Satsvarupa das Gosvami
and his sex Novel »SANATORIUM«

Do not read this article, it contains sexual descriptions and images

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quoted from: PADA Newsletter, May 29, 2007
Email: (Puranjana)

Satsvarupa das Goswami's latest sex novel Sanatorium

GBC Silent on Satsvarupa's Sex Novel

Gita Nagari Press -- The following is an excerpt from Satsvarupa das Goswami's latest novel, "Sanatorium" which is "hot off the press" according to his website. The book is published by Gita Nagari Press, and the following excerpt comes from pages 360, 361 and 420 (all are written by Satsvarupa).

Satsvarupa is still pretending to be a sannyasi
, and the GBC also promotes him as such. Why doesn't the GBC comment on this sannyasi's latest sex novel?

Satsvarupa has pilfered millions of dollars of Srila Prabhupada's money for his own personal lifestyle of sense gratification, and he continues to do this even today.

The reason ISKCON is struggling throughout the world is because these false leaders are stealing all of ISKCON's money and spending it on their personal sense enjoyment. It is time for all this nonsense to stop, but that won't happen until all ISKCON devotees throw out these rascals.

Now please read the following excerpts from the latest novel written by Satsvarupa das Goswami, current ISKCON Guru and Sannyasi:

"Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers. She embraced him and by now he had a half erection ... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals......... He didn't want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. He wanted Sandy. And he had heard from a Godbrother who worked as a physical therapist that a man could even have sexual intercourse with a paraplegic… It's not just a sticking in of a penis into a vagina. It's the being together in the touching and the embracing that lead up to the mechanics and the orgasm..."

In the book's acknowledgements section, Satsvarupa has written: "Most of all I acknowledge my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada… I pray that Sanatorium pleases him and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe."

I will be the first to say Srila Prabhupada is not pleased with this useless book and he is not pleased that ISKCON leaders have become so fallen and corrupted by Kali.

Please do not follow such rascals any longer. How long will you remain blind, following these people and spoiling Srila Prabhupada's movement?


Editor's Note: Satsvarupa's Sanatorium was recently incorporated into the curriculum for devotees participating in a seminar presented by Haridas Prabhu at the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium. After reading excerpts from Satsvarupa's "poeticized Lilamrta", the facilitator had devotee students reading from Sanatorium.

"The last session was special. Students had been assigned readings from Satsvarupa Dasa Gosvami’s Sanatorium, an unconventional novel containing numerous concerns that Vaishnava practitioners harbour, but rarely discuss." Please refer to Towards Ideal Community Care.


by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Srila prabhupadaJune 23, 1975, Los Angeles: "The same desire, same propensity, can be utilized for serving Krsna. Just like we are writing books, keeping night, whole night. So for an old man like me, it is tedious. But we are doing for Krsna. So similarly, another author may be writing whole night for some sex literature. So the labor for producing a sex literature and the labor for producing a Bhagavata is the same. It may be same ambition that "Let me become a big author. My name will be very popular." But one thing is being done for Krsna; one thing is being done for sense gratification. So that propensity of becoming a reputed author or the labor, this, same, but it is being utilized for different purposes."


* GURUVANI WRITES: "What the heck is "half an erection"? It's real sad to see those nice devotees getting abused by some nutjob like Satsvarupa.


Commentary by Aruna das, Austria

By analysing Satsvarupa's book Sanatorium and his nightmarish crazy art of Ghost-Painting (Self-Portrait), one comes to only one conclusion: the guy is totally nuts, a retard crank and moron. But even more crazy and insane are all those who still support and worship him.

Perhaps it might be possible, that Satsvarupa unconsciously depicts himself in his Novel "Sanatorium", because he himself belongs to a sanatorium or a asylum for the mentally retarded, still struggling with his unresolved sex desires and fantasy.

Sanatorium=Meaning #2: pejorative terms for an insane asylum, pejorative=Tending to make or become worse. Disparaging; belittling. n. A disparaging or belittling word or expression.

For Satsvarupa it seems more important to describe about sex and the half-erection of the Penis, than to describe about the pastimes of Krishna.

