Hridayananda Goswami aka Howard Resnick aka Acaryadeva aka Acaryapada aka Gurudeva

Hridayananda's Sex - Drugs - and Cocaine Party

April, 2009
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you to the devotees who have given support & encouragement to me in exposing the wrongdoings which I have witnessed, & thereby helped me to free myself from the implications described by Prabhupada in the following quote:

Prabhupada has stated in his conversations of May 3, 1973, Los Angeles,

" who is mischievous, he is culprit. But one who tolerates mischievous activity, he is also culprit. If you are mischievous, you are criminal. But if you tolerate mischievous activities that is also criminal. "

& on April 19, 1973:

"So you all write very strongly vehemently. Even it is a little offensive, still these rascals should be taught a lesson. Yes. They're misleading. Godlessness."

The next quote was provided by Mahesh Prabhu, sorry I've lost the date reference.

"Now they are talking nonsense. We can detect that "Here is a jackal." So we have to expose them. They are not leader; they are jackals. So jackals cannot anymore rule over. That should be our propaganda. Not only scientific, all political things, social things, everything. They should be all kicked out. They should be replaced by Krsna consciousness. Then people will be happy. This should be our program. Our, this propaganda means to make people happy. It is not a business, to make business and take some money. And so many jackals have been arrested and resigned in your... You know that? Many jackals have been obliged to resign their post in the government."

The following text is taken from my descriptions for my doctor, to explain why I would describe myself as suffering from post traumatic stress:

I am faced with the task of exposing abuses within a religious cult, which I witnessed as far back as 1989. Some of the things I saw, seem so bizarre, that I find them hard to believe. The fact that I was programmed into obedience under hypnosis, & instructed to ignore & forget anything I might see in relation to abuses perpetrated by established cult members, would be impossible to prove, but it is a fact.

This occured some weeks after I had reported an instance of child molestation by a teacher in the cult schooling system. I was offered "hypnotherapy" during a private meeting with an established cult member, who knew that I was the witness. It was also known that I had openly discussed the molestation, & the fact that the cult member who was now offering hypnotherapy, had been largely responsible for allowing the molester to escape. Also I had a bad reputation for shocking people with anecdotes of my past. It was considered bad public relations for me, as a person associated with the cult, to talk about the sick experiences of my past.

I was offered hypnotherapy as a way to help me forget about my past traumatic experiences. But the motivation was really to stop me from taking about the failings & abuses of established cult members.

It was about 14 years until I regained permanent recollection of the molestation. Until recently, perhaps even to this day, it could be possible, at intervals, for me to completely forget all the traumatic experiences of my life, as if they had never happened.

Some time ago, while talking about my life to a new aquaintance, I told them that I had never witnessed any serious wrong doing whilst operating as a member of the cult. Which is probably just what I was told, under hypnosis, to say to anyone who asked questions about institutional corruption.

I had to apologise to my aquaintance the next day, & then explain the real events, having remembered the previously forgotten traumas, including the first instance of wrong doing which I had witnessed & reported. That is the child molestation after which, being reported by me, the perpetrator to fled from the cult building, & was never seen by me again, until his face appeared in the newspapers, as a convicted child killer.

As well as the hypnosis, I was psychologically bullied over the years, & programmed into forgetting all about such things as soon as they had happened. However, at this time, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that I have witnessed cocaine abuse, child molestation, rape & murder amongst the leaders of the cult. Unfortunately I was too shocked & brainwashed to take necessary action at the time.

What follows is a description of one of the shocking experiences I have previously failed to expose.

HOWARD RESNIC / Hridayananda Swami.

This is a recollection of my memories of Hrdayananda Swami/Howard resnic. I have other memories to relate concerning Tamal Krishna Goswami & Jayapataka Swami, but I'm taking my time to write them all down.

I saw Howard Resnic (Hridayaynanda dasa "Goswami") snorting cocaine & having sex on the roof of the long building at Mayapura Chandrodaya Mandir in 1991, just before the Gaura Purnima Festival.

The day I saw Resnic having sex, I was warned by my roomates not to go up to the roof because there was some spaced out karmi up there. I was accustomed to chanting my rounds on the roof & didn't want to let that stop me. When I got up there there were little poly bags littering the place & short straws. I didn't understand at the time but it looked like the remains of a cocaine party.

At the far eastern end of the rooftop a short fat man was lying on a sun lounger, facing east, having his feet massaged by a woman dressed in a sari.

If you have ever been up on the roof of the "long building" guest house at Sri Mayapura Dhama Chandrodaya Mandir, you will know that there are two staircases that lead to the roof. In 1991 a one legged sannyasi had his living quarters towards the western stairway & an old man who was simply known as Dadu had his quarters in the vicinity of the stairs situated towards the eastern end of the building..

