History of Srila Satsvarupa das Gosvami

From: PADA Newsletter, May 09, 2004
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* Official PR Statement concerning Satsvarupa dasa Goswami Posted May 2, 2004

[PADA: First: a little history. Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami (SDG) is an important founder father of (and some say "the brains" behind) the post 1977 "eleven gurus" of ISKCON. According to one of the eleven gurus (named Hansadutta) in December of 1977 Satsvarupa was the "mastermind" behind the GBC's plot to state that "the eleven" had been "appointed by Prabhupada as his guru successors" (never mind that Prabhupada had always said: there is no such thing as appointed gurus) and that "ISKCON needs to consult with Sridhara Maharaja of the Gaudiya Matha" (again, Prabhupada had always warned against consulting Sridhara Maharaja).

Shortly thereafter, when SDG's "Krishna's pure devotees" and "sum totals of the demigods" began to "fail and fall down," he then came forward to "save" his false gurus by writing "position papers" (which were actually co-written by Sridhara Maharaja/ Gaura Govinda Maharaja) to "prove" that pure devotees of God, or His successor gurus, are actually -- akin to -- fallen conditioned souls -- of the worst order. Satsvarupa's first major paper on this topic in 1980 was entitled "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" -- wherein Satsvarupa links (a) the greatest Krishna devotees to (b) failure and fall down -- as his means of "explaining" how Krishna's pure devotee "gurus" (i.e. people like Jesus) are prone to: alcoholism, drug addictions, illicit sex, child molesting, homosexuality, embezzling, if not engaging in criminal actions (such as conspiracy to commit murders) and so on.

In other words, according to Satsvarupa "pure devotee gurus" and/or "people on a par level with Jesus" are -- less advanced -- than the ordinary layman on the street. Nor are SDG's "gurus" able to follow sometimes even the most basic spiritual practices expected to be followed by -- the brand new members, neophytes (bhaktas)? Of course, SDG's "gurus" often have constant chronic migraines since "always thinking of God" is a purely painful experience without a shred of happiness or "bliss." SDG wrote in his BTG magazine "the more I chant (God's name) the drier it gets." Hence, since purely meditating on God (samadhi) is so dry and indeed painful, "gurus" need to take hundreds of "pain relief" pills (like Percondan) weekly. The residents of heaven are in such constant chronic pain, they need to get high/ loaded/ stoned on drugs to function. This is the GBC/ SDG idea -- which they are still preaching by the way. Drugs like percondan are "higher" than heaven. Cult leaders like Jim Jones also preach a version of this idea, and they also have "psychology counselors" who give them prescriptions for these drugs, so they have a "legal" drug pusher.

And as a result of Satsvarupa's policy, that Jesus is really a criminal and/or drug addict, on a regular basis since 1977, his eleven "gurus" and/or their one hundred and fifty added-on "voted in gurus" are (quite often!) exposed in odious behaviors, drug addictions, illicit sex, criminality and so on, which is all fine and dandy since this is: part and parcel of "pure devotional service to God" (as is the case in other similar bogus "pure saint" cults like the Gaudiya Matha's, Jim Jones, David Koresh and so on). That Satsvarupa is himself now being exposed in some of these activities is therefore not a surprise to anyone, since he is the original author of the whole idea that "gurus" are prone to such odious actions. In sum, SDG's idea is that the average layman on the street has vastly higher spiritual standards than God's purest Jesus-like saintly devotees, gurus, successors or representatives. Satsvarupa not only says that his gurus are "pure devotees" but that they are "like Jesus." In sum, according to Satsvarupa "people like Jesus" in actual fact -- are -- (or they are prone to be): drunkards and drug addicts; who are chasing men, women and/or children for illicit sex; and who may also have machine guns in the trunk of their Mercedes, and so on. Needless to say, his guru lineage (sometimes called: the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles) has lead to the mass molesting of children, criminality in general, murders of dissenters, and so on, ad infinitum. For example one ex-gurukuli student from SDG's schools recently said to us that "prison camps in Iraq are a picnic when compared to what we endured in these (SDG's) schools." As a matter of interest, boys are sometimes raped in Iraqi prisons by the guards just like boys are raped under SDG's loving care.