Dear Guruvani, You are asking: "What the heck is "half an erection"? Since Satsvarupa takes the liberty of describing (his) half erection very vividly and graphically, so I also will show you the graphic images (which I found on the Internet) for your better understanding. Sorry if this might offend you, just trying to help you with this graphic explanation.

picture has been removed
picture has been removed
picture has been removed
full erection
half an erection
no erection

Satsvarupa: "She embraced him and by now he had a half erection ... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals... He didn't want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. "Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers.

Radha Krishna embracing
Srila Prabhupada
Radha-Krishna embracing
Srila Prabhupada pleasingly smiles

Satsvarupa: I pray that 'Sanatorium' (with half erection) pleases him (Prabhupada) and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe."

This is real sick, vivid sex description in the Novel 'Sanatorium' with half an erection, is pleasing to Srila Prabhupada, awaiting his blessings, in combination with Krishna consciousness, written by a Sinyasi Iskcon Guroh - WOW - How insane and stupid people can be? You are all nuts, ready for the mental hospital !

Update Sep. 06 2007:
Why you idiots are complaining about the Penis-picture being close to the Krishna-picture, as being offensive

This is what Satsvarupa is preaching. We don't do this. We don't preach this genital business. Satsvarupa, an Iskcon Guru, is preaching penis half erection mixed with Krishna Consciousness, awaiting the blessings of Srila Prabhupada, who is the representative of Lord Krishna. So who is offensive?

You better criticise Satsvarupa and Iskcon for preaching perverted philosophies. But you idiots are protecting Satsvarupa, instead of exposing him, therefore you are going along with his philosophy. So therefore all of you are preaching this sh*t philosophy, doing genital business mixed with Krishnaconsciousness, fu**ing gurukul children while sitting on the Vyasasana, like Bhavananda, Kirtanananda, Satadhanya and many other Sinyasis. Satsvarupa is your appointed "divine" guroh, the intimate assistant of Radharani and Gopis, preaching half erection of penis. You are all mixed up perverts, preaching such nonsense philosophy.

Who is preaching: "She embraced him and by now he had a half erection ... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals......... He didn't want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star", hoping that might be pleasing to Prabhupada and Krishna, awaiting their blessings.

So who are the perverts and who is offensive? You are such nut cases, totally mixed up and upside down, deluded and carried away by Maya. No wonder intelligent people consider this Isk con a perverted sect, run by bogus gurus.

Satsvarupa's nightmarish crazy art of Ghost-Painting (Self-Portrait)
Satsvarupa's nightmarish crazy art of Ghost-Painting (Self-Portrait)

Last week's foot-worship in Trinidad
Satsvarupa's nightmarish crazy art of Ghost-Painting (Self-Portrait)
nightmarish crazy art - a soul in agony
idyoots still worship Satsvarupas 'holy' stinking feet, the greatest stool passing sahajiya

Madhudvisa dasa: Now we see that Satsvarupa has very serious mental problems, he is taking so many psychotic drugs to try to control his mind, he has been having illicit sex with a women and he continues to act as "guru" to his disciples and continues to write his bogus books transferring his warped ideas of Krishna consciousness to his disciples.

Satsvarupa is an ordinary conditioned soul. He is fallen in so many ways. He did have the great fortune of meeting Srila Prabhupada and he did join Srila Prabhupada's movement and work very sincerely for ISKCON. But he took the position of acharya without Srila Prabhupada's order and without being qualified for the post. He initiated thousands of devotees who now, due to his inability to guide them properly, are no longer practicing Krishna consciousness. He took service from his disciples without being able to deliver pure love of God, Krishna consciousness. Therefore he is a great cheater, and if you will take the time to read Srila Prabhupada's Sri Isopanisad you will see that there is no greater cheater than one who undertakes this "guru business" without being qualified.


Quote: I'm surprised this guy has disciples. I was even more shocked when they put a photo of his disciples bathing his feet... and perhaps even drinking the remant water. I must say, I am absolutely shocked that any Vaisnava would write such a thing. God help ISKCON if it has leaders like this guy running it. What a disappointment to Prabhupada.

: "I constantly wonder why a fallen sannyasi (Satsvarupa) who admittedly had a love affair with his therapist is still referred to as "Goswami". Once a Goswami always a Goswami? If that is the case, why don't we use honorific titles like Srila Bhavananda Swami Maharaj, Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipad, Harikesha Swami Visnupad and so on?"