There was a considerable distance of space between the stairways and the ends of the building, which was mostly occupied by wires stretched between steel poles to act as washing lines.

The previous night the residents of the guest house had their sleep disturbed because there had been a lot of noise coming from the roof, mostly loud talking & laughter, also erratic beating of the mrdanga without chanting. At one stage there was some kirtan, but it didn't last long, it was interupted by laughter. To be frank it sounded like a bunch of "devotees" were getting drunk.

As I mentioned previously, when I arrived on the roof that morning, to chant my japa as usual, the first thing that I noticed were the little poly bags with snap fastenings, of the type that are sometimes used to distribute prasadam, that were littering the place. Also short, transparent, green straws, the same as those given out with drinks on aeroplanes, but cut down to approximately 3 inches in length. Some of the polybags had been ripped open & most of them had more or less of a residue of white powder in them.

I was surprised to find such a mess, as devotees are usually so tidy & especially careful about cleaning up the remnants of prasadam. At first I thought that the white powder must be some form of sugar based prasadam. But I was puzzled as to what the straws were for. It should have been obvious, but I had been conditioned to believe that to take note of wrongful behaviour on the part of my senior devotees was an offence that would lead to falldown.

As a total neophyte, I took everyone to be my senior, so I was loathe to think the worst in any situation. However, what else could it have been but drugs? Right in front of me as I reached the top of the stairs, on the raised ledge that contains the rooftop, there was a poly bag containing substantial residue of white powder & a short green straw lying next to it. There was also a patch of powder stuck to the rough concrete surface of the ledge.

The weather was very still & had been all night, the evidence of last night's party had hardly been disturbed at all by the wind.

The next thing that I noticed was the man on the sunlounger at the farthest easterly end of the rooftop, having his feet massaged by an attractive white female who was wearing a sari.

I remember thinking that I wouldn't mind a bit of that sort of treatment myself. I did feel distinctly jealous, so I tried not to look at them & got on with my chanting. I can't remember how long I was chanting but it was long enough for the warmth of the morning sun to increase considerably, as the white residues in the bags & on the ledge slowly melted into clear liquid, in a way that no sugar based substance, that I know of, would do. Perhaps you don't know that cocaine turns to clear liquid above a certain heat, I didn't at the time, so I was puzzled as to what it was. The clue was with the straws, & with the loud laughter of the previous night, but I didn't want to believe that devotees could fall down like that. I had already blocked out the memory of seeing Tamal sniff coke in Bombay. The mental pressure of forcing myself to ignore the horrible truth sparked a feeling of depression instantly. With a feeling of suppressed anger, I lost interest in what I was chanting & started to glance towards the easterly end of the rooftop.

The man on the sun lounger was talking to his female servant sporadically, then he reached to a small table on his left, & although I couldn't see directly, he appeared to pick up a small poly bag & empty it onto the top of his chest, then he offered a straw to the woman who exclaimed, "What are you trying to do kill me?!" He muttered something & it looked as if she was letting him know of my presence some distance off, as she kept glancing at me nervously, I pretended as much as possible to be ignoring them, he didn't bother to look around to see me. He continually urged her & eventually she nervously complied in taking the straw. It looked as if she sniffed something off his chest, then he took the straw & sniffed the remainder, which might sound like a physical impossibility, but actually it is fairly common practice for heavy cocaine users to lie there sniffing cocaine off their own chest.

He then gave her a command which I do not want to repeat in full, but just so as there isn't any doubt, he said "F--- me!" & it was in the sense of a command, & not merely an exclamation.

She looked shocked & reminded him that they were not alone. He must have been very heavily intoxicated because he didn't even care to look around. He continually urged her & eventually, without undressing she climbed on top of him & crouched down.

Seconds later she was running across the rooftop weeping, she ran passed me leaving a trail of stinking fluid.

As she ran past me to the entrance of the stairway she cowered away from me in fear for some reason, although I made no movements. There was a sizeable blot of bodily fluid left behind her, just a little to the right, about three feet from where I was standing, opposite the entrance to the stairway. The unmistakable smell of semen was repulsively strong & fresh.

More or less in shock, I just stood there in disgust, still chanting my rounds & really not knowing what to make of all this. I was so stunned that I didn't notice Resnic approaching me a couple of minutes later. As I heard his footsteps approach I turned with what must have been an obvious look of hatred on my face so much so that he started backwards in fear. The smell of semen on him was overwhelming. He was naked apart from a tiny black bathing thong & a pair of round framed, dark tinted spectacles.

