Prabhavisnu Swami - Paul Barrow


Prabhavishnu Swami Maharaj, alias Sanyasi Guru, banging his cock in Bangkok
Prabhavishnu was born as Paul Barrow; 24 Sept. 1950 Belfast Nth. Ireland

Jet-Set-Swami fond of flying in Airplanes, visiting Thai prostitudes, banging his cock in Bangkok

Prabhavishnu, yet another one of the ISKCON gbc-elected “iskurus” had been exposed for repeated gross deviations and that he had resigned in disgrace. Although this man wrote a letter of so-called apology, he failed to advise his hundreds of followers to take full shelter of Srila Prabhupada. Nor did he accept the gravity of his offense to Srila Prabhupada and to the devotees in his charge. Nor did he offer to make amends. This lack of remorse and lack of determination for rectification expressed in his pseudo-apology has upset many devotees.

Report by BIF: Somewhere, somehow, the "r" has been added and confused the issue:  instead of reading "Celibate" the GBC guru wallahs have misread the canon as- "Celebrate."  Practically from the first day of anointment / appointment, Iskcon's godmen go berserk.  If they are not pinching pennies they are pinching backsides, or both.  If you have heard no wrong about these wealthy promiscuous bunnies it's because no one has told you yet.  Not so long after guru Lokanatha Swami played harmonium on a young girls thighs, guru Umapati admitted to buggering seven of his Chinese disciples.  Now, fresh on the grapevine, we hear that long time Asian stopover guru, Prabhavisnu Swami, has been (finally) exposed for his celeb(r)ating with prostitutes in Bangkok.  The GBC, we hear (?) are in the process of suspending him: no initiating for ten years, and he will undergo the GBC introduced, traditional, "e"-rectification process.  That's right, the GBC claim that tradition demands they become acaryas, but they didn't give a damn about tradition when they introduced the guru rectification balderdash.

Prabhavishnu's position held in Iskcon: Co-GBC for Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Russia: Siberia, Far East, South, Volga; Burma, India: Bihar, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (only Tirupati), Uttar Pradesh (East); Bangladesh, Latvia, Nepal, Malaysia, Brunei.

PRABHA VISNU SWAMI ( "guru" and co-gbc Australia) A real estate and property owner. His palace is the new one near Sri Sri Krsna Balaram Mandir Vrndavan. There are also rumors of real estate in Britain and private bank accounts. A jet-setter with a grand illusion regards his managing ability, he loses his voice when confronted by the "Aussie" cartels. Spends a lot of time and money on university fees. And he is heavily supported by the "collector disciple" business.


Comment by Maruti das:

You people must all be nuts, worshipping a fucking guru like Prabhavishnu, instead of worshipping Srila Prabhupada. No wonder this movement is going to hell, along with all those stupid idiots so called disciples worshipping bogus gurus.

Prabhavishnu did what all sex-tourist always do when they visit Bangkok, namely banging his cock.

That Prabhavishnu was having sex with Thai prostitutes was no secret amongst the old devotees and some GBC members. They all knew Prabhavishnu is going to Bangkok, banging his cock. They all knew long time ago, but they cover it up, telling stupid stories.

Actually we do not criticise Prabhavishnu for enjoying his sexual desires, which is quite natural for a human being, but afterwards sitting on the Vyasasana, being worshiped as good as god, that is really bad, deceiving all of his disciples. What a crock, accepting worship on the Vyasasana, and then sticking his Danda somewhere else.



A Night In Bangkok - Starring… His Holiness The SWAMI Maharaja

Prabhavishnu and his Thai prostitutes

Watch in Awestruck Wonder as… The Maharaja stashes his danda...

Report by Madhudvisa:

Jan 05, 2012 — AUSTRALIA (SUN) — Now the news is Prabhavisnu Swami has been directly busted in Bangkok, arm in arm with his girlfriend prostitute AGAIN. This time by his own disciple of 20 years, who confronted him three weeks ago on the street after following him for some time. This disciple is an old friend of mine.

