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[Posted February 23, 2008]

Hare Krsna Prominent link members,

Umapati Swami 2004
Umapati Swami - 2004
has homosex with disciples
calls himself Swami - Guru
what a joke such nonsense

Recently in Vrndavan Umapati prabhu (Swami?) was again confronted about his homosexual activities with his "disciples". He of course denied it like he has in the past. However this time a prominent devotee who has been preaching in China for years came forward and gave lots of evidence so Umapati submitted to the accusations.

Similar to when Bhavananda in 1985 at New Vrndavan denied his nefarious activities and lied in front of Prabhupada, the GBC and godbrothers until Krsna Chandar dasa signed an affidavit saying that Bhav had indeed had a relationship with him.

Now, Umapati still wants to remain a swami-guru-hypocrite so the GBC are conferring with each other so we may have another Satsvarupa title "retired swami-guru' being put on someone. I guess they are figuring out how much damage control they can get away with.

Anyway the sickness is spreading and they will still lie, cheat, swear and do anything to keep people from surrendering to Srila Prabhupada as long as their deck of cards are standing.

Mahasrnga dasa

Dear Umapati prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
I pay my obeisances to the soul within that old body which includes a lying hypocritical mind.

I extended my hand, help and encouragement to you in my previous letter for being so kind to me when I fell down.  However you lied to my face, denied all accusations, fained complete innocence and claimed envious people were trying to defame you.

Now the 'cat is out of the bag' and you will have a hard time spinning the same "innocent" lies to the assembled devotees.

You should thank Chandrasekar prabhu for being such a good friend and trying to help you before your soul leaves that body. I've read your confession letter posted on the internet. I tried to explain before that you will not be a 'guru sannyasi' in the spiritual world so please stop this hypocrisy and pray to Srila Prabhupada for his mercy.

I will be coming to Mayapur in the very near future and if you are still posing as a swami wearing saffron cloth, then we will have words.

Your close friend Kirtananda is a dirty old man, in a wheel chair and  still looking for young boys; Hayagriva has died of aids and you only have a few short years left.  You three had the same mentality when you joined but just could not pull out those weeds. 

Utilize the time you have left to develop some honesty and integrity.  People will forgive and respect you if you stop this nonsense of thinking that you are some sort of guru and put on white .  If you continue this false charade, honest devotees will hound you until the end of this life what to speak of the next.

Your sincere friend in the service of Srila Prabhupada.
Mahasrnga dasa
Quoted from Pada Online Blog 24th Aug 2008


- Umapati glorifying Kirtanananda -
-  by Navadvipachandra das -

Umapati Swami singing Kirtanananda's Glory
Umapati Swami (current ISKCON guru), is glorifying in his
song pedophile
Kirtanananda instead of Srila Prabhupada.

My question to Umapati Swami:
by Navadvipachandra das

What exactly was your frame of thought when you wrote the English song "Prayers to the Spiritual Master". The first lines of the song go "All glories to you, Bhaktipada, Lord Krishna's servant dear, You worship at His feet and spread his message far and near. "

You wrote this song to be sung by all devotees daily in the temple at New Vrindavan during mangala arati in the place of "samsaradava". It appears, if we use our mundane intelligence to analize this, that you were removing the song Srila Prabhupada instructed us all to chant in glorification of him, and instead replacing it with some wacko song you wrote glorifying homosexual pedophile Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada.

But I know there must have been some higher spiritual reason behind your apparently mundane actions. I request you to help remove all these doubts by thoroughly and completely explaining your role in this divine lila. Since you are an initiating Guru within ISKCON, it is obvious that you must be a very advanced soul, or perhaps even liberated. So I am sure you have a good explanation for writing this glorification of pedophile Bhaktipada.

Umapati Swami's answer: "Get the Hell Out of My Life"

Umapati Swami singing Kirtanananda's Glory
Umapati Swami singing Kirtanananda's Glory
he looks like a real creep, weirdo.