Quote: "The funny thing here is that as you advance, the desire for sex disappears. The only thing that remains is the biological urge. Sannaysa means to forcibly restrain from sex AND social life, for a person who still have the desire. If you still indulge in those two, you have already broken the sannyasa vows, and you just retain the title and the clothes. What's the use of that? Better to give it up, and follow the desire of the heart, and go for it. But of course, the whole world is built on pretense, so it is quite tempting to pretend and continue the game. Which will also bar the way out of here, but who cares when there is so much enjoyment to be had? Among them to be glorified as a great spiritual personality!"

Quote: I dont know who is worse, the cheater or the foolish followers. Well they need each other. The Cheater and the Cheated. On his website several years back he was talking about how he was trying to give up his material attachments. This was after he was found out to be laying around naked in bed, "with half an erection," with some other devotees wife. He also invited emails so I sent him one suggesting he give up his attachment to the title gosvami. I wasn't surprised to not receive a response. This is something like watching Jayatirtha getting his head sawed off in slow motion. I just can't watch, it is too gruesome.

Quote: "In the book "Sanatorium," this is exactly what takes place in the story. It is a hospital for the mentally and physically debilitated devotees, they work together and try to help each other out, full of confessions and talk about their addictions and illnesses. The story revolves around a Sannyasi (SDG through fictional narrative most likely) and a young paraplegic bhaktin (Braja das?) who moves into the place. The whole sex scene was background for such a group discussion that takes place in the Sanatorium. A lot of the content is about the sick debilitated initiating sannyasi who has to come to terms with his life."


Subject: letter to Giriraja Swami re Satsvarupa BY: SUN STAFF
Note: HH Giriraja Swami wrote to me that he did not know about the controversy swirling around Satsvarupa.

Jul 22, CANADA (SUN) — PAMHO correspondence from Nrsimhananda das to HH Giriraja Swami.

Dear Maharaja, PAMHO AGTSP

I'll be as concise as possible with the assumption that you are not in the loop of Satsvarupa's deviations for the past twenty years.

1) His relationship (or shall we call it obsession) with Nagaraja's wife, Pranada, included a proposal to her that she stay in Ireland with him but in a separate dwelling so that they could continue seeing each other regularly while he kept up the veneer of a sanyassi/guru - and we're not talking about a "working" relationship. Countless letters written to her over the years were found by his disciples, and one of his disciples ended up with severe mental distress because of his angst over loyalty to his spiritual master and revealing the truth. Praghosa knows all the sordid details though he was not my source for them.

2) Satsvarupa wrote Sanatorium five years ago, his disciples and publishers at Gita Nagari Press pleaded with him not to publish it. From my understanding, the staff nearly closed the Press over the issue. The apology was too little, too late. The mentality has been going on for over two decades.

[*novel "Sanatorium" by Satsvarupa das Goswami Gita Nagari Press, 2005 Page 360, 361, 420*................................

* SDG>"Bold as she was, she placed his hands on her breasts. She then kissed him and placed her tongue in his mouth. His tongue also entered hers. She embreaced him and by now he had a half erection...................... Braja dasa sat down and calmed his genitals............... He did'nt want to stick his genital into some well formed beauty star. He wanted Sandy. And he had heard from a Godbrother who worked as a physical therapist that a man could even have sexual intercourse with a parapllegic.................. I'ts not just a sticking in of a penis into a vagina. It's the being together in the touching and the embracing that lead up to the mechanics and the orgasm"

SDG>"Most of all I acknowledge my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada................. I pray that Sanatorium pleases him and that he blesses it to be widely read around the globe." *[b]Sanatorium by Satsvarupa das Goswami Gita Nagari Press, 2005

Praghosa ( received many letters regarding Satsvarupa apology, but he chose to end the comment trail rather than publish them. Devotees such as myself don't want an Iskcon society that shows its "compassion" and "mercy" to one godbrother at the expense of so many others and disciples.

To us, Satsvarupa is not qualified to take one soul back to Godhead, yet Iskcon has him as an "official" guru who commands respect wherever he goes. Why? Because people don't know the truth. They are denied the details. They are acting out of ignorance, and that ignorance is born out of a sentimental idea that such a dear disciple to Srila Prabhupada is best saved by protecting him from the consequences of his actions. This will backfire.

