Bhagavan das, alias (Bill) William Ehrlichman

Iskcons NAZI-style pseudo guro
most vicious, unscrupulous calculating criminal

Bhagavan dasa Adhikari, aka (Bill) William Ehrlichman, most vicious, unscrupulous crook
Bhagavan dasa Adhikari, aka William Ehrlichman,
most vicious, unscrupulous crook, GBC and Iskcon-Leader,
the Sun-King, had golden pissuars and ate from golden plates
Bhagavan das, alias Bill Ehrlichman

... soon to run off with another man's wife and to REJECT KRISHNA CONSCIOUS PHILOSOPHY.

One of the worst crooks, using machiavellian tactics to control, cheat, and exploit Devotees on a large scale. Stole money from Iskcon. Destroys life of devotees.

Most vicious crooked calculating criminal

Subject: Rascal No. 1

From: "TCWSP"
To: "Bhagavan"
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000


Never ever in my life I've read such a rascal letter like the one from Mr. William Ehrlichman (aka Bhagavan dasa). Maybe some statements of prominent leaders of Nazi Germany (when they were dragged before court after they lost the war and tried to defend themselves) come close to it. They were all put to death.

Don't think that he's reformed. He's still the same pseudo guru. I really hope that they sentence Mr. Ehrlichman to jail for the rest of his life. Maybe then he'll understand that he's guilty and responsible for what happened in ISKCON after he and his fellows invoked the pseudo guru nazi regime in ISKCON like the Nazis invoked the Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei in Germany.

He is millions of times more guilty than some small, deluded goondas of his pseudo guru regime, whom he now tries to blame for his own deeds. Hitler himself killed not even one Jew, all he did was to sit behind his desk and give some "higher instructions" and to delude the people with his preaching skills. And so is Bhagavan das. So, he is qualified to give big lessons in healing and good behaviour?

Mr. Ehrlichman is so deluded that he even think it is proper to offer his "skills" to the many abused people. "Have nazi ober killer Mister Mengele defend you and see how he talks to Mister Hitler to get some money from him for your pleasure and silence, after he and his fellows killed your family (but were not successful to finish you completely)." But not enough: Mr. Ehrlichman even knows the higher laws of karma and what Prabhupada intended how to run ISKCON and how to have a new GBC! What good advice this must be! And now he is the big healer, too! Just like Mr. Kampagnola (aka Harikeasa).
Wow! Really! Wow! All Glories to His Holiness Resurrection!

Mr. William Ehrlichman was part of the pseudo guru nazi regime in ISKCON and he still is part of the same pseudo guru nazi regime in ISKCON. There is no beef eater in the world who can ever be such a rascal as this Mr. Ehrlichman.

Big failure Mr Ehrlichman. We thought for some time that maybe you've really had become somewhat sincere but now we've seen your true face!

And let's have this straight:

>> At times I have inspired and strengthened many of you. I have also disappointed, shocked, angered you to the point of rage, shook your faith, confused and abused your love. >>

The strength came from Krishna and Prabhupada and it was YOU to disappoint, shock & etcered your victims.

>> At times I have protected and guided you and led you to many victories. I have also left you weak, vulnerable and defeated.>>

The protection, guide and victory came from Krishna and Prabhupada and it was YOU to weak, vulnerbale and defeat your victims.

>> At times we shared the greater sense of family and at other times that infinite and eternal family has seemed in practice, to be a fantasy or even a myth.>>

The eternal family is that of Krishna and Prabhupada and YOU try to make this a fantasy or myth.

>> At times both before and after Prabhupada's disappearance I have strengthened and unified his house and at other times I have caused it to scatter.>>

Krishna is the strenght and unity of Prabhupada's house (ISKCON) but it is YOU who are trying to scatter it. You and your fellow pseudo gurus.

& etc. & etc. & etc.


Date: wed, 21 Jun 2000
Subject: Vaishnava Qualities


----- Original Message -----

>> Never in my life have Ii read such vile filth levelled against a fellow Vaishnava, you should know that no matter what your opinion is... politeness and kindness are the obligation of a Devotee to another. You have failed to understand the purport of Shishastaka Prayers and the Divine qualities mentioned in the Holy Gita. So i will show you none of these qualities.. It is strange that you mention NAZIS so completely and quite avidly. I just finished reading the Nuremburg trials and the seething hate that you pour out in your diatribe reminds me strongly of Julias Sriechers defence speech (probably your hero) you seem to know the Nazi anti jew talk all to well. I would say that you belong in HELL but by your words and mentality ... you are already there. Do not reply to this e-mail you have had your say now I have had mine and you are BLOCKED...
>> ---------------<<

Yes Mista HEIL HITLER & friends we are the hounds of hell waiting for His Hooligan Mr. Ehrlichman & co pseudo gurus to come down to enjoy our nice hospitality here in HELL which he and his sweet colleagues so mercyfully forced upon our low selves. But beware - the hottest hell is reserved especially for people like you always uttering jaya to proud evil doers like Mr. Ehrlichman. We servants of Yama know the gita and the siksastaka prayers better than any of you so-called Vaishnavas feasting in "temples" that are like snake pits due to all your snake friends. Our master will make you understand.




