New Vrindavan: pedophile heaven for Kirtanananda


King of New Vrindavan, Kirtanananda Bhaktipad

Kirtanananda was sitting in his vyasa seat, dressed with a gold crown and silks, and covered with the hands of 50 boys IN PUBLIC. And there were tons of boys in Kirtanananda's cottage, a fact known to everyone at NV, and in his motorhome, and so on, and this was not only known to everyone, Kirtanananda was also PUBLICLY visibly driving around the farm with boys in his lap.

As soon as Jane Wallace (CBS news) saw this, in two tenths of a second, she said "this man is in pedophile heaven."

pedophile heaven, Bhaktipad's sex boys
Pedophile Kirtanananda

It takes the average person about one tenth of a second to figure out that Kirtanananda is a homosexual pedophile, whereas his followers and people like Narayana Maharaja seem to never have figured this out.

So this shows how the leaders of ISKCON were all working unitedly to promote the worship of homosexual pedophiles like Kirtanananda as their gurus. Almost everyone for sure knew that Kirtanananda was covered with the hands of little boys, because this was being done publicly while he sat in his seat. Many others knew he had little boys always in his cottage, motor home and allegedly in his sleeping bag. Many or actually most of the ISKCON devotees knew that anyone who questioned Kirtanananda was being banned, beaten or maybe murdered. In any event, no one can argue "We did not know." The public displays of Kirtanananda covered with the hands of little boys, his driving around the farm with a little boy in his lap at all times, the never ending stream of little boys in his cottage and motor home and so on, these facts were known to many ISKCON members and especially the leaders.

And so, if Jane Wallace could figure out that Kirtanananda was a homosexual pedophile in less than a second, certainly many other bogus ISKCON leaders knew as well. They apparently just covered it up to protect their own stealing of a piece of the ISKCON pie. And they are still covering things up, they refuse to eliminate documents that state that Kirtanananda is a pure devotee guru from the official ISKCON collection of documents. Then again, some have argued that Kirtanananda was originally living in a homosexual household, along with Umapati, and they were called "The Mott Street Boys" in the early days of ISKCON. That means other seniormost ISKCON leaders were WELL aware of Kirtanananda's homosexual tendencies from early on, they just covered it up later on so they could get a franchise from the stealing of Srila Prabhupada's guru seat.

From PADA Newsletter Apr. 10, 2000

Around this time I was contacted by a representative of the CBS television news broadcast called "West 57th Street." This show was basically another version of the top rated "60 Minutes" show. When I met Jane Wallace she seemed like the very intelligent and resourceful type, and no wonder since she takes after her father, Mike Wallace, a top reporter for CBS news. She said that before she talked to me she wanted to show me filmed footage from New Vrindavana. There was Kirtanananda, covered, or really smothered, by the hands of little boys who were all massaging him simultaneously while he sat in his sacred (?) seat. Jane asked me rather bluntly, "He's a homosexual, am I right"? I replied, "Yes, Kirtanananada is a homosexual. He keeps a lot of these boys in his cottage, and he has one boy riding on his lap all day long in his Jeep. There has been a story circulating for years that he has one of these boys in his sleeping bag at night. He likes little boys..."

pedophile heaven, Bhaktipad's sex boys
Kirtanananda surrounded by young boys at New Vrindavan.
Radhanatha just couldn't figure out that he was a pedophile.

Jane then said, "Thank God, I am so glad that I met you. All the other 'Krishna's' that I've met so far kept telling me that Kirtanananda is a pure devotee, and he is their guru. It seems like the whole purpose of your movement is to worship homosexuals? So it is good to hear that this is not what the movement was supposed to be about. And I can say this much, that if some homosexual sat himself in some big chair in the front of my Church, the way this one is sitting in your Church, I would go up there myself and personally pull that man off of that chair. And I would not care what happened to me, I would never tolerate this for two seconds in my Church. Why are your people allowing this"?

So I had to explain how many of the devotees were divided. (1) One group has been brainwashed into worshipping homosexuals, because the leaders encourage and enforce that. Jane, perhaps you can see now that people who disagree might die? (2) Another sector has left and they just do not care. Many of them are smoking pot and so on. (3) Another sector call themselves the moderates of the movement, maybe they do not smoke pot, but they always criticize us for attacking Kirtanananda. Basically, they are more aligned with the homosexual's worship than with us. (4) Another sector has ran off to join the founder of yet another homosexual deviant cult from 1936. (5) Most of the rest do not even want to discuss the issue, period. And we call this "silence means acceptance." Sulochana's printing of Prabhupada's letters prove that many of the old timers in the movement knew all about Kirtanananda's being a renegade snake in the grass all along, yet they are the most silent of all? Frankly, they are compromised too.

She wanted me to sum it up, "OK, how many people can you name who are helping you directly in opposing these fellows"? I said, "I only know of a few, maybe not even five." Jane said, "That is what I thought. When we ask your people to speak up, few of them will. They are compromised with the homosexual worshipping group?" I said, "Well, you got it, that about sums it up." She then asked, "Can you give me the names of other people who would be useful to interview about this"? I said, "Not right now." Her footage of Kirtanananda being massaged by a pack of boys was then viewed by 23 million people on CBS news and its affiliates in America, and then in various places all over the world.

foolish sheep bowing down at the feet
Kirtanananda holding hands of young boys
The foolish sheep bowing down at the feet
of their pedophile master Kirtanananda
Kirtanananda singing and giving class while holding onto young boys. The boy in the front wants nothing to do with him and wants to get away.

Radhanatha Swami couldn't figure out this person was a pedophile?
How many people give class while holding onto young boys.


mad insane Kirtanananda Bhaktipad
mad insane Kirtanananda Bhaktipad

Guru Photo for your home altar

mad Bhaktipad, looking insane. Another classic Charles Manson impression by Kirtanananda. Beautiful hippy head band.

mad insane Kirtanananda Bhaktipad

Kirtanananda admits to molesting one boy.
Which one below? Was that:

Bhava Dasi
Kalki Das
Patience Das
Lokanath Das
Krsna Das
Samba Das
Hari Venu Das
Lalita Madhava Das
Maitreya Das
Chaitanya Mangala Das
Sarthi Das
Kumar Das
Dharmaraj Das
Hari Kirtan Das
Dhruva Das

Or one of the Dozens of others?

keeping kids for sex

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