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Out of Character BY: RADHA KRISHNA DAS 

Oct 23, MEXICO (SUN) On October 19th, the Sampradaya Sun published Hridayananda Goswami's "The Truth of our Character", a rebuttal to "Harinamananda Prabhu's open letter to him published the day before, also in the Sun. I would like to add some comments to Hridayananda's letter.

Harinamananda never claimed in his letter "to have personally observed" Hridayananda with his karmi clothes in Mexico, as Hridayananda says. Who knows where he got this from. But plenty of information circulated in the cyberspace regarding Hridayananda's bummer of a visit to Mexico, and his antics. And lots of pictures were exchanged online, although privately, as their owners didn't want repercussions. Harinamananda had access to all this material even though he wasn't in Mexico at that time.

Hridayananda enjoys with women, wearing boxer-shorts,
no sannyas dress, no kunti-mala, no neck-beads, no tilak,
no brahmin-thread, no dhotee, no chanting,
just a mundane karmi with long hairs
On the other hand, Harinamananda was indeed in Gainesville with Hridayananda in late 2008, and was a direct witness to the mundane and karmi environment surrounding Hridayananda, and to the watered down and deviated ideas that Hridayananda couldn't stop uttering. This he already related in his open letter.

Hridayananda says that he "became seriously ill," and that on the Sunday of the Rathayatra he was in the hospital. I cannot confirm or refute the extent of his illness as I am not a medical doctor, did not treat him, or read his clinical history. Nonetheless there are plenty of indications that he wasn't as seriously ill as he tries to portray himself here, and that if he had wanted, he could have been present at the programs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday �"at least part of the time.

Hridayananda had diarrhea. This can happen to anyone. Montezuma's Revenge reaches even wealthy and pampered people like him. Devotees that were around him say that he also felt somehow dizzy at times, but that it wasn't anything severe or to be worried about.

We have to understand that Hridayananda is accustomed to be treated like a fairy tale king when he comes to Latin America. In the U.S. they already know what is he up to with his eccentric behavior and won't be part of it, but when he comes south, he expects and demands to be treated like royalty. They haven't learned to say "No" to him, and so there is plenty of awe and reverence around.

In this context, if he feels ill or uncomfortable, the logical conclusion is that this is the fault of his subjects and lackeys. Any abnormality will be blown out of proportion so that all his followers know about it and don't forget who is the boss.

Feeling ill or uncomfortable is not sufficient grounds to be absent from the public preaching programs for the last three days of his stay in Mexico. It is simply an indication of his lack of respect for the devotees and programs here. And I say this because there are countless of examples of devotees who �"in spite of feeling ill�" continue performing their service. I wonder how many devotees have gone to the streets to distribute books while having a cold, diarrhea, joint pains, cancer, family tragedies, etc., in order to serve Srila Prabhupada, and even people like Hridayananda?

Hridayananda for years has had groups of devotees going out to collect funds directly for his personal benefit, without turning them over to ISKCON. I imagine that many of them have gone out in spite of illnesses and discomfort.

We can even consider Jayapataka Swami's case. He had a stroke that left him incapacitated and partially paralyzed. He participates in all kinds of Vaisnava programs and celebrations, in spite of barely being able to speak and having to use a wheelchair.

Here in Mexico we also saw in previous years Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja attend the Rathayatra Festival, being over ninety years old. At his age, did he have pain and aches after having traveled halfway around the planet? Of course, yes. Was he in such a bodily conception of life that any discomfort would mean canceling his participation in Vaisnava events? Of course not.

And we have Srila Prabhupada's ideal example. He had heart attacks on his way to America in 1965. Did he turn around and cancel his mission? In 1967 he had heart problems and even returned to India, but never stopped preaching. His health wasn't good most of the time, and during his last year he was very sick. Nonetheless, he had an exemplary behavior in spite of his illnesses and continued his preaching mission on behalf of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

So in this context, Hridayananda's explanations for not attending any public function for three days are unconvincing. If the idea was to be served, attended upon, praised and pampered, then we can understand his behavior. But if the idea was to serve, to be concerned about others, to appreciate, and to support �"because a leader's job is being an ideal example of dasadasanudas (being the servant of the servant of the servant)�" then his personal example was really bad and inexcusable.

Hridayananda says that on Sunday, "I was in the hospital", but the fact is that he wasn't there to be admitted or to have his life saved by an ER team. He went there to be checked for his diarrhea and dizziness and have a check-up. That was easier than going around town looking for a doctor. The diagnosis was that his ailments existed already, prior to his arrival to Mexico, and were likely the result of stress and anxiety.