Prabhavisnu is being "confronted" today, in Canberra, by Prahladananda, the so-called "Minister for Sannyasa". What a joke. Let's see the cover-up job the GBC try to hatch this time.

Prabhu Visnu Swami routed his disciples for lakhs of dollars. Our once great ISKCON is scraping the bottom of the barrel and is run by goondas, thugs and the biggest cheaters of all.

Oz is reeling, as it was hushed up for three weeks (true GBC style), but now it is out and flying. The Oz zone will have to decide what to do now, but many are calling for a pow wow to rout GBC cronies and crooks.

We really need a rout of the Grand 'ol Boys Club.

ys md


Report by PADA: Enver: Hey Australian devotee, if you think that Prabhuvishnu swami aka PVd is or was a "great devotee," you are very naive. He is wearing tilaka and sannyasa robes and he is acting like a dog and we are to consider him a devotee. Yeah right! Even if you think that you are a devotee with such a low discriminatory power, you are badly mistaken. Lol!

To be a devotee is not so easy. You need to become conscious first baba, and then hope to become Krsna conscious. You are not even conscious of the pain that you are causing to those whose life was shattered by those "great devotees" like PVS. You speak of forgiveness as though you are an uttama adhikary, so I presume that you will forgive me for not forgiving them.

I am certain that all Vedic kings, when faced with the task of having to punish or kill some criminal, as was their duty, just said: "Hey bro, hate the sin, not the siner, you’re free to go my rapist friend. I forgive you. Here is another child for you to rape.Or, do you prefer someone’s wife? No worries, I shall arrrange. Oh, you need some money too? Here is my all my wealth dear sir. Wait, better I make you a king or even a 'rishi' so that you can enjoy more." Lol! Pvs….a great devotee? Give us a break! Are you insane or have you eaten some of pvs’s “maha”?



Photo from a YouTube video, where Prabhavishnu is sitting on the Vyasasana, being worshiped as the
supreme guru, as good as god, and afterwards enjoying the money collected by his disciples with his Thai prostitutes


Comment by Homer: Will the Great Devotee™ give back the money he scammed out of his flock?

I personally know a devotee who bought him a house in Vrindavan and gave him hundreds of thousands of dollars. How many other fools gave this person large amounts of cash? He must be set for his retirement with his Thai lady in paradise.

Let's see how genuine his remorse is when he hands over the cash.

Do any of these bastards resign on their own accord because of personal shame or do the Transcendental Personalities™ who have appearance days rather than birthdays have to be busted before they fess up and step down?


Report by Krishnachandra das: News has been coming out of Australia that GBC and Sannyāsa Guru Prabhavisnu Swami has been again caught with a Prostitute in Bangkok, Thailand by a senior disciple of his. The incident apparently occurred three weeks ago and has been kept under wraps all this time.

Prabhavisnu Swami took the renounced order [sannyāsa ashram] in 1979 and was soon made a member of the GBC with Thailand being one of his first zonal assignments; he became the GBC of Australia in 1987. He is well remembered in Australia as being a strong advocate for Book Distribution. However, he is also known for not being able to control his sexual desires and this recent incident is the second incident to be brought to the attention of the GBC body. The first incident in the 90’s, also in Bangkok Thailand, was kept hushed up but he was reprimanded and according to some reports he was reprimanded by the GBC and was made to stop initiating disciples for a period of time.

In this latest incident, it is claimed that he was confronted by one of his long time disciples when he was observed walking in the street arm and arm with a prostitute. It must be noted that it is rather disturbing that an ISKCON Sannyāsa Guru is visiting prostitutes in Thailand and especially in Bangkok which is notorious for its prostitution trade since the 60’s with a high percentage of sexually transmitted disease what to speak of a high prevalence of HIV /AIDS among sex workers which has increased since 2005 due to public indifference.

