Kuladri das - Arthur Villa
Tapahpunja - Terry Sheldon

Iskcon New Vrindavana (Moundsville, West Virginia) Kirtanananda's Palace of Gold

Kuladri das - Arthur Villa
Kuladri das - Arthur Villa
known as "kruel arti"
Kuladri das (Arthur Villa), aka "kruel arti", former general manager of New Vrindaban, West Virginia Iskcon Community, cheif henchman for Kirtananda for so many years, and now Radhanatha's bucket boy, is said to be getting a salary of $70 - 80,000 per year to "manage" New Vrindavana (Moundsville, West Virginia).

Conspiracy tanned, rested, and ready, from his prison sentence/ painting salesman experiences, 'miniraj' kruel arti replaced king Eddie as the manager of NV. While only reporting $2500 a month to the bankruptcy court, kruel arti claims receiving a salary of over $75,000 a year (how come the figures never match?), without any 'graft and corruption'. Not that there won't be any 'graft and corruption', just that his 'base salary' of 75K is just that, "a base", it goes up from there. "very base" salary! "not good enough", though as he was recently replaced by Lenny (Narada Muni das) rader of NV/ Alachua fame as NV temple general manager. Now, Mr. Villa runs a life member telemarketing scam and doesn't even have to make the obligatory '1 trip per week' to NV. Living in Pittsburg suburbs, he has dropped to a 'gaura purnima and janmastami' visitor. kruel arti works the life member list like "a skamkirtan mother with dependent children". "I'm in charge, they gotta do whatever I say!" was the company policy and most expect no change from the new management.

Murder conspirator Kuladri Das, Arthur Villa
Murder conspirator Kuladri Das, Arthur Villa.
He was directly involved in the Sulochan murder. Where is he today? Back in charge of New Vrindavan receiving a big fat paycheck from ISKCON for keeping what he knows secret.
After being released from jail he switched sides
and became a highly paid GBC henchmen.
Previously he had been a highly paid Bhaktipada henchmen. Today he remains the king of New Vrindavan, only second to Radhanatha Swami.
Mr. Villa now works for a weekly paychack, PLUS "a percentage of his collections". kruel arti says this is a chance to make unlimited income, where in the past, he was limited to his paltry $ 1500 per week income.

Meanwhile there is not much money to pay the children in the Turley case? Kuladri is alleged to be living in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and going to New Vrindavana only once a week to "manage." Problem is: that recently a woman complained that her 14 year old daughter was raped by at least four men on the New Vrindavana property, while Kuladri has been in charge. It seems the molesters were among Kuladri's hand-picked cream of crop / crew of workers. And so, it is apparently being countered by Kuladri's team that the mother of the child who was raped "is crazy." Great, so what are they saying? When a mother is "crazy," it is then ok -- to rape her daughter? Sorry, whether the mother is crazy, or PADA is crazy, or our neighbor who is an Elvis impersonator is crazy, that is not the issue. The issue is: A minor aged child was seemingly attacked on the temple's properties, repeatedly, while under Kuladri's management watch. Whereas, in Ukiah, we have a huge "Buddhist school" for small children. And there are many little kiddies running all over that place every day. The school is also located on a huge hundreds of acres area, just like New Vrindavana. Yet, none of the children in the Buddhist school -- are getting molested? That is because: molesters are not welcome there! Duh! That is why Hansadutta takes his kids there, he does not trust the ISKCON schools either.

Tapahpunja - Terry Sheldon
Tapahpunja - Terry Sheldon

Then again, the only person vying to take over if Kuldadri leaves is
Tapah punja, aka Terry Sheldon
, an ex-con who was jailed for complicity in Sulochana's murder. He succeeded Kuladri as Kirtanananda's right-hand man, and former president of the Cleveland temple. Our friends tell us he is quite a bad guy who is alleged linked to other violent crimes against devotees in that area. One of our associates says this Tapah punja fellow tries to start a public fist fight with him in Wheeling, so he can get the police to arrest our associate. Whereas around New Vrindavana, Tapah punja hides when he sees our associate, because our associate will fight him on his own turf. Yet Tapah Punjah is the "second in command" after Kuldari. A thug. Why not find some honest people to manage? Well no, then there will be fiscal accountability for the money and assets, and maybe there will not be molesters on the loose. And what better way to keep a gang of crooks happy but than to provide them with women, homosexual men, and/or perhaps even children for illicit sex, just like pirate captains give their bandit crews to keep them loyal? There is no question in the mind of PADA that providing illicit sex with both male and female adults, and even children, has been used as "bargaining chips" to pay off some of the GBC's band of loyal crooks, thugs, gangsters, lackeys, yes-men and assorted perverts, ... the fanatical loyalists that the GBC pirates have used to act as their dedicated servants on the hijacked ship of ISKCON. It has now become a ship of fools.

Meanwhile Mr. Poncho Villa Kuladri apparently cannot deny that the young woman was raped because there is alleged "medical evidence." So all the denial in the world will not save him if this is the actual case. We think this will be proven as correct. And so now we are told that Kuladri is pulling one of his "sick out" tricks. He says he is too ill to visit New Vrindavana, just like Satsvarupa, Jaggadisha, Prithu, Harikesha, Suhotra, and so many others, these leaders all of a sudden "fall ill" when they have to answer some tough questions about their mis-managing. Now, we are also told that the mother of the rape victim has received some threats of violence, and suffice it to say that if that occurs we will have many people going to the authorities linking the New Vrindavana leaders to her assault. This is not an option for the GBC right now, better forget this route altogether.

Better yet, we might be able to prove that Kuldadri is crazy because he told us all that he had cleaned up New Vrndavana of the molesters. He has not done so, but advertised that he had? So this woman and her daughter have become ensnared in Kuladri's web of deciet, that's all. And now the woman and her daughter's lives have been changed for the worse, and ineed harmed permanently, while Kuladri just wants to know if his favorite thug ex-con felon murder conspirators are getting enough sweet balls to keep them happy.

Tapahpunjah Swami, Terry Sheldon
Tapahpunjah Swami, Terry Sheldon,

Evil henchman of Kirtanananda, who was directly involved in the murder of Sulochan Das. Where would you expect him to be today? In jail? No, he is now again a leader in New Vrindavan. He wrote a scam lease that gave himself rights to all the lands owned by New Vrindavan. ISKCON pays him off to keep what he knows secret.

Tapahpunja Swami
- Terry Sheldon "mr. scam", TPS, top buffoon, punja, kuruksetra das)
Convicted felon for his involvement in the killing of Sulochan das, this "swami" was captured by FBI agents in malaysia. Immediately following the sulocan murder, this fallen Kirtanananda Swami sanyassi announced to ISKCON europe "i orchestrated the sulocan whacking!", expecting to be greeted like a great hero. This Charter member of the he-man women haters club was the vanguard of "the malaysian invasion". With his buddies Sri Galima, Ramananda, and dutchy Prins, and in the mood of their guru, there are no borders they won't try to jump over. Top buffoon swami, leader of a Krishna temple in Cleveland, testified that Bryant had been spreading rumors that Bhaktipada was a homosexual and a child abuser. In sworn testimony, Tapahpunja Swami [Terry Sheldon] stated that he was the one to inform Kirtanananda about the murder plot. "Owner" of New Vrndaban, on a fraudulent lease agreement where ISKCON exists only to pay the taxes on the land it leases to the top buffoon, AND NVC pays the buffoon $ 7 a hour to mow his own lawn. He doesn't even do that little bit, he subs it out to bhaktas he pays $ 1.25 an hour.

Employed by ISKCON WV to mow his own lawn at the rate of $ 7.00 /hr, this root planting sanyassi drafted himself a 99 year lease on all of The Farm not sold off to land speculators. The rent is less than the taxes, therefore, ISKCON exists to pay taxes for this fallen sanyassi's gardening projects.

