Ramai Swami - John Patane

bogus ISKCON GBC, Guru, Sannyasi

Ramai Swami: (John Patane -- co-GBC Australia)

In 2008 Ramai Swami was a chairman of the Governing Body Commission and GBC for Australia.

Said to live jet set life-style and has supported the homosexual pedophile worship lineage. He militantly bans the worshippers of the non-pedophile lineage (i.e. Srila Prabhupada's). Recently, an ex-gurukuli vandalized his expensive SUV out of frustration. Alleged frequent movie-goer. Spends thousands of Srila Prabhupada's money on his penchant for rock and roll musical instruments, cars, busses and vans to carry the equipment from town to town. Alleged some purchases using gurukula tax ex scams. Bhaktas (his "boys") can be seen running along the street with buckets and "Food For Life" badges collecting money from people to support the maharaja's lifestyle. A recent equipment purchase (at Toowoombah) cost fourteen thousand dollars. This adds to a collection that amounts to thousands upon thousands of dollars. Perhaps this is a good start to investigate "Food For Life" fraud and personal use of charity funds.

Ramai Swami said the movement years ago had admitted there had been serious child abuse at some boarding schools, for which it had expressed profound regret. It had put in place mechanisms to prevent it happening again. He added that a number of the abused, to whom the movement had apologised, were now taking legal action through Mr Turley. He agreed the movement had been targeted by paedophiles who had abused its trust. Ramai Swami said he knew of only one Australian case of abuse by a Krishna member. It was years ago and involved a young girl in Adelaide in an incident outside the Krishna school.