As far as we could find out so far; Prahladananda Swami the Sannyāsa Minister and Janananda Goswami have been dispatched to Australia to do ‘damage control’ and ‘confronted’ the Swami on the 5th of this month. The Australian Yatra who are slowly becoming more educated with regards to the corrupt ways of the GBC and ISKCON Gurus are now in up roar at yet another fall down by a Sannyāsa Guru.

Prabhavishnu's disciples "crying like children"

Crying Mother PrabhavishnuMegha says: My parents are both initiated by Prabhavishnu Swami. And today I found them crying their eyes out like children, hearing that -- the guru they had taken shelter in -- had fallen. It has brought tears also to my eyes to see both my parents in such a distressing situation. Srila Prabhupada is our only shelter. JAI SRILA PRABHUPADA!

[PADA: Very nice, yes let all these foolish imitation acharyas fall by the wayside, and lets ALL take shelter of Srila Prabhupada. That is how we are winning this argument over time; As these gurus fall away one by one, we always pick up a certain amount of their ex-disciples to join our idea of worship of HDG Srila Prabhupada. Incidentally, there are a number of people down there who are really upset now in OZ / Australia. They are really not AT ALL happy how all this debauchery and prostitution behavior was COVERED UP for years and years by the bogus GBC. There are some folks there who now want to rout out and dismantle "the good ole boys club." Is about time! Of course they also covered up for Harikesha, Satsvarupa, Kirtanananda, Bhavananda, Jayatirtha, Ramesvara, Hansadutta, Bhagavan, and so on and so forth, so this (cheating) process is now happening all over again, that's all. Megha has the right idea, worship the pure devotee and not these false messiahs! ys pd]

In Whose Arms Is Prabhavisnu Now?

Angry Mother – Australia: Well sure my heart goes out to all those god brothers and sisters of mine who still hold a candle for Prabhavisnu but I will not think good of him ever again. For years I battled on washing dishes, cleaning nappies and cooking for my husband as he worked his butt off and gave so much of it to Prabhavisnu. How much did we do for him over the years I cannot imagine! How much we went without because guru Mahārāja needed money for his service in Katmandu or to build his house in Vṛndāvan or his preaching in Russia when we needed money for our family! How many times did I buy secondhand stuff for us all because gurudev needed more money?

Prabhavishnu Swamis Thai GirlfriendsWe heard that he is in Thailand somewhere with his girlfriend? What is that all about? His girlfriend who he has yet to drop the big question? Who is this woman and how did they meet? How did a sannyāsī guru meet a woman, a shop keeper? Did he meet her at a pub or in her shop? Why does it matter? Well it matters to us because he was our guru, a pure devotee who Krishna had sent to us to take us back home to Godhead. Now he is pillow talking with some woman who we don’t know whether she is a devotee or not? It matters because I know some of my godsisters who refuse to accept that he is less than a pure devotee and they still do puja to him and offer bhog to him, of course it matters! I am sure she is not a devotee so how is this possible I want to understand. Please tell me my dear god sisters how can you still think he is a pure devotee?

When we got married we had to ‘associate’ for six months under the hawk eyes of the Temple President along with the rest of the Temple! But he can sneak around and have a girlfriend who has no idea he wants to marry her? How is it he can do as he pleases and we couldn’t????  Why is he allowed to do what he wants without the constraints of the regulative principle of illicit sex? Who are his authorities now? How different is he now to us? We are both initiated devotees of ISKCON and he a guru and sannyāsī was with a karmi woman? To think we have been teaching our children to worship him for all these years and for him to be their guru?!? What do you have to say for this now my god sisters and brothers? Ramai Swami? Devamrita Swami! What do you say to my children? Well I will never let you near my children!!!

Oh please give us a break will you if you think that he is as pure as the driven snow! We heard about his visiting prostitutes way back and we refused to believe it then but we now know we were the ones who were ripped off by him and the GBCs! So please spare me the agony of listening to you bleat on about how he is still a pure devotee who is enjoying some līlā with his Thai gopi girlfriend.

