Lokanath Swami - also called JOKER NATHA
bogus Guru Iskcon GBC Clown, child molester

bogus Sannyasi accused of abusing a young girl, touching her inappropriately on her crotch

Lokanatha swami molested me (Satya dasi)
July 11th, 2010

Hari bol,

IskCon Guru Lokanath Swami
touching innocent girl's crotch

I am the girl that Lokanatha touched inappropriately. It did NOT just happen one time in the living room, on the sofa, but rather throughout the week that he stayed he touched me various times inappropriately. I am surprised now (at age 32) that that NASTY, VILE PEDOPHILE did not try to rape me.

He took my innocent father's words of "she is growing up here in America, why don't you teach her some more Indian culture" and turned into his way of taking advantage of me. He called me various times through out that week (it was Easter vacation so I had off), and it was hot, so I was wearing shorts. I was 11 and 1/2 years of age. I sat down next to him after he insisted many times, and he decided he would teach me how to play the harmonium. He several times, rubbed his hand up and down my leg, inner leg, and out, as I was seated there next to him and the harmonium. I asked him "what are you doing?" to which he replied "nothing, just concentrate on the harmonium." I cannot TELL YOU HOW HORRIFIED AND DIRTY I FELT inside.

Through out the days, he then once woke me up singing "jeeva jago, nidra chadi uttha jeeva" and when I got up ( I was wearing shorts), he patted me on my butt. I ran into my mother's room, and into her walk in closet and hid, and he came in after me. He pulled me out, saying "why are you hiding" and again touched me on my butt, held my hands and put his arms around me.

Again he called me for harmonium lessons, and then when he touched me inappropriateley AGAIN on my leg, I got up and ran into the kitchen and went to my mother who was cooking prasadam for this ASS. I went to my friend Sangeeta's home later that day to play, and I told her he disgusts me, I don't like him, and I don't like the way he touches me. He makes me feel so dirty. She didn't know how to react, at age 8, but she said just tell your mother.

The next day, he called me in the living room, and asked me to bring the Krsna book and read it to him. He had me sit RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, leaving no space between us. He PLACED HIS HANDS ON MY CROTCH, NOT ON MY LAP, and said I am keeping the book from touching you there, so just keep reading. He kept his hand there, and any time my mother would walk by the room,he would QUICKLY REMOVE HIS HAND AND PLACE IT ABOVE MY HEAD (around me). He did this several times throughout the course of an hour, and after that sick feeling inside me became the most prominent thing for me, I told him I was tired, and I left the room.

The day after that, some of his bogus followers were there at our house, and when I came inside from playing with my friend (having a dirty feeling inside me the whole time), the ASS had a nerve to call me several times to sit next to HIM in front of everybody. I told him NO!, and ran away.

Ravindra Swarupa
IskCon Guru Ravindra Swarup

Thank GOODNESS the nasty pedophile left the day after, and when my dad suggested I touch his most UNHOLY DISGUSTING FEET I SAID NO! I will not. I told my mother about everything the night before, and she was shocked, disgusted and appaulled at everything.

What could a defenseless 11 year old child do? Just say no, and tell her mother. There was no legal actions that I knew of at the time that I could take. If I had known how to kick that ASS in his groins to teach him a good lesson, I would have. But I didn't know at the time what to do.

Yes, that silly investigation happened by Yashoda and she just followed me around the house, asking me where this and that happened, and how this and that happened. We WERE PROMISED THAT LOKANATHA would be punished. He was NOT.

His stupid misled followers still blindly followed him, and accused me of lying.

I will never forget what I have been through.. Till this day, Ravindra Swarupa, the head of our nearest temple, acts like nothing happened, and was nonchallant about the whole thing. He has always had a cold, DISRESPECTFUL approach towards our family. We trusted him, and he nor the GBC (garbage committee) never followed through. BUT THAT IS OK, THE LAW OF KARMA AND LORD SHRI KRISHNA WILL. That is who THEY will have to answer to ultimately.

PLEASE POST THIS TO YOUR WEBSITE. I have remained quiet long enough. I will not be quiet any longer.

Thank you,

Bir Krishna Goswami - Protector of child molesters,
Protector of VILE PEDOPHILE Sannyasi's
false guru stealing Srila Prabhupadas' disciples, preaching bogus philosophy



Posted by Satya Devi July 12, 2010
Hari Bol,

I appreciate your website and your endeavors towards the truth. This is like a locked up child being released after so many years in the darkness.
No child SHOULD EVER be kept quiet about such horrific and life tainting events.

I am thankful I came across your website (totally by chance) and its like it was supposed to happen.

Thank you,
Hari bol,


July 13, 2010 comment by PADA
Victim is being re-victimized Update

Dear prabhus, this Satya devi being molested by Lokanatha swami issue is getting lots of people fired up, tripled the web hits on my blog, I'm getting many good replies from all over the place, its a disaster for these "reformed gurus" to have the story come out that one of their biggest cheifs -- Lokanatha, he is a molester of the young girl sector. Just when they were trying to put out the fire, it ignites again. ys pd

....... As for the molesting issue, I already got a few replies from the “GBC guru” sector, how did your guess, they are saying Satya is a liar. How can an 11 year old child come up with such a story of intimate touching by an adult male? An 11 years old child in a pakka Hindu family have no ideas about these things. Period. She simply could not have made all this up at the tender age of 11. What happened is that her childhood was destroyed by attacks from these bogus gurus, and now they are attacking her AGAIN, saying she made it all up! 11 years old children simply cannot make this stuff up, its adult x-rated material.

The GBC gurus covered this up and now they or their clones are “re-victimizing the victim” by orchestrated name caling and discrediting. Yes, these particular false gurus are causing this molesting problem, and re-victimizing problem. Yes, it has everything to do with these false gurus, they all knew Lokanatha was involved and they all covered for him. ys pd


July 13, 2010 comment by SG

Find it hard to believe that this man (lokanatha) would do such a thing. But, there you have it. After years of spiritual pratice (suspect) this man lokanatha had the urge to molest a 13 year old child by putting his hand on her lap and her private part. Makes one wonder what kind of spiritual pratice this man lokanatha was practicing all this years. And you have a whole barrel of them (sanyasis, gurus ) in Iskcon. And an equally inept moronic idiot ( bir krishna ) a goswami to boot together with his investigation commitee claims that this lokanatha had no idea who a woman and what a woman’s genital is. “No prior experience on the matter dealing with women”, they say . What was lokanath doing all this while. Living in a remote cave away from the living ? Such stupidity. And with such inadequate intelligence they claim that they are experts and did an indept examination on the man. Staya Dasi has better intelligence. She has rightfully said that these people are garbage commmitee.

Now my question to the parents of Satya Dasi. This man lokanatha have sexually molested your child. Why did you accept their apology. Is this sexual abuse to your child by this man a light matter so cheap that you accepted their apology. Why did you not the parents make a police report. Can it still be done ?


Hare Krsna.


Posted by Satya Devi July 13, 2010
Dear PADA,

Thank you for your exposure to the truth, and for posting the DEFENSE of THE TRUTH.

I wanted to reply back to July 13th, comment by SG: I never let it go, and I never EVER thought it was right or OK. Even at age 11 I knew it was wrong, it felt wrong from the core of my being, and that is why I told my mother, my sister and brother, my family. I never intended that this would get stretched out. My brother in law even tried to bring this out into the open, and he and my sister were chastised for this. I was very young, and I took the words of my brother to "let the Law of Karma and Lord Krishna take care of this." By the time the GBC came around I was 15.

The whole situation felt so dirty and wrong, and as an adolescent, I took the advice of my elders. At that time, though it felt wrong, I didn't fight it aggressively, and my family wanted to take the "humble route." Though I appreciate their trying to be humble, there is a TIME AND PLACE TO BE HUMBLE AND THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM.

At age 32, I can NOW SEE THAT. And I have quietly sat back, and watched the nonsense that has been going on in the movement. I saw Lokanatha/Joker natha at the NYC and Gita Nagari Rathayatra. I wanted to SPIT IN HIS FACE. That ass had the allowance to give lecture, to sing, and to sit on the cart and do arati to Lord Jagganatha.

I hated him when I had to see him in public. And to see that this was his punishment? Being given articles to write in BTG, being given accolades as a guru, getting all the priveledges of a sannyasi-- this was what his punishment was??



The SILENCE has been broken, and after seeing all this nonsense, no more silence. It has been a LONG TIME COMING for the TRUTH to BE TOLD and SPOKEN.



Subject: Lokanatha swami expose (Satya devi writes PADA)
Date: Monday, July 13, 2010

Haribol Satya Prabhu,

PAMHO. AGTSP. I’m so sorry that you had to go through such a horrible experience. It seems sometimes that our God brothers think that protecting women means being handy in the event a burgler gets discovered in the house. To me, protecting women mean creating a situation where such behavior is dealt with in the harshest manner possible which would discourage others who might have such tendencies.

Protecting women also means creating situations where women are satisfied and safe. Because we women do have some disruptive tendencies, in an ideal situation, the men should create environments where we can live up to our potentials without becoming exploited or degraded. The way things are now, most women have to fend for themselves and consequently usually get taken advantage of.

I wish you the best and hope you’ve fully recovered from this experience.