In Umapati Swami's recent reply we hear the same song that all of Kirtanananda's henchmen have sung for years. Each one tries to pretend he was an ostrich with his head in the sand, not seeing a thing that went on around him. The fact is, these henchmen weren't just common you and me devotees, they were Kirtanananda's right hand men, his enforcers, and his philosophical propounders. They were the one's who actually propped Kirtanananda up and made all devotees accept him as equal to God. As Rochan prabhu pointed out in a previous article, it was the "saintly philosophers" who really gave Kirtanananda the power to control the masses.

At present, practically every former Kirtanananda leader has oozed back into a position of power in ISKCON, completely sweeping their past under the carpet. It wouldn't be too far off to say Kirtanananda is actually running ISKCON by remote control even today. His deviant philosophies and practices have silently seeped into every corner of ISKCON through his faithful "disciples", now all ISKCON GBC and Gurus.

It is a fact that Kirtanananda was a homosexual, and he attempted to install homosexual leadership throughout ISKCON. He did this primarily by awarding sannyasa (a position that was highly respected throughout the movement) to his homosexual disciples and godbrothers. The chances were if you were one of Bhaktipada's close men, or trusted leaders, you were a homosexual. He knew the more sannyasi's you had, the more control you had over ISKCON. So he gave sannyasa to all of them, and then used them to wrestle control of ISKCON.

Bhavananda did a similar thing on the other side of the world in Mayapur. He also installed homosexuals and pedophiles in all positions of authority within his zone, to make it easier for them to abuse and exploit in a very systematic manner. Both Bhavananda and Kirtanananda plotted and executed a plan of systematic exploitation, abuse and molestation in ISKCON.

Umapati Swami tries to rewrite his history

Umapati Swami wants us to forget his past, and just accept that he was the right hand man of Kirtanananda all by some unfortunate accident. He had no idea what Kirtanananda was up to or what kind of person he was. In his letter he states:

"I did not see any evidence of sexual misconduct on the part of Kirtanananda while I lived at New Vrindaban. The stories of Kirtanananda's sexual misconduct came out long after I left New Vrindaban."


"I have never in my life been part of any homosexual-freedom movement. I don't know where you got that one from."
Let me remind the readers that prior to joining ISKCON, Umapati shared an apartment with two other notorious homosexuals, Keith (later to be known as Kirtanananda) and Howard (later to be known as Hayagriva). At that time he was known as Wally, and anyone with a little knowledge of the history knows what Keith, Howard and Wally were into at those times. Umapati tries to pretend he had no idea what type of person Kirtanananda was, but the truth is, he grew up with Keith and he lived with Keith. It wasn't random chance that they lived together either. Birds of a feather flock together, as they say. If anyone knew what type of a deviant Kirtanananda was it was Umapati. All these years of intimate friendship and association between Wally, Keith and Howard, but he can't figure out a thing? He just didn't know what type of a deviant person Kirtanananda was, at least that's what Umapati wants us to believe.

I think everyone can see on these first two points it is clear Umapati Swami is lying, and anyone who studies it objectively (without the guru goggles on) will likely agree.

In his letter he goes on to say:
"When he started deviating philosophically, I opposed him in front of everyone there."
Umapati claims he opposed Kirtanananda's deviations from the very "start", presenting as though he was the stalwart defender of Prabhupada's pure teachings in New Vrindavan. But I would have to say Umapati must have really misunderstood when those deviations "started", because the history shows he was a happy participator. Not only was he wearing the Franscican robes, as he admits in his letter, but he and Hayagriva (his old homosexual buddy Howard) where the master poets who rewrote all the songs and prayers into English poetry. He didn't just participate, he led the way. Every single song from the Vaishnava song book was thrown out and rewritten into English poetry (including the mahamantra), primarily by Umapati and Hayagriva. That doesn't sound like he "opposed Kirtanananda's deviations from the very start". So again, we find Umapati Swami is lying and trying to rewrite the history just like all the Kirtanananda henchmen do.