Iskcon will again suffer due to its leadership protecting one of its own at the expense of the spiritual lives of everyone else. You have no idea of the distress that Sastavrupa has caused to the woman and her husband what to speak of countless others who feel powerless to do anything about it. Just try to grasp the anxiety and tribulation that he caused and continues to cause to others. Our godsister nearly lost her life over it. And for what? So that he doesn't lose his ashram, his saffron, his danda, his service? He can write as many novels as he wants, but not as a representative of the Iskcon standard for renounced life. No one is denying him his freedom of expression. He just should be honest about being honest.

My letters re this issue to Badrinarayan prabhu were copied by him to HH Romapada, Hh Jayadwaita, HH Bhanu, and HG Annutama. There is an eerie silence about Satsvarupa, but it is the calm before the storm. If an Iskcon sanyassi guru can act with such impunity, then it cheapens the entire meaning of such a position in the institution. Who will suffer? Our children, my children, and certainly trust and faith in the leadership.

My voice speaks for many who are too afraid of "apardha" or not being considered one of the "good ole boys." Satsvarupa takes service from his disciples in the name of Iskcon - money, resisdence, medical care - everything. He needs to get a dose of reality, take responsibility for his choices, and learn how to support himself while being a devotee. Vanaprastha would be a suitable ashram. He could show his sincerity by accepting the results of his actions and really exhibit real humility - not the kind that costs nothing.

I hope you are well and blissful in KC.
YS, Nrsimhananda das


SDG's pornographic writing
quoted from: PADA Newsletter, May 29, 2007

PADA: Thanks Kuntibhoja dasa.
Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami (SDG) has been the longest running bogus GBC writer / apologist / spin-meister in their history. First of all SDG wrote their 1978 "GBC report" that the eleven "gurus" had "assumed the position of rati keli siddha" (congugal love of God). Ummm, we "assume" that we are dancing with the gopis and it becomes so? Then in 1980 SDG wrote "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" ... trying in a perverse way to "explain away" his bogus guru's sense gratification problems as something experienced by ACTUAL pure devotees. Later in 1980 SDG said that Sridhara Maharaja is "the senior-most vaishnava on the planet who has just saved ISKCON, by keeping Tamal and Hansadutta from being kicked out of their guru posts." Like, we need guys being arrested with machine guns in their car as our messiahs?

Yet in 1982 SDG completely reversed himself and he was saying that "Sridhara is the biggest enemy of ISKCON, he is trying to take control of the movement, and anyone who sets foot on his property is banned (and beaten?) from ISKCON." And some devotees were attacked with screw drivers in Australia thanks to this fine move. So if one can get people stabbed in the head with screw drivers, that makes one a saint in the corrupt ISKCON.

And after SDG's wife Jadurani (Judy Koslofsky) was beaten nearly to death by Kirtanananda's goons, and Kirtanananda was molesting boys, then SDG said that Kirtanananda is "as pure as Jesus, Haridas and Prahlad." SDG then announced he was "the guru of headaches and pills." Then SDG's servant told PADA that "SDG is taking all kinds of psychotropic medications." Then SDG wrote "A Life Of Prayer" where he says he is being inspired to pray by Mother Mary, while he is banging his head on the floor begging for forgiveness (for all his other crack pot writings). Of course SDG wrote the bogus "Lilamrta" which basically says that Srila Prabhupada is "attached to family, bewildered, frightened" and so on. Then SDG wrote that those of us who opposed his pedophile worship process are "poison pens" and this lead to people getting murdered, and thousands of kids getting molested.

SDG is world wide famous for ignoring the ISKCON-wide problems which he himself created with his policy, problems such as: devotee abuse, cow abuse, child abuse, women abuse, etc. saying "these devotees are not my problem." And in fact SDG dumped a huge pile of letters of written complaints into the trash in Vrndavana, and needless to say most of those devotees never got any help at all from ISKCON. Of course SDG gets a salary from ISKCON - for his "job" which is to fix exactly these problems, but he never does? Shastra says that when a leader collects a salary from the citizens and then does not help his citizens, this is the most sinful act, and such a miscreant will certainly be punished in the lowest regions by Yamaraja. And SDG has wrote many other foolish things all along.

