Letter  to Sivarama Maharaj

from Adridarana dasa

"This book exposes a lifetime of philosophical deviations by someone I used to regard as being a bona fide guru. It has opened my eyes. Shocking."

– Former disciple of
Sivarama Swami

"For years I never questioned what my ‘Guru Maharaja’ Sivarama Swami said, because I thought whatever he spoke was coming directly from Krishna. After reading this book, I now know that I was cheated. I urge all his disciples to read '100 Deviations' and learn the truth."

– Former disciple of
Sivarama Swami

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Shivaram Swami
Sivaram Swami looks envious and creepy
bogus guru - most disgusting toad person

Dear Sivarama Maharaj  (from Adridarana dasa),

AD: Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. I hope you are completely recovered from your fever. Regarding your message:

(It is a shame that things are degenerated in Calcutta & Bangalore, that we must now pass strict GBC resolutions.)

AD: It is very sad that a member of the GBC should see our position as in any way degenerate when all we are doing is asking why the system Srila Prabhupada personally authorised was ever stopped. It seems that the degeneration is within the GBC. The GBC was never authorised to change or invent or concoct, and that is practically all you do these days. Srila Prabhupada said 'change means rascal', and yet your minutes this year openly admit that you have changed things, are changing, and will continue to change things. You go on:

('You have the right to think as you do, everyone has free will, but my request is that you accept the directive of the GBC. If you cannot do that, be a gentleman, do not try to take ISKCON's properties & do not go to court. Srila Prabhupada condemned the Gaudiya Math for the very same thing.')

[PADA: Sivarama swami's party is famous ALL OVER THE WORLD for calling in the mundane court systems into force to harass, oppress, and drive out the devotees. Of course, Sivarama's party violent goons have also physcially assaulted and killed devotees when their legal tirades do not work. His party just now spent a fortune on their Harikesha BBTI court case. In sum, innocent devotees have been beaten and KILLED due to his party's neanderthal rhetoric, and vast fortunes have been spent by his party on legal haggling.

Meanwhile, 500 cows are missing and considered as slaughtered in India? Meanwhile, there are scant funds to help the children who were molesteed, and so on? Meanwhile the GBC are still threatening to kick out a new wave of devotees with their violent - legal eagle program. Yet, now Sivarama is talking about his party being "gentlemen"? No. His party has a long and dark history of using violent thugs and legal tricks against the devotees, to support their homosexual pedophile guru lineage, and now he is saying that this is the behavior of gentlemen? Worse, Sivarama is "voted in as guru" at the re-coronation of a known homosexual pedophile, which harmed innocent children, and again: this is gentleman's behavior?

Even pigs, dogs, monkeys, even cockroaches, do not have "illicit sex with men, women and children" like Sivarama's guru lineage? Sivarama's lineage is not even up to the standard of a cockroach, and yet he is talking all about "gentlemen" and "guru"? This means his party is insulting the real guru. Of course, since his party has a growing body of evidence against it of "poison of the guru," he is merely poisoning things further with his juxtaposing "less than pig" and "guru," to destroy and poison "guru" further.]

AD: A gentleman does not run away from his spiritual master's mission. Srila Prabhupada gave me my service, and I will only stop when he wants me to. You have not said anything to convince me that you are representing Srila Prabhupada on this issue. Your pamphlet 'Continuing the Parampara' was clearly defeated. But worse than that (for you) it was contradicted by the GBC paper 'Disciple of my Disciple.'

[PADA: Good point. The GBC papers always contradict one another. There are thousands of examples but here are a few: one paper says that Sridhara Maharaja is the GBC's "higher authority," then another paper more or less says he is a demon. One edict says that Narayan Maharaja has to be consulted for the GBC's (bogus) reinitiations program, then another edict de facto says Narayan Maharaja is a bogus rasika guru who should be banned from ISKCON temples.

One paper says the the GBC's gurus have "assumed the position of nikunja yuno servants of the gopis," then another paper says: they are not even qualified to discuss the gopis. One paper gives them pada titles, then another paper takes away their pada titles. And so on and so forth ad infinitum....]

AD: Thus you are defeated from both our side and your own. Why should I take you seriously. Please come here so we can talk and you show me why I should take you seriously when you contradict the very body you are now defending, and who are trying to stop my service to Srila Prabhupada.

The Gaudiya Matha fought over bricks and false acaryship. Since you do not agree with fighting in court, if I take you to court will you just surrender, and give up your bricks and false acaryship? I think you will fight. But if you fight me in court, according to you, you will be disobeying Srila Prabhupada. Why did you fight Hamsadutta if fighting in court is wrong?

[PADA: Because they are hypocrites. "Oh ye hypocrites, sons of vipers" as the Bible says. The Pharisees and smartas always criticize other's legal defense, but they themselves hire lawyers to attack the devotees.]

AD: I am not interested just in bricks, and I do not want to be an initiating acarya like you because I see no authorisation for doing so, so you need not fear I will be like the Gaudya Matha. Strange that you condemn the Gaudiya Matha on the one hand, but then get siksha from them on the other on how to run your guru system.