YS, Anuttama


July 14, 2010 comment by Tapana Misra das

I have read this thread including the most vile and disgusting suggestions for devotees to "suck on my linga". So for all of the macho keyboard commandos that think this is appropriate behavior let me suggest that it is not. But to the point: such activities and allegations described by Satya devi that were committed by this rascal are horrible crimes, not just fodder for email addicts. So, has this been reported to "the authorities" where these things occurred? I am outraged that it is a discussion about who is "mas macho" rather than how to report these allegations to the police. As long as women are dependent on such wishy-washy reaction they will never be protected.

So I am again asking: has this been reported to "the authorities"? If not, this is a public record and the inaction of others to shirk their responsibility by failing to report this is tantamount to supporting it. If responses to my questions are inadequate then I will report it myself---the victims need REAL support and not just bluster and macho talk.

Tapana Misra das


July 14, 2010 comment by RCB

Thank you Tapana Misra, what a deplorable digression we have been engaged in!

To my limited knowledge this is a 20 yr old crime that came to light in the mid to late nineties. That this girl is just now writing about herself. Good question if it was reported by the parents or others in the know at the time to interested authorities.

As for arm chair quarter backing, what else is there to do about such a thing now? From our computers a 1000 miles from the scene of the crime 20 yrs later? NOTHING! Except verbally expel the encrustations sahajism encapsulating ISKCON and chocking the life out of it, from the inside out by our words!

For get about it! (IS_A_CON) leave it to the demons that support child molestation. You will not even pry it from their cold dead hands. Vote with feet and leave it! Migrate to an agreeable location together with other devotees of the same ilk and start a community. Get away from the IS_A_CON poison. ISKCON is in the vani, IS_A_CON does not follow since 1970.

Statement found on WIKI concerning Heinous crimes. This is from Wiki...this is an exclusion from limitation to prosecution over time.

Crimes that are considered exceptionally heinous by society have no statute of limitations. As a rule, murder (especially capital murder or first degree murder) has no statute of limitations. Rape, especially sexual abuse of minors, will often fall under this category as well as certain instances of arson and robbery. In many jurisdictions, crimes involving child pornography and certain violent crimes involving drugs or drug dealing may also have no statute of limitations.

Hare Krsn, RCB


July 14, 2010 comment by Pratyatosa dasa

Dear Puranjana Prabhu, Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Tapana Misra Prabhu is correct. Legal action should be taken. I don't think that there is any statute of limitations on a child being sexually molested, so Mother Satya Prabhu should be encouraged to file a police report and to insist on pressing charges. Then the local district attorney's office will decide on whether or not to let the case proceed. It might be worth a try.

Your servant, Pratyatosa Dasa


July 14, 2010 comment by Mahatma dasa

Hare Krishna. Respects. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

No doubt it is worth a try to have as many as possible contact, encourage and assist Satya devi dasi to start legal proceedings against the abuser. The more we let rascal molesters be worshiped as good as "God", the more offense we are making to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Krishna.

But we must not only encourage mother Satya, but we must offer any support she needs, since being a lady, we should make sure she has actual practical support in addition to moral support, so she may be and feel totally protected in the course of of her exposure of this rascal abuser. I would be honored to be part of a support committee for her to go forth with pressing charges. Just let me know.

We can not allow that such low class men be promoted and worshiped as good as "Krishna gurus." The lack of demand for accountability from concerned devotees, is simply allowing for more criminality within and more horrible reputation to Krishna Caitanya's movement. Bhaktivinod Thakur would want that such a rascal be placed in jail, and he would risk his own life and the life of his whole family, to punish such a rascal as we know he did with the "yogi' that was seducing the wives of his followers. "As good as Krishna guru" while molesting an 11 year old child under the nose of all and then have other similar rascals protect such an offender is the lowest of the low and if we do not do something about it so they may learn, is also just as low.

So mother Satya, please be strong, intelligent and do the needful. Talk to your family and any other person that is may be willing to support you, and press charges. You can count with my moral, strategic and other practical support. Pressing charges would be a most good service to Srila Prabhupoada and Lord Krishna. So please lets try to do it. Anyone that may want to contact me about this, you may call me at., 718-879-0846. Lets punish the "Gods" or risk the Lord will punish us!

Sincerely, Mahatma dasa


July 14, 2010 comment by Mark

By the way, after Satya devi and family made their original "toned down" and "more humble" complaint to Iskcon officials against Lokanatha, there was some a faux investigation and Lokanath got a slap on the wrist. It was something along the lines of not being allowed to give lecture or kirtana in Iskcon temples for a short period of time.

Lokanatha at the time rejected the accusation, and maintained his innocence, never apologizing or repenting.

Enter Ghanashyama das AKA "Bhakti Tirtha Swami".

