Hridayananda's Falldowns with Devamrita devi dasi

Hridayananda's Falldowns BY: ANIRUDDHA DAS

Nov 06, VRINDAVAN, INDIA (SUN) — Dear devotees, I could provide a lengthy narration of Hridayananda's falldown with a lady disciple, named Devamrita, an attractive woman from Brasil who was mentioned in Rocana dasa's recent article, "Aparadhi to the Sannyasa Order". I was his personal servant at that time, and was an eyewitness of that particular scandalous affair. In advance of writing a detailed narrative, I will recount the following incidents by way of a refutation of Candrabhanu's blind defense of Hridayananda.

Devamrta d.d.
Madre Devamrita Devi Dasi
Una de las primeras madres impulsadoras
de la conciencia de Krishna en Concepción.

Hridayananda ordered Brahmatirtha to install a personal phone line to Devamrita's room at the so-called Govinda's Vaikuntha's Building, so he could communicate directly and privately with her at all times. He would spend hours upon hours talking to this woman, either talking to her personally or using the phone. I timed the hours of his association with this woman, and many days he would spend more than 8 hours talking directly or indirectly with her (via phone and letters.) This must be record-breaking for a so-called sannyasi.

I remember perfectly (because it etched in my mind) that one day he woke at 4:00 a.m. and immediately called her. I was assisting, watching him at all times. So this particular day Hridayananda stayed on the phone for a period of more than 3 and half hours. All through the brahma-muhurta. In order for me not to hear the details of the conversation, he asked me to leave his bedroom and lock the door. I waited anxiously all this time because as a good servant, I wanted to protect Hridayananda from this woman's advances. But actually, the one who is responsible for establishing and supporting this intimate relationship was Hridayananda himself.

At the condominium where Hridayananda was staying, several nights he would wake up disturbed. He was so engrossed with this woman that he forgot to take basic "preventive" measures. I would wake up also to attend his needs (getting his clothes ready, etc.) and would then go into the bathroom to clean them. So on these occasions I found his koupinas wet, emanating the distinctive stench of semen. These nocturnal emissions were obviously due to his being sexually agitated by his association with this woman. And this so-called "acarya" was translating the Tenth Canto "for the welfare of all conditioned souls"!

With a deep feeling of disappointment and sadness, I would proceed to wash thoroughly the semen-soaked koupinas. Yes, shortly after that I left the company of this man forever.

While talking to the woman Hridayananda was quite frivolous, cutting jokes and sometimes relating to her only as a lover would treat a beloved. Sometimes he would call her "monstrua", a Portuguese word for "a she-monster", or "bonitinha" ('very pretty'.) While he was alone with her, and I sometimes be close enough to hear or watch.

I would massage Hridayananda on a daily basis, sometimes up to 3 times. A few times, while massaging him at the condominium, he would call the woman and make her sit directly in front of him. Barely 2 meters away at the most, she would sit on a kusa mat on the floor, with him wearing only a gamsha. I would always start the massage by standing behind him, applying my hands to work on his head and back. But the forceful, continuous movement of my hands would invariably pull up the gamsha and in this way, Hridayananda would have his genitals exposed, covered only by the brahminical underwear.

Devamrta d.d.
Madre Devamrta d.d.
Acargo de la cocina del restorante Govinda’s

The woman would try unsuccessfully not to stare directly at the bundle of genitals, but obviously this was impossible. So, in order to rectify the situation, I would turn around, stand in front of him and very deliberately pull down the gamsha in order to cover him again, at least up to the knees. But again, the gamsha would inevitably fold over and expose that private part of the body to the eyes of the woman.

So every man knows that this is a subtle sexual game. The level of sexual agitation between the two was not only obvious, but shameless. I would warn Hridayananda: "Beware of this woman's intentions..." A couple of times he retorted: "Being in my place you would feel overwhelmed with lust. You are only projecting it on me".

