Hridayananda's Tough Love

Tough Love


Dec 05, GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA (SUN) - I like a lot Hridayananda' s appeal for loving exchange between devotees. It is something that should never be dismissed, regardless of how unappealing the personality of certain devotees might be to us. But the fact that we should keep quiet about his deviations from his asrama it is not something that I would call love. Even though some of the facts are very unpalatable and difficult to write on a public forum, this is still a loving exchange -- but it is tough love.

Over the past years, many devotees from different backgrounds and countries have approached him in a discrete manner about his dealings with women, which were not expected of someone portraying himself as a sannyasa and pure devotee acarya. He always disregarded all the personal approaches and made the necessary political maneuvers to have such courageous devotees, who came to him in a loving and confidential manner, removed from their service and slandered as crazy, envious demons. And to his credit, as an able and unscrupulous politician, he manages to keep them silent through psychological oppression (beware of offenses to the pure devotee - he will curse you and you will end up in hell), and miles away from his area of influence so that he could continue with his "successful preaching activities".

Of course, he really never cares about the people themselves, but just the service they can render to Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. Such a fine line to draw where I, me and mine ends, and Srila Prabhupada and Krishna begins. But as he told one devotee years ago: "Disciples are recyclable". So as we can see, over the years he has had a successful recycling operation. His appeal to keep things quiet and express them in a loving and confidential manner is precisely so that the recycling operation will not be harmed. After all this is the formula that has allowed him to trespass upon other people's fundamental human rights, exploit them, and at the same time maneuver the philosophy for his very selfish and personal motives.

Underneath all it is the assumption, let's keep devotees minds at ease, even if they are a little misguided and I am not really an ACHARYADEVA, but rather just another human being-Dr. Howard J. Resnick, with qualities and faults. Let them think I am a personal associate of God, let them think by serving me they can achieve love of God and I will eventually help them to be connected in a personal relationship with The Supreme Personality of God. What is the harm; by thinking this they will continue to distribute many books and give me the money from the upcoming Christmas marathon. Otherwise book distribution will come to a stop. After all, let's remember I am the doer, I am the controller. I have to exercise a lot of material manipulation so that book distribution and preaching can be successful. Krsna is not the controller, He is not the doer. It is me, with my material intelligence and my hard earned Harvard PhD.

But what I am seeing here is that this way of thinking has harmed and misled many people. Ultimately I have come to conclude, Hridayananda, that you have been the most harmed and misled. After all, like Srila Bhaktisiddhanta said, it is the world of the cheater and the cheated. I do not think you did so many austerities in your younger days, when you were a young sannyasa with many ideals, just to become a Professional Cheater. People of such backgrounds have already learned this since our early days in the crib.

My question is, why come and use this magnificent philosophy to achieve something that we know very well how to use, that runs in our genes? Exploit people, use them, deceive them, and make a monetary and psychological profit out of them. With us this was as easy as apple pie. We came to follow this process to get rid of that early crib training and to learn how to love. Do not fell prey to this maya trap, you can be much better than that. I knew you for a while, twenty something years ago, although I always kept a safe distance, which you disapproved of, because I was not supplying the adoration you so much thrive on. I observed you from a distance, and drew my own conclusions.

My husband (Aniruddha das) was your personal servant for many years, so I do have first-hand experience. You know these things and worse happened. I am also a personal eyewitness and since, by Krsna's grace, I have not suffered from a major illness other than common colds and allergies, you cannot so easily deny the facts based on my medical history.

It took me sometime to come up and write my part of this story, first because it does upset me, secondly because I do not want at all to write out of revenge or from an egotistic platform. But today I woke up and remembered this concept of tough love, and it is from this platform that I have written the above, because like I said, I remember a young, idealistic sannyasa I meet in 1977 and in a loving way, I am appealing to that Hridayananda das.

Secondly having been a book distributor I do care for humanity at large, and I do care for disciples being cheated and recycled. I do care about the book recipients that will come in contact with Dr. Resnick, and 97% of them after a first encounter with you will turn the books down because the Acharyadeva and pure devotee thing will not square in the minds of intelligent people. So in the name of love I am writing this on a public forum.

You, having been a guru and a professor, know that sometimes love has to be tough. It is not that in order to keep a student coming to your classes you will always grade him with an A, so that he does not become disappointed, when he actually deserves an F. Too bad if he stops coming, too bad if the Christmas Book Marathon stops, but isn't it better to come out clean no matter how hard it is? It feels so good at the end.

And no matter how hard, you are a qualified human being, part and parcel of Krishna, and you can always have a fresh start. Lord Caitanya's movement is orchestrated by Him. It won't stop because 50 or 100 devotees do not think you are Acharyadeva and a pure devotee. And you know, the sad part is that deep inside, they already know. Out of fear, they are also pretending. And at the end, the Cheater becomes the cheated, because you have convinced yourself of something you are not. And the cheap formula: be quiet, let's pretend so we can have book distribution, has yielded you very poor results. On the contrary, the deceptions and desertions due to the deceiving mentality in your camp are alarmingly high. After all, purity is, has been, and always will be the force.

