Sivaram / Vipramukhya
Jaggadish - Jeffrey Hickey
Virabahu - Marcos Zafarani


from: prabhupadanugas
Subject: Homos are hanging out together...for reason?

Dear Puranjana Prabhu, paoho, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Thanks for all your good service to Srila Prabhupada's divine Mission!

A few interesting things about Sivarama "swami" ... He's one of the Tamal's best friends, and we all know Sivarama was voted in as guru with a known pedophile. He is also directly responsible for involving another known homosexual, Boy George, to "represent" iskcon in the biggest public blop-concert ever (Gauranga Bhajan Band in Russia some years ago). He also hung Boy George's picture up in the Manor.

Shivaram Swami
Shivaram Swami
looks envious
and creepy

Sivarama is known as having very 'sensitive' private connections to BB Govinda swami, and they've been seen many times, both in UK and India in a very unusual ways. Sivarama is also one of the loudest members of Tamal's gopi-bhava-club, wherein the GBC is trying to establish that known pedophile recoronations are part of the activities of the "assistants of the gopis." Sivarama is also one of the most stubborn defenders of GBC cover-ups over homosexual scandals, and in fact he was voted in as guru during one of the worst cover-ups.

He invited Vipramukhya, another person voted in at the pedophile guru recoronation and cover-up, to manage Bh. Manor and encouraged him to start the 'Chakra' agency. Besides that, Sivarama is known as a person who loves opulence (sign of sannyasa?) and there are many rumors of his secret bank-accounts, golden swiss-watches, expensive clothes and business-class royal travel-arrangements, plus private posessions like house(s?), cars, motorhomes, personal servants and money-collectors, etc. In fact, the GBC is right now making "resolutions" about their gurus private money funds, because of these types of perceptions and problems, witness Harikesha's million dollars fraud of ISKCON.

ex Swami
Wayne Boyd

Sivarama is always seen to wash his hands from any responsibility by calling attention to blind obedience to a 'big 11 club' (who already crumbled to pieces due to falldowns and scandals of all sorts). Sivarama and Vipramukhya were discovered by some of my friends, some dozen years ago, to be responsible for electronic 'bugging' brahmacari-ashrams and Sankirtana vans in UK with spy-mikes, purchased in local surveillance shops ... to "know what exactly devotees think in private about their leaders"... Prithu das was also helping the 'policeman/watchdog' mood in UK at the time of these scumbags fallen Jayatirtha showdown.

Sivarama is the man who threatens anyone wishing to sell (unchanged) SP books in Southall, UK with violence, since "this disturbs his Hindu-donors". Doesn't it look peculiar that such person like Sivarama was 'voted' in as guru in 1986, during the infamous reinstatement of Bhavananda's as diksha-guru, in the peak of his homosexual affairs worldwide? Some Vaishnavas are suspicious that the whole gang of 'gurus' that were 'voted' at the same homo-meeting, were/are themselves - homosexuals? Unless some contra-proof could be forwarded, Vaishnavas are forced to find many logical, factual connections between enforced worship of homosexuals in post '77 iskcon and immense scandals that have been incited and conducted by those, very same homosexuals promoted as 'gurus' during the bogus 'voting gbc meetings' in 1986, Mayapura.

Their ugly and scandalous 22 year long 'score-list' is rather proving their very deliberate involvement in trying to make Prabhupada's name dirty, and control over all of the strategic Iskcon resources - in order to destroy them! What do you, sleepy iskcon people think about it? Pure coincidence or - something else...? ys, Ganapati & Prabhupadanugas

[PADA: It is no coincidence. For example, the local guru here was Rohini Kumar swami, a homosexual, and Svavasa said he was like Srila Prabhupada. Rohimi Kumar is still allowed to float around ISKCON. Bhavananda is still allowed to float around ISKCON. Lokanatha is still allowed to float around ISKCON. Dhanurdahra is still allowed to float around ISKCON. Harikesha, Jayatirtha, Jaggadish et al. are also: wife stealers and thus de facto pedophiles, according to Srila Prabhupada. He says that a "guru" who aggress female disciples is like a father having sex with a daughter. More pedo-padas. Jaggadish is still floating around ISKCON, and the ex-disciple husband is missing his child and wife and is suffering. Your guru steals your wife and child? Heinous.

Virabahu alias
Marcos Zafarani

Their other guru here, Virabahu alias Marcos Zafarani, is well known to have been voted in as guru at a known homosexual pedophile's recoronation. Hridayananda, another guru here, was presiding over that recoronation. Their first guru here was Ramesvara, another de facto pedophile. The leaders here also supported Kirtanananda, Bhavananda, and other homosexuals and/or pedophiles as gurus.

They all support the other gurus who were voted in at a known homosexual pedophile recoronation. Jayapataka is also a guru here, because he is the founder and presiding reinstator of homosexual pedophile gurus. Sura, Svavasa, Amarendra and Govinda Datta all refuse to sign a paper that says homosexual pedophile lineages are bogus. Did we forget to mention, wife stealer padas, pedo-padas, homo-pedo padas, murderer of dissident padas? Simply luvley!

You become what you worship, that is the first teaching of Bhagavad Gita. Thus, if you worship a pedo-lineage, that will give you, well, pedo-mania! Duh!]

Letter to Sivarama Maharaj

Jagadisha das - alias Jeffrey Hickey

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!