Satsvarupa had his wife Jadurari
beaten almost to death


Jadurani was beaten bloody
by thugs of false guru
child molester Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada


Dear PADA: Jadurani was Satsvarupa's wife. He divorced her and took Sanyasa. It is clear that all these ISKCON divorces are bogus. According to Nori Muster who was there at the time, Satsvarupa's "divorced" wife, Jadurani, said publicly in the Los Angeles Temple that Satsvarupa was a bogus guru or something to that effect.

(One of the things about being a man is being able to deal with your women nagging you and being honest with you.) Jadurani was then violently attacked and thrown out of the Temple building. It seems that Satsvarupa did not attempt to defend his wife or help her.

Jadurani was later badly beaten by thugs of false guru child molester Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada. She was beaten bloody. Again, it seems that Satsvarupa did not attempt to defend his wife or help her. In fact, we hear that he continued to praise Bhaktipada. Jadurani was forced to take shelter of Narayana Maharaja.

[from the book Monkey On A Stick: "They fell upon Jadurani and severely beat her, kicking her in the face and not stopping until she was literally drenched in blood. Then, they attempted to take her bloody sari to hang on a post as a warning to anyone else who would "dare to blaspheme Kirtanananda."


[PADA: This is all correct. First of all, before a man takes sannyasa he is supposed to make sure his wife will be taken care of, and in good care, either with the children (usually the sons) or some arrangement with a temple. Instead, SDG "arranged" that his wife Jadurani would be banned, persecuted, assaulted, and beaten up nearly to death, swell fellow that he is.

SDG knew right from the start, in 1977, that many senior devotees would never accept his bogus "appointed and zonal gurus" concoction. And moreover, SDG knew that many devotees would question his subsequent homosexual and drug addict gurus as well. So SDG created the policy of "oppression and violence towards the dissenters," (i.e. anyone who wanted to worship Prabhupada and not SDG's child molesters)." SDG vociferously backed the violent regimes of Ramesvara, Kirtanananda, Jayapataka and others. He not only knew that Prabhupada's and Krishna's devotees in general were getting beaten up by his regime, he also knew that Jadurani IN PARTICULAR did not accept his bogus "guru appointment" scam. And therefore she would be a prime target of SDG's violent rhetoric. And SDG knew his rhetoric would lead to physical violence as it did in probably hundreds of cases, just like he branded PADA editor and Sulochana as "poison pens" -- because he knew he could get us killed thereby, and he did get Sulochana killed just like Muslim "clerics" get people killed in car bombings. SDG is the terror mastermind for ISKCON.

So SDG knew she had to be "taken out" to "make her silent," especially because she was his own ex-wife and therefore she wielded some authority. SDG simply could not allow a well known and respected devotee, whom Prabhupada said was dear to him, to get away with challenging his "enforced" cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles regime. Especially since SDG is one of the main "enforcers." Certainly SDG knew of her nearly being beaten to death by his regime since everyone in ISKCON was talking about it in 1980? Yet he did nothing to protest or help her. Worse, he was not really "silent," because just after Jadurani was beaten up, SDG began to "pour heaps of praises upon Kirtanananda," by saying things like "Bhaktipada is pure, he is like Jesus, and "Bhaktipada is everywhere" ... trying to exalt Kirtanananda as some sort of "all knowing" divine being, somewhat on the same level as Jesus. And since "Jesus" orchestrates women's beatings as were going on elsewhere in New Vrindavana in other forms, no small amount of women were being viciously treated if not beaten -- all over ISKCON -- thanks to SDG's anti-women policy. SDG's policy is that women are not to be protected, rather they are to be exploited. And when they protest as naturally they will, then beat them nearly to death.

SDG meanwhile said Jadurani's worship of Prabhupada idea was "the bogus ritvik idea" (and therefore it is acceptable to mistreat, beat and kill the Prabhupada worshippers?). Of course SDG's advisor Narayana Maharaja says the same thing, worship of the homosexual pedophile regime is bona fide, while worship of a pure devotee is "poison ritvik." And there is no doubt that the GBC (and SDG) knew that orchestrating having Jadurani beaten would "send a message" to "silence the dissenters." Thus they could go on with their real plans, to beat up Krishna's devotees and starve, beat and molest thousands of Krishna's children, without any opposition, while they lived like fat hogs with opulent lifestyles. SDG's policy is to beat and kill a few opponents, from time to time, just to keep their child molester and devotee beating and killing project going on nicely. He was pumping blood into the devotee's stomping GBC zombie.

As for the fate of someone like SDG, shastra is very clear, the Yamadutas will slap this idyoot silly after their dogs chase him all over the universe. And what do you expect since SDG's pal Kirtanananda had his "watch-dog" German Shepherds licking their behinds then -- licking the maha plate! There is no good future for such deviants, hence his "anticipatory anxiety headaches." No kidding Sherlock! thanks pd]