false acaryas give? They are envious of the cows because a society based on worship and service to the cows takes away the worship and service that they only want for them.

Yes, prabhu, those were Iskcon cows. There's another long post that was deleted from the website that I copied it.
Guru Prasada sold the farm in Mexico and the cows were sent to three different places.

This devotee Uddharana agreed to take care of some cows.At the same time he was running his own restaurant but later he became sick and needed help to feed the cows.

He was not making enough money to feed so many cows.He asked for monetary help, Guru Prasada gave some money in the beginning but later he refused to give anymore.

So Radhesh which is in the first two pictures died of starvation on November 5,2003 and the other cows also died. So Guru Prasada was told many times to help with money but he refused giving so many excuses.

your servant,
Raghunatha Bhatta dasa

Hare Krsna Raghunatha prabhu, pamho, agt Srila Prabhupada.
Thank you for clearing that up for me. What a demon that person is for letting the mother cow(s) die from starvation. That sort of thing just highlights the sad state of affairs in iskcon today. Even tho it is the duty of the leaders to protect the brahmanas, women, children, old people and the cows, they are neglected and as a result there is much suffering and as in this sad case, the starving to death of Lord Krsnas cows! They will have to pay for what they have done, no doubt about it. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes at all come judgement day.

Yhs,Varaha d.

Verse: SB 1.14.41

"You are always the protector of the deserving living beings, such as BRAHMANAS, CHILDREN, COWS, WOMEN and the DISEASED. Could you not give them protection when they approached you for shelter?"

Srila Prabhupada's purport:

"The BRAHMANAS, who are always engaged in researching knowledge for the society's welfare work, both materially and spiritually, deserve the protection of the king in all respects. Similarly, the CHILDREN of the state, the COW, the DISEASED person, the WOMAN and the OLD MAN specifically require the protection of the state or a ksatriya king. If such living beings do not get protection by the ksatriya, or the royal order, or by the state, it is certainly SHAMEFUL for the ksatriya or the state. If such things had actually happened to Arjuna, Maharaja Yudhisthira was anxious to know about these discrepancies."

Concerning ISKCON's protection of cows: In SOME cases, SOME cows were SOLD to SLAUGHTERHOUSES!!! to be BUTCHERED MERCILESSLY!!! (And certain devotees were sent into the slaughterhouse of the non-devotee (material) society.)

(While under certain TP's there was some protection given to all or some of the above five, one has to question the GBC's overall protection (LACK of it) regarding these five entities who are SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTED (by the state even when they are NOT devotees, what to speak about when they ARE!!!), who LIVED/SERVED WITHIN SRILA PRABHUPADA'S ISKCON, (unless they were considered (by position), "special" devotees).

ALL GLORIES TO THE CURRENT-DAY GBC, who have "lovingly" served Srila Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada's desires and instructions, and Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON society and its devotees; and who have given protection to the above five entities listed who, as devotees, have served Srila Prabhupada and Krsna within ISKCON.

One has to wonder if the GBC REALLY believes that Srila Prabhupada "is happy."

Your servant,
Dasi, B. Radha-Govinda
Hare Krsna

please also see:

Guru Prasad Swami's action of assault, embezzlement and fraud

Cow killer and Bogus Guru Prasad Swami (left)
with bogus Manonath das alias Mario Savelloni from Italy

Empieza diciendo: "... su escrito ... mediante el cual manifiesta, bajo protesta de decir verdad ...". El oficio les recuerda a Chiran y a Iskcon que el escrito dirigido a esa dependencia gubernamental había sido hecho "bajo protesta de decir verdad". Evidentemente ese no era el caso con los haribólidos pinochezcos lidereados por el Pinocho Mayor Guru Prasad Swami.

El plan para hacerse de la propiedad mediante una nacionalización significaba una mentira, una traición, era el hijo bastardo de mentes holgazanas y mediocres... y era un sueño guajiro que no tenía posibilidades de éxito.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!