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Srila Prabhupada with Hansadutta
Prabhupada left, with Hansadutta right

NOTE: Despite Hansadutta's part in the guru-conspiracy, his personal fall-downs and failures as a sannyasi, guru and leader of Iskcon, I could never understand why he acted so indifferently against the devotees in general. For more then 20 years I could not understand, trying to crack my brain. Just by reading from the book "Monkey On A Stick" every thing is clear now. It is all about contempt and self-hate.

Aruna das, Austria

From the book "Monkey On A Stick"
page 243-244

Hansadutta's contempt for the devotees and his self-hate

There is one word that sums up everything: Contempt, Hansadutta thought as he took another hit from the bottle of ouzo. I have contempt for the devotees who are stupid enough to do anything I tell them to do. I have contempt for the women who let me use them to collect money, and who let me use their bodies for sex. I have contempt for ISKCON. Except for Kirtanananda, they're all worms. None of them has the balls to stand up to me.

He had a very special contempt for the Governing Body Commission. It had hemmed and hawed, debated, and argued about how to respond to the matter of the guns found in Hansadutta's car. At the annual meeting in Mayapur during February and March of 1981, the GBC had finally acted. It decided to suspend him and strip him of his guruship for one year.

His Divine Grace had been outraged. How could the GBC, mere mortals, tell him, a living representative of Krishna, that for the next twelve months, he could not be a guru? He talked it over with Tamal Krishna, who was sitting out a year's suspension for claiming that he alone was Prabhupada's true successor. Tamal and Hansadutta agreed that no one had the right to take away a position Krishna had conferred through Prabhupada.

The two suspended gurus hopped a train across the Ganges River to Navadwip, the small village where Sridhar, Prabhupada's aging god-brother, had his ashram. The old guru said exactly what Hansadutta and Tamal were hoping he would say: To remove men Prabhupada had appointed to be gurus was to question the authority of the spiritual master. Prabhupada was empowered by Krishna; how could he possibly have named the wrong people to succeed him?

Hansadutta and Tamal returned to Mayapur to proclaim that Sridhara had said they were right and the GBC was wrong. The GBC was in maya; it must correct its terrible error by immediately reinstating them both. The GBC held a meeting and capitulated. From that moment on, the eleven gurus, not the GBC, controlled ISKCON. From then on, the gurus knew that they could do anything they wanted without having to answer to any authority. Hansadutta laughed at the memory. "They're snails," he muttered as he gulped down more ouzo. "Slugs. Let's face it: any group that would put me back on the vyasasana has to be worthless."

Now he was getting down to what was really wrong. More than anything else, Hansadutta had complete and utter contempt for himself. He had started out determined to be Prabhupada's greatest devotee. And look how he had fumed out. He'd broken his vow of sannyasa; he drank and took pills. He couldn't remember the last time he had chanted. He'd blown it. "Hansadutta," he said to himself, "you're a fraud."

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