You may say okay mataji calm down don’t be offensive! But will you give me back all those years and all that we sacrificed for him? Okay I am angry and will deal with it I have to for my kids and my husband’s sake but I am angry and you have no right to say to me to calm down. I will calm down but in my time and my way.

I want to say to all the bhaktas and bhaktins out there to stop listening to any of the disciples of these gurus, like my husband and I were they are all in some stupid illusion that a mundane guru is a pure devotee. Nothing they say is true and they are all full of it. I know I am not committing an offence because our gurudev is a pervert and they all said he was a freaking pure devotee! We said he was a pure devotee! How can you believe the disciples?

To tell you the truth why should you listen at all to any GBC or Temple authority? They all knew about Prabhavisnu and covered it up for years! They are as bad as he is. I can tell you, don’t on any terms support the GBC or Temple President until they get honest with us and stop lying all the time. Do not give any money to any guru under any circumstances. Take shelter of Prabhupāda and no one else as these people will rip you off like Paul Barrow did us.

You know Prabhavisnu was our savior after our whole yatra was destroyed by the poofter Bhavananda who was exposed and now look what happened both the bona fide spiritual masters that ISKCON offered us are now exposed as being sexually deviant. What do we expect to follow as the GBC and gurus make plans for our spiritual future? To hell with them!

Resignation Letter from Prabhavishnu explained

To the members of the GBC and devotees of ISKCON
Dear Maharajas and prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad!

It is with deep regret that I wish to inform you that I have resigned from all positions of leadership within ISKCON, including GBC member, sannyas, and initiating guru. This is because in recent times I have not been able to maintain the required spiritual standards for those who hold such positions.

[PADA, Santa Barbara, California: Notice that the ISKCON GBC has now concocted a policy of re-making the status of "guru, acharya, sum total of the demigods, assistant to Radharani" i.e. the diksha guru, into some sort of corporate managerial post where one is voted in, "censured" by the corporate committee, and one can then "resign" just like Satsvarupa "resigned." They have gone far away from the original idea -- that the acharya is a position of being the eternal associate (parisad) of God, and so now -- the acharya is just some mundane official corporate post.]

Prabhavishnu Das (PVD): I have become physically and mentally exhausted due to constant travel and managerial pressures. It has been especially draining for me to try to solve disputes amongst devotees, as I am by nature a non-conflictive type of person.

[PADA: You are promoting a "guru system" which regularly bans, beats and sometimes assassinates our Prabhupadanuga vaishnavas, but you are a "non-conflictive" sort of guy? Why are you promoting and supporting a system that is creating all these conflicts, if not violence?]

PVD: I have travelled almost constantly throughout my life since childhood and now I feel the need to settle in one place where I find the climate and culture to be agreeable my physical and mental nature. I am considering staying in Thailand as I find it to be such a place, and as I have also developed some affection for a person there who is decent, kind-hearted, diligent and humble.

[PADA: OK, you have affection for some woman in Thailand, goody. Actually that is great that you can have affection for someone, but -- how come you have for the past 35 years had absolutely no affection for your God brothers while your guru clique systematically banned, beat and assassinated us?]

PVD: If that works out for me then I certainly hope to render some service to ISKCON there. If not, then I would hope to try and live in an ISKCON temple or community, perhaps in South India. I am very sorry to have let you all down. I have never asked to be put in any of these positions of leadership, but by Krsna’s arrangement they have been conferred upon me.

[PADA: OK, you were asked if you would take the post of a acharya / messiah for ISKCON by other similar people who had hi-jacked that post -- and you agreed. Sorry, this was not laid at your feet, you wanted to be worshiped as another GBC sum total of all the demigods messiah and when it was offered -- you took it. If that post is artificially conferred on you, its your duty to reject that false conferring process. And in the same way, if someone artificially gets a certificate, "You Are Now A Bona Fide Brain Surgeon," that person cannot go and start opening up people's heads with a power saw, and then when arrested for murder, argue, well -- I was given a certificate to perform these operations? No, you have to reject that bogus certification, or else you are a criminal.]