[PADA: Good point. For example, the GBC's Gaudiya Matha "advisor" ghost-wrote the 1978 GBC report, almost in total, yet the GBC has never declared that those who posted that report are bogus fools and Gaudiya Matha collaborators.]

AD: How are you representing Srila Prabhupada when the moment he leaves you consult the person most responsible for the destruction of the Gaudiya Matha?

[PADA: Good point, also, the GBC made known "homosexual anartha" persons into gurus, and the Gaudiya Matha's big guru plot ended up being a homosexual guru conspiracy as well.]

AD: You say: ('If you want to remain with this rtvik teaching, leave ISKCON, its devotees, members and properties and start something on your own.')

AD: But I don't want to leave my spiritual master's mission. I could just as easily say the disciples belong to Srila Prabhupada, if you were a gentleman you would acknowledge this and start your own mission. What do you mean by 'ritvik teaching'? Srila Prabhupada personally put this system in place as a continuation of the system that was already the standard practise within ISKCON. You changed it, and now you are saying I shouldn't talk about it and if I do I must leave! You must be joking. I am not going anywhere, unless Srila Prabhupada desires it. You go on:

('For me I have had this rtvik for many years and have never been able to find one iota of sense in its siddhanta. Your presentation at the GBC meeting convinced me there is "no change" in rtvik, it is as boring, uninspired and unphilosophiocal as it ever was.')

[PADA: That is because Sivarama is voted in as guru with a known homosexual pedophile. That's what he finds interesting and exciting. Why would someone want to be "voted in as guru" with a known homosexual pedophile's re-coronation anyway?]

AD: But you have been defeated from both our side and your own. Your position is so senseless that even amongst yourselves you cannot decide how gurus were authorised, when gurus were authorised, which gurus were authorised, what type of gurus were authorised etc. etc.

[PADA: Good points. For example, some GBCs now admit that there never was a guru appointment, while Jayapataka swami still claims that some gurus were "named" i.e. appointed. Other GBC papers say that the guru is "voted in by 2/3 show of hands," while Virabahu's followers say that the GBC is bogus for voting in gurus, because the guru is not voted in. Contradictions --and so on.]

AD: Your siddhanta is the siddhanta of change, speculation and deviation. I have asked for your official siddhanta on guru tattva, where is it? You cannot agree on anything accept that you want to take disciples and if anyone disagrees you will kick them out. It is gunda siddhanta not Vaisnava. Again please give me one reason why I should take your position seriously? How is my spiritual master's direct order 'boring'? what are you saying? Jayapataka Maharaj is crying in front of his disciples because he wants guru puja; one minute you all vote one way, the next minute you all vote the opposite; Ravindra reads Pradyumna's bogus Gaudiya Matha infected letter and you all applaud like it is some great revelation. How are you representing my spiritual master?

Why should I take you seriously? You were a blind follower & admirer of Jayatirtha, who became a drug addict and got his head decapitated & then without learning a lesson you sold out to Bhagavan who turned out to be another fraud. You still did not learn a lesson. You went & surrendered to an ordinary person like Narayan Maharaj & diverted the attention of hundred's of ISKCON devotees to the Gaudiya Math.

[PADA: Yep, Sivarama's party started the stampede to go to the Gaudiya Matha.]

AD: Now you are holier than thou, sitting on a pedestal asking me to leave ISKCON like a gentleman. If anyone has taken ISKCON'a assets, it's you board of gurus. The first opportunity & you grab whatever you can. Kirtananda took a big chunk, followed by Bhavananda, Bhagavan, Jagadish. Your latest hero Harikesh took more than he could digest in his lifetime & on top of that you have offered him further chunks to keep his goodwill. You bought properties in the Dham in the name of trusts using Prabhupada's money thru disciples, claiming the money they collect as yours.

[PADA: Yep. Follow the money and you will see what Sivarama is really moaning about.]

AD: You've already taken assets without leaving. I can only imagine how much you'll grab once the pressure begins to mount. One sees the world just as one sees himself (tmavan manyate jagat). Many of you are doing the same thing & not one protest, so it looks like honesty among thieves & now you are telling me to leave!!

Now you have been extorted by over a million dollars by the biggest most powerful guru of last Mayapur, who has suddenly revealed that he is actually a big demon. The whole thing has become farce, and even though it is against my nature I must take a stand. Maharaj, if at all you have been consistent, it has been on the wrong side. When will you be on the right side?

(' Please drop this nonsense and continue to serve ISKCON and resolve our problems from within. That is what Srila Prabhupada wanted.')

[PADA: And Sivarama's party are the first to call the police to get you arrested for even visting their violent thug stronghold.]

AD: But all the nonsense is coming from your side. Your gurus are all falling or contradicting each other or becoming demons. Please tell me what is nonsense about following Srila Prabhupada's orders on initiation? Please come and discuss with me, unlike you I am not into this banning and throwing out business. You can always come to Calcutta Temple as long as I am here.

Y.S Adri 

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Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!

Shivarama Swami