Next, Umapati Swami tries to escape the charge that he gave sannyasa to notorious murderer Tirtha Das. He states:
"It was Kirtanananda who awarded sannyasa to Tirtha, although I performed the ceremony."

Oh, I see. After Tirtha Das was convicted in a court of law for murdering devotees, Umapati Swami went and awarded him sannyasa in the prison – but only as a ritvik representative of Kirtanananda. Now that clears up everything, why would I have ever thought anything of such a small trivial thing?

For the record, Kirtanananda was expelled from ISKCON in March of 1987,
and Umapati Swami performed the sannyasa initiation ceremony for murderer Tirtha Das in August of 1987. So even after everyone in the world knew Kirtanananda was a criminal engaged in murder, child molestation and all sorts of crimes, still Umapati didn't see anything. He obviously thought the ISKCON GBC were rascals, and he obviously thought the court that convicted Tirtha Das were fools, and so he felt it was just fine and dandy to act as Kirtanananda's ritvik to personally give sannyasa to murderer Tirtha Das in prison. Again, it's an obvious case of Umapati trying to rewrite his past. After all, now he is a guru who is supposed to be as good as God. He has to keep the image up or business won't be good.

Umapati goes on to say:

"After I left New Vrindaban, I openly repudiated Kirtanananda on more than one occasion."
Everyone repudiated Kirtanananda once they saw he wasn't the winning party. For years you propped him up, and then when you saw the grass was greener on the other side of the fence you hopped over and repudiated him. Why did you do this repudiation "after you left New Vrindavan"? For so many years you went along with his deviations, and then once you got a better place to stay, you left and repudiated him. Is that supposed to impress all the children who go molested under your nose? Or were you simultaneously repudiating him while you wrote poetry in his glorification? "All glories to you, Bhaktipada, Lord Krishna's servant dear, You worship at His feet and spread his message far and near." Yes, that was one of your all time classic poetic compositions. Some how the history you try to present just doesn't tally with your past actions.

In his letter, Umapati then switches to a strawman argument, smashing a statement we never made:
"I never accepted Kirtanananda as God. I defy you to show me any statement I ever made accepting him as such."
Nowhere did we say Umapati Swami accepted Kirtanananda as God, so there is no point in him denying it. What we did say was that he worshipped Kirtanananda as "equal to God". As everyone knows, in our Gaudiya philosophy the guru is respected as good as God. This was even more true during the times of the zonal acharyas, those same times that Umapati was propping up Kirtanananda as the purest devotee of Lord Krishna on the planet. When "saintly philosophers" such as Umapati and Radhanatha Swami were pushing everyone to surrender to the lotus feet of Kirtanananda, what could the innocent devotees do? It was the philosophers who really gave homosexual pedophile Kirtanananda the appearance of saintliness. And after growing up with him, and living with him for years, Umapati can't pretend he didn't know anything about him.

Umapati continues his letter:
"Concerning the article about JonBenet, Srila Prabhupada wanted devotees to write Krishna-conscious comments on the news, and I intend to write more."
I will let the readers go through the article and decide for themselves if it is a source of Krishna consciousness. I also find it revealing that you had not updated your website since October 6th, but the day after I sent my letter pointing out your mundane articles, immediately you post an article on "The Mercy of Srimati Radharani". An obvious attempt to make it appear as though your website had been focusing on high Gaudiya philosophy all along. Two and a half months without an update, and suddenly the next day you are covering your tracks with the topmost philosophical discussions in Gaudiya vaishnavism. Quite a jump from JonBenet Ramsey to the Mercy of Radharani.
"As far as my being a jet-setter with a credit card, well what is wrong with that? A sannyasi is supposed to travel, isn't he?"
How sannyasis are supposed to live is perhaps the subject of another article. But I find it further revealing that your idea and example of a sannyasi is someone who wears pants and shirts, has a full head of hair, works a regular 9 to 5 job like Mr. Smith, and lives outside the view of devotees or ISKCON temples. What you do with your personal life is of course your right, but this artificial show will only fool the ignorant.

Someone may complain why we are asking such difficult questions to you. They feel it would be better if we all sit together in a room with balloons and pretend everything is really swell and dandy. But you are not just the average Joe, you were and still are a leader of ISKCON. When disaster occurs under your nose, you can't just run over to the other side of the globe and start a new mess over there pretending nothing ever happened. Once the New Vrindavan mess became too much, you ran away to China to start creating new messes there. And once these new messes get big enough, you will again run away to some other place pretending none of it ever happened, and that you didn't know anything at all. We have seen these patterns in ISKCON regularly. Pose yourself as a Guru, as Lord Krishna's pure representative, create a mess, and then run pretending you never saw anything. You have a lot of experience with this yourself, as we can see from the complaints of Chinese devotees ( Already most of Tamal Krishna Goswami's Chinese disciples have rejected him and have taken to the Ritvik system, all under the nose of your spiritual guidance. And now rumors from Narayana Maharaja's people say all of your disciples in Hong Kong have rejected you and taken reinitiation from Narayana Maharaja this month. Can we really blame them? When you put on the Guru show, while trying to hide and cover up your past, it is only natural that the cover will eventually be blown.

In closing let me put one more revealing question to you:

We find from your history that you worshipped Kirtanananda as Krishna's pure representative for many years, and you encouraged all others under you to do the same. While he was engaged in child molestation, murder and all sorts of criminal acts, you worshipped him as equal to Krishna. How is it that someone who was so foolish as to worship a homosexual pedophile is somehow qualified to act as a guru and deliver spiritual knowledge to their "disciples"? What spiritual knowledge can you deliver to them? You couldn't even see the difference between a child molestor and a guru. How are you qualified to remove the spiritual ignorance of your disciples? This is just a case of blind leading the blind, and it is only a matter of time before your disciples find out your true history and reject you. Better for you to honestly turn your disciples over to Srila Prabhupada voluntarily, or they will end up leaving for Narayana Maharaj or some other Gaudiya Matha guru as they are starting to do already.

You conclude your letter with the following:
"I do find it disgusting, though, that people like you delight in harping on Kirtanananda's problems while conveniently ignoring all the help he gave to many devotees."
I find it really amazing, and I mean speechlessly amazing, how after everything you know about Kirtanananda, you still want to glorify him and "all the help he gave to many devotees". He is a criminal who was never properly punished for his crimes. He has murdered devotees, molested countless devotee children, and destroyed hundreds of devotee families. He is single handedly responsible for destroying the devotional lives of thousands and thousands of devotees. Many gurukula children later committed suicide after the abuses they suffered under him. He has personally destroyed the good name of ISKCON throughout the world. There is absolutely nothing good about this demon. I know this is something you will never accept, you being his old buddy from when he was Keith. Keith, Wally and Howard could never go against each other. Just close your eyes, or look the other way so you don't see anything. You're still doing it after all these years, only now you're posing as a guru and spiritual leader while you do it.
"I hope this answers your questions. Now please get the hell out of my life and stay out."

This is the usual response from the GBC Guru mess makers. After destroying the lives of countless people, they always turn to the victims and say "why are you bothering me, can't you see I'm trying to enjoy my loot in peace? Get the hell out of my life and stay out." But you should learn that the longer you try to avoid your past and rewrite history, the more this will come back to haunt you. The victims are real, and those of you who enjoyed as leaders under Kirtanananda were directly responsible for these crimes.