Once I told him: "Maharaha, this relationship can ruin your reputation. You are translating the Srimad-Bhagavatam, and devotees would want you to behave as a bona fide spiritual master." He never heeded my advice. He also scoffed at the many complaints lodged against him by well-intentioned but worried Godbrothers and followers. In fact, he stopped overtly associating with the woman (who I now see more as a victim than as a woman trying to make this so-called guru fall down) only after Gopiparanadhana and Dravida threatened not to work with him anymore on the translation and editing of the Bhagavatam, respectively.

Hridayananda was aware that I was acting as a loyal bodyguard, protecting him at all times from the woman., so he would consciously keep me on duty, because that way he would have a third party confirming "he was doing nothing wrong."

I'm in India right now and on two occasions, I have had to restart this article because the electricity went off. I could write a whole book of the saga between Hridayananda and Devamrita, but for any brahmanical devotee wishing to arrive at a correct conclusion about Hridayananda's status, this information is more than enough. This account is similar to the pictures Hridayananda that Harinamananda das published here at the Sampradaya Sun.

It's a very sad but true history that needs to be undisclosed, so devotees all over the world can come to know who the real Hridayananda is, directly from a person who served as his personal servant for more than five years – and from someone who is not a fanatic ISKCON cheerleader.

The details I have provided are the truth, and I am willing to repeat this history in front of Srila Prabhupada, the Deities and the GBC.

Aniruddha das

Comment by Mahatma das:

Hare Krishna. Thanks Aniruddha dasa. I remember you well. We lived at New Dwarka together and then I was in the Miami temple in 1984 and 1985 when you saw the illicit "lila". I was bhakta Mario then, originally from Chila.
I had heard rumors and saw this veda vata rata (rascal self made "God") Hridayananda dasa always talking to this Brazilian woman. He would also go to the beach daily in small swiming shorts I recall and a straw hat. She was so offensive to the rest of the more humble devotees too. Short tempered lady. I used to think to myself about this "guru" and this woman., "what the hell!!" I heard about Dravida dasa having talked to Hridayananda das about his close association with this woman, but I had no details. I was too busy cooking for and feeding 130 or so homeless people each day. This woman married like 5 times. She ended up with Sadaputa dasa at the "end". I can't help but wonder what was Sadaputa dasa thinking about to marry this woman.

Dravida, Gopiranadana and Drutakarma and othet such people are also VERY GUILTY, because they have always covered up, protected and suported the most significant and offensive deviation in LIFE, these rascal "Gods". True guru is the most important, Caitanya and Ramananda Raya concluded after 7 days and nights of discussion, so protecting those having illicit sex while promoted to be ., " as good as Krishna gurus" most serious and biggest offense in life. The same goes for the so many naive, gullible less intelligent and sentimental suporters of these rascals for so many years! This is why these peopele and ISKCON have so many problems that will NOT stop until the deviation and offense is detracted.
We on the other hand, are preaching in bliss!! So good job Aniruddha dasa prabhu!!

I was told that Hrdayananda dasa called his ex wife who he never took care of a prostitute for having married later again. What is the the poor lady to do when Hrdayananda dasa did not give a damn about her nor ISKCON as a whole? A good devotee gave her shelter ad the love she needed and they had children. Too bad this coupe still think gurus like Hridayananda are true gurus!! The brain washing is deep!

Sincerely, Mahatma dasa

Pratyatosa: Good point, Mahatma Prabhu. It's the duty of every husband to give his wife at least one son, preferably two. Then she can be nicely protected in her old age, and then the husband is free to take vanaprastha when the oldest son is fully grown. Therefore, Hrdayananda is not only a failure at being a sannyasi, but he was a failure at being a grhastha as well!


Lalita Madhava devi: “In Support Of Aniruddha”

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA, Nov 10 2009: I left ISKCON a year and a half ago after 30 years in the movement. At that time I stopped reading all ISKCON and ISKCON-related websites. Since then, however, I have made it a practice to peruse the Sun every few months just to gauge my changing perspective and my level of detachment from the organization and its hopelessly corrupt and dysfunctional goings-on.