PVD: I have tried my best, but somehow I no longer feel able to continue in such capacity. Nevertheless, I have always been very happy in ISKCON from the moment I joined till the present. It has been a great honour for me to have had the opportunity to render some service to Srila Prabhupad’s movement, and to have had all of your association. I hope to be able to continue to maintain contact with devotees, visit ISKCON temples from time to time and render service to ISKCON in the future.

Once again my deepest apologies to you all. Kindly forgive any mistakes that I have made or any offences that I may have committed to any of you.

I hope this finds you in good health and Krsna conscious mood,

Your unqualified servant,
Prabhavisnu das.

[PADA: You mean to tell me he never knew he was not the sum total of the demigods? He just now figured that out? He was being worshipped as a pure devotee / acharya / maid servant of Radharani, and he did not know he was unfit for that worship? No, he knew all along, he just cheated people, the cheaters and the cheated. ys pd]


The “Acharyadeva” has no Bhakti…
ISKCON’s False “Acharyadevas”

by Madhudvisa dasa   

You are trying to introduce people to a different Acharayadeva. And that is a great disaster. Because your “Acharyadeva” and all the other so-called “Acharyadevas” in ISKCON are presenting a different message to the message we are getting from the real Acharyadeva, Srila Prabhupada.

Hridayananda Howard Resnik Cheater GuruDear Mataji

Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I am very sorry to hear of your husband’s experiences leading him to temporarily lose faith in Srila Prabhuapda and the process of saddhana-bhakti he has taught us. That is the great disaster that all this politics and diplomacy.

So many devotees come to Krishna consciousness and leave disgusted with ISKCON and also disgusted with the “Ritviks” because in both camps there is so much politics and diplomacy. So many camps who all have their own separate interest and who are pushing that.

In ISKCON you and your husband are in the Hridyananda Maharaja camp. You call him the “Acrayadeva” but the real Acharaydeva is Srila Prabhupada and my interest is in helping people to come in contact with the real Acaryadeva, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

You are trying to introduce people to a different Acharayadeva. And that is a great disaster. Because your “Acharyadeva” and all the other so-called “Acharyadevas” in ISKCON are presenting a different message to the message we are getting from the real Acharyadeva, Srila Prabhupada.

Your husband’s whole presentation is based on trying to justify the rather bizarre point that if the “Acharyadeva” falls down that does not mean he was not properly authorized. If the “Acharyadeva” falls down he was never an “Acharyadeva” in the first place. Authorization is not the only qualification of the “Acharyadeva.” That is actually a correct point on the part of your husband and Krishna Kant is incorrect on this point. One can be properly authorized to do something but still he has independence. He can use that independence in any way he likes at any time. So someone properly authorized for example in the material world to act on behalf of some company and collect money on behalf of that company is authorized to do that. But that does not mean that at some point he can not misuse his independence and steal the money and keep it for himself instead of delivering it to the company he is supposedly representing.

We always have this independence to “fall down.” We can disobey the orders of Krishna, we can disobey the orders of the real “Acharyadeva.” That is our minute independence and we will always have it.

But a real “Acharyadeva” does not fall down… He has passed this point. He has no longer any attachement to the body or the things related to the body. He has no attachment to the subtle manifestations of sex life:profit addoration and distinction, he is passed the point of fall-down. How can one who is still on the bodily platform of life be the “Acharyadeva?” It is not at all possible.

So the point your husband has completely missed is that although one may have been properly authorized that is only part of the qualification. One has to also follow all the instructions of Srila Prabhupada and must also be simply repeating what he has heard from Srila Prabhupada, and most importantly, he needs to be “brahma nistham,” fixed on the spiritual platform.

Authorization does not guarantee that the person who is authorized will actually properly follow the instructions given by the person who has authorized him.