Hrishikesh das: Umapati Das began visiting Tirtha weekly first at the Marshall County Jail and later at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville. Umapati was initiated by Bhaktipada into the sannyasa order at New Vrindaban on May 12, 1987, and Umapati Swami, in turn, officiated at the ceremony in which Tirtha received sannyasa initiation (although Bhaktipada was Tirtha’s actual sannyasa guru) at the penitentiary two months later on July 22. "He’s preaching up a storm," said Umapati. "He has attracted a lot of interest among prisoners who want to know about Krishna consciousness."



With Rocana Prabhu's recent article on Radhanath Swami, it brings up a lot of questions surrounding Kirtanananda's leaders and henchmen, many of whom have slipped back into ISKCON in recent years as top leaders. I don't have a complete list of all the Kirtanananda henchmen who are presently ruling ISKCON, but here is a partial list:

Umapati Swami
Malati - Melanie Nagel
Devamrita Swami
Radhanatha Swami
Bhakti Tirtha Swami (now deceased)
Candra Sekhar Swami
Bhaktisiddhanta Swami
Varsana Swami

It would be nice if someone could provide additional names of ex-Kirtanananda leaders who have infiltrated ISKCON. One thing they all have in common is not one of them has explained their past association with Kirtanananda. These people spent years as his leading promoters, fighting against ISKCON, even when Kirtanananda was convicted and in prison. They all try to ignore those years they spent in the Franciscan robes, with the female sanyasis, and all sorts of other deviations. Some have even held onto their Bhaktipada deviations. For example, GBC leader Malati to this day will only wear saffron color saris, obviously connected to her having been given sannyasa by Kirtanananda.

New devotees in ISKCON are fooled into thinking none of this ever took place. When the new devotees are taught how great these gurus are, they always leave out that small detail about how they were rascals promoting a homosexual pedophile (Kirtanananda) as equal to God. Radhanatha Swami's disciples even made up a story that it was all Krishna's divine arrangement for Radhanatha Swami to protect New Vrindavan and bring it back to ISKCON after Kirtanananda was thrown out. That's the real reason he was supporting Kirtanananda for all those years, or so they tell us.

We all know that New Vrindavan was a cesspit of criminal activities, including drug running, murders, prostitution, and child molestation. The people who were responsible for these crimes (and the covering up of the crimes, and the propping up of the criminals) were the leaders under Kirtanananda - those same guys who are now ISKCON GBCs and gurus. What we really need is for each of these people to come clean, explaining their past connection with Kirtanananda and tell us why they deviated along with him. We also need each one of them to publicly reject Kirtanananda, something not one of them has ever done. Instead they want to pretend none of this ever happened, and the new devotees are fed these mythical stories of pure devotees like Radhanatha Swami who were advanced "Shiva bhaktas" from the beginning of their lives.

Since all historical evidence suggest they are corrupt criminals, I seriously doubt any of them would be willing to dredge up their past lilas. But let us try by asking them a few simple questions. My first question is to ISKCON Guru and GBC spokesman Umapati Swami. He is an odd character, who, though a renounced sannyasi, apparently works a full time job as a karmi. Nowadays sannyasis such as him live outside, far away from temples, dress in pants and shirts, keep full heads of hair, and live ordinary lives like any American Mr. Smith. On Umapati's personal website (, he even hints at this when he brags about his credit cards and jet set lifestyle: "I am now about the age Srila Prabhupada was when he started his travels, but I travel on nice airplanes with my handy credit card." You can also find some other useless mundane writings by him, such as an article on JonBenet Ramsey. I wonder why Umapati doesn't write more about the fact that he was involved in the homosexual freedom movement prior to joining ISKCON, or why he doesn't write his memories of the time he initiated notorious devotee murderer Tirtha Das into the sannyasa ashram in prison.

Yes, it was Umapati who rewarded Tirtha Das for murdering a devotee, by giving him sannyasa in prison. The same Umapati who is now an ISKCON Guru and GBC leader, who has homosex with his disciples. But for some reason we don't find mention of those histories in his website.

Umapati ex'Swami' finally removed - for homosexual behavior

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