Scripps Howard News Service
Release date: 7-27-87
Available only to U.S. clients
London Observer Service

PARIS _ In the 1970s when exotic sects were reaping a rich harvest of converts in France, the followers of Krishna owned two castles, a number of other country houses and a vegetarian restaurant in Paris. Propagated by an Indian guru, the Krishna cult reached France by way of the United States in the late 1960s.

Shaven-headed young monks of various nationalities were to be seen dancing in Paris streets as they sold expensive copies of their bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, to passers-by attracted by their message of non-violence and rural simplicity. Today only one run down property, the Chateau d'Oublaisse in the Indre department of central France, shelters the last 35 believers, some of them children. With main water and electricity cut off, the sect faces a $16 million bill from the French tax authorities as well as claims from unpaid local tradesmen.

Seeing no way of avoiding disaster, some of the faithful have slipped away to found new communities. But financial troubles alone would not have decimated a closeknit body of 300 clergy and laity who ran their own school so their children would not be corrupted by the outside world. The event which broke the faith of many of the devotees was the sudden disappearance last summer of their spiritual director, Bhagavan Das. This young American high priest of the cult renounced the saffron robe of celibacy to return home and marry his American girlfriend.

According to leaders of the sect, he took with him $20,000 from their dwindling funds with a vague promise to give it back one day.

The Canadian director of the international Krishna cult, Lucien Dupuis, religious name Vyshwambhar Das, who has stepped in to pick up the pieces says that Bhagavan's desertion in a time of crisis was "an absolute catastrophe" for the morale of the community.

He admits that the "gross negligence" of his predecessors over the three years is partly to blame for their present destitution. But he also accused the French government of hounding them. "We are a non-profitmaking religious movement, but the tax authorities insist on treating us as a commercial enterprise," Dupuis says.

The French tax authorities saw no reason to let the Krishna people get away with a tax-free sale of hundreds of thousands of holy books and other products of the labors of their flock. A nine year claim for back taxes put an abrupt end to the reckless spending of the Krishna clan. For some years now French public opinion and official policy have taken a tougher attitude to the new wave of religious sects. Parents have complained that their children were lured away and then brainwashed by under-feeding, lack of sleep, repetetively chanted prayers and promises of spiritual regeneration.

When a few months ago the Krishna community was forced to sell the imposing Chateau d'Ermenonville near Paris, local villagers rejoiced. When Krishna teachers opened a school for their children at their Oublaisse, local parliamentarians objected to shaven headed pupils being subjected to their parents regime of monotonous prayer. But ministry of education inspectors found that the Krishna children's studies were up to standard, and their afternoons, spent gardening and running in a 176 acre park, did them no harm. They appeared to thrive on their vegetarian diet. Although they were awakened at 4 a.m. to pray in the Krishna temple they were in bed by 6 p.m.

The most persuasive argument of critics of the school was that the children were completely sealed from any criticism of the beliefs of the adults around them. They were taught the value of repetetive litanies: their elders recited the same invocation to Krishna 1,728 times a day. Without television, radio or movies, they had no news or pictures of the outside world that were not served to them by their teachers. The occasional visits of some of the children to grandparents beyond the chateau park were more likely to plunge them into strife and incomprehension than to open new horizons.

The teachers pointed out that the children are also shielded from the worst of the modern world _ violence and drugs. And nothing prevents them, when they are older, from turning their backs on their upbringing. But finally loss of faith has hit the cult at a higher level. It often happens in sects that the rank and file are prepared to undergo hardship and poverty while their gurus live in luxury. But the charisma of their leader must never be in doubt. The robed Krishna zealots threw themselves face downwards on the ground when their American spiritual guide first appeared at the chateau in his BMW. But the way he vanished with _ they say _ the contents of the safe, opened the eyes of all but the most trusting worshipper. The last group of believers hope that when they have sold the chateau they will be allowed to stay on in the outhouses and continue growing their vegetables. But their neighbours would not be surprised if one day they quietly packed their statues and robes and disappeared.

(Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service.)


Krishnas deserting in France

by Ariefle Vericy, Agence France-Presse, the Washington Times February 16, 1987, p. 51)

France - French Krishnas Desert (p. 16)

The Hare Krishna sect has all but disappeared in France save for about 50 diehards, virtually bankrupt and living in hardship in a chateau owned by the sect, which they will soon have to vacate for nonpayment of rent. Last September their spiritual leader, Shrila Bhagavan Das, formerly William Ehrlichman, returned home to the United States, taking the sects cash with him.

Bhagavan, who claimed to have been sent to France in 1977 by the sect's founder, Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada, is now widely considered a usurper. In the intervening 10 years, he became the head of a lucrative organization, spread throughout Western Europe, which earned a substantial revenue from begging, donations, the running of vegetarian restaurants, and the sale of books, records and religious objects.

In 1984 French tax inspectors imposed a huge tax rectification on the sect, saying work carried out by its members could not be termed voluntary.

As financial difficulties accumulated, so did desertion by members disgusted by Bhagavan's opulent lifestyle. From "Krishnas deserting in France," by Ariefle Vericy, Agence France-Presse, the Washington Times February 16, 1987, p. 51)

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