Tamal you have killed Srila Prabhupada
in order to sit in his seat

Date: 22. June, 2000
by Aruna das, Austria

Tamal, you have killed Srila Prabhupada because you wanted to sit in his seat.

Yes, TKG you have poisoned him so you can be the next guru. When Prabhupada directly complained to you about his poisoning you hypocritically ask him: "Who is it that gave you poison". Just Like Judas asking Jesus who would betray him, so did you. Why Srila Prabhupada did not answered you back? No answer is also an answer. Because it was yourself, because you anxiously waited for Srila Prabhupada's death so you can sit in his seat as the next successor acarya.

You are so envious
that you could not wait, "kill guru and become guru yourself". That is your game. Just see how you hate Srila Prabhupada! You could not wait for him to die naturally because you envied his seat! You where so obsessed with the thoughts that some kind of new wave of gurus would be sitting in his seat that you meditated on Srila Prabhupada's imminent death, making plans for the new successor acaryas, with yourself as the leader, the sole successor.

Tamal Krishna Thomas Herzig
Tamal Krishna
We clearly see the mark on your forehead as the mark of the beast. You cannot fool us. Whether you are "the beast" or nay, you are a sub human beast from the lower planetary system.

TKG is a conscious raksasa who has made some of ISKCON's children into homosexuals, just like when young people are sentenced to jail and they get raped by other prisoners. He has made a jail raping scene out of ISKCON and Adri still think that he is a respected person who should be protected, by more lies.

When Bhavananda Homopad was exposed, he made a statement in the presence of a few Australian devotees (myself included), "They'll get Tamal one day." Yes, they will get you TKG, because you are a guru-killer.

No, we will not curse you, we will bless you and pray to Yamaraja to have you liberated as quickly as possible. Perhaps he should grind you to death first.

Aruna das, Austria

Comment: - wow - that was a heavy blessings ! ! !

Krishna has kindly fulfilled the desire of Aruna das, in less than 2 years, after it was published on the Internet in June 2000. Krishna has liberated Tamal to the abode of Yama on 15. March 2002.
Tamal died in a freak car crash on the road to Calcutta, his head smashing through the windshield of his Taxi. A violent death for a violent person. Karma works so nicely.


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