Then SDG was caught in some kind of compromised sexual position with his "therapist" Pranada dasi, at least so said some reports. A number of people applauded this right away saying, "See, at least he is not gay"! And then again some argued, "SDG has no sex desire because he is too stoned on drugs to get an erection." This is nice, get stoned on drugs and one will not BE ABLE to have sex, this sounds very yogi-like! In short, the bogus GBC has all along promoted people like SDG as their "pure devotee gurus" who are (according to Jayadvaita) often "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." So it has been just a question of time before some of them began writing pornographic novels.

Now the other odd thing is that despite Satsvarupa's writing so many whacky things; and his making so many whacky paintings of weird looking devotees with huge red tilak and dogs barking around them etc.; and having his sex problem with his therapist; and his other problems with his pills; and his other problems with mis-managing so that most the kids got molested; and his sex literature, never mind that -- his literatures are still being sold all over the place in ISKCON and he is considered as their topmost writer, at least in most of ISKCON even now.

And recently SDG was warmly welcomed by BV Tripurari swami of Philo California, -- birds of a feather. In other words, the more a person behaves like Rasputin, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jim Bakker -- and those of that ilk, the more one is elevated to the top of the bogus GBC's totem pole as their highest spiritual authority / writer. Of course we cannot blame merely the bogus GBC gurus, because folks like Narayana Maharaja were pumping up the bogus gurus will all kinds of "rasika" "gopi lila" (congugal love of God) discussions, so that SDG ended up writing about his divine constipation problem. "Oh me oh my, I cannot pass stools! This is important data for the world to know about." And of course SDG's wonderful divine enemas is another important topic at the GBC level, and then: SDG mentions the divine colors of the saris of the gopis, all of this together in one book.

This irritated BV Puri so much so that he yelled at Narayana Maharaja and said, "You are to blame for all this sahajiya cheating going on in ISKCON." Yes, writing about "my passing stools" and "the gopis" in the same breath, this is what the bogus GBC loves to read all day long. Then again we heard that SDG is also saying and writing things like "F**k this" and F**k that," as other mad cult leader's meltdown symptoms have been going on here. He also said that some of his disciples are nice and some of them he just cannot stand having around. Very rasika! Anyway, SDG is the main "position paper" writer of the bogus GBC gurus since 1978. We are in some way glad that SDG is finally painting a cover for his book, a guy (he says it is a bhakta?) grabbing some woman's boobies, juxtaposed over a picture of Vaikuntha and Lord VISHNU! Unfortunately, this is what it sometimes takes to convince his bone head follower sector that something is amiss! "Your guru has lost his mind prabhu, again, but this time its really for real, -- as you can see. Now he is mixing boob grabbing and -- Vishnu, don't you see how BAD this is"!

At least now we can readily say, "SDG and all the people who have been promoting his odious literatures since 1978 are ALL going to the lowest regions of the jagat," and not hardly anyone argues with us these days. In sum, it has become clear and transparent that these guys are all offensive frauds. All of this is a misrepresentation of the position of guru, "rasika servant of God" and so on. Normally a guru is said to be "entering samadhi" in his elderly age, whereas with these hokey GBC gurus they are often found to be having illicit sex, sometimes with other people's wives, and / or they are often taking drugs and other intoxicants, and who knows what else -- as they get older! No doubt we will start reading about "the glories of the guru taking Viagra" really soon!

And after their lusty gurus are dead their fried cracasses are sent to the holy dham for burial, which is offense upon offense. Kavichandra has his head in the women's panty drawer, Gunagrahi swami had porno movies in his motorhome, Prithu was alleged to have been caught masturbating, and the list is endless here, and all of these actions are the divine pastimes of "Krishna's pure succession of gurus"? No, this is kicking Krishna in the head, except that Krishna can turn one into a microbe at the bottom of the cesspool in short order, so kicking Him is not a very useful activity. Oh oh, if you kick on Krishna, you lose, big time!

Counterproductive to say the least! That means: these idiots do not EVEN beleive in any God ... that is quite apparent. They have a mundane business, "the guru business" ... at best. Problem is: the Isopanisad says that these false gurus are "destined for the lowest regions of the universe," so it is not a very good money making business after all. The Isopanisad even says that for these false gurus, better they never even heard ot the Vedas, because their punishment will be most severe, more than the materialist's. One can just imagine, after living like a fat sloppy hog with silk underwear and 400 rupee fragrant massage oils, they will suddenly be bitten to pieces by Yama's dogs and drawn and quartered in various bad situations. And they will not be ready for any of that since they are so accustomed to their cushy, opulent, four star hotel lifestyle. To his credit, Narayana Maharaja says that Yamaraja did not even have a good enough hell for these bogus ISKCON GBC gurus to go to, so Yamaraja had to make an especially heavily suffering place for these bogus ISKCON gurus.