Many devotees were not convinced that his ailments could justify not being present for the initiation ceremonies and the festival. They became convinced that Hridayananda hadn't come to Mexico to serve or help anyone, but to be served and glorified.

Hridayananda swears that he "is in fact following the regulative principles and chanting my rounds." We hope that this is true. Nonetheless, his behavior throughout the years in relation to associating with women is completely out of step with the instructions that he personally received from Srila Prabhupada in this regard. He seems to look forward to associating with women, to see them smile, and to prove to himself that he can charm them. This is so evident. That he is still externally a sannyasi and a "smoking gun" sexual incident hasn't surfaced yet is a miracle, and not proof of his staunchness with his sannyasi vows.

Hridayananda claims that "Harinamananda dasa presented himself as my friend". This is not true because he never presents himself as a friend, but as a godbrother, "My Godbrother, Hridayananda das." There was no question of addressing Hridayananda as a friend, simply because they are not friends and were never friends. Hridayananda certainly doesn't consider Harinamananda his friend, but most likely an out-of-control former lackey. So when Hridayananda makes this claim he is simply trying to manipulate the reader.

Hridayananda wonders why Harinamananda "did not first approach me with his concerns, as Prabhupada taught." We know that ISKCON's leaders prefer to keep out of the public any negative information about them. I don't think that Hridayananda would have listened to Harinamananda and rectified his behavior. I don't honestly think that Hridayananda has the slightest respect for him. So what was the use of approaching Hridayananda first? Usually in ISKCON the idea when talking to critics is to convince them that what is evident is not true, that being critical is offensive, that there can be repercussions for blaspheming against an exalted soul. In some cases even a female disciple will be offered as wife or lover to pacify a critic. That being the case, Harinamananda opted to write an open letter.

Hridayananda ends his rebuttal with a messianic statement: "Krishna will reveal the truth of our character to the world." When he says "our" he means "his," speaking just like the Queen of England.

According to him, then, at one point the clouds will open and Krishna will appear to tell the world about Hridayananda's exalted nature "that we have so far been unable to discern. It may be just like when the voice of God was heard while Christ was being baptized, saying: "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:17) When this happens, I will take advantage to ask this God for a few good investment tips.

In the picture above, he is cuddling up with a young lady in Brazil.
There is no way to explain that from a sannyasi point of view.

In the picture below, he is laying on a bed with two girls taking pictures of him.

Is it okay for a sannyasi and guru to be laying in a bed and playing around while accompanied by two women in a room?

What About Hridayananda? Quotes from a GBC


Oct 23, USA (SUN) �" The following words, which help explain why Howie the Resneck has basically no one running to his defense, are taken verbatim from a GBC's leaked notes scribed some six years back. Read it and weep:

It looks like the Hridaya cover-up has been going on at the highest levels in ISKCON management for a long, long time. Thanks to Srila Prabhupada's faithful Harinamananda Prabhu for bringing these perennial deviations to light. The devotees who have given their very lives to an institution they see as the sacred body of the real Acharyadeva himself deserve to be cheated no longer.

First the GBC must enforce their ruling that all Pada Squad names be no longer foisted on the innocent members. Remember that "Shrila Acharyadeva" took his self-congratulatory moniker along with Shrila Gurupada, "Shrila Harikirtan Thakur"," the two "Shrila Vishnupadas" and the other self-worshipping flock hankering after an easy life on the throne.

Second, the GBC must desist from sheltering deviants in their collective last gasp of good old boy cronyism. And, once having cut the umbilicus of parasites sucking the life out of the governing body that, after all, is not theirs but still belongs to the Founder-Acharyadeva, these entrusted deputies must return to their duties of pushing on Krishna consciousness as a family of love and trust.

Hridayananda aka Howard Resnick aka Acaryadeva aka Acaryapada aka Gurudeva

From Pada: Hridayananda (Howard Resnick), born 1948 November 5, is a self-appointed bogus GBC ISKCON "guru" clone (clown), he perverts Srila Prabhupadas books, preaches bogus philosophy, stealing Prabhupadas disciples. Hridayananda received his rubber stamp guru certificate in Iskcons homosexual re-coronation ceremony and crowned himself Acaryadeva. He personally picked that name for himself in the days of the Zonal-Acarya nonsense with the misconception that he was one of the "acarya successors" of Srila Prabhupada. He forced his godbrothers to worship him in a simultanious guru-puja, declaring Prabhupada for dead.


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