So it was that I logged on to the Sun a few days ago and came upon the Hridayananda melee. Having joined the movement in 1979 and been initiated by Hridayananda in the heyday of the Zonal Acarya period, this subject is very significant for me personally. And, among all the articles and letters, Aniruddha’s letter particularly hit a nerve. Nevertheless, because I am no longer a part of the organization, I resolved not to get involved in the discussion in any way – with the one exception being unless someone attempted to discredit Aniruddha. For me, standing up for the truth is a value that transcends membership, or the lack thereof, in an organization.

I was Hridayananda’s personal secretary for many years back in the 80’s, including during the time when Aniruddha was his servant. I traveled in the “entourage” for years and transcribed all of Hridayananda’s Bhagavatam translations and purports. All of what Aniruddha wrote was vividly familiar to me (except, thankfully, his disturbing account of being made to wash the “guru’s” soiled kaupinas) and brought back a lot of really negative memories.

As Hridayananda’s secretary and loyal disciple, he used to force me to sit in the room for literally hours and hours and hours at a stretch (not being spoken to myself or interacted with as another human being present in the room, but ignored like nothing more than a piece of furniture) while he and Devamrta conversed in Portuguese in an extremely intimate mood (with the body language, facial expressions and intonation characteristic of lover and beloved). My presence, of course, gave the appearance of propriety, but since I do not speak Portuguese (except to understand a few words here and there, such as when she would flirtatiously address him as “gurinho,” the Portuguese diminutive meaning, “my little guru”), their conversations were completely private unto themselves. (Hridayananda bizarrely said once that she was a great yogini from a past life – as if such a concoction justified their whole appalling relationship and made it “transcendental.”) Recalling how, cumulatively, days and weeks and months of my human life were thus wasted, it makes me feel angry to have been used and to have had my naive sincerity grossly exploited in that way by my so-called spiritual master.

Aniruddha’s account of that whole disgraceful period is pitch-perfect and I applaud his courage and honesty in writing that letter. In fact, there are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of equally inappropriate incidents which took place during the long, drawn-out Devamrta scandal. Yet while it is true that Dravida, Gopiparanadhana and many others knew the whole thing was off, there were really only a few of us who witnessed and indeed lived it from the inside. And as one of those few – always being told back then that I was “offensive” and “in maya” to question “Acharyadeva’s” activities whenever I confided in Brahmatirtha (who, sadly, continues to be Hridayananda’s ultimate enabler to this day) about my discomfort with the whole situation – reading Aniruddha’s brutally honest letter now, even though it’s 25-30 years later, was really cathartic.

For the record, before I continue, I want to honestly say that I am actually someone who agrees with Hridayananda’s liberal, progressive views which most other people on the Sun are condemning. Those are not the issues I have with him and I wish to be completely clear about the fact that I am not writing now in support of the conservative or fundamentalist viewpoint. The issue I have with Hridayananda is the fact that he is still keeping up the whole “guru” and “sannyasi” charade (I was shocked to learn of the existence of the “” website and to find out that he is still allowing people to call him that), which, in my opinion, is completely dishonest and shows no integrity whatsoever. And I am writing as a matter of principle because a truthful person (Aniruddha) is being publicly called a liar.

Nevertheless, despite what I have long perceived to be Hridayananda’s lack of integrity, and despite the old wound that was opened by Aniruddha’s letter regarding the Devamrta episode, I resolved not to speak publicly about any of it and I instead showed Hridayananda the courtesy of writing to him privately (not as my “guru,” but as one human being to another) on the day Aniruddha’s letter was published in the Sun, revealing to him my as yet unaddressed/unresolved issue over having been so egregiously used in the service of his relationship with Devamrta. I also told him that Brahmatirtha’s wife, Bhakti, once confided in me that she and another close woman friend of Devamrta’s, a mutual friend of all of ours, had personally seen and read love poetry that Hridayananda had written to Devamrta during that period and which Devamrta allegedly kept even throughout her marriages to Brahmatirtha, Jatayu, Garga Muni and Sadaputa.