PADA says this, for once at least, Narayana Maharaja ki-jaya! Problem is for Narayana Maharaja: that he was their biggest cheerleader. So lest we forget, the bogus gurus go down the tubes fer sure, but so do their "rasika advisor" cheerleaders. In short, the bogus GBC supports porno-pada, what else is new? The good news is that now we can really give a good argument against their "resident writer" and the whole bunch of them for creating this bogus writer problem in the first place. Thanks pd

* GITA NAGARI PRESS: "This is a tour through the maze of illness, treatment, recovery, and spiritual fulfillment that can only be described as a journey of the soul through hell, winding its way back to Grace." [PADA: Journey to hell, need we say more?]


quoted from pada newsletter June 04, 2007
(Luv, Kush and ISKCON)

3) RE: Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami
by Jagadbandhu dasa (JD)

JD: I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm not even a little bit curious about what goes on in other people's bathrooms or bedrooms. In fiction, or in movies. Unfortunately, I am a conditioned soul with more than enough spiritually unhealthy pre-occupation with my own sensual attachments. Additional external agitations are therefore completely unnecessary, unsolicited and explicitly unwelcome. When I was first in LA in the early 80's I was offered a job writing pornographic screenplays, which I was unable to consider.

[PADA: Very nice point prabhu. The average devotee would not write pornographic materials, even for money. At least theoretically if a devotee became desperate for money he could write such things in order to survive, as a job. We also know a few devotee ladies who worked as prostitutes, just to make money and sometimes to feed their children (since current ISKCON does not really welcome single ladies who have children). So in other words if a devotee needs to "make ends meet," he might compromise to make money.

Yet in the case of Satsvarupa Dasa goswami (SDG), he is already being paid a big sum of "maintainance funds" from ISKCON for his constant travel, visiting doctors for his lifetime of "chronic headaches", psychic consultations, medications, servants, vehicles, housing and of course -- there is no shortage of funds to print his bogus books. So there is no need for him to write pornography, apart from the fact that he says he is "the sum total of the demigods guru," who needs to set the highest ideal. As a guru and as sannyasi, he should rather live under a tree than write pornography for selling bogus books.

There is simply no urgent requirement for SDG to write such bogus materials, he is simply doing that for "name and fame." Meanwhile, while SDG is costing ISKCON hundreds of thousands for his ostentatious maintenance and book printing, there is hardly any money left for the molesting victims? In sum, there is only money for bogus projects in ISKCON, not for the devotees of ISKCON (such as giving the poor women prostitute devotees a space within ISKCON -- so they could quit their job), or for the victims of ISKCON etc.]

** JD: And now this, a reputed "renounced monk" writing pornographic "spiritual" novels to allegedly address previously neglected "devotee" intimacy issues. And then have the gall to dedicate such an atrocity to his spiritual master. Wow. Just when you thought you'd seen everything. What next? Tantric yoga classes in the temple room? Now I'm almost afraid to open my eyes. May we remember how Sri Guru ridiculed the very idea of any form of sex "education." With generous disposition, our disbelief over the publication of such an abomination by one who was well-known to be very dear to Sri Guru, must change to one of dismay and grief over a soul apparently completely losing their mind in a miasma of "spiritual" Alzheimers.

Rather than join in with the jeering section, we must express great sadness over the present condition and position of a soul whom I know to have at one point been very sincere and clear in his exclusive dedication to Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Alas! Our own memory of Sripad Satsvarup Maharaj will always be of a different nature than the very bad news sorrowfully expressed in yesterday's Sun.

I remember as a new bhakta in the Chicago temple in 1976 that the visiting GBC man, Satsvarup Goswami, was "caught" cleaning the stool room floor in the middle of the night. He explained that if he tried to do it any other time, he would have been prevented. I was greatly impressed with his humility and dedication in serving the devotees. May Sri Guru smile upon this soul, that he might again return to such humble clarity and unencumbered dedication to espousing the Real Krishna Consciousness he learned from his beloved guru, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. With all our hearts we must give this soul all of our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, so he may not simply become yet another casualty in the totalitarian war against illusion.

Humbly, the filthy mleccha known as Jagabandhu Dasa

[PADA: Well yes, it is sad that these people have fallen. This is why there is the story of "the yogi and the mouse." The mouse begs the yogi to become a tiger, and once he is a tiger he decides he wants to eat the yogi. So the yogi says, punar muskia bhava, "again become a mouse." Thanks pd]


Satsvarupa's "Sanatorium" BY: GBC EC

Jul 09, EUROPE (SUN) — In response to some devotees’ concerns regarding his book “Sanatorium”, Satsvarupa Maharaja has given the following comment and has also decided to withdraw from circulation any remaining copies of the book.

* Dear Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I have come to realize that my book “Sanitorium” contains explicit sexual scenes and references. I am sorry I have written it. I apologize and promise not to write a book like this again. Yours in service to Prabhupada, Satvarupa das Goswami


Stalin's"Sanatorium Letter"
BY: Politburo Moscow

Jan 09, 1949 Moscow (Tass) — In response to some comrades concerns regarding 10,000,000 missing comrades, Joseph Stalin has given the following comment and has also decided to withdraw from circulation his orders to execute enemies of the people.

* Dear Comrades,
Please accept my greetings. All glories to Marx and Lenin. I have come to realize that while in the “Sanitorium” that if you shoot people by firing squads or overwork and starve them in slave labor camps that they will die. I am sorry I didn't know, I'm just a country boy from Eurasian Georgia. I apologize and promise not to issue orders like this again. Yours in service to the revolution, Joseph Stalin, Premier CCCP


Quote: It is true that the GBC wants to ban the book “Sanatorium” and have all the unsold copies confiscated and destroyed…but there is no proof of anyone receiving such a letter or notice by SDG apologizing for writing the book or promising to never such a book again. The supposed response by SDG here does not sound like his style of writing at all, comes across too brief in addressing something as major as having his work censored.

Quote: I guess it is a common thing amongst HK people to surpress the dark side of their personality for a long time, and then suddenly the bomb explodes. As I have written elsewhere, the biggest mistake of the HK movement is to train people to pretend to have emotions they do not have, and to deny having emotions they actually have. Satsvarupa is lucky to be in a position to express the content of the darker corners of his psyche freely. If I or you had done the same in our Iskcon days, we would have been called "crazy" and expelled from the movement at once. Just imagine, one day instead of going out to sell books you would have told your TP that you feel depressed and you decided to remain in the temple, relax and do some painting. It is nice to feel empathy for Satsvarupa, the "poor troubled soul", but at the same time we may consider the position of those hundreds who got into a much worse mental state during his "reign". As for Satsvarupa "having guts", I guess having guts in the case of a fallen guru starts with apologizing sincerely, not with painting mad artwork or watching horror movies all night as the other "troubled soul" did.

RE: SDG’s Sanatoruim book

Thanks for your question C***** prabhu. Yes I think you are correct, Satsvasrupa Dasa Goswami's book "Sanatorium" probably depicts his illicit sex affair with Pranada. And yes, Satsvarupa was wearing an oxygen mask while he was at his Mexico "health clinic." A person I know says that oxygen is good to enhance the effect of various drugs, and SDG is famous for taking pills. Maybe this is connected, that is a good question.

Yes, SDG is still recognized as a guru by his ISKCON followers. And yes SDG is still allowed to be worshiped by them as a guru by the other ISKCON leaders. And yes, he is now supposedly going to visit Radhanatha to re-confirm his status as a messiah / guru / ISKCON leader. So yes, the other ISKCON leaders are still supporting SDG as their messiah saint and they have not taken away "his" disciples, thus he is still the alleged worshiped messiah for his ISKCON flock, that is correct. 

And yes, all of SDGs books are still being sold all over ISKCON, so the other ISKCON leaders are still promoting him as their big guru and writer just as they have all along. In sum, nothing has changed, "the (alleged) residents of Krishna loka" attack their followers wives for illicit sex, that has been the position of ISKCON leaders all along and that is the current status. Yes, that means they are insulting Krishna and all His pure devotees, you have got the right idea. 

To sum: daily and constant juxtaposing of illicit sex with pure devotees, and demeaning and insulting of Krishna's pure devotees as drug addict fools etc. takes one to the lowest hellish planets for vast periods of time. thanks pd


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