Prabhupada authorized so many of his devotees to do so many things and so many of them failed in some way and fell down. That fall down was not due to them being not properly authorized, but due to them not properly following Prabhupada’s instructions and due to them not being “brahma nistham,: self realized. It is not Prabhupada’s fault and it is not because they were not properly authorized.

This argument of Krishna Kant’s that Prabhupada’s disciples are not authorized to become diksa gurus is completely bogus. All of Prabhupada’s disciples are authorized to become the guru of the whole world. The order is open. But the qualification must be there. And that qualification is very sublime and very simple and so very rare. It is a topic one could write on for a long time. But it is a platform that actually has to be attained before allowing foolish disciples to falsely glorify one with elevated titles like “Acharyadeva.”

Srila Prabhuapda gives the example that you can glorify any ordinary man and call him a great man and if he hears this enough he will believe it. He will think, “Yes. I am a great man and everyone should worship me…” You can call one man a King, and every time you see him bow down to him and glorify him and praise him and ignore his obvious defects and pretend he is something he is not at all. And if you get your friends to do this also very soon that ordinary man will be convinced he is the “Acharyadeva.” That is how ISKCON goes on. There is another story, you know it, about the Emperors New Clothes. One expert tailor was appointed by the King to prepare some very fine new clothes for the King. The tailor was very qualified, the best in the country, and he was preparing the clothes very expertly from the most costly materials. The problem was somehow the King could not see the clothes. But everyone was so convinced about the qualifications of the tailor that they thought the cloths were so fine and so beautiful and somehow it was their defect that they could not see the clothes. Everyone was too embarrassed to admit they could not see the fine new cloths that obviously the King could see and all his other advanced ministers could see.

So the day came and finally the new cloths were finished and finally the King was able to wear his new cloths in public. Of course all the people were too embarrassed to admit they could not see the Kings new cloths and actually they were seeing a naked man there. Everyone was commenting on how beautiful the King’s new cloths were.

That is of course until one young boy, who had no idea about this politics and diplomacy and could not care less what the people thought of him exclaimed, “The King has no clothes…” Some others caught on and the people could realize that actually the King had no cloths on. It was not their fault that they could not see the cloths. Actually there were no cloths…

So, at least for the most part, the ISKCON guru system is like this. These “Acharyadevas” are surrounded by so many foolish followers who accept their “Acharyadeva” as a paramahamsa, a topmost pure devotee who they believe is capable of delivering them back home back to Godhead. And they are encouraged by all the other followers of the “Acharyadeva” who surround them and reassure them of the qualities of the “Acharyadeva…” And, like the King with no clothes, when surrounded by so many big ministers and subjects glorifying his new cloths, actually believes that he is wearing some fine new cloths, when in reality he is standing there stark naked for everyone to see, the ISKCON “Acharyadevas” actually believe they are pure devotees, paramahamsas, the topmost liberated persons, that everyone should offer them respect, that everyone should surrender to them and server them… Even though they have no taste for chanting Hare Krishna and are still full of material desires and are not seeing Krishna at every moment. And they actually know this also… It is a type of madness. And it has driven a lot of the “Acharyadevas” to madness and mental breakdowns leaving their followers lost bewildered and broken-hearted.

So ISKCON needs someone like the young boy who called out, “The King has no clothes…”  We need to call out quite loudly in ISKCON that “The Acharyadevas have no bhakti….” We are supposed to be teaching people how to develop love for Krishna. That is the whole point of Krishna consciousness. So if we do not love Krishna. If the whole purpose of our life is not serving Krishna, by serving Krishna’s pure devotee, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, then we are not at all qualified to be called the “Acharyadeva…”

So you are part of a great scam. And I know when you are surrounded by all those people saying “Look at the King’s fine clothes, it is hard to call out, “The King has no clothes.” But that is what you have to do. Otherwise your spiritual life and the spiritual life of your “Acharayadeva” and all his other followers is doomed.