I stared hard at him as he made to pass me by, to the stairway, like you would if you were trying to memorise the appearance of a criminal, which is just what I was doing. He kept his distance, moving with even greater fear of me than the woman had, but he stopped & turned around in front of the doors to the stairway & began to nervously splutter "Who, who , who's disciple are you?!" He was pointing his index finger at me from his right hand, brought up to his shoulder & prodding the air in my direction. I didn't know what to say, I wasn't initiated, so I said nothing, but I took the opportunity of looking hard at him through the tinted lenses of his glasses to the hard, "dead" eyes within the deep etched lines around their sockets. He carried on spluttering at me things that I didn't understand, something about him being Vishnu Tattva, so I'd better "watch it" because Prabhupada had told him that. He told me to watch it a couple more times then took his stinking little body down the stairs. I had no idea who he was or what he was talking about. He had all the bearing of a criminal & that is how I viewed him, a seriously insane criminal.

I stayed where I was & carried on chanting. After a short while an Indian brahmacari arrived & swept up the poly bags & straws & started mopping the semen stains. He stared at me with a furrowed brow as he worked. A little later Another Indian brahmacari came & told me to clear off. I complied.

Later that day I was informed by my roomates that some crazy woman had been found doing a hand stand in the public shower room of the guest house, because she'd had illicit sex & was trying to wash the semen out of her body. She was hysterical & obviously on drugs. The worst of it was that they said that she was in such a state that the medical centre had procured tranquilisers & "morning after" contraceptive pills for her to use. They also mentioned that it was rumoured to be a well known sannyasi who had sex with her, but I couldn't believe that it could have been the same people that I had witnessed on the roof. I couldn't believe that the thuggish little cocaine addict that I had seen on the roof could possibly be a sannyasi.

I can't remember if it was the same day in the afternoon, or the following morning that Resnic was reeling around beside the gardens in front of the long building in a large straw cowboy hat & bathing thong. I think it was the following morning or it might even have been a day or two later.

Anyway I had no idea who he was until some other "sanyasis" who were standing at the front of the temple building started shouting "Hridayananda! Get dressed!". He shouted back "Who's Hridayananda? That's Krishna! I'm Resnic the philosophy guy!" (refering to his mundane philosophy book "Intellectual Animalism"). He took off his hat to reveal a large bag of white powder which he began to toss in the air & catch again then he shouted at the sanyasis "Hey! Tell Jayapataka I've got his breakfast here!" refering to what must have been a large bag of drugs. He was staggering & reeling looking at the sky. He dropped the bag & something spilled out "Oh shit" he murmured then the sanyasis walked over to take charge of him.

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Do you seriously believe that the current day GBC, "have "lovingly" served Srila Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada's desires and instructions, and Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON society and its devotees; and who have given protection to the above five entities listed who, as devotees, have served Srila Prabhupada and Krsna within ISKCON", as you state in the below communication.

Since Prabhupada's books are still being printed &sold containing untold amounts of unauthorised changes, this statement sounds rather like sarcasm. As regard protecting brahmanas, women, children, cows &old men, in 1991, I personally witnessed the sexual abuse of a woman by Hridayanada Swami, right after I saw him sniff cocaine on the rooftop of the long building (guest house) at Sri Mayapura chandrodyaya Mandir. He was occupying the bunk of an old man who lived on top of the long building at the time. The old man, known simply as Dadhu went to ask Hridayananda Swami, when could he have his bunk back, &was given short shrift by the dazed "Swami", who was lying on the old man's bunk.
Later I saw Hridayananda Swami staggering around delirious in front of the long building wearing nothing a tiny black bathing thong, sunglasses &a huge straw cowboy hat. Some sannyasis who were standing outside the temple shouted at him to get dressed. He took off his hat, underneath which was a large bag of white substance, which he began to throw into the air &catch. He shouted at the sannyasis at the other side of the lawn; "Tell Jaypataka I've got his breakfast here!"

Prior to that I had seen TKG sniff cocaine in Prabhupada's quarters at Bombay. In Mayapura I heard testimonials from Gurukula boys about sexual abuse &even alleged murder of one of their class mates by leading ISKCON members. I personally smelled semen on the breath of one of the Gurukula boys when he spoke to me incoherently after he we came down the stairs from Jayapataka Swami's quarters at Mayapura, along with JPS &a crowd of others.

When Radha Madhava dasa, the temple commander at that time, saw that I had noticed the smell of the boys breath, he took immediate charge of the boy by grabbing his arm &keeping hold of him. Radha Madhava dasa, JPS &his servant Tribanga dasa, all in turn told me to keep my mouth shut. JPS was holding a little polythene bag with a clip top &was laughing whilst putting his finger in the bag &then rubbing his finger on his gums. Others with him had similar bags &were doing the same thing. Finally JPS was trying to scrape a white residue out of the corners of the bag. He produced a small scraping of white substance which he wiped onto the top of his big club shaped walking stick,which was held by Tribanga dasa, it began to melt exactly like snow, turning into a clear colourless liquid in the sun. Tribanga dasa immediately wiped it up on his finger tip & rubbed it on his gums.