With tough love,
Sulocana devi dasi (Formerly Rocana d.d.)

Hridayananda is Going to be Very Lonely



"I wouldn't mind if Acharyadeva gets married, he needs to get married."

These were the words a Brazilian disciple of Hridayananda said to me. I asked her, wouldn't you be upset about your own guru being married? "No", she said, laughing. "I wouldn't mind. But no woman would last being with him because he has such a bad temperament", and she laughed harder.

Dear Devotees of Lord Krsna, with such a great sadness we have seen Hridayananda, the great Bhagavatam commentator, turn into a playboy. "Krishna das" wants us to believe that whatever the "great acharya" is doing is "cool" and transcendental. I wonder if Krishna das prabhuji is being medicated.

I am a female devotee who has been living in the Berkeley community for over twenty-six years, therefore I have witnessed the many times Hridayananda visited our temple. In the past I saw his disciples waiting for him outside the temple, carrying garlands on their hands with such humility and loyalty.

I vividly remember a sweet and always polite Brazilian disciple of his carrying a garland for such a long time while waiting in the temple's parking lot. One hour went by, two hours went by, and he was still patiently waiting for his master's arrival. This devotee and his wife had such wonderful qualities and were always engaged in devotional service. These two were precious gems that any guru would love to have as disciples.

Not too long ago, at the end of October 2009, Hridayananda came to our Berkeley temple and nobody -- yes, nobody - was waiting for him with a garland. I may be wrong, but I was there for his evening class and did not see any of his disciples present to attend his lecture.

Disciples are opening their eyes and are watching the guru's nakedness. That is why intelligent and capable individuals are leaving ISKCON, but we can't blame them. I am afraid that by the time Hridayananda becomes a senior citizen, he is going to be very lonely...

About this loyal couple... he left IKSCON and joined Narayana Maharaja and she left Krsna Consciousness.

Your servant,
Radha devi dasi

Comment by PADA:

Correct, even if we could get Hrdayananada to get married, it seems no normal woman could tolerate his tirades. Hah hah.

This is the next BIG question, if people are not qualified, why are they being placed into the post of editing and commenting on the Vedas by the GBC? Hrdayananada's Bhagavatam for example glorifies Kirtanananda and Bhavananada as acharyas, meanwhile their editor Jayadvaita promotes his illicit sex guru program. Why are these people allowed to be writing commentary and/or re-writing the Vedas?

I was told that when Hrdayananada was recently marching around a temple in his karmi clothes, no one even recognized who he was at all. Then again, some of these "swamis" dress like karmis so they can go out and get material things they could not obtain while dressed as a sannyasa. For example, one sannyasa was alleged to be going out in his karmi clothes to buy porno movies.

This has been a big problem, many of the disciples of these gurus just bloop and are never heard from again, they think the whole process is cheating. Others might join alternate groups that compete with ISKCON like the Gaudiya Matha. You could say that these gurus almost want empty temples and no one there, they seem to have no concern whether ISKCON loses all the devotees and only want the money and material asset, just like the Gaudiya Matha's bogus guru program. The good news: more people are waking up like this nice lady. ys pd]


Will the Real Hridayananda Stand Up?


Nov 23, CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA (SUN) - It is with caution that I enter the ongoing discussion about Hridayananda prabhu. (He is hardly a Goswami unless he qualifies under the "caste goswami" category for having been part of the Zonal Acarya scheme.)

For two years I contributed articles to the Sun and wrote my own blog to air my grievances with my ISKCON godbrothers. My last post was in April of this year, and since then my pen has been silent. I felt that I had said everything that I wanted to say and to repeat myself would not be therapeutic for me or anyone else.

I am of the opinion that while free speech is a basic right and more than that, a responsibility for an aspiring Vaisnava, nothing substantial will get sorted by these discussions. That is not to say these discussions are not valuable. They will leave an historical record for future generations and hopefully help them correct the severe mistakes made by our generation. And it may assist some contemporaries to work thru the confusion and deep disillusionment they experienced after years of service and loyalty to ISKCON. That in itself is very useful.

The reason I am cynical that anything will change in our lifetime is because I have seen firsthand the arrogance, manipulation and shamelessness of those who claim to represent Srila Prabhupada. I witnessed these as a brahmacari and as a householder under the management of various sannyasis (or soon-to-be sannyasis) during Srila Prabhupada's manifest lila. Then I saw the duplicity exponentially increase with the Zonal Acarya farce. I was even complicit with it for brief periods when I was, for example, private secretary to Ramesvar, for four months in 1979 during the height of the Zonal Acarya era. In that capacity I observed and attended discussions amongst the Zonals.

Since 1985 I have witnessed the pretense of ISKCON from a distance, as one of the many thousands of Srila Prabhupada's disciples who could no longer tolerate the tunnel vision or participate in the tyranny of the GBC. With sadness, anger and bewilderment I voluntarily left the company of devotees at that time. Not one of the top leaders, many of whom I knew personally, ever said a word of consolation to me or made an offer of spiritual assistance since the day I left.