We have to be honest. The last time I saw your “Acharyadeva” was when he visited us at ITV in Topanga Canyon maybe a year ago. Nrsimhananda Prabhu invited him for a “Japa walk.” He arrived without any devotional clothing, without any neck beads, without any tilok, without any bead bag, without any chanting beads, without even a clicker that some devotees use to chant. We went on a walk in the Topanga State Park and we were chanting Japa but the “Acharyadeva” did not mummer even one mantra: “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare… Not even once. Then he came back to the house and accepted a breakfast of cheerios and talked prajalpa. Nothing connected with Krishna at all.

These are not the activities of the “Acharyadeva.” So I am sorry that I am the one bearing the news. But “The Acharayadeva has no bhakti.” And I have given a hint in my previous email as to the most likely reason for this lack of bhakti in the “Acharyadeva.” It is offenses to Srila Prabhupada and to the Vaisnavas.

The “Acharyadeva” has to come to terms with this and admit these offenses and beg forgiveness from Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnavas. Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnavas will, of course, easily forgive the “Acharyadeva” for his offences, that is the nature of the Vaisnavas. But he has to admit the offenses and humbly beg forgiveness for them.

If you do not know the offenses I am speaking of you can ask the “Acharyadeva.” He will let you know.

He and his ten other co-conspirators took over Prabhupada’s movement, claiming they were 11 “Acharyadevas…”  But look what happened….

They were not qualified. And they are still not qualified…

I am sorry to say, but you better listen or your spiritual lives will be destroyed, just like the Acharyadeva has destroyed the spiritual lives of thousands of others who have surrendered to him in the past, he has a lot of blood on his hands… “The Acharyadeva has no bhakti…”

Why? That question you should ask him…

This is a very important email and could make the difference between a disaster and the spiritual world for you.

Please take shelter of Srila Prabhupada. Please actually follow the system of saddhana bhakti, Krishna consciousness, that Srila Prabhuapda has taught us. Please rise before 4:00 AM in the morning, offer Mangal Aroti to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya, please chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra every day, please strictly follow the four regulative principles: no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication. And please be engaged in serving Srila Prabhuapda and Krishna 24 hours a day. Chant Hare Krishna constantly and read Srila Prabhupada’s books constantly. Make serving Srila Prabhupada and Krishna your whole life’s activity. Do not do anything else.

You can not tell who is the real Acharyadeva unless you are quite spiritually advanced yourself. That is the problem. There are 3 stages of advancement in Krishna consciousness. kanistha, madhyam and uttama. Only when one reaches the madhyam platform can he actually distinguish the real “Acharyadeva” from the unlimited number of imitation “Acharyadevas”.

So it is a little difficult. To advance in Krishna consciousness you need the guru and to work out who is actually the guru you need to be advanced in Krishna consciousness. So what to do? The obvious answer is that we know Srila Prabhupada is the qualified guru so we have no choice but to take shelter of him and follow his instructions and advance to at least the madhyam platform so we can see who is qualified and who is not qualified. And if Srila Prabhupada helps us advance to the madhyam platform then if we stick with Srila Prabhupada and accept him as the “Acharyadeva” he will also help us advance to the platform of uttama-adhikari. If we actually surrender to him and follow his instructions and serve him and hear from him submissively. Then if we are actually on that very rarely achieved platform of uttama-adhikari, then we have the qualification of the “Acharyadeva.” Otherwise we are simply like the King with no clothes. Everyone can see the King has no clothes actually, they are simply too embarrassed to say it.

So in conclusion your husband’s debate with Krishna Kant is pointless. Yes. There are so many faults in Krishna Kant’s “Final Order,” but your husband’s faulty logic is that “Krishna Kant’s paper is faulty therefore my “Acharyadeva” is pure….” It is very a very foolish, sentimental and not at all logical premise to make. It is a great mistake and a great logical flaw on the part of your husband…

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

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Madhudvisa dasa


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