And in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, when some of us tried to alert Satsvarupa to some of these problems, like the medical neglect, starving, beating, and molesting of his school's children (many of them only five years old) in various "guru's" schools, SDG militantly and vociferously countered us and responded by saying we are "poison pens" -- for our objecting to his strident anti-children and pro-molesting policies. SDG was in fact trying to foment violence against us for our trying to protect the children, which worked. SDG created an evil violent cult mood where our associate Sulochana was assassinated due to SDG's vitriolic rhetoric. For example, SDG had been saying that Kirtanananda is "like Jesus" -- at the SAME EXACT time when Kirtanananda was using a gold tipped cane, while dressed in flamboyant silk robes, a flowing cape, a golden crown, and he was being carried on a palanquin all over the place and (!) he was covered, actually smothered, with the hands of fifty little boys while he sat on his "guru" seat while SDG cried tears of joy for the molester pooja.

In short, homosexual pedophiles are "Jesus like saints" for Satsvasrupa. Protesters are "poison pens." Worship of the actual (Jesus or) Prabhupada is "poison" for SDG since his real plan is: the enforced cult ritualistic worship of his homosexual pedophile pals, who have their hands down little boy's pants. This is bona fide and wunderbar -- for SDG. SDG has all along, and he STILL does, support his worship of pedophiles as "Jesus" lineage. And he STILL orchestrates having those of us who disagree: shunned, tossed out, if not beaten (and assassinated) with his "poison offender" rhetoric. In other words, anyone who wants to worship Jesus -- shall be tossed to the lions. That is his same party's policy -- since time immemorial.

Satsvarupa has therefore been viewed as the false guru's "behind the scenes" brains, imperious puppet master, writer, philosophical leader, and/or advisor. And the regime he created has been compared by his victims, to the "Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin project -- of ISKCON's false gurus." "There is going to be a utopia, but first: we have to exploit the women (as cash cow money collectors); disregard, ignore, if not starve and mass molest the children; kick out the cow protectors -- so Satsvarupa's Gita Nagari cows will die horribly by freezing to death etc.; and in general ban, beat and kill many or most of the citizens." This is how such fascist - dictatorial - regimes usually "manage," since time immemorial. And that is certainly how Satsvarupa's regime has "managed" events for ISKCON. As Prabhupada says, a leader can be known as either divine or demoniac by the condition or treatment of his citizens. And thus in Satsvarupa's regime, the citizens have been suffering horribly since his "management" has been cleary -- not very divine. Satsvarupa is famous for tossing out "letters of complaints" from the citizens where they tried to alert him to the molesting, the beatings, the murders, the cow torture, ad infinitum, but for another Pol Pot -- Stalin, there is no voice for the citizens. At least President Bush says -- he never saw -- the reports of abuse, whereas SDG got the reports, but then he burned them up as trash and "poison pens."

The citizens have to suffer and die for "the greater good" of upholding the elite (communist/ fascist) leaders and their opulent lifestyles. And following directly in the foot steps of Pol Pot, Satsvarupa's policy was to first purge ISKCON of its brahmana/ intellectual/ gentle devotees, which then snowballed and became a MUCH more violent purge policy when the SDG regime "replaced" the good and gentle souls with their gangs of hired goondas, drug addicts, drug salesmen, homosexuals, child rapers, sexual predators, women beaters, criminals, thugs, hit men, murderers and so on. For example, officer Joe Sanchez merely parked his police cruiser outside the Berkeley temple and he then made 73 felony arrests in less than one year. He was just sitting by the front door and arresting thieves and crooks left, right and center, since the temples were "filling up with criminals." By the way, police are still quite often called to the Los Angeles temple for various crises, where we overheard them saying to one another, "This is the most dysfunctional block in the whole freakin' city."

No wonder ISKCON deteriorated as it has done. Of course SDG's regime de facto murdered many other innocent devotees by indirect means. For example, some of the poor citizens were so devastated that they were banned from the temples, and were viciously uprooted from their service to Krishna, that they became drug addicts -- and then they died from the drugs. Or they committed suicide by other means or indirectly. For example, one dear lady in Berkeley told us that SDG's guru project had made her "lose her will to live." And sure enough, shortly thereafter she died horribly from "terminal cancer." And we know this directly since we were at her bed side just before she passed away. SDG has so much blood on his pearly white gloves, from these thousands of innocent devotees, women, children, and cows, who were all stomped hideously under his regime's jack boots, so much so that he could never wash off this blood in thousands of baths. Now, lets look at the recent position paper letter from Satsvarupa's leaders ...]

* SDG: This is a response authorized by His Holiness Satsvarupa das Goswami from leaders and senior disciples in his community. He has assigned us to communicate with the public in response to a letter that was posted by electronic mail to many senior and other devotees in ISKCON and that appears to have originated from someone named Hari, who may be located in the UK, dated April 26, 2004.

[PADA: This is all very nice, except that Satsvarupa Das Goswami and his GBC have already kicked out almost ALL of Prabhupada's original or "senior devotees" from ISKCON since 1977. The temples are mostly "ghost towns," especially when compared to the thriving and bustling atmosphere that once was there prior to SDG's enforced child molester worship project. Therefore, exactly where and when is Satsvarupa going to "give a public response" -- to the first question -- posed by most of Prabhupada's original or "senior devotees" in the first place, in 1977, "Where and when did Srila Prabhupada appoint your team of eleven GBC as: Krishna's guru successors"? And when is Satsvarupa going to tell us, "Who authorized your SDG party to kick out thousands of Prabhupada's senior devotees en masse for their 'crime' of asking questions about you and your 'eleven guru's' false 'guru appointment' -- as well as -- your 'guru's' illicit sex, alcohol, drugs, embezzling et al. 'problems'"? In other words, when is Satsavarupa going to actually "communicate" with the thousands of "senior devotees" that he and his party has ALREADY kicked out of ISKCON, ... left, right and center?

And his party not only kicked devotees out, they banned, beat, and killed these "senior" devotees as well? Who authorized Satsvarupa's party to oppress, harass, beat and kill most of the ORIGINAL "senior devotees" -- all in order to support their program that "illicit sex, drugs etc. is what occurs in Krishna's guru successors and God's conjugal love assistants of the gopis"? Now, Satsvarupa has created his own artificial so-called "senior devotees," people who think that while "gurus" are "serving Krishna by assisting the gopis" they also need: psychotropic drugs, psychotherapy, East Los Angeles black rap music, beautiful female massage therapists, naked female 'counselors,' condoms, guns, Swiss bank accounts, psychics, tantric magicians, ghost busters, hit men, goonda squads, and so on and so forth: ad infinitum?]

* SDG: We would like to unequivocally state that we take seriously any allegations, inquiries, or declarations regarding Satsvarupa dasa Goswamis past or present personal life, conduct, spiritual standards, and devotional practices. As his Communication Management Office, we accept the responsibility of responding, after consulting with him, to questions and concerns on his behalf. We will respond directly to designated authorities in ISKCON, such as the GBC and its approved ministries. We will also respond on a case-by-case basis to individuals writing in an unofficial capacity to discuss their devotional lives.

[PADA: What! Satsvarupa has received thousands of letters from devotees all over the world complaining about serious problems such as: devotee abuse, child abuse, women abuse, cow abuse, ad infinitum, and he has never given a fig about any of that. Indeed, he has reportedly tossed these letters into the TRASH. He has never shown any concern for "the devotional lives of the devotees," and the problems they were, and are, having under his bogus guru's regime? So we are glad that Satsvarupa's office of "Communication Management" is taking responsibility for all the mayhem that he -- AND THEY -- are causing by their backing of the GBC's "enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles" bogus guru project, and hiding in the hills of Ireland while they vociferously pound out their strident "Zeig Heil" music so that people do not forget to worship their molester guru lineage and its main writer/ founder father, SDG ...]

* SDG: We are in receipt of information from both Satsvarupa Maharajas doctor and counselor that clarifies his current health condition and recovery process.

[PADA: What? Prabhupada says that the guru "takes dictation from Krishna directly." Whereas Satsvarupa disagrees and says, "No, the guru takes dictation from some karmi psychology counsellors -- while the guru is intoxicated (stoned) on psychotropic drugs"? How is it that Krishna's dictation has to be ignored and superseded -- by the "higher" advice of some karmi psychology expert, and that potent psychotropic chemicals and drugs are needed to understand God's instructions -- to boot? This is an insult to God? God is such a fool, He cannot properly "advise the guru"? So the guru has to get "real advice" from a psychology counselor (who is eating beefsteaks), and he needs potent drugs to understand that advice? Why is Satsvarupa always consulting with psychics, astrologers, counselors, doctors, ad infinitum, but he never consults with his "senior devotee peers" -- like us? That is because we, his peers, all know that his whole idea that "gurus" and Krishna's successors are: alcoholics, drug addicts, molesters, homosexuals, and criminals -- is wrong. After all, if "Krishna's successor" is an alcoholic, drug addict and criminal: that means God is also a drug addict and criminal? That is the basis of Satsvarupa's idea, "God's successors are odious, foul, nasty, criminals, because God is also of the same quality." Scriptures say that "Guru and God are of the same quality" (shaksat hari tvena) and so SDG says yes, that means God is also a molester -- crook. So, you could say, he is an atheist, as many suggest? Apart from Satsvarupa, and his advisory pals like the GBC, Jayadvaita, Sridhara and Narayana Maharajas et al. no one else would DARE state that God's successors, and God's "Jesus like pure devotee successor gurus" and "sons of God" are in fact: illicit sex fiends, child molesters, drug addicts and criminals? Of course, as Prabhupada says, the demons think that God is merely another demon -- like them.]

* SDG: This information will be provided within professional limits and with regard for Satsvarupa Maharajas right to privacy.

[PADA: Prabhupada says that gurus have no private life, rather their lives must be transparent, open, beyond suspicion and reproach. Cult leaders of course always tend to hide out in remote places like Guyana or Irish villages, so that their real lives cannot be seen.]

* SDG: Furthermore, information regarding his devotional standards and practices will be provided to approved authorities.

[PADA: Well yes, the other GBC, the same people who say that homosexual pedophiles are Krishna's successors, are Satsvarupa's exclusive "authorities." Satsvarupa always says this, those who are linking pedophile homosexuals to "Jesus-like" pure devotees are his "authorities" and no one else is.]

* SDG: This office feels that the allegations in the letter from Hari are distorted and lack context. We encourage the recipients of the mass mailing to bear in mind that the reported events are conveyed by an anonymous source and as such remain unsubstantiated and anonymous allegations. Instead, we submit that for a period of time while Satsvarupa Maharaja was living in Ireland and undergoing his most serious health crisis, an unacceptable bond developed between him and his counselor at the time.

[PADA: That means that the devotee Hari: is right? The "unacceptable bond" is probably sex-life, which is the same "unacceptable bond" that the other bogus Satsvarupa/ GBC "gurus" develop with their counselors, massage therapists and so on?]

* SDG: Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence and is known as transference and counter-transference.

[PADA: Unfortunately, SDG does not consult guru, sadhu and shastra.]

* SDG: When both client and counselor realized the detour, they discontinued counseling and permanently closed their relationship. It is regrettable that the counseling work underway was thus interrupted work that was beneficial to Satsvarupa Maharaja but it was obvious to both of them that closing the relationship was an appropriate and mature decision.

[PADA: That means Satsvarupa was inappropriately "in love" with his counselor? And he was having illicit sex with his counselor like his guru pals have had sex with their "counselors"? Or what? And why isn't Satsvarupa instead "counseling" Prabhupada's books, or his devotees WHO ARE NOT taking drugs, like us? Why is he always taking drugs while all the rest of us need -- ZERO drugs? Why is he wasting ISKCON's money on counselors, psychics, drugs -- and then -- there is "no money" for the child welfare office?]

* SDG: This office disagrees with the statement that the GBC chairman, Praghosa Prabhu, and the sannyasa minister, His Holiness Prahladananda Swami, failed to investigate the allegations.

[PADA: Why does God's living spokesman on earth need "a sannyasa minister" to make sure he is not poking men, women and children?]

* SDG: Rather, both the chairman and the minister made appropriate inquiries to all of the individuals named in Haris letter and, after reaching their conclusion, took action. They administered prescriptive modifications and recommendations on ISKCONs behalf and for Satsvarupa Maharajas benefit, which Satsvarupa Maharaja has accepted, including that he not initiate disciples for the foreseeable future.

[PADA: This is proof then, that their is genuine weight to Hari's letter, there is a major problem going on with SDG?]

* SDG: We believe that the ramifications of the mass mailing could be spiritually damaging to both ISKCON and to Satsvarupa Maharaja's substantial recovery.

[PADA: What? SDG has been "on the road to recovery" from drugs since the early 1980s? He is not "recovering," he is a chronic drug addict.]

* SDG: It is our prayer that devotees who know or who are close to Hari reach out to and reason with him or her. In keeping with the teachings and life example of Satsvarupa das Goswami, it is our duty as Vaisnavas to offer compassion and spiritual guidance to a devotee in distress.

[PADA: But as soon as we ask SDG to help with children being molested in his schools, he vociferously tries to check us by saying we are "poison pens" and he stomps his jack boots upon us and the children and forces them into starving, beating, molesting and death from medical neglect -- concentration camps. Meanwhile, we are at risk of being killed for "dissenting" from SDG's child molester worship cult? Right after Sulochana was killed in 1986, we were then chased down the street by three big SDG/ Kirtanananda goons who had aluminum baseball bats, and if it were not for the police intervention, we probably would have been beaten to death. The police also said we were "next" on their hit list. That is the direct result of SDG's "preaching" -- he gets people molested, beaten, and killed.]

* SDG: Please send correspondence to any one of us at communications@markswright.com. If you would prefer to contact any of these representatives directly, please send us a request and we will supply contact information.

Kaisori dasi
Kirtan Ras das
Aghari das
Narayana Kavaca das
Chandramukhi dasi
Haridas das
Nandapatni dasi

[PADA: To sum then "SDG loves Prabhupada" -- so he militantly insists "Homosexual pedophiles are Prabhupada's 'pure devotee' 'guru successors,' and anyone who disagrees must be banned, beat, chased with aluminum baseball bats (like PADA editor was) and/or assassinated." "SDG loves Krishna" and so he says, "Gurus who are in their pure, eternal, intimate conjugal loving exchange with God, as His gopi assistants -- are having illicit sex with men, women and children." Where is our barf bag? SDG loves children and so "Every single child in his school was molested" -- according to one of his former teachers (Linda Voith). "SDG loves cows" -- so he -- kicks out the people caring for the cows, so the cows will die -- by slow torture. "SDG loves the devotees" so he has them banned, beaten, and shot. "SDG spreads love" and so his victims are: shunned, banned, harassed, ridiculed, threatened with violence, falsely accused, railroaded, ram-rodded, and beaten to a pulp when they are five years old and they complain about being molested (by SDG's best pal and co-Boston saintly child beater Dhanurdara). "SDG is preaching" and that is why hundreds of millions of people ALL OVER THE PLANET are turned off from Krishna, due to his horrendous publicity spawned by SDG's violent and vile pet pedophile guru project. Satsvarupa says he is in favor of a "Governing Body," yet he sides with Narayana Maharaja who says there is "no such thing" as a Governing Body." That is so -- they can have their independent maverick gurus, and use this to cover up their widespread criminal activity, including molesting children, without any accountability. "The buck stops -- at your kid's behind" as one parent sardonically told PADA. No responsibility, no accountability, just: give us your SDG's guru daksine please, so we can keep SDG loaded on dope and let all of the kids get molested and so on.

To sum then, he hates the worship of Jesus as "poison pen," and he loves the worship of his pet pedophile molester pals. Then he wonders, why he has constant chronic headaches every day for the past 25 years? Because! Krishna is banging SDG over the head every day with a shovel, sending him a message, that he is ... deviating? And then SDG says "the more I chant, the drier it gets" (SDG's BTG article). Well, no wonder, since you are chanting "homosexual worship" 24 hours a day and that is -- about as dry as it gets? "The more I force children to worship pedophiles, the more headaches I get, the more dry I am, the more drugs I need, the more psychologists I need," ... no kidding ace! Have ya ever considered to quit peddling your pedophile guru lineage as a "cure" for you and for ISKCON?

No wonder also since SDG's mentor "Narayan Maharaja" of Mathura says the same thing, everyone else is "poison" for not agreeing that deviants are "Jesus like saints" and "sum totals of the demigods." Yet, now that SDG's penile situation apparently does not work, because it seems that poppy plant derived drugs have numbed him in that region of his body, this is a real crisis for the GBC. So, we hope that the GBC's "Ministry Of Penile Dis-function For Gurus" (MOP-DIS-FERG department) is called up by 911 emergency, and at once they send in their fire brigade and ambulance to fix this GBC crisis. We hope, in other words, that the GBC has on hand another beautiful female massage therapist, like the honey - bunny that Harikesha had, and that this will help them out of their current crisis in a flash, since Viagra cannot be taken along with poppy plant derivatives. Maybe this will get his holey-ness excited.

Yet, like most malicious maverick cult leaders and fascist despots, SDG is "A poet and an artist" just like Hansadutta used to make his hokey rock music albums, Harikesha used to make his weird psycho-music, and lately, some famous serial killers have had their "art and poetry" for sale on E-Bay. SDG is the archetypical cult leader, he establishes abusive, exploitative and violent policies, then he "hides out" and avoids peer and public scrutiny ... so that the banning, beating, molesting and murdering can go on without any counterpoint. And last but not least, SDG is always holding hands in great love -- with the people who were whispering "the poison is going down" in Prabhupada's room (according to four independent audio labs). These are the people he loves, and so, he will go to the same destination as them. Thanks pd]


Dear PADA, The GBC has done nothing to force Satvarupa to tell us what happened in Dallas when he was in command, when children were horribly abused, and in Gita Nagari when AGAIN he was in command when children were horribly abused, and why was he "stoned on drugs" while all this was going on, but the GBC now fires Satvarupa for a harmless penile malfeasance?


* More fertiliser for the ISKCON mushroom.

Hare Krishna Prabhus.. Pamho/ AGT Srila Prabhupada.

We feel embarrassed to even mention Sri Krishna's Holy Name in matters of this nature, but such is life in the guru boudoir.

More fertiliser for the ISKCON mushroom. There can be no better explanation for the latest "Official PR Statement' posted on CHAKRA (Chuck-up?) 2/5/04. Even with its twists and contortions, SDG's (Srila Satsvarupa das Goswami) propaganda machine couldn't wrap a kaupin on his Irish capers. What we have here is another falldown; another exposť by the Supreme Lord, on one of the original inheritor usurpers. No matter how the ISKCON propaganda machine deals with it- it looks like a duck on heat, and quacks like one. And even a dense, egg-faced GBC, should know that once a double-danda problem fouls the ether, there is no rubber stamp solution. Here is an excerpt form the article:

"Instead, we submit that for a period of time while Satsvarupa Maharaja was living in Ireland and undergoing his most serious health crisis, an unacceptable bond developed between him and his counselor at the time. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence and is known as transference and counter-transference.When both client and counselor realized the detour, they discontinued counseling and permanently closed their relationship".

So what is being 'submitted'' is that although SDG (Srila Satsvarupa das Goswami) was undergoing his "most serious health crisis" it didn't stop blood flowing to his loins. This information when compounded by his need for a councillor (not a physician), tells us that SDG's "health crisis" is mental not physical. In which case mind altering drugs would be prescribed as part of the treatment. So the allegation of drug ingestion made by Hari das, must be given credence. Anyhow, the result was an "unacceptable bond between him and his counsellor".

We are not told whether his counsellor was a karmi who nibbled chicken between bouts of bondage, or whether it was Pranada dd, who stripped and cuddled to provide warmth thru the cold Irish winter. What we are told is that "this is not an unusual occurrence". To this we must agree because Harikesa bonded with and bonked his masseur; Bhavananda bonded with the taxi driver; Bhagavan bonded; Vipramukhya bonded; Jagadish bonded; someone threw a bucket of water on Suhotra while he was in the bonding process; Hansadutta bonded, etc., etc. However, we are very interested in the "transference and counter-transference" diagnosis. Is this the same as when GBC counsellors transfer information to rank and file members, or was it more fluidic? Anyway the counsellor and the guru realised that they had taken a detour from the couch to the bed, so they "closed their relationship" (or put their clothes back on). So now we must wait for SDG to come clean, and the GBC fertiliser, which explains how gurus take on so much karma from disciples that they need their rattles rattled.

We cannot even pretend to be sad about this expose. When we first heard about his "sickness" we knew his guru days were numbered. And although we have not wished for his spiritual death, we will read his obituary with a great deal of pleasure, as we have and will, every time an 'inheritor' bites the dust. Srila Prabhupada is guru; powerful and supremely pure. Those who take shelter of him will never be embarrassed by Maya Devi, being protected by the almighty force of Sri Krishna's bono fide parampara. Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya!




Dear Prabhus, All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please accept my most humble obeisances. You presented very nice questions. I submit however one does not have to ask questions of a group of people who can not see what is before them because you will not get a proper answer. Instead one has to simply state that a bona fide guru does not require "counseling" from anyone other than Krsna and Guru. A bona fide Guru will always set an example as chalked out by the Disciplic succession.

Anyone can see that this is not the case with Satsvarupa Maharaja. One can make excuses and sidestep allegations of misdeeds but they can not show a postive example either. If there was a positive effulgent person standing before us giving us the unadulterated vani of Srila Prabhupada, it would be more difficult to reject them. Unfortunately the overall picture for the present day "so-called" acharyas gives us no evidence of anyone, other than sinners trying to cheat the innocent devotees and the public. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the ever present, ever potent, ever loving guide of the most fallen of which I am one.

Obliged for your Vaishnava association,
Krsna Prema devi dasi


From the Chakra article:
about Satsvarupas intimate relationship with his female counselor

..we submit that for a period of time.. an unacceptable bond developed between him and his counselor at the time
. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual occurrence and is known as transference and counter-transference. When both client and counselor realized the detour, they discontinued counseling and permanently closed their relationship. It is regrettable that the counseling work underway was thus interrupted..

Yes, it goes something like this:

Cute therapist chick: "Master, you look deep in thought. There something troubling you?"

Big Big Swami: "Yes Mataji, I am afraid I have realized that an unacceptable bond has developed between us."

Cute therapist chick: "What do you mean, Maharaja?"

Big Big Swami: "You will not have noticed, because it takes a Big Big Swami to see such things, but I have an unauthorized erection, and I am shoving it into you and you are really loving it, you are really loving it, baby. I must therefore withdraw from this relationship and stop initiating new disciples."

Cute therapist chick: "Oh my god you are right, Maharaja. You are so great and wise."



Dear Saksi Gopal ji-- Obeisances All glories to Prabhupada and Lord Narasimhadev--

Yes you are right, SDG (Satsvarupa das Gosvami) is another body on the dead guru pile of iskcon. As most of us wait on the sidelines and "wait" for others, or Krsna Himself to do something, the members of iskcon are slowly being wakened to the dreadful atrocities that have become daily affairs in what was once Prabhupadas home. Who knows what is the plan of the Lord?

What we can do is continue to try to expose the truth, with whatever meager assets we possess, for that is our duty. I am reminded especially today, on Lord Narasimhas appearance day, that the time prior to His appearance, millions of devotees all over the universe were in constant anxiety, filled with hate and rage , and also totally frustrated and impotent at doing anything to change the situation created by this world biggest demon-Hiranyakasipu. And this went on for a very long time.

Iskcon has become similar to that demon. What was once a great flourishing movement has now been reduced to ashes of asses. It is the movement of Caitanya Mahaprabhu however, and according to the predictions, WILL recover at some time, and in some form. I am praying today to Lord Narasimhadev to speed up this recovery time and to smash the demoniac elements that have flowed throughout practically every part of this once great movement. hoping you all are well Damaghosa das

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!
All glories to His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada!