In ISKCON's Brief History We Have Had Innumerable Scandals, Falldowns etc. 
Though none can compare with Harikesh's exit from the society.

This issue is of pertinence to IRM because it graphicals displays the dangers of disobeying Srila Prabhupada's 'final order'.  If  the GBC had followed the July 9th 1977 Directive on initiations (henceforward), then we would certainly have had a very different story to tell than we do now. It is never too late, to follow the Spiritual Master's Order and save his mission. Failing to do so will result in more of the following, such a great loss for all. (please see: Harikeshas fall down)

July 1998 and rumours abound, finally the first official public announcement from the GBC. 

August 1998 is the month when the story peaked and the crazyness was at it's height. 

September 1998 and some of the Russian devotees split from ISKCON.

October 1998 and more details emerge

November 1998

December 1998




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