I was standing very close to them, &was staring in amazement, I had never seen cocaine before, but I had seen people rub drugs on their gums. JPS shoved his finger into my mouth &rubbed my gums above my front teeth, there was a strange, slightly bitter taste on his finger, combined with a smell &taste of semen. There was a numbing sensation in my mouth, I immediately felt high &broke into a sprint, back to my room in the guest house, where I chanted rounds at desperate speed before falling into depression.

The present day GBC obviously know about these kind of abuses by the self imposed bogus gurus, but they still allow them to pose as spiritual masters. To say "all glories" to them even in sarcasm seems to be, beyond a joke.

I can remember a number of examples of devotees who were ill being badly treated for that reason I also witnessed ill treatment of cows.


Richard Shaw Brown wrote: God!!! What a dispicable katha! How will you gain KC with such dispicable talk. If you don't like something then do like me. Lump it! If you are in a bad place then leave... And go elsewhere. Love it or leave it! And "get a life" too!

Comments: The only despicable thing in this tragic story is Richard Shaw Brown's dispicable commentary, rejecting the possibility that this could really ever happen. Yes report the truth and they will condemn you for this or even kill you.

Mahavegavati once wrote: "Yes, you are quite right: it is all SO CRAZY. Speak the truth, and these demons try to kill you. And their followers are either just as crazy or WORSE. Blankety-blank fanatics. After being in ITS GON for so long, and going through all the GARBAGE I have been through, it is VERY DIFFICULT to NOT put vulgar language on my tongue when thinking or referring to these demons. They are just SUCH CREEPS. The blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch. Such a crazy situation. One which one can cry over, and at the same time, "laugh" as well. It is NOT funny, but it is such a sad case, and almost SO ridiculous that it should have happened, that one can practically laugh as well."

It might be hard to believe Mr. Brown, but it is true. Why don't you ask her, how she was abused under Bhaktitirtha? You probably will never believe anyway Mr. Richard Shaw Brown.

But there are many devotees who have personally witnessed and experienced similar abuse, caused by our so called IskCon leaders, starting from Hridayananda to Jayapataka, via Bhavananda (the Kids and Taxidrivers Lolipop licker (meaning cocksucker) to Kirtananandas paedophilia, having sex with children and young boys freely.

Why is it dispicable katha as Mr. Richard Shaw Brown insinuates? Why is it despicable when an abused and molested person reports his traumatic past experiences? Perhaps Mr. Shaw wants to ignore it, so it might go away? Or never existed? But this will not help the abused devotees. We all know that most of our Iskcon leaders are perverts, not only licking the genitals of our children, but also doing many other perverted things. This is a recorded fact and not an imagination, going so far as to the poisoning of our guru, or why Srila Prabhupada said: "Dont toture me and put me to death"?

Bhakti-caru: What was that all about mental distress?
Prabhupada: That same thing ... that someone has poisoned me.
Bhakti-caru: Someone gave him poison here.
Tamala Krsna: Prabhupada was thinking that someone had poisoned him.

Mr. Richard Shaw Brown wants to talk only about nice Krishna Katha. Sure we also want that. That would be ideal. But does that mean, we should forget the truth of child abuse and murder, not talk about it? What is the subject matter anyway of this istaghosti forum?

Ok you don't like this language Mr. Nice Guy Shaw Brown, so ignore the truth and go away. Because of people like you, the Iskcon perverts are still in power today doing still their perverted activities even now.

Nitaichand Goswami aka Nityananda Sil, child molester, bogus guru and thug,
Nitaichand Goswami aka Nityananda Sil, child molester, bogus guru and thug,
refugee from Bangladesh

I still remember (I am a living witness) about Nitai Chand "personal" quarters in Mayapur. There was a big huge iron gate on the floor, barring the way to some "special" rooms of Nitai Chand. We where threatened with beatings from Nitaichand gundas, if we ever dared to come close to these rooms. What was so special with these rooms that they have to be protected by an iron gate? Well, everybody knew it that time: Nitai Chand had sex with his little boys, which no body should see. That was common knowledge to the elders, and everyone knew it that time. Nitai Chand was protected by Jayapataka.

Jayapataka, Bhavananada, Satadhanya, Nitai Chand and others created a molesters-nest in Mayapura having free sex orgy. One Mayapur devotee reported about Nitai Chand: " He was the In-House Sex partner to Bob Bacus (aka Bhavananda) while they both lived at the ISKCON. This individual has been caught performing bi-sexual favours on the temple premises. "He gave (carnal) pleasure to the Lord's devotees..." (sucking their genitals).

So, Mr. Richard Shaw Brown might not believe the story coming from but we do believe.


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