Bhakticharu's poison-admission

Subject: Bhakticharu's poison-admission

Dear Puranjana Prabhu, paoho, agt HDG Srila Prabhupada.


Your sacred fight for truth has more and more good results worldwide...
We just got an message from one senior devotee from Sweden, an former
disciple of Hurrycash. He wrote following message to us
(our comments are marked with ***):

>I thank you again for the information wich is dissastrous but it seems we
cannot close or eyes for the truth. Somebody is actually poisoning Srila

*** Yes, that's very clear from the tape I gave you last year to listen.
There, Srila Prabhupada, an eternal servant of Lord Krishna COMPLAINS
non-stop on DELIBERATE ATTEMPT OF POISONING done to him. Very clear. Very
clear also why gbc had these 20 hot tapes hidden for 21 years, until last
years discovery.
It all makes sense when we see what happening in ISKCON  and why it must
fall apart. Nara Narayana's explanation seems to me to be very possible and
it all makes enough of a logic and common sense.

*** Yes, these are first-hand testimonies, indeed.
My God, whats going on! Please excuse me for being so blind. Thanks for
your fighting mood!

*** Yeah, xxx... Kali-chelas will try anything to bring the religion down
in this age of scum. Fortunately, Prabhupada had written so many warnings
in his divine books. Unfortunately, we don't read them. Unfortunately,
we've been eating a lot of poisonous so-called 'maha' from these many false
"gurus" in iskcon, so our intelligence became almost 100% destroyed.
Unfortunately, gbc is still trying their best to coverup their crimes, hide
up real Prabhupada's books, letters and instructions, and to change these
divine informations giving us instead altered and bogus gbc-editions. Thus,
spreading the poison and confusion among the devotees and the population at
large, so as to cut people off the connection to Godhead. Very good plan,
and we are damn witnesses of this bloody attempt which is lasting over 2
decades now. We gotta stop it, xxxxxx prabhu...
Thanks for your very interesting texts.

*** Yeah, as I said, we have destroyed our brains due to the worship of
false iskcon "gurus", so that now we have so much difficulty of accepting
the truth of Prabhupada's personal orders beyond anything else...
>I have just spoken with Bhakti Charu Maharaja about the statement that he
had been present when Srila Prabhupada supposedly was being poisoned. He
agreed that he had been the person feeding Srila Prabhupada and that Srila
Prabhupada had exclaimed that his (Prabhupada's) food was poisoned!
>He (Bhakti Charu swami) also admitted that he was shedding natural tears
and expressed his feelings since as he said, "it's just natural when you
get such shocking complaints from Srila Prabhupada, who is very dear to you
and he just happened to be the person you thought you're serving lovingly
and then suddenly the food you gave him might have been poisoned"!!! In
other words he (Bhakti Charu "swami" was shocked.

*** So, OK... If he was so "shocked" and disgusted, as he claims, then why
he had kept his mouth shut for not less than 22 years? And, why now, when
every sincere Vaishnava and congregational member knows these gbc
gangsters have ACTUALLY killed Prabhupada, then why (still) Bhakticharu
keeps his mouth - shut? If he was a first-hand witness of a murder of the
saint, then why this Bhakticharu "swami" doesn't come up and boldly speak
up in the courts, and put all these gbc demons behind the bars? Rather, he
keeps cover-up intact. It's a crook's policy, to flatter his own
gangster-leaders, in order to have his bogass living comfortably. Right?
And what about his bogus TV-serial "Abhay Charan", where he presented
Prabhupada as an ordinary mundaner in many, many ocassions? Are these gbc
affraid of unstoppable Vaishnava aparadhas emanating from their dirty
politics for the last 22 years?
>What about this poisoning story now! What has been the conclusion and
whats going on? >Wish you the best, xxxxxxxx dasa

*** Conclusion is that EVERYONE who has heard the 'poison-tapes' thinks
that Prabhupada was ACTUALLY MURDERED by his close servants and associates,
and we know also who were these servants at that time. Now, because of
immense resistance and prolonged coverups by the gbc, sincere devotees are
trying to progress slowly towards official court-cases against Prabhupada's
murderers - world-wide.

In the same time, these very same criminals, like
Bhakti Charu idiot, or his pals like Tamal, Bhavananda, Jayapataka,
Satsvarupa, Rameshvara, Jayadvaita, etc, are running off their ambushes,
leaving their home-countries in fear of legal prosecution and revenge from
devastated devotees world-wide. Many of them are seemingly on the run.
Problem is that these guys are trying to destroy as much of evidence as
they possibly can. Harikesha swami was one of the most incriminated persons
in that gbc-gangster-game, and he still foolishly thinks that he'll escape
the final judgement for his many sins and crimes by simply quitting with
gbc and getting himself married...???

No, he wont escape, as much as others will not escape from both Krishna's
and state laws. Things are progressing slowly, but OK, since more and more
of their scums are discovered and revealed daily. Also, devotees are
awakening, and raising up for revolution, although very slow, and very
weak, being still damn sick from eating remnants from the plates of their

Please xxxxxxx prabhu, kick all these xxxxxxx in their faces. Don't be
afraid. Just spread the truth around Sweden, to whomever you know, and
things will get fixed in due course of time.
ys, Ganapati & Prabhupadanugas
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Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!