But he did not reply to my personal letter and proceeded to put his latest groupie “secretary/mouthpiece,” the hapless and thoroughly deceived Malati Manjari, up to engaging in a disgraceful argumentum ad hominem attack on Aniruddha by having her write, “You may not be aware that Aniruddha Das has a history of mental illness, and is obsessed with being recognized as a Prabhupada disciple. The article is full of fantasies and lies that reflect the sick mind of the author.”

And in doing that, he went way too far.

This is the exact same tactic and abusive rhetoric, verbatim, that the Acharyadeva/ Brahmatirtha camp has been shamelessly employing over and over and over for 30+ years. Whenever anyone from the inner circle breaks rank and speaks out they say the person “has a history of mental illness.” And I am really sick of hearing it.

No, Aniruddha is not suffering from mental illness and his letter was not full of fantasies and lies. There are other people who witnessed these events (though most of them are probably long gone from ISKCON by now). I have not seen Aniruddha for over 20 years, but he was an intelligent, sincere, strict, conscientious Vaishnava and, as I have already stated, his account of all of these incidents (including Devamrta sitting just a few feet in front of Hridayananda during his massages when he was wearing only a gamsha – something I also personally witnessed on numerous occasions, though only the two of them know what they were thinking and only she knows what she was looking at) is pitch-perfect.

On the contrary, in attempting via his mouthpiece Malati Manjari to discredit Aniruddha (and his truthful recounting of events which factually took place) in such a blatantly dishonest and underhanded manner, Hridayananda is the one who is lying.

Lalita Madhava d.d.

P.S. I actually wrote the above article yesterday, but did not send it. Now today we have this appalling excerpt from Hridayananda’s online istagosthi with his followers:

“Srila Acharyadeva has asked me to alert you that there are individuals attacking him in non-ISKCON websites, writing all sorts of false, nasty things. Several of these people have a history of mental illness, and others belong to the ‘rtvik’ deviation and are trying to discredit all ISKCON gurus.

Please be aware of this and do not be disturbed if you come across any of these false claims.”

Here we go again with the hackneyed “history of mental illness” accusation! Except now it’s not just Aniruddha, it’s “several people”! I told you this is what they always say. In the decades that I spent with these manipulative, deceitful people, I heard it more times than I can even count. If one were to tally up all the people Hridayananda/Brahmatirtha have attempted to discredit over the past 33 years with their fabricated “history of mental illness” attacks, the sheer numbers would be staggering. (But although we are now older and wiser, it is disturbing to read that the young, naive followers like Giridhari, who don’t know the history, actually believe these things.)

And, sadly, here we go again with the lying, with Hridayananda dishonestly telling his followers that Aniruddha’s accounts are “false claims.” I guess since we all “have a history of mental illness,” we must all have been simultaneously “having a mass hallucination”! This should be documented in the American Journal of Psychiatry as a medical first! But all joking aside – because this is definitely not a joking matter – if truthfulness is the last leg of religious principles, Hridayananda has lost it completely.

Hridayananda's "Heart Problem"


Nov 11, TRIVANDRUM, INDIA (SUN) — I just arrived in Trivandrum after a long journey, and am now updating myself on the issue of Hridayananda. After hitting the Sampradaya Sun, I find that Malati Manjari devi dasi has chivalrously jumped in to defend Hridayananda's "honour," which at this point is an impossible task.

Madre Devamrita Devi Dasi
Una de las primeras madres impulsadoras
de la conciencia de Krishna en Concepción.

Yes, the man did good service in Srila Prabhupada's time. But he got corrupted by money, power and blind followers. As the Spanish saying goes, "obras son amores y no buenas rezones." A more accurate translation than the online language converters would be: "You cannot show off past deeds in order to justify your current misbehavior."

Hridayananda was one of the main architects and promoters of the Zonal Acarya System, which has brought down a very heavy toll on all the original eleven gurus for their impudence. It's very obvious that they have committed a major guru-aparadha.

Anyway what startled me the most is that Malati and Hridayananda's blind followers are saying that I have a history of mental illness. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's true that in 1999 I had a bout of depression (22% of the world population experiences depression at some point in their lives), but after taking proper medicine (anti-depressants) for one and a half years, the whole incident was over, never to recur again.

What really happened is that in 2004, I visited my old friend Virabahu in Los Angeles, and during the course of an intimate conversation, I confidentially revealed this incident to him. But in 2007, after we charged him with being behind the scheme to sell Srila Prabhupada's farm in Costa Rica, he took upon himself the gentlemanly task of broadcasting this "news" to whomever he considered politically correct. This was his way of retaliating against me for us telling the world about his (and Guru Prasad Swami's) disastrous performance as GBCs.

And now, in a vain, shameless effort to save his skin, Hridayananda is repeating the same thing. What ingratitude! He not only assured me several times that so far I had been "his best servant", but he publicly told the devotees during a morning walk on the beach: "Aniruddha is the Svarup Damodar of Miami Beach."

No, dear readers, you can judge for yourselves if I'm a crazy fellow or not. Anyhow I do not feel an iota of embarrassment for the fact that I got depressive. What really would make me embarrassed is if as a so-called acarya and sannyasi, I would be acting the way Hridayananda is doing: making a laughing stock of both positions. To tell you the truth, the thing that would hurt the most is that I would in any way offend Srila Prabhupada's sacred lotus feet and spotless name. To openly say he is wrong in any way -- that really would constitute an embarrassment for me! In fact, it would mark the end of my devotional life.

So for the silly argument that I'm not fit to tell the truth about Hridayananda's reprehensible attachment for women, I have this to say. Around 1985-86, doctors prescribed him to take Inderal, a medicine for improving heart function. Following Malati Manjari's logic, I could say Hridayananda has fallen in love since 1978 with different women because he has "a heart problem." It's a dumb argument, isn't it? Because I had a bout of depression ten years ago, now I'm disqualified to tell the truth about him!!?? It's a shame that people in the higher ecclesiastical positions in ISKCON have this kind of obtuse mentality. No wonder the good ship ISKCON is going astray.

Finally, I will tell one more incident of the love affair between Hridayananda and Devamrita. After reluctantly---rather forcefully leaving her company (by the explicit request of his top aides in the ill-fated project of translating the Srimad-Bhagavatam, "more brilliant than the Sun"), Hridayananda left Florida for six months. Shortly before, to appease the havoc he had created by keeping such scandalous association with a woman, he made meticulous arrangements to marry her to Gargamuni.

After the agreed-upon period of time, Hridayananda phoned his yes-men and informed them he was coming back to Florida, and that somebody must go to a certain point on the highway system to drive him from Tallahassee to Orlando. So Chakradhara was appointed to comply with this instruction.

Immediately after sitting down in the back seat of his dark blue Cadillac, he asked Chakradhara, who was driving in the front:

According to Chakadhara, after repeating these last words, Hridayananda started to cry like "a broken hearted teenager."

I tell you, prabhus and mothers: I know a lot of details of this Fatal Attraction between Hridayananda and his beautiful looking Brazilian female disciple. I'm a personal witness. And I can repeat what I've said here in front of Srila Prabhupada, the Deities, and the GBC (which almost seems not to care), because it is the truth.

Aniruddha das


Come Out of Your Hideout


Nov 12, USA (SUN) — The series of recent articles that have appeared in the Sampradaya Sun denouncing Hridayananda’s offensive attitude towards Srila Prabhupada and his personal spiritual falldowns are factual testaments to the deviations he has engaged in.

I was a personal witness to what Aniruddha describes in his article, "Hridayananda’s Falldowns.” At that time I lived in Panama, and Aniruddha lived in Miami as the servant of Hridayananda. One day he called me and asked me to come to Miami and be witness to the facts that he now relates in his article.

I stayed a few days in Miami and was able to corroborate what was going on. Aniruddha has always been an intelligent and competent person with a great desire to serve Srila Prabhupada. As Rocana points out, Hridayananda would have never picked as servant someone not up to standard. That is the reason why Aniruddha was Hridayananda’s assistant for so long.

I am also witness to all the suffering that Aniruddha had to face when he was able to understand objectively that Hridayananda was slipping and falling down from his arrogant position as guru and sannyasi. Aniruddha was a faithful assistant but he wasn’t blind, and that is the reason why he called me to come up to Miami and be witness to the debauchery of this so-called guru and sannyasi.

I also second Rocana Prabhu’s proposal of inviting Hridayananda to a public debate over his offensive attitude toward Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.

Hridayananda, you think that you are so intelligent and learned. Because you consider yourself such a renowned scholar and an authentic guru, we ask you to clarify to many of us what we consider your deviations and offenses towards Srila Prabhupada and his teachings. We challenge you to a public debate both in the Sampradaya Sun and El Tambor Rugiente so that you have a chance to explain your position and attitudes.

Harinamananda das

We challenge you to show your face and stop hiding behind a bunch of fanatic followers, who haven’t been much of a help to you, but who so far have simply confirmed our concerns. Come out of your hideout, show your face, and defend your position if you dare to. We know your tactics. You are waiting for the storm to pass, and hope that others will speak on your behalf. But we haven’t seen so far that you have the decency of doing it yourself. If there is any dignity left in you, the least that you can do is leave your comfortable hideout and defend your position, as a true Vaisnava philosopher would do.

That is Vaisnava tradition. If there is a challenge concerning ideas and philosophical positions, it is a must to come out and defend one’s convictions. Even in the Western degraded culture, a person with dignity will come out and clarify their position. This is a moral obligation. Otherwise it will mean that you de facto acknowledge what is being declared about you, and it will be evident that you are a mental speculator who is simply usurping Srila Prabhupada’s position.

Come out of your hideout, Hridayananda, and show us that you are right. Otherwise acknowledge your predicament so that you stop hurting our spiritual master’s mission.

And you, GBC members, you have the moral and legal obligation to defend our spiritual master Srila Prabhupada’s mission. So far you have remained silent and passive in light of this individual’s insults towards Srila Prabhupada’s mission and his memory. It is your responsibility to come out and defend Srila Prabhupada’s legacy. So far your attitude only demonstrates cowardice and incompetence. If you are afraid, and if you feel incompetent to defend this mission, then resign and give a chance to others with more valour and integrity.

Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!



Hridayananda aka Howard Resnick aka Acaryadeva aka Acaryapada aka Gurudeva Go-Swami

From Pada: Hridayananda (Howard Resnick), born 1948 November 5, is a self-appointed bogus GBC ISKCON "guru" clone (clown), he perverts Srila Prabhupadas books, preaches bogus philosophy, stealing Prabhupadas disciples. Hridayananda received his rubber stamp guru certificate in Iskcons homosexual re-coronation ceremony and crowned himself Acaryadeva. He personally picked that name for himself in the days of the Zonal-Acarya nonsense with the misconception that he was one of the "acarya successors" of Srila Prabhupada. He forced his godbrothers to worship him in a simultanious guru-puja, declaring Prabhupada for dead.


Who's Crazy?


Nov 11, UK (SUN) — Hridayananda's delusion is so profound that even though his own godbrothers point out his spiritual malaise, and even though his own disciples and other well-wishers do the same, he laughs it off and calls them crazy!

Even though it is pointed out repeatedly, that he no longer dresses, talks or acts like a sannyasi, it doesn't seem to make any difference to him. He appears to be in a world of his own, Krsna bless him!

The "Oceans-Eleven" club of 1977 all seem to get really smashed by Maya for their Mad-Elephant Offence of almost ruining Srila Prabhupada's movement with the Guru-pada's, Guru-dev's, Acarya-pad's, Tirtha-pad's and Acarya-daves! Isn't it amazing that they were either smashed or killed, or just went crazy!


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