After BTS suffered his bout with cancer in reaction for condemning at least 2 devotees to deathp plus accepting years of unwarrented worship on his feet, he was on his death bed.

BTS decided to unilaterally "forgive and forget" that Lokanatha had been found guilty by his peers of wrongdoing with a young girl. Why? Because he enjoyed Lokanatha's singing voice. So he called for him to come to give kirtana, in the midst of the congregation.

And as we now read, he is good as gold with the Con artists, receiving "Sanyassi priveleges" as reported by Satya devi.

The most obnoxious place in the universe comes to mind. I figure BTS is warming it up for him.



Posted by Satya Devi July15, 2010

Hari Bol Prabhu,

To Puranjana Prabhu and to all those who have reached out and encouraged me with your support:

I thank you humbly, and whole-heartedly. It is not easy to come out alone and speak about such things, especially in the same community which I grew up in. However, I know I am supported in many ways. I have Lord Shri Krsna on my side, not only in His own Form, but, also in the Form of Truth.

I also have actual facts, the actual investigation, to support me. I have the support of strong, protective God brothers and God sisters, and, most importantly, I have great devotees and true leaders, such as Puranjan Prabhu and his medium of this powerful website, which SHOUTS OUT THE TRUTH on my side.

These miscreants cannot hide any longer. It is so sad what they have done to Srila Prabhupada's movement, to his legacy, and to what he endeavored for years to create.

It truly is like the Mahabharata, and Bhishma Pitama has passed away, leaving squabbling petty fools to fight stupidly, and to help defend his legacy and the TRUTH, fighting back are strong, stalwart, brave beings such as those who have voiced themselves against the wrong-doings of such people such as Joker Natha, and various other demoniac beings in this movement.

I thank you, Puranjana Prabhu, for your efforts to protect the innocent. I thank all of those who have extended their support to me. As your younger God sister, it is a blessing to have you and your support.

Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Jaya Narsingadev!

Hari Bol,



From Pada Newsletter August 18, 2005


Lokanath Swami
worship of a bogus guru
Sannyasi touching girls crotch

Thanks jojo. Yes, Lokanatha swami was "under GBC investigation" for "touching a young girl inappropriately" -- just like Kirtanananda was "under investigation," but nothing was ever done until the police raided his farm. The parents of the young girl in the Lokanatha case wanted to press criminal charges. As usual, molester defender Mukunda swami came to rescue his pedophile pals, and he told the girl's parents that the GBC would punish Lokanatha. However, nothing ever happened, and so Lokanatha is still walking around dressed like a sannyasa -- and he is apparently also a GBC guru. The molested girl apparently started calling Lokanatha "Joker-natha." According to a report, the upset parents of the girl were dismayed that they had not pressed criminal charges because they saw that the GBC did not really do anything of substance.

Lokanath Swami
Sin-yasi not sanyasi

So yes, if one is a child molester, then the GBC / Sridhara / Narayana maharaja team has been rewarding them by making molesters into their gurus and authorities. You are correct. This all started when Sridhara and Narayana Maharaja(s) said: when your guru is falling down (i.e. he is a molester), you should not oppose but "wait and see," because these folks wanted their false gurus to rob/ steal/ embezzle/ ban/ beat/ molest -- more and more, while they all sat around "waiting." They still are "waiting" since they have done nothing to formally corral in anything. Of course, if Narayana Maharaja finds some nice molester voted in bogus gurus even today, he falls off his seat and licks their booties and he says they are his "pooja padas" AS HE DID RECENTLY, because he still supports child molester pooja regimes even nowadays. This is also why Mukunda Maharaja supported the Tamal / Narayana Maharaja/ Jokernatha/ molester/ death cult. No, this is not likely to change on their side because these folks have made "supporting corruption" their lifetime occupation and career, we have to expose them, that will force a change from external sources, as we are doing in fact. thanks pd



The Official GBC Version of Lokanatha Maharaja's 'Fall'

While all the focus is on the GBC report on Satsvarupa, it is quite interesting to read the GBC report on Lokanath Swami made a few a years ago. Many questions can be asked, as the report raises questions for disciples and for ISKCON itself.

From: Bir Krishna Goswami
RE: Copy of message to GBC conference

Joker Natha/ Lokanath NASTY, VILE PEDOPHILE playing Harmonium

"Dear GBC members, It is my duty to inform you of the actions of a special GBC subcommittee that dealt with a confidential investigation of Lokanatha Maharaja. The members of the subcommittee are: myself, Badrinarayana Prabhu, Mukunda Maharaja, Sridara Swami, Virabahu Prabhu, and Ravindra Swarupa Prabhhu.

It is important that you be aware of the decisions and findings of the committee so that you can properly deal with rumors that are circulating.

for any questions please write to: