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PADA needs your help completing our list of past and present GBC and gurus. Please help us with the nationality, karmi names, whereabouts and whatever else you can. Thanks. This is a rough draft only, please make corrections as needed and send them in. We need this for the upcoming Civil and class action Law suits and also people keep asking, who the GBC's are etc.? Good questions! Please send in your names to angel108b@yahoo.com (pada) or to pada1008@aol.com (Aruna das). This list will be updated regularly.

Names of Iskcon devotees

First, a few other devotees and current ISKCON "authorities" or de facto GBC's:

* ABHINANDANA DASA: Claimed to PADA that he heard Bhakti Caru swami crying outside of Srila Prabhupada's room in November of 1977.  Bhakti Caru then said "Srila Prabhupada said he is being poisoned." Abhinanandana reports: he then knew that Srila Prabhupada was being poisoned in his room by his "servants."

* ADI KESAVA DASA (Angus Murphy):
Adi Kesava dasa  /  c/o Angus Murphy
1266 Ridge Road  /  Philipsburg, NH 08865

Adi Kesava went to meet Chandra Swami and received makaradhvaje from him, ostensibly to "cure" Srila Prabhupada, which Adi Kesava then delivered to the poisoners who administered it to Srila Prabhupada. For those who are unaware, Chandra Swami was responsible for administering poison to Indira Gandhi’s political enemies in jail. However Chandra Swami insisted to Sarvobhavan das, who later interrogated him, that his "medicine was good", even though Srila Prabhupada said that it contained raw mercury - which is the final activator of arsenic poisoning, and causes the intestines to dissolve, resulting in black vomit and black stool, both symptoms of which Srila Prabhupada as well as Napoleon displayed.

-Adi Kesava’s father was in the CIA, and Adi Kesava was one of 3 or 4 spies placed in ISKCON by the CIA to find out about what was happening in the movement. (Today Adi Kesava has nothing to do with ISKCON.) Adi Kesava was a complete pawn and never a true devotee. Adi Kesava's job as spy was to assist in disposing of ISKCON's assets and social credibility and was partially responsible for the
loss of Caitanya College in England and the skyscraper.

I was living in the 55th Street temple in NYC when AK was the TP and Tamala Krsna was the GBC. My wife, my infant son, and I were all set to buy our tickets to go to India (we had already gotten our passports and visas) to be with Srila Prabhupada in August? of 1977, and Adi Kesava, through the agency of Romapada, forbid us to go in a very threatening way. TKG was not able to get AK on the GBC while Srila Prabhupada was here, but as soon as soon as SP left, bang! AK was on it! Someone should slip AK some sodium pentothal (truth serum), and then ask him a few pointed questions! Anyone know where he is now a days?

* ADRIDHARANA DASA (Calcutta, India): Says that he was in the room when Srila Prabhupada complained that he was being poisoned and that everyone in the room was ALARMED, UPSET and they all AGREED that Srila Prabhupada said he was being poisoned.
* AGRANI SWAMI (Andrew Lerra) Born Jan. 24, 1949 in Boston, MA. Served: 1987-1991: Was annointed by the ISKCON leaders as their acharya - savior - messiah for the Caribbean. The GBC Resolution from Feb. 28, 1985 says: Agrani Swami is empowered to begin giving Diksa initiations. After he fell down, some tried to justify his falldown "as the result of Guyana Voodoo curses." Allegedly he was attending a Caribbean ghost busting voodoo ceremony for a ghostly haunted young woman "disciple." He apparently said that the female ghost witch doctor who spread blood from a slaughtered sheep on her breasts during the ceremony had "agitated him for sex." Then the other leaders said: that is a reasonable excuse why a messiah would become agitated for illicit sex, so he can stay on as guru? Until he had yet another similar crisis later? We'd like to know how to contact him for an update.

* ANUTTAMA DAS: Geoffrey Walker (Rockville, MD, ISKCON Minister of Communications)
(USA) 9800 Gabble Ridge Terrace, Rockville, MD. He is always trying to "explain away" how his alleged messiahs are falling into illicit sex with men, women and children. A big apologist for the molester messiah's project. 

* AMALA BHAKTA DASA (We need his karmi name) PO Box 34241, Los Angeles, CA 90034. PADA editor asked Amala Bhakta dasa why he supports the leader's homosexual pedophile guru lineage and he replied: "I have no time to waste on this." When the children of ISKCON are being molested, we should not "spend any time" to fix that? 

* AMARENDRA DASA: David Lieberman (where is he now?)
20. Defendant BHAKTIVEDANTA BOOK TRUST INTERNATIONAL, INC., is a foreign corporation doing business in the United States. It may be served with process by serving its registered agent for service of process, David Liberman, 1888 Century Park East, Suite 1750, Los Angeles, California 90067. "please contact David Liberman, Amarendra dasa, at (310) 277-9288"

* AMBURISH DAS (Alfred Ford): "As a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, I have to take with gravity, the statements of my Guru Maharaj (saying he is being poisoned). As Srila Prabhupada has stated three times in one day that he has been poisoned by someone, I have to hear these words with the utmost seriousness. To dismiss these statements as trivial or lacking authenticity is extremely offensive and cruel."

ADI PURUSA DAS Mike, (tp Canberra)
Was TP of Adelaide. His bad management and public relations nearly lost the Adelaide temple for keeps. Has a very dodgy sadhana. Devotees have complained of going for mangal arotika and finding the lights off and our champion TP fast asleep. He has a reputation for having long conversations while still doing his gayatri. Also a participator in the tax scam, the saying, "Food for Life for me and my wife," was coined after a visit to this TP's home. The amount of four-wheel-drives this guy has owned and sold, would give a car-salesman lockjaw.

(tp Melbourne)
This enigmatic suction pump, has both hands in the till. Even his own TP club members will agree. A wage taking TP, he has caused the collapse of the Victorian gurukula that was operational when he took over. The farm under his management has also taken a nose dive and "Prabhupada House" at Melbourne Temple has never looked worse. Adelaide Temple which is also a Melbourne responsibility, has been on the brink of disaster so many times, the bhaktas there think they're on a roller-coaster. A total "aham" freak, Aniruddha das would love to have his murti on the alter instead of Sri Vallabha ji.

ATMARAMA DAS (tp Sydney)
He fell down with a "karmi" and was cast out from iskcon management and into the wilderness for three years. Had the gbc not been short of managers at the time, he would still be out there to this very day. And no one knows this better than he. How can this TP, who suffered for so long, do the same to someone else? Is it because he is the epitome of power mongering and would cut down any opposition to remain "anusasitaram" the controller ? Wasn't it him who once said, "If you're not IT you're SH..?"
Atmarama das, fan of Bhavs, is a great proponent of iskcons bogus "guru" system. He cheats the Hindu congregation with iskcons three F's philosophy. (as mentioned by the iskcon minister for fund raising; Sridhar maharaja) FIND THEM. FLEECE THEM & FORGET THEM. Namaskar & Dandavats

Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, aka, Bill Crockett. from USA.
He was a puppet of (New Vrndavana's) Devamrita Swami and Kirtananada and was in Australia and New Zealand with Devamrita Swami dressed in those franciscan monks robes, and preaching against Srila Prabhupada. Before this he was seen wearing black dhoti, and carrying a black bead bag. Has allegedly been implicated in making false social security cards for devotees to fraudulently collect money for Devamrita. Now he's back within Iskcon as a Swami and worshipped as good as God. After a tiff with Devamrita, he has been hanging out with Jayapataka and preaching in iskcon Temples in Australia. He is now a part of the Iskcon mob. Most Iskcon devotees do not know this.

* BADRINARAYAN DASA: Robert Morill, 1030 Grand Ave. Pacific Beach CA 92109 (has 9 million dollars)

Devamrita Swami:
(USA now in New Zealand)
Formerly one of Kirtanananda's henchman during Kirtanananda's homosexual pedophile worship glory days. Has said "women are toilets," and he has supported the worship of his homosexual friends. Stayed with Kirtanananda even after his expulsion from ISKCON for criminal activities. He is still "worshipped as good as God" in ISKCON.
.... (co-gbc New Zealand) Excessively confrontational. Once said that women were toilets. Can be seen on video in "Holy cow Swami." An expose on Kirtananda. Deva Amrta Swami can be seen wearing a Franciscan monk's habit. A five day growth covers his face and he speaks his part as Kirtananda's right hand man. A complete deviant from Srila Prabhupada's instruction. He now rules with the iskcon mob.

* Dhanurdara Swami: Denis Winiker (USA)
Legal name: Dennis Winiker
A known child beater / abuser, and cover-up man for the molester regime, who is "worshipped as good as God messiah" in ISKCON today. Was physically assualted by one of the ex-gurukulis for his role in their abuses. When abused students demanded that Prithu and Bir Krishna remove Dhanurdara, they refused, and some of the molested ex-children were crying in grief that their abuser was still being worshiped as "the messiah."

* Dvibhuja: Darrel Martin, (USA Mississipi farm)
Legal name: Darrel Martin
Who is Dvibhuja (I assume the one from Mississippi) to write of abuses when he stole Five thousand dollars from one crippled mataji who he know was crippled. This is not hearsay. It is a fact. She lent him the money in 1997 with no interest to be payed back. He was supposed to pay her back the money but refused to do so.
Dvibhuja knew that this mataji was crippled and was a single woman living in very poor circumstances. She had this money after having saved it for a period of seven years and it was to be used towards the purchase of land. Dvibhuja knew all of the details yet he still stole her money and called her a f__king whore, stupid woman, and other names as well when he told her that he would not pay her back the money she lent him. He called her such names yet she was maintaining her following the regulative principles, whereas he was not so strict.
So he will write letters calling other devotees out, but maybe he should come forward with his own story of abuse, the fact that he stole this money from a mataji who was being kind enough to help him out with a loan with no interest asked when he told her he needed money for his business, and the fact that he beats his wife due to his evil temper.

* Jayadvaita Swami (Jay Israel USA)
Admits that his gurus, who are worshipped like Jesus, have been engaged in "illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as well."

Karandhar dasa: (Kelly G. Smith)
original BBT Trustee, 1972

Lokanatha Swami:
Larry Batcheldor (India)
Legal name: Larry Batcheldor
Touched a young girl inappropriately, and is still "worshipped as good as God" in ISKCON today.

Ramai Swami: (John Patane -- co-GBC Australia)
Said to live jet set life-style and has supported the homosexual pedophile worship lineage. He militantly bans the worshippers of the non-pedophile lineage (i.e. Srila Prabhupada's). Recently, an ex-gurukuli vandalized his expensive SUV out of frustration. Alleged frequent movie-goer. Spends thousands of Srila Prabhupada's money on his penchant for rock and roll musical instruments, cars, busses and vans to carry the equipment from town to town. Alleged some purchases using gurukula tax ex scams. Bhaktas (his "boys") can be seen running along the street with buckets and "Food For Life" badges collecting money from people to support the maharaja's lifestyle. A recent equipment purchase (at Toowoombah) cost fourteen thousand dollars. This adds to a collection that amounts to thousands upon thousands of dollars. Perhaps this is a good start to investigate "Food For Life" fraud and personal use of charity funds.

Ratnabhusana das: Wayne Selzler
Legal name: Wayne Selzler (confirmed name)

Sri Rama: Thomas Klimek (USA)
Legal name: Thomas Klimek (confirmed name)
(current residence unknown)
Ex-director of ISKCON education. Claims he was unaware of the abuses in the schools. Why were his pals banning, beating and killing those who were disageeing with GBC policy then?

Svavasa Dasa:
Emil Beca. (USA Los Angeles)
He refused to sign a document that successors to people of the calibre of Jesus would not be homosexual pedophiles, and he is the current leader of a gang of thugs in Los Angeles who have miltantly and violently supported the worship of homosexual pedophiles all along. He had another homosexual being worshipped there named Rohini Kumar. He drives a big BMW. When I asked one of Svavasa's sidewalk thugs (Ratnabusana das: Wayne Selzler confirmed name) why the GBC has supported the worship of homosexual pedophiles he screamed "SO WHAT!" (about two inches from my face). Unquote. And Mr. Selzler has threatened and menaced others who does not agree with his homosexual pedophile lineage.

TIRTHA RAJ DAS (tp Brisbane and Dpt gbc. He gets paid a stipend)
A liar and a cheat. Has a reputation for seeing all temple property as his own. A recent venture into entrepreneurism cost the temple sixty-five thousand dollars from funds siphoned off the Indian congregation. He is the architect of the tax exemption and money laundering scams in Australia. Rumors floating around iskcon claim that he was recently seen by a senior devotee "doing pornography" with his computer ( this is now a confirmed fact).


Legal name: Tom Beaudry (confirmed name)
The full address is: 22001 Panorama Way Philo CA 95466. It's about a 20 minute drive east from Philo on Greenwood Ridge just a mile from Atryea's old place. It's in a community called Sky Ranch and they are restricted from doing anything out of the ordinary. He used to have a website:

Umapati Swami:
Wally Sheffy (USA)
Formerly Kirtanananda's henchman and palanquin carrier. Rewarded Sulochana's murderer in jail. Currently worshipped in ISKCON as good as God.

Vipramukhya Swami: Wayne Boyd, (USA living in UK).
Legal name: Wayne Boyd
He personally told me that he knew that Bhavananda was engaging in homosexual acxtivities before Bhavananada was reinstated as good as God in 1986. Vipramukhya was also voted in as guru at this pedophile recoronation ceremony, ie he covered up the homosexual pedophilia to get voted in as guru with a known pedophile. Vipramukhya is responsible for the death of Ambarisha das who committed suicide because of him.
Vipramukhya writes in 2003: "And so it is with a heavy heart that I write this letter that I never thought would be written. After giving so many years of my life to the Hare Krishna Movement (more than 29), twenty of which have been as a sannyasi, I have reached an emotional and spiritual crossroads." Vipramukhya Swami "blooped" -- left ISKCON, allegedly to get a girl friend. He also wrote a paper saying that worship of Srila Prabhupada is "ritvik nonsense," just before he "blooped." Did he take funds with him? What is his current status? Vipramukhya was a co-engineer with Danavir of the post-1978 "Bhakta Program" where they established the worship of deviants, homosexuals and criminals as messiah gurus.


GBC past and present:

00) Akhandadhi Das: Martin Fleming
Legal name: Martin Fleming
TP, Bhaktivedanta Manor for most of 1980s/90s.
Was GBC for a while Well-known for siphoning funds to pay off his mortgage.
Currently living in Wales (UK).

1) Adi Keshava das: Angus Murphy (USA)
Legal name: Angus Murphy (confirmed name)
Served: 1978-1983
(Has resigned)
Adikesava: directed Janesvari, who later became his wife, and they later divorced, to have an abortion in the 55th street temple in Manhattan before they got married some time later.

2) Agrani das: Andrew Lerra, (USA)
Legal name: Andrew Lerra,
born Jan. 24, 1949 in Boston, MA
Served: 1987-1991
(A so called isKcon "guru," caught in voodoo/ illicit sex: has resigned)
Devotee: "I was a desciple of Agrani Das. I have a photo copy of his birth certificate. His name is Andrew Lerra and he was born Jan. 24, 1949 in Boston, MA."

[PADA: We heard that Agrani left his guru post after he was attending a Caribbean ghost busting voodoo ceremony for an alleged ghostly haunted young woman "disciple." He apparently said that the female ghost witch doctor who spread blood from a slaughtered sheep on her breasts during the ceremony had "agitated him for sex." No kdding. And then the GBC said that is a reasonable excuse why one would get agitated for illicit sex, so he can stay on as guru? Until he had yet another similar crisis later? This whole story, that the acharyas need half naked female Caribbean ghost busting helpers, agitates me for a bottle of tranquillisers.]

3) Anuttama das: Geoffrey Walker (USA)
Legal name: Geoffrey Walker
9800 Gabble Ridge Terrace
Rockville, MD
Served: 1999
(Current GBC fire brigade PR man, says that his "gurus" who are worshipped like Jesus will fall down into illicit sex just like Catholic priests). (what!)

4) Atreya Rsi das: Faramarz Attar (USA)
Legal name: Marz Attar
550 N. Eisenhower Dr.
Beckley, WV 25801
Served: 1975-1986
(Was "guru," has resigned and is disenfranchized.)

5) Badrinarayan das: Robert Morrill (USA)
Legal name: Robert Morrill (San Diego, CA)
1030 Grand Ave.
Pacific Beach, CA 92109 or
1806 Missouri St.
San Diego, CA
Served: 1988-1999
(Former henchman of Ramesvara and current big leader of the homosexual pedophile guru regime, was instrumental in keeping child beater Dhanurdara still as guru and so on.)

6) Balavanta das: William Ogle
Legal name: William Ogle
Alachua, FL
Served: 1976-1990
(USA. Has resigned from GBC. Yet he was recently placed in charge of the GBC's internal "poisoning of Srila Prabhupada investigation." How did you guess? As soon as he discovered extreme arsenic levels in a hair sample, the GBC then thwarted his further investigation).

7) Bali Mardan das: William Berke
Legal name: William Berke
New York City, original BBT Trustee, 1972
Served: 1977-1978
(Has resigned)

8) Bhagavan das: William Ehrlichman
Legal name: William Ehrlichman
Visalia, CA
Served: 1975-1986
(Has resigned)

9) Bhaktarupa das
Legal name: unknown
Served: 1988

10) Bhaktibhusana Maharaj (German)
aka Suchandra das
Legal name: Unknown, Served: 1987-1995
bogus German devotee initiated into Sannyas and guru-ship by Harikesha.
Suchandra aka Bhaktibhusana has thrown devotees out of the temple because they where listening to the Hare Krishna Mantra sung by Hansadutta.

11) Bhakti Brnga Govinda Swami
Legal name: Sean Hobgood,
grew up in Memphis, Tennesee where his family is in the Country Music business.
Initiatied in Buffalo, 1971 as Ayodhyapati das.
Served as cook in Toronto until mid 70's, married Sri Kari dd, no children, & served in India for awhile. Split up with wife in early 80's after hooking up with Bhagavan the Sun King and becoming an enthusiastic cheer leader/ring leader for him until Bhagavan's downfall after which Ayodhyapati attached himself to various other Iskcon leaders, like Tamal Krishna.
He took sannyas in the early 90's. He was rewarded for his long and loyal brown-nosing to Iskcon big wigs in the mid 90's when he got the GBC stamp of approval as initiating guru. His zone is the remote parts of the old Soviet Union. Some say he got the very Gaudiya Matha sounding sannyas title from old buddy Sivarama Swami when Sivarama was in his Narayana Maharaja induced bhava phase (that is before he renounced all association to the evil NM in order to save his Iskcon skin). Although rumour has it both Sivarama and Brnga Govinda still dabble in the esoteric, higher rasa topics in their spare time.

12) Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1978-1999
Bhakticaitanya: Was involved in stealing everything from Kamsahanta and Lokadristi's trailor in South Africa. During the hearing of the Justice Committee, Bhakticaitanya, (not sannyas or guru then), was found guilty of the theft and lying in the deities' presence. Immediately afterwards, he was awarded sannyas and was made guru by Bhakticaru, the GBC chairman, even though Bhakticaru knew all of this.

13) Bhakti Caru Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1987-1999
[Indian Citizen. Big defender of the homosexual pedophile guru regime. Was seen crying outside of Srila Prabhupada's room in November, 1997, saying that Srila Prabhupada was complaining that someone was giving him poison, yet he has helped in the cover-up.] Bhakticaru advised Bhakticaitanya to immediately take some disciples so that this would insure his position. Bhakticaitanya then took two disciples to start.

14) Bhakti Prabhava Maharaj
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1986

15) Bhakti Raghava Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1993-1999

16) Bhakti Swarup Damodar: T. D. Singh (India)
Legal name: T. D. Singh
Airport Rd.
Imphal, Manipur 795001, India
Served: 1977-1999
[India. A "guru" for India. I asked him why the GBC has made homosexuals into gurus and he said, "whaaa, whaaa, whaaa." Unquote. Read: yep we have homoseuals and pedophiles in our post-1977 guru lineage, so what? He is a PHD and this is his best English? Go figure.]

17) Bhakti Tirtha Swami: John Favors
Legal name: John Favors
600 9th St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
Served: 1982-1999
[USA. A "guru" for Eastern USA. Was former associate/ cheerleader of the homosexual pedophile "guru" Kirtanananda, is current cheerleader for homosexual pedophile lineage. Woman named Mahavegavati spells out severe abuses of this man in Africa.]
Bhaktitirtha was caught in illicit connections on a few different occasions with women, but the GBC covered it up. Even after one lecture in Alachua in 1998, when Bhaktitirtha spoke about his controlling his sex-life, two ladies approached Nalinikantha and said, "That's not true. He had sex with me."
Bhaktitirtha also owns houses in Baltimore MD. and in Gita Nagari. (He bought Dr. Mahajana's, (Samik Rsi's) house which the good doctor was selling. Beautiful and opulently fashioned houses; working fountain right in the living room.)

18) Bhakti Vaibhava Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1995-1999

19) Bhavananda das: Charles Baccus
Legal name: Charles Baccus (confirmed name)
180 Falcon St.
Cammeray NSW
2062 Australia
Served: 1978-1986
[USA citizen. Said to be former associate of Andy Warhol. Currently living at Sydney ISKCON temple? Homosexual pedophile ex-guru, the worst one, made molester nests and camps out of schools, but is still respected and faciliated in ISKCON]. Still giving Bhagavad Gita classes at North Sydney temple. When Bhavananda was exposed, he made a statement in the presence of a few Australian devotees (myself included), "They'll get Tamal one day." I had no idea what he meant, and still don't.

20) Bhurijana das: Wayne Connel
Legal name: Wayne Connel
Served: 1990-1999

21) Bir Krishna das GoSwami: Bruce Jacobs
Legal name: Bruce Jacobs
1032 Dimmocks Mill Rd.
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Served: 1996-1999
[A bogus GBC "guru" clone for North Carolina who was "voted in as guru" at the homosexual pedophile recoronation ceremony. He was recruiting people from prison using Chandrasekhara dasa, and one of his prison thugs, a convicted murderer, threatened our people with violence.] Bir Krishna was even codemned by his own son for child neglect.

22) Brahmananda das: Bruce Scharf
Legal name: Bruce Scharf
Served: 1975-1984
[USA. Now in Miami. Has resigned.]

23) Danavir das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1987-1988
[USA. Big cheerleader for the homosexual pedophile guru lineage. Now lives in Florida.]
Danavir is now "Swami" and to my knowledge he has a house in Kansas where his bhakta program is going on and which is considered his residence.

24) Ganapati Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1987-1988

25) Gargamuni das: Greg Scharf (USA)
Legal name: Greg Scharf
Served: 1976-1977
[USA. Brother of Brahmananda dasa. Has resigned. Was part of rumor that Tamal had his genitals "fixed."]

26) Giridhari Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1995-1999

27) Giriraj Swami: Glen Teton
Legal name: Glen Teton
Served: 1982-1999
[US Citizen. A current "guru" in India and is a big supporter of the homosexual pedophile guru lineage. Recently had heart surgery. When I gave him a poison book he said he was unaware of the controversy. Oh yep.]

28) Gopal Krishna GoSwami: Gopal Khanna
Legal name: Gopal Khanna
1626 Pie IX Blvd.
Montreal Quebec H1V 2C5
Served: 1975-1999
[Indian National? Currently based mostly in New Delhi ISKCON center. A current "guru" in India and big supporter of the homosexual pedophile guru lineage. According to a report, some of the residents of Vrindavana think he may be connected to the shotgun murder attack on Kheelan, a local businessman who was murdered in the Vrindavana, India, ISKCON center.]

29) Gour Govinda Maharaj (Gaura Govinda Maharaj)
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1986-1999
[From Orissa, India. Now deceased. Some think he was poisoned in Mayapura.
He told me the GBC's homosexual pedophile guru lineage is "demoniac," and his followers told me he had said that Kali Yuga (sin personified) has entered the highest places of management in ISKCON.]

30) Guru Gauranga Prabhu: George
Legal name: George ?
Served: 1987-1992

31) Gurukrpa Swami: Gregory Gottfried
Legal name: Gregory Gottfried
Served: 1975-1978
[Was arrested for drugs. Now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Has resigned.]

00) Guru Prasad Swami: William Steve Henricks (USA in Mexico City)
...Incurred in felonies in Mexico while proclaiming to be a guru and a succesor of Srila Prabhupada. After an investigation the GBC had to acknowledge his crimes and in 1999 suspended him from Mexico for 6 months (an order that he violated) and forced to pay a 5,000.00 fine to ISKCON Mexico (a fraction of what the temple had to pay for his nonsense).

* GUNAGRAHI SWAMI: George Levington (Levinton) (Texas Iskcon), currently in Argentina: ... Navasi has revealed that Gunagrahi Swami (GGS) at first was attracted to her by watching her breastfeed her baby through a glass door. She was hoping to marry him, but in the end he only exploited her for his sexual fancies. She mentioned that he made her stand on two chairs over him and urinate into his mouth. He would masturbate while she did this. He would also make her crawl around on all four's naked while he watched and masturbated, putting a broomstick in his anus and then gave it to her to use it one herself (to masturbate with). How gross! They never had intercourse, nor did he even touched her. It appears he was trying to sexually satisfy himself without "breaking the principles." Most of you are already aware of the infamous Ratha Yatra parking lot motorhome porno movie viewing activities of GGS, so please beware of him, posing in the dress of a sannyasi.

32) Hansadutta Swami: Hans Kary
Legal name: Hans Kary (confirmed name)
Cloverdale, CA
Served: 1975-1983
[Was suspended by the GBC after a 1979 arrest with a machine gun in his car. Later he was removed from the GBC. Was taking drugs (percodan) and was again arrested for shooting at occupied buildings in 1985. Officer Joeseph Sanchez made 73 felony arrests at the Berkeley temple during Hansadutta's era or management.]

33) Hari Kesha Swami: Robert Campagnola (USA)
Legal name: Robert Campagnola (confirmed name)
Villa Trassotine
Parc de Cavalaire
Ave du Signal
F-83240 Cavalaire Sur Mar, France
Phone: 04946-46684
Served: 1977-1996
[US citizen: married to his female Sweeden disciple Kamalasundari and now living in France. Was reputed to have left with more than a million dollars black-mail bribe from other GBC. Was taking drugs from Jayapataka's voodoo witch doctor, and dangerous Western psychotropics were discovered. Harikesha thought the GBC was trying to poison him. Was said to be taking other drugs and having illicit sex with a sex therapist. Resigned (excommunicated) from GBC.]

34) Hari Sauri (aka Prabhupada Kripa GoSwami)
Hari Sauri (Prabhupada Krpa) was GBC for Australia until his falldown (late ' 80's).
Served: 1981-1986
[Bbased in Alachua, Florida and is still a GBC advisor/ helper/ consultant. Hari Sari mostly resides in Mayapur, India. Supported homo/pedo Satadanya to represent GBC in GBC/guru lawsuit. Ardent supporter of Bhavananda. Hari Sauri was also Bhavananda's right hand man for many years during the molester-con era? Current cheerleader of the homosexual pedophile guru lineage, but "had a fall down" from being "guru.", as well as a fall down from Sannyasa by engaging in illicid sexlife as a Swami. He agrees that people worshipped like Jesus might have sex with men, women and children, or at least he would not reply when we asked him about this. He admitted Srila Prabhupada was far too demanding in his final days. He said that they had had enough and just wished the whole experience would come to an end. The lecture was a S.B morning class given in ' 85/86, and the words used were much stronger than what I've used. Also says Prabhupada was sadana siddha. Hari Sauri is called Hari Sari because he is lusty after womens skirts.

35) Hari Vilas das: Harry Terhanian (Seattle, WA)
Legal name: Harry Terhanian
704 228th Ave. NE
Redmond, WA
Served: 1987-1999
[Current GBC leader for North-West zone. Says that the GBC should not interfere with molestation cases, but he interefered with a case after I told him not to.]

36) Hrdayananda das GoSwami: Howard Resnick
Legal name: Howard Resnick
153 N. Arnaz Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Served: 1975-1999
[Is one of the 1977 "eleven gurus." HDG is a founder father of the homosexual pedophile worship program in 1978. HDG also defended keeping the known homosexual pedophile "Bhavanananda" in the office of "Krishna's pure devotee guru successor" in 1986. HDG also wrote the names of two homosexual pedophiles as "acharyas" (ie people equal to Jesus) in his scripture (considered like the Bible) "Srimad Bhagavatam," which is still distributed all over ISKCON today. HDG is also said to have a residence in Berkeley Hills, California and perhaps other opulent dwellings.]

37) Jagadish das: Jeffrey Hickey
Legal name: Jeffrey Hickey
Served: 1975-1994
[USA. Ex-minister of education. Ran off with disciple's wife and child, has resigned. His son is heading up child abuse documentation. Is said to be living in Florida. ]

38) Jaga-Jivana GoSwami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1980-1986

39) Jayapataka Swami: (Ex karmi name: Gordon John Erdman)
Legal name now: Jaya Pataka Swami (now an Indian citizen)
Served: 1977-1999
[Based in Mayapura, India. Heavy handed thug behind the worship of homosexuals and pedophiles in Mayapura, India, the Krishna's holy land near Calcutta. Recently placed a known homosexual pedophile as the spokesman for his recent court case in Calcutta. He still protects and supports Bhavananda, and Bhavananda is alleged to be still a legal signer on the ISKCON Mayapura property.]
Jayapatka hired a foul "sweeper" to cook for the Deities in Calcutta as well as the devotees. Srila Prabhupada said that if the devotees ate the food cooked by the sweeper, that they would die, and that Jayapataka would be responsible for their deaths ...Jayapataka REFUSED to fire the sweeper, and was whining ...but praHHHHBUPADA ...!in his horrible nasal voice.

40) Jayatirtha das: James Immel
Legal name: James Immel
Served: 1975-1982
[He is the GBC "guru" who kicked Mr. Timothy Lee out of ISKCON in 1980, for Mr. Lee's protesting Jayatirtha's drugs, illicit sex and rock and roll "guru" program. He is said to have orchestrated a dissenter's murder in Nepal. His people also threatened to "tear Puranjana (Mr. Lee) to pieces" in Berkeley. Then JT was alleged to be the biggest importer of the drug "ecstacy" in the United Kingdom. One of the people JT gave "ecstacy" to pulled out a loaded gun in a Berkeley theater demanding a date from the actress. JT was later beheaded by a disgruntled follower because JT was having sex with another man's wife. According to the GBC, JT is a still a link in a chain of pure devotees like Jesus?]

41) Kavicandra Swami: James G. Alm
Legal name: James G. Alm
1-29-2-202 Izumi
Tokyo 168 Japan
Served: 1987-1999
[USA. Big supporter of the homosexual pedophile guru lineage.]
Kavicandra: Goes to prostitutes in Bangkok while en route to his different preaching areas. Before he was even a sannyasi, as TP of Japan, he used to force the devotees to pay obeisances to him telling them that he was Srila Prabhupada's deputed representative, and that he was a pure devotee, and that we had to pay our obeisances to him. Very cruel he was and still is; (I think that he is mentally affected.)

42) Kirtanananda Swami (aka Bhaktipada )
Legal name: Keith Ham
(presently in Prison, ordered the murder of Sulocana das)
Served: 1975-1986
[KS is one of the homosexual pedophile "gurus" that the GBC said is "like Jesus" when he was having sex in his motorhome with children in 1986. He is connected to a (up to 1988?) GBC backed cult of: "women's parties," who were collecting money in bars and many of them were having illicit sex with their male care-takers; molesters in his schools; drug sales; marriage breaking preaching; and assorted beatings, kidnapping, and murders. In 1986 the GBC said he is like Jesus, Haridasa Thakura and Prahlad, at the height of KS' criminal empire and widespread molestations (in their bid to get me and Sulochana murdered by creating mass cult fanaticism?). It worked, Sulochana was murdered.]

43) Kirtiraja das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1988-1992
[Now living in Alachua, Florida]

44) Lokasaksi das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1988-1994

45) Madhu Sevita das: Massimo Brioli (Italy)
Legal name: Massimo Brioli
Vilaggio Hare Krishna
Via Galileo Galilei 41
24040 Chignolo D'isola
Served: 1975-1999

46) Mahamsa Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1980-1981
[Indian citizen who complained in 1979 that some of his co-GBC were plotting to assassinate him. He later resigned and is said to be living in South India.]

47) Malati Devi dasi: Melanie Nagel
Legal name: Melanie Nagel (Columbus, Ohio)
Served: 1999
[USA. living in Columbus, Ohio ISKCON center and also in New Vrndavana. She allegedly says that our complaints that homosexual pedophiles are not in a line of God's successors is "offensive."]
She is a well known lesbian who is HIV positive due to IC drug use well after her initiation. She will naturally support homosexuals and drug users.
Malati: Melanie Nagel. (That is the name she uses legally now.) Unless she has changed it, she is frauding the Social Security Administration, by giving them an address in NY State, (since SSI pays higher benefits to NYS residents). Malati lives in Columbus. She owns a building in Manhattan which is kept under her co-wife's name, (Prthaputra's other wife), so that she does not have to declare it.

48) Manjari Devi dasi
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1999

49) Mukunda GoSwami: Michael Grant
Legal name: Michael Grant
10310 Oaklyn Drive
Potomac, MD 20854
Served: 1984-1999
[I told him that Bhavananda is a homosexual guru in 1985 (?), and that this was causing a mother disciple of his a lot of grief, since her five year old by was forced to massage the Swami. He said, "So what I've heard much worse stories." What such as murder? He was later voted in by the GBC as "Krishna's pure devotee guru successor" at the recoronation of a known homosexual pedophile "guru successor" in 1986.]

50) Naresvara: Norman D'Costa
Legal name: Norman D'Costa
Served: 1988
Bogus BBTI clone, who along with Hari Sauri aka Prabhupad Kripa, destroyed Hansaduttas printing setup in Singapore and ripped off all the Singapore printed books. Hari Sauri fell from Sannyas engaging in illicit sex.

51) Navayogendra Swami
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1996
[Now lives in India. He has resigned from the GBC and is now barred from ISKCON centers since he objects to their homosexual pedophile guru lineage program. He is also convinced that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned.]

52) Navina Krishna das: Naveen Khurana (India)
Legal name: Naveen Khurana
PO Box 1119
Alachua, FL 32615
Served: 1994-1999
[Indian now living in USA. Is heading up poison investigation. Resigned from the GBC in early 2000, based on his disagreement with the other GBC's (mis) handling of the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada case.]

53) Niranjana Swami: Neal Byers
Legal name: Neal Byers
72 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, Mas 02116
Served: 1987-1999

54) Panca Dravida Swami: Theodore Richard Harris
Legal name: Theodore Richard Harris (confirmed name)
Served: 1977-1986
[USA. Disagreed with GBC's strong arm tactics in 1987 (?) Then joined another homosexual guru lineage organization like the GBC's which is part of the current Gaudiya Matha. Wherabouts currently unknown.]

Left ISKCON not because of what he saw wrong with the GBC but because he never made it to the inner circle and his zone was crumbling after 10 years of his mismanagement. Although considered a clown by everyone he wanted the same respect as the original eleven. Moved across the river to Navadwip in 1987 just in time for taking his picture with Sridhara Maharaja before he left this world, and attempt to crawl his way to the top of that group so that he could live comfortably at the expense of others. He was denounced by the community in San Jose for watching soap operas all morning and approaching a local bhaktin to marry her. Reports indicate that he was also balling someone in Guadalajara. At the end he didn't give up his sannyasi dress as it is easier to get a plate of prasadam and a little respect with it.

He has acknowledged that before joining ISKCON he stabbed a guy in the back in Spain. The guy died as a result. Hangs out in the Matha in California and Mexico. No one in the Matha knows what to do with the guy.

55) Paramgati Swami
Legal name: Unknown
GBC Resolutions 2009 RESOLVED: 12. The resignation of His Holiness Paramgati Swami as GBC member is accepted.


56) Prabhavishnu Swami: Paul Barrow
Legal name: Paul Barrow
197 Danks St.
Albert Park, Vic.
3206 Australia
Served: 1984-1999
Jet-Set-Swami fond of flying in Airplanes. [He is an English citizen. Some say he is building an expensive retreat for himself in India.] PRABHA VISNU SWAMI ( "guru" and co-gbc Australia) A real estate and property owner. His palace is the new one near Sri Sri Krsna Balaram Mandir Vrndavan. There are also rumors of real estate in Britain and private bank accounts. A jet-setter with a grand illusion regards his managing ability, he loses his voice when confronted by the "Aussie" cartels. Spends a lot of time and money on university fees. And he is heavily supported by the "collector disciple" business.

57) Guru Prasada Swami: William Steve Henricks
Legal name: William Steve Henricks (confirmed name)
Served: 1987-1999
[Currently resides in Mexico. Many Mexico devotees are upset with him. I have asked him about the poisoning, child molester guru problems, and so on, as I did recently in Los Angeles, and he has just stared at me, not able to reply.]
Incurred in felonies in Mexico while proclaiming to be a guru and a succesor of Srila Prabhupada. After an investigation the GBC had to acknowledge his crimes and in 1999 suspended him from Mexico for 6 months (an order that he violated) and forced to pay a 5,000.00 fine to ISKCON Mexico (a fraction of what the temple had to pay for his nonsense).

58) Prithu das: Peter Brinkman (German)
Legal name: Peter Brinkman (confirmed name)
5503 NE Killingsworth
Portland, OR 97218
Served: 1987-1988
[Was voted in by the GBC as "Krishna's pure devotee guru successor" at the recoronation of a known homosexual pedophile "guru successor" in 1986. Prithu confessed that he is ready to reject Srila Prabhupada, if the final order is true. When presented with a booklet stating, amongst other things, that homosexual guru lineages are not bona fide, he said "What is this SHIT!" Unquote.] He is expert in plotting, scheming and conspiracies the nazi style way.

59) Pusta Krishna Maharaj
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1976
[Now lives in Santa Cruz, California and is a doctor (?) Is said to have joined the group of the 1936 homosexual and dissident murdering cult's leader, the one Srila Prabhupada told us to avoid.]

60) Radhanath Swami: Richard Slavin (murder conspirator)
Legal name: Richard Slavin
Radha Gopinath Mandi
7 KM Munshi Marg
Chowpatti, Bombay 400007
Served: 1995-1999
[Was Kirtanananda's henchman.]
Radhanath: Richard Slavin, possibly gave the order for the killing of Sulochana. There was a handwritten letter written to Tapahpunja by Janmastami in 1986 to this effect, (stating Radhanath Swami's, Richard Slavin's involvement, and which was later photocopied and was being circulated by Janmastami to the devotees. Janmastami was a devotee who was used by Kirtanananda in dark types of issues like these. Even recently, Radhanath gave assistance to Sacinandana who was charged with molestation of children. Sacinandana got a very small sentence, which is attributed to Radhanath Swami's pulling some strings in the legal system due to what Saci had on him for the past.

61) Ramai Swami: John Patane
Legal name: John Patane
95 Banks Rd.
Graceville, Qld.
4075 Australia
Served: 1995-1999
...(co-gbc Australia)- Frequent movie-goer. Spends thousands of Srila Prabhupada's money on his penchant for rock and roll musical instruments. Cars. Busses and vans to carry the equipment from town to town are purchased using gurukula tax ex scams. Bhaktas (his "boys" ) can be seen running along the street with buckets and FFL badges collecting money from people to support the maharaja's lifestyle. A recent equipment purchase (at Toowoombah) cost fourteen thousand dollars. This adds to a collection that amounts to thousands upon thousands of dollars.

62) Ramesvara Swami: Robert Grant
Legal name: Robert Grant
Served: 1976-1986
[Resigned immediately after the murder of Sulochana dasa, and rumor is that he assisted in that Los Angeles murder. One of his ex-enforcers told us that Ramesvara had said "Sulochana needs a new body" (ie he must die). He was also embroiled in a scandal of "dating of a minor aged girl" (Rukmini) from his gurukula school when he left. Is reported to have taken a lot of money when he left.]

63) Rupanuga das: Robert Corens
Legal name: Robert Corens?
Served: 1984-1986
[Currently lives in Alachua, Florida]

64) Ravindra Svarupa das: William Deadwyler
Legal name: William Deadwyler III
41 W. Allens Ln.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Served: 1987-1999
[Was voted in by the GBC as "Krishna's pure devotee guru successor" at the recoronation of a known homosexual pedophile "guru successor" in 1986. Said that since hippies took drugs and had sex, when they became worshipped like Jesus that illicit behavior will continue?]

65) Rohini Suta das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1994-1999

66) Romapada Swami - Brian Rumbough (Brooklyn, NY)
Legal name: Brian Rumbough
305 Schermerhorn St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Served: 1992-1999

67) Satsvarupa das: Steven Guarino (mad, ghostly hunted)
Legal name: Steven Guarino (confirmed name)
Baltimore, MD
Served: 1975-1999
[He is the one who said that Kirtananda is like Jesus in 1986, while KS was covered with the hands of little boys in daily public "worship," and even after SDG's ex-wife was beaten almost to death at New Vrindavana in 1979.]
...(Steven Guarino) Created "bogus" biography of Srila Prabhupada (planting the weed) and then burned the transcripts and tapes of 3,000 Prabhupada disciples so that his "biography" could never be re-written. (These 3,000 taped "oral history" interviews are technically superior to the Gospels of the New Testament, as they are first hand, contemporaneous,and truly accurate due to being first generation recordings). His wanton destruction of this invaluable historic source places the word "criminal" in a new realm of definition. (NNV)

68) Sesa das: Seth W. Spellman
Legal name: Seth W. Spellman
15206 NW 89th St.
Alachua, FL
Served: 1995-1999

69) Shivarama Swami: Peter Letai
Legal name: Peter Letai
Served: 1987-1999
Ex-GBC Hungary, UK and N. Ireland
Owns property in Vrndavan. Holds gold AMEX card

00) Syamsundara dasa
Legal name: (Sam Speerstra)
[USA. Served in UK till 1973? Resigned. He distanced himself from IS_CON]

70) Sridhara Swami: John Colcleugh
Legal name: John Colcleugh
Served: 1991-1999
Ex GBC - His Holiness Sridhar Swami, presently very sick in Mumbai in rented place near Bhaktivedanta Hospital.

71) Suhotra Swami: Robert or Richard Crowley
Legal name: Robert or Richard Crowley, joined in Boston
Chateau de Petite Somme
Septon (Durbuy) 6940
Served: 1991-1999
Suhotra "Swami" is a monster in devotee disguise, possessed of demoniac consciousness, he behaves like a reincarnated vampire living on devotees life-airs sucking them out, a dangerous parasite of the highest degree. He tortures devotees and tries to harm them on the mental, psychological and spiritual planes.

Suhotra is alleged to have left Iskcon going back to his former tantric, black magic practices. Several devotees confirmed that recently. He's supposedly a direct relative of Alister Crowley, an infamous black magician and Satan promoter.
Suhotra "Swami" joined in Boston, USA, has relatives involved in black magic and bogus alchemy (famous maf Crowley?), was thrown out from Bali, Indonesia, some years ago by GBC for that area because of illicit sex affairs with few women, then came to Germany/Poland where waited a long time for sannyasa (???),

Suhotra is allegedly suspected to be involved in mysterious disappearance of one young devotee in Scandinavia, famous to be the most blunderous gbc/co-gbc ever for Benelux, Germany and Poland, known to passionately, with hateful enjoyment WAS FOR A LONG TIME SYSTEMATICALLY BEATING A SMALL DEVOTEE CHILD IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE CHILD, WITH SCARS ALL OVER ITS BODY, ENDED UP IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL, AND IS STILL THERE AFTER MANY YEARS!!

72) Sundararupa Maharaj
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1986

73) Tamal Krishna GoSwami: Thomas Herzig
Legal name: Thomas Herzig
5430 Gurley Ave.
Dallas, TX 75223
Served: 1975-1999
Accused of murdering the Founder Acarya of Iskcon, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, through arsenic poison.
Established a bogus Guru System for the sake of exploiting the members and assets of the society.

74) Toshan Krsna das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1988-1991

75) Vaidyanatha das: Bob Sandel
Legal name: Bob Sandel
Served: 1999

76) Vasudeva das
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1978-1992
[Elderly gentleman living in Fiji. Has resigned.]

77) Virabahu das: Marcos Zafarani
Legal name: Marcos Zafarani (confirmed name)
Served: 1990-1999
[Voted in as guru at the homosexual pedophile guru recoronation ceremony.]
Virabahu is a bogus guru and into unauthorized reinitiating. He set all time record for closing most temples in history of ISKCON. Also almost closed Puerto Rico temple but it was saved by Vrekeshwara Pandit Prabhu. Closed Santo Domingo Temple but it was saved by Urjasvat Prabhu. Removed from GBC of Alachua, FL. by the Temple Board of Directors.

78) Vrkodar Prabhu: Victor Mistretta (Vrikodara)
Legal name: Victor Mistretta
Served: 1987-1988
[USA. Might be the same person currently embroiled in a Federal Grand Jury investigation of an oil paintings business in Mississipi?]

79) Yasomatinandana Prabhu
Legal name: Unknown
Served: 1987-1988
[India. Part of the GBC but quite aloof.]


Chandrashekar Swami (Chris Ostrowsky)
Chatur Bahu dasa
Govinda Datta dasa (Dennis Brown)
Harikesha swami (Robert Campagnola)
Kuladri - Arthur Villa
Mayapura Sasi (Robert Owen)
Nityananda dasa (Nico Kuyt)
Nityoditya - Carlos Ordinez
Satadhanya dasa (Stanley Fedderoff)
Sivarama swami


1988 That the ISKCON Publication Review Board consists of Ravindra Svarupa das, Hrdayananda das Goswami, Satsvarupa das Goswami, Tamal Krsna Goswami, Jagadish Goswami, Jayadvaita Swami, Garuda das, Gour Govinda Swami, Sadaputa das and Bhakti Caru Swami.

In closing, we would like to point out that the more we look the more we see; those who are Prabhupadanugas are cast out. While those who are cheats and liars and are bringing so much ill repute to Vaisnavism, rule the roost.


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Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!
All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!