It took me more than two decades to overcome my sense of betrayal and to reach a level of peaceful acceptance. Now I can honestly say that I no longer feel subjective emotion about my history in ISKCON. I see the current leaders as caricatures rather than spiritual authorities. And it is with a sense of both tragic and comic irony that I am following the current discussion of Hridayananda das here in the Sun.

Let me say that I am no fan of his. But neither do I find him any worse than the rest of us. Except in one important respect: that he had and continues to have the chutzpah and ambition to pretend to be qualified as a spiritual manager, a renunciant and spiritual master.

Anyone who has ever served with Hridayananda knows that he is a terrible manager, mismanaging every project given to him. Even he has acknowledged the same by voluntarily or being forced to resign (after destroying countless devotional lives) from most management roles.

As a GBC he has not shown even a tinge of remorse for the damage done by the disastrous guru policies, starting with the Zonal Acarya fiasco that he gleefully participated in. He still uses his "User ID" from those days, the ostentatious "Acharyadeva" (See Never a word of apology to the thousands of godbrothers and godsisters who lost their association with their spiritual master's mission due to the selfish and egomaniacal exercise of authority that he helped to spearhead back in 1978.

As a sannyasi, enough has been seen and recorded about Hridayananda das' weakness towards the fair sex that it would make any honest babaji or monk recoil. Hearsay or not, yes, he is human! So why call yourself a "goswami" and maintain the pretense? Is name and fame more important than sincerity?

As a spiritual master, I do not feel it is for any of us to judge him. He may or may not be qualified. As he writes (thru his pseudonym, Krishna das) this is his and his disciples' business. It's not for me to judge whether or not he can inspire anyone in their attempt to reconnect with the Supreme Lord. If he can, I pay him my respects a thousand times. If I needed a guru, I would look for someone of more unalloyed character for my 1/11th second jolt of spiritual shakti. But that is their business, not mine.

As for Krishna das and his defense of Hridayananda, this is good theatre. It goes to the core of everything that is wrong with Hridayananda das. First, his cowardliness in not coming out to defend himself, but in hiding behind a pseudonym. Srila Prabhupada told us the story of how the British during the last days of the Raj captured a Bengali journalist known for his seditious articles, by tracing his writing style. If Krishna das were a betting man, he would put money on the fact that he is none other than Hridayananda himself, ghostwriting his own defense.

Second, what is interesting about Krishna das' arguments, is that he does not refute the attacks made against Hridayananda, but attacks his attackers for committing subtle and gross offenses. The best defense is a good offense. Even in defending himself, Hridayananda prefers to offend others. By using a pseudonym and turning on his attackers, he further obfuscates the issues rather than taking responsibility for them.

Krishna das attacks Rocana for not being compassionate as a "personal friend and brother," by not approaching Hridayananda directly. The last time I personally met Hridayananda was in 2002. We both happened by chance to be visiting a common friend/godbrother in West Virginia at the same time. When I first arrived, I offered my obeisances to Hridayananda, simply out of etiquette. Rather than offer me his obeisances back, he kept sitting in his chair. He might have had reasons for that-- from medical to ecclesiastical-- but the fact is he showed me, his godbrother, no regard whatsoever. The only time he spoke to me during that visit was to ask me if I knew of a piano in the house. Perhaps if I had been a "charming" godsister, he might have shown me more interest.

So much for the "impudence" that Krishna das accuses Rocana of: Hridayananda is a master of the impertinent and the insult. To accuse the accuser of the same crime one is guilty of is the symptom of a bully. Look at the current Iranian regime to see how it's done on a state level. Or to Krishna das' defense of Hridayananda for the mellower version.

Of course, Hridayananda has no power over his godbrothers anymore. But the damage has already been done and as a leader, he has never taken even token responsibility for it. That, in my opinion, is his real falldown.

Hridayananda das has no concern for his godbrothers. I doubt he has any true friends amongst his godbrothers, except for a few sycophants and intimate enablers. I actually feel some pity for him. He is a brilliant man, a pious man and a man of great potential, but a pathetic one. He has created tragic isolation not only for himself as an "endangered species" (an original member of the Zonal Acarya club), but is also complicit in what happened in ISKCON to the thousands of sincere godbrothers and godsisters who have lost their association. I wonder what Krishna das has to say about that.

no-neck-beads Acarya

aka Howard Resnick aka Acaryadeva aka Acaryapada aka Gurudeva Go-Swami

From Pada: Hridayananda (Howard Resnick), born 1948 November 5, is a self-appointed bogus GBC ISKCON "guru" clone (clown), he perverts Srila Prabhupadas books, preaches bogus philosophy, stealing Prabhupadas disciples. Hridayananda received his rubber stamp guru certificate in Iskcons homosexual re-coronation ceremony and crowned himself Acaryadeva. He personally picked that name for himself in the days of the Zonal-Acarya nonsense with the misconception that he was one of the "acarya successors" of Srila Prabhupada. He forced his godbrothers to worship him in a simultanious guru-puja, declaring Prabhupada for dead.


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