Tapapunja top buffoon deeded himself the prime forty acres of New Vrindaban for a rent payment that is less than the annual tax liability to ISKCON, this ex-convict purports to own the Holy Dham, and therefore the right to deny access, even to the life members. most all of these actions are illegal and they exist solely, at the whims of the corporate officials who lavish themselves with outlandish salaries and benefits far in excess of the worth of their performances.



Overlooking Kuladri's Irregularities
By Janmastami Das | Published 11/14/2006

Liberated Yogi Collective's position on Kuladri as New Vrndaban Community management is well documented (the usual suspects, liberatedyogi.tripod.com, etc.). Now ISKCON, in spite of the pressure to remove the scoundrel, has offered him a promotion. This under the blessings of Anuttama and Queen Rukmini, representing the GBC oversight board. One must conclude the "oversight" board must be established to see that certain irregularities get "overlooked".

For one thing, these alleged "many, many years of dedicated service to Srila Prabhupada, New Vrndavana (sic), and ISKCON" are not all coincidental. For example. Many, many of those years of dedicated service to New Vrndaban (proper Brijabasi spelling) were when New Vrndaban was not a part of ISKCON. It was directly because of his "service" (the Sulocan murder) to Kirtanananda Swami's New Vrndaban that New Vrndaban was expelled from ISKCON. Now the "open arms" committee has welcomed back the former deviant, the now rehabilitated Kirtanananda Swami's number two. This alleged co-conspirator in the Sulocan assassination has scant remorse for his previous "sins". This convicted felon has bilked the New Vrndaban treasury for the last five years without even being able to chant his rounds.

For this type of behavior, this person is rewarded with a promotion (unless rising in rank in the organization is actually a demotion). Anuttama and Rukmini flew in each weekend to oversee the weekly Indian fleecing. This is the same program Kuladri has used to collect his $80k per year salary as New Vrindaban Community's absentee manager. Visit on the weekends and make sure no one has stolen anything he doesn't know about and bilk "the crows" out of KRSNA's Laxmi. We will soon release files of the systematic exploitation of the Indian expatriate community by Kuladri, who will now implement his New Vrindaban based scheme on the rest of the temples' mailing lists throughout the world. All this with the express consent and support of the pillars of ISKCON.

Those who have witnessed Mr. Villa's past shenanigans cannot expect anything other than a "Sulocan murder" type fiasco, with the same ruthless, unrepentant rogues at the reigns of power in this organization. ISKCON has promised full financial disclosure and we feel that that should start with the FACTUAL record of Kuladri's dealings, financially, for the last six years.

The unseen hand in all of this is that of Kuladri's alleged co-conspirator in the Sulocan murder, Radhanath Swami. One of the "infallible in spiritual matters", in good standing, current ISKCON replacements for Srila Prabhupada, Radhanath has had to bury parts of his past that are incongruent with his new-found spiritual perfection. His support for Kirtanananda Swami, even when he knew of Kirtanananda's falldown, shows the clear lack of vision on the part of this individual. The fact that it took over four years to come up with an exit strategy from the blind loyalty to Kirtanananda must make any serious candidate apprehensive. Hence, the need to squelch any and all references to the acts of the now "blessed" individuals during their "less than blessed" days when they were expelled from ISKCON for their involvement in the actions undertaken by New Vrindaban Community.

Admitted murderers, convicted felons can't be "the best ISKCON has to offer", can it? These are not random choices or done without knowledge of past criminal activity. It is done with the fervent hope that Kuladri can show the remaining parasitically inclined individuals how best to "enhance their opportunities", as he has done.

We are to be reassured that Kuladri will "consult the GBC board on critical issues". We are less reassured that anything positive will come of such consultations. Fortunately, he will only spend half as much time as he used to at New Vrindaban. Presumably, this means he will only drive as close as half way from his house in Pittsburgh, some one hundred miles from where he allegedly "earns his paycheck", which by GBC resolution, he sets the salary cap of all this in the name of "devotional service".

They have advised everyone, via the New Vrindaban Community website:

"Naturally, there will be some bumps in the road as we make this transition. We request you to be a little flexible and to work with us, the local board, and Kuladri prabhu to make the transition as smooth as possible."

At least they can say